My Sweet girl❤


This is my sweet girl, Boobie three  years ago on her birthday! I had her since I was sixteen years old! I have been dreading today because it would have been her 14th birthday but she died two months ago. Her death devastates me but I’m much stronger than I was when my other dog, Koko, Boobie’s best friend died, three years ago. I love Boobie just as much as I love Koko but when Koko died I couldn’t laugh about anything for so long; I was numb for months. Sometimes I still experience raw grief for Koko and will for Boobie too, just like other losses. When koko died, I was still positive and thankful often, for her life with us but my strength and wisdom has deepened through the years and now I can cope with my more recent loss much better. I can still laugh everyday. I’m not as numb and I can look at pictures of Boobie more frequently than I could bring myself to do with Koko so soon.

Boobie had a beautiful life with us and was always happy! Each year we celebrated her day with cake and gifts and candles and singing. Her blankie in the pic above is a b-day gift for her 11th birthday. She loved it so much! ❤

I am shattered but have so much love and so many happy memories of my girl.

She was sweet and funny, loved to cuddle, especially with my mom! She was a big yapper and sometimes snappy. Lol She begged for food so frequently by throwing her head back and screaming and bringing us toys. 😍

She has twins! 💙

Woody & Quinny ❤

Boobie’s baby daddy, Emmy! So cute! ❤

We celebrate her today, giving her babies new bones! And our other dogs got treats too! We will love & celebrate Boobie furever! ❤💙💛💜💔💝😍 😀

 Much love & light, always,

Kim ❤


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