Everyday Goodness <3

This isn’t my photo; I found it on an app I recently installed onto my phone. It has so many beautiful quotes and pictures. I never have “bad days.” Not that I don’t have days where it seems one thing after the other goes wrong. I have days like that sometimes but not usually. And when I have a day like that I still don’t ever see it as a bad day(I often find it amusing! Lol). Any day I’m alive is a great day!!  I even have days where my chronic pain is flaring up to unendurable levels and days I’m severely depressed and even suicidal but I still see the goodness in those days. I have learned even more to focus only the things that are good even when it’s difficult. 

Recently I have been experiencing a flareup of depression, not triggered by anything specifically, just a general feeling of deep dark despair that feels almost unbearable like I have no reason to go on living. It sucks! It’s not just a mood or merely negative thinking. The thing is like a sickness for no reason! Even when I have a real problem when my depression flares up I know it’s not that. This just came on out of nowhere for days and it’s so dark. 

But my mind is naturally positive and I have strengthened that natural positive state through practice looking on the bright side! 😀

One thing I find so helpful is positive quotes and beautiful imagery like the photo above.

I started to look for wallpaper for my new phone, something to brighten my spirit even if it can’t pull me out of a depression. And I found this!

The first thought I have when something inspires me is I want to share it with others. 

I am reminded not only that there is something beautiful in each day, even a day that seems to suck but that it’s important to look for and savor the goodness and things that can lift us up.

Then share it with others! ❤

Like this lovely photo & quote.

Much love & light to you, always

Xoxo Kim 


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