Appreciate beauty


(This isn’t my photo.)


My phone, which I use to post here, is broken! I’m ususing my kkindle now and its kind of slow n difficult to use for blogging but that won’t stop me! My goal is to post or reblog at least one inspiring thing each day! And this photo is a beautiful reminder! Let’s consciously take in, cherish, and appreciate each beautiful thing we find in whichever form it comes to us and not just appreciate what we happen to find but look for the beauty everywhere each day!

My dad is buying me a new phone and it will be coming in the mail soon! A marshmallow droid 6.0! Maybe it will have a WordPress app!! 😀

Much love & light, always,


Xoxo Kim


2 thoughts on “Appreciate beauty

  1. Lovely goal of a post a day. Blessings on a wonderful earthly Father to provide you with a new phone. I bet you will be able to pull up a WordPress app with no problem:) Enjoyed your post of today:)

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