Happiness in a moment of serenity and beauty

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The Ministry of Happiness

Happiness in a moment of serenity and beauty

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Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. ~ Thomas Szasz

Our world is hectic, noisy, chaotic and filled with stress, so it is important every day to take a little time and grab a little serenity.  Although I have to admit I can never say the word serenity without thinking about Seinfeld’s episode, Serenity Now!  Today Google did something really amazing for its doodle to commemorate Claude Debussy’s 151st birthday.  Debussy is the composer of Clair de Lune, and if you’re not a big classical music fan the name may sound familiar, but as soon as you hear the tune you’ll know it.  My recommendation is take a few minutes, shut off the lights and bring up Google’s Debussy Doodle and just experience a couple of minutes of beauty and serenity.


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