Summer???! <3 {Summer Luvin’}


So, I heard today is the first day of Summer? I thought Summer always begins on the 21st of June!

Oh, well! Lol 😉

Here’s to the beginning of Summer!


Summer is my least favorite season. I just don’t have a thing for heatwaves, 90 degree weather, heat headaches, air conditioners and stuff and while I love the beach(though I’m no beach bum!), I love snow, cool nights, and crisp Fall leaves more!

Anyway, I’m not here to focus on what is better or what I’m wishing for! I’m here to celebrate Summer, which is also beautiful and brings joy and a thrill that no other season can! To me, each season brings a joy to me that the other three do not. It’s like impossible though to explain in words, the difference. 

Here are some things I love about Summer:

1.) Tropical scents like Hawaiian ginger, mango, citrus flavors….

2.) the greenery all around 

3.) the countless beautiful insects 

4.) being able to sit outside without freezing my balls off! 

5.) the scent of bbq’s all around 

6.) ice cream and iced coffee (all year but they are more like Summer things!)

7.) the chirring of crickets at night

8.) the glow of fireflies 

9.) endless blue skies!

10.) the fragrance of Summer heat outside 

And there’s many more things too! But these for now! 


Recent sunset. One of the last Spring sunsets this year! ❤ 😀


me today. ❤

Recently I met a few Earth angels! I met this girl recently whenever I would go to buy iced coffee and she is super sweet and friendly and I got the strong feeling she likes me (in a platonic way), she seemed to have a soft spot for me beyond the usual friendliness shown to customers in general. She even gave my mom a senior discount even though she isn't a senior, just to be generous! 

Then one day she told me she been wanting to tell me she knows me somehow but can't remember how but she remembers me being the sweetest girl! Aww! ❤

Finally we realized we went to middle school together for a while and used to sit together on the school bus when we were little.

She said she felt awkward asking me but decided to get up the courage. I'm so happy she took the chance. When she told me her name, I instantly remembered her and recognized her face even though we're all grown up now.

She's a sweet girl also and so friendly. 

This inspires me even more to reach out to people when I experience the desire. Sometimes we may feel too shy, awkward, hesitant….for whatever reason but what's the worst that can happen? We can be rejected, maybe a little bit embarrassed, that's it! It's worth it though because it can make someone's day or be the beginning of a new or rekindled friendship or other relationship! 

Let's take the plunge! 

And today, I encountered another Earth angel!

I was in the mental health clinic I go to for treatment for depression and I heard a girl talking and recognized her voice and when I turned around I saw who she is as she was turning away.

Then when I walked outside she was in her car and gave me a ride home! She's a girl I know but don't always see very often. We did not know that each other has problems or goes to the clinic. It is a pleasant surprise seeing her and getting a ride home.

She's one of those extremely outgoing, bubbly, kind people, also very generous. 

She has an adorable little girl who she said was recently asking about me! How sweet! ❤

At first I said no thanks to the ride because I did not want her to go out of her way.

But she insisted and said "you're not walking home in this heat!"

It was very helpful because it is over 90's today and it's over a half hour long walk. I love to walk but not in this weather! No thanks! Lol

I hope you are having a beautiful day/night wherever you are! 

And don't forget to be someone's Earth angel today! ❤ 😀

xoxo Kim


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