Shine. <3

And we’re all gonna shine a light together, all shine a light to light the way, brothers and sisters in every little part, let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.” ❤


Saw this inspiring greeting card at CVS today(yesterday – I tried posting this before 12:00am but it wouldn’t work)! We all have a light to shine onto the world whenever we choose whether it’s through an act of kindness, creating something, arts n crafts, baking, photography, makeup & hair styling, giving birth, having a beautiful child, falling in love, doing the best we can, encouraging others, adopting a pet, volunteering to help others, saving an insect, feeding a squirrel…., or even just smiling brightly at a stranger…, anything that brings us alive, stirs something within, and makes the world just a little bit brighter is our way to shine our light into the uni-verse touching everyone & everything for the better. 😀 ❤
I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are!

Love Shine a Light – mobile

Love Shine a Light – desktop
Much love & light,


Xoxo Kim ❤

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