Under the hat


“Push through anything that would stop you.”


The month of June is considered Headache Disorder Awareness Month and this organization “Putting Our Heads Together” has an Under the Hat project to bring awareness to chronic head pain. On June 25th we were supposed to upload pics to social media of ourselves wearing a hat.

Mine is late but better late than never! 😉

 Here is a youtube video created by a girl named, Anna, about head pain and pushing through it.

This Day- mobile

This Day – desktop
So inspiring! ❤

I don't have migraine headaches but have another chronic headache disorder which is generally mild but flares up to seemingly unbearable levels and can be debilitating. It's the stuff nightmares are made of. I have a constant headache, usually mild to moderate, more mild though usually, and it flares up for seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks to beyond severe levels. Sometimes I have to stay in bed with migraine- like pain while other occasions it's a different and more severe kind and I can't be still and have to pace frantically, sometimes screaming hysterically til I lose my voice, squeezing things and hitting myself or any object I can get my hands on, trying not to crack my head against walls. These are cluster-like headaches.
Some have them everyday, every couple of weeks/months or can have remission for years before they come back. 
I have four kinds of headaches resembling sinus headache(this is the kind I experience in general), tension headache (least painful), migraine headache (second most painful but to me, the most debilitating usually), and cluster headache(most agonizing), and other kinds of facial pain.

There's no known cure and not much effective treatment. Pain pills aren't always prescribed by doctors to those with chronic pain and don't really work anyway. And even if they work for some pain, it's unfortunate to have to either live in agony or live all drugged up. 

While mine is generally mild, some have debilitating pain everyday or most days.

It's so difficult to have to endure. 

But we can learn to cope with this pain and live with happiness and joy anyway. 😀

Some people with cluster headaches try to invalidate the pain of those with migraine headaches. Cluster headaches are considered by some doctors to be the worst head pain known to medical science and one of the worst kinds of pain known to medical science. They hurt worse than kidney stones. People who have experienced broken bones and childbirth have said it hurts worse than that. I have had kidney stones myself and can say, it does hurt worse. 
I haven't experienced broken bones or childbirth myself so can't say for me but by the descriptions it does seem to hurt worse. 

It feels like a hot poker being driven through the eye socket, like being severely burned, like our nerves being tweezed. I heard it described as feeling like a jagged edged saw rubbing over the nerves.  
Yes, it feels like the worst hell on Earth. But just because it feels worse than a migraine headache doesn't mean migraine headaches are not terrible. They are also a living hell.
And if someone only ever felt migraine pain and not cluster pain, those people don't have the cluster pain to compare it to so to them migraine head pain is the worst. But some have felt both kinds of pain and both are horrible. 

I believe no one's pain should be invalidated and all deserve compassion. 

To me, the cluster head pain is so bad it like makes it seem in a way, that everything else I ever considered pain is obliterated after I discovered this kind of pain. And when it's flaring up, almost nothing else in the world matters to me and I don't have a care in the world except that pain. But anyone suffering in any way is worthy of empathy and compassion. ❤

My love & compassion go out to all with a chronic pain disorder. 

And here is a song with funny lyrics:

Big Ass Headache – Justin Moore – mobile

Big Ass Headache – desktop

“I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up wet
Swallowed by a mule and crapped off a cliff
I drank enough whiskey to fill up a lake
Woke up this morning with a big ass headache
Y’all I ain’t kidding this son of a bitch hurts
Where the hell are my pants must be with my shirt
I still got my boots on but make no mistake
They can’t help me kick this big ass headache”



“because a migraine is NOT just a headache.”

About CH

Much love & light to you,

❤ 😀

xoxo Kim


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