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Thank you so much for sharing!! This is an amazing observation, especially by someone so young. Such wisdom & intelligence. Beautifully written and beautiful photos! Your son’s light resonates with my own. Thank you for keeping it alive and sharing with the world. ❤ Much love to you, always.

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Tuesday 14th June

Whilst clearing through some papers and old photographs, I came across a poem that you had written at Primary School.
You were ten years old in 1995 and were looking at pollution and creative writing.
An insightful and astute mind at work.

The Dying River

I ran to the river.
I used to play there.
Sparkling river.
Like jewels in the sun.
Birds and fish were happy and healthy.
Blue, fresh and clean.
Then came the factory.
Pumping filth.
Poisons and chemicals.
Killing the fish.
Suffocating them.
The birds have left.
The rats have come.
Green, scummy and smelly.

I wish you were still here; reading, writing, speaking and enjoying the written and spoken word.

I love you so much sweetheart.
Beloved Angel son.







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3 thoughts on “Your poem

    • Grief & loss are extremely painful to write/speak about but are part of living and I share my own and others experiences to try to help others in any way. This mother does a wonderful job each day sharing her son’s light and story and her own pain, hope, and love with the world. It takes much courage and strength but is well worth it. Thank you for reading and for your sweet comment! ❤

      • I have begun to write about my personal life to encourage others, and yes, it takes courage. There is so much “pretense” on the internet and I just think it is time we get real to reach out to others. Isn’t this part of why we are all here? ❤

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