This week is suicide awareness week and today is suicide prevention day and I’m going to share a few things I recently shared on Facebook. ❤



This is my response to someone who commented encouraging us to reach out in love to people who may be suffering with suicidal inclination because he knows the devastating effect suicide has on those who love the person who died. Suicide survivors(those who have lost someone to suicide) I believe, are suffering the most usually(grief for someone who died, human or not, is the worst kind of pain there is, IMO – though some may disagree), but it’s important to remember that a person’s life is valuable and important to save whether or not that person has close people who will be affected. And living for specific people is not our purpose. Each life is valuable on its own.  


This is  my new semicolon necklace! I got it yesterday! The semicolon is a symbol of continuation, just like in grammar or writing; it is used when a sentence can be ended but the person chooses to keep on writing. How inspiring! There are all kinds of jewelry and things with the semicolon used to inspire us to keep going and bring awareness to mental health issues. The word I choose for my necklace is L;ve.

Some other word choices are f;ght, warr;or, surv;vor…

(Did I spell everything right!? Lol 😉

Here is where I got the necklace:

Kayce is a very compassionate girl who makes beautiful jewelry. Some of the money for some of the semicolon jewelry goes to an organization that brings awareness to mental health issues. She is very open minded and makes jewelry for just about every cause and life situation, infertility, miscarriage, depression, grief,…and just for any occasions or no occasion. She even makes urn jewelry so people can send her the ashes of someone they love, human or pet, and lost to death and she’ll put the ashes in the jewelry. And if there are ashes left over, she will throw them onto the San Diego beach if someone wants.

Isn’t that beautiful? Not necessarily that the ashes are being thrown around. I have always found that off putting throwing a corpse’s remains around but beautiful that she would do that for someone she doesn’t know. Even though I am put off by it, I would do that for a person who dies if it was her\his wish. I love to honor the dead even though I don’t believe they can know it. It’s like our last gift to them or way of keeping their memory going. My friend Diane wanted her ashes scattered on a beach when she died and that’s what her family did for her. It’s comforting to know they honored her wishes. ❤


This pic is totally NOT intended to show off my boobs(though I see nothing wrong with that! I love me some boob pics!); it’s to show my necklace at an angle where it doesn’t show up all blurry and with a glare. This is the clearest one I got. ❤

And both of my beautiful necklaces show up mostly clearly! The other one is a Tibetan symbol necklace with the Buddhist mantra, Om Mani padme hum, the mantra associated with Avalokiteshvara, Buddha or Bodhisattva of indestructible compassion for all sentient beings. 

Give it a listen:

Om Mani padme hum – mobile

Om Mani padme him – desktop

It’s incredibly beautiful. I played it for my dog the night before she died. It’s meant to generate loving energy and inspire feelings of love and compassion. I heard our Teacher, Gen Tenzin, at the Buddhist center, chanting it at a Powa ceremony once. A powa ceremony is a Buddhist ceremony that generates positive, loving energy and is believed by Buddhist people, to help aid the recent dead into their next lives. I only believe in one life, this one. But the ceremonies are beautiful and so loving. ❤

I am going to share another response of mine to someone who wrote me a comment. He suggested we don’t directly talk someone out of suicide but instead attempt to inspire the person to live and to love. When we directly try not to focus on something, the thing gets stronger and more difficult to ignore.


This is an important concept, not just ending the pain but incorporating love & beauty into it until it can be eliminated if it can be and learning to live with it if not. ❤

One contributing reason many people, often children, but even adults too, kill themselves is difficulty coping with bullying, in school, workplace, anywhere. Bullying is abuse. Even if it’s not physical, it’s severe abuse. Please let’s not engage in it! Let’s include everyone in our circle, refuse to engage in malicious gossip, not smirk and whisper about others (adults do this too!), be warm and friendly to everyone and if we aren’t warm and friendly it’s OK as long as we aren’t callous and cruel.

This goes for cyber-bullying as well which is just as bad as in person bullying.

Let’s love one another instead! ❤💙💚💛💜💝

And here is a song to inspire us to keep going no matter how low we sink. 😀

If you’re going through hell – Rodney Atkins – mobile

If you’re going through hell – desktop

“If you’re going through hell keep going!”

How inspiring!😀

And here’s a sweet song about getting together and loving each other, looking on the bright side:

“Let’s look ahead
With faith that things will be better
If we just look up to the light
Look to one another for love
And everything will be alright
And the world that we share
Can make us happy” ❤

Look to each other for Love – Bill Withers – mobile

Look to each other for Love – desktop

And one more song to get you pumped! 

“Risin’ up, straight to the top
Have the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive” ❤

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor – mobile

Eye of the tiger – desktop

And here is a little something something to make you giggle (if you have a dirty mind, that is)


My sister sent me this because she knows I like risqué stuff. Her and my mom tell me just about everyday how “filthy” my mind is and how “you really shoulda been a guy!” And quite frequently I hear “What a pig!” Referring to me! 😭😂😀

Any way, I am laughing hysterically at this. All day.

My sister said it isn’t intentionally dirty, that spongebob fell or something and someone just happened to pause it  right there.

It took ages to convince me this isn’t intentional. And I’m still not completely convinced. It would be way more believable if not for the completely satisfied look on Squid’s face. 😍

So yeah..

Also, if you arent a perv\pig\”guy”(or whatever) like me, here is something cute to brighten your day instead:


My adorable two year old pomchies!! ❤😍😭

They are so cute, wild, snuggly, and playful!

Please share this photo anywhere, Facebook, twitter, any social media account…. But if not that’s OK.


(I saw this at a busstop one day! ❤)

Maybe just one person can be comforted just seeing that someone cares to share or put this sign up.

My heart goes out to all who have been touched by suicide or suicidal inclination in any way. ❤ ~hugs & love to you~

Much love, light, & inner strength to you (everyone) always!


Xoxo Kim 😀



3 thoughts on “Love❤

  1. great post!
    you covered all the important topics; helping others, boobs, pets, other risky things and did i say boobs? 🙂
    you can show your boobs and the rest of you anytime. 😉


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