Listen to the Buddha ❤


(Not my photo but I’m going to make one like it with a pic of the adorable Buddha amulet I recently got in the mail! 😀 )

If you need a reminder to let go whether it’s something trivial like being looked at the wrong way, an annoying person you must deal with, … Or something a bit more serious seeming like unrequited love, traumatic past, loss, anything at all, here it is! Envision yourself breathing in the bright white light of the Buddha, all his unconditional love, indestructible compassion, and deep wisdom and exhaling all of your struggles, pain, fear, anxieties,… In the form of dark smoke leaving your body. This is what we do in meditation class. ❤

Buddha is a very wise man! 😄 😀

Much love & light & inner peace now & forever! 💙


Xoxo Kim 💝



2 thoughts on “Listen to the Buddha ❤

    • Yes, this makes me giggle! 😁 It’s a great meditation technique I learned in class. It’s soothing and liberating and even though it’s a Buddhist version, it can apply to anyone and be helpful, Buddhist or not. Thank you very much for reading and for your comment! I always appreciate it! ❤

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