Live πŸ’Ÿ



This is a picture I took of the TV screen when I was watching a movie called something like “Hitcher.” (I put the stickers on) I don’t really like the movie but this is an inspiring quote. The movie is gory and full of violence.

The handwriting is terrible, isn’t it?! (If it’s an adult’s) Lol! My own handwriting is atrocious and embarrassing so I can say that. πŸ˜‰

I love how this says “Live to live another day.”

It’s so simple. I often see posts, quotes, suggestions….for “finding” or Β  “creating” our “purpose” or “reasons for living” but to me, the reason to live and my purpose is just to live, to see another day and all the beauty it brings.Β 

We don’t need a Β specific purpose or answer, in my opinion. It’s great to have passions and interests, family, friends, goals, dreams, plans, talents, jobs, questions, pursuits…. But I don’t think any of those are our reason for living. First of all they may not always be around or around in the same way. People, pets come and go, we can lose jobs and our ability to do certain things, our plans and interests can change….but we still have purpose and a reason to be. And even if we have people and things around forever and maintain the same interests always, they are only part of us, not all of us. Β We have a reason & purpose all on our own. 😍

Let’s live to live another day. No matter what we have or don’t have or what is happening within or around us. πŸ’— This especially inspires me because I struggle with severe suicidal depression and when I’m having an episode, I usually do not see a reason to go on living. I often ask myself “Why go on?, Why live?”

This reminds me to live to live another day. Each day is a gift even when it doesn’t feel like it. πŸ’ I hope if you share my struggle you will choose life. Always choose life. πŸ’“

And if you don’t struggle with suicidal inclination like me, I hope you still find it inspiring. There are various interpretations to things and ways to be inspired.Β 

Much love & light today and always…



πŸ’• Kim






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