There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things…<3

Here are some of my recent photos! I love taking pics of ordinary things each day and capturing the extraordinary beauty. ❤
 I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! This depressive episode  I have been in is lifting the way they usually do when they are so severe, gradually, fluctuating, better then worse, then better then worse then better…

I have been handling it well; not as well as I could have been but much better than I could have also. I have been putting things off and not able to concentrate but I’m slowly coming back.

It’s a great accomplishment to hold on and keep going, to stay positive (to some degree, any degree)even in the midst of an illness that takes away everything, including the desire and will to live. But I am here and choose to keep going and keep trying to help inspire and help others any way I can. 

Much love & light to you always and please keep carrying on even when it seems pointless and feels  impossible. ❤ 😀 Thank you to everyone who reads my posts, likes, shares, comments…I always appreciate it. ❤

  xoxo Kim


9 thoughts on “There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things…<3

  1. You are far from being ordinary and you are a beauty
    It would be fun walking around with you and taking photos but I am sure my lens would be pointed at you a lot.
    Here are some more good vibes to help chase the blues away.

  2. I love the photos! It’s true, every person is unique otherwise this world we live in would simply be boring, you are such an amazing person since you make people smile even when you’re having difficulty doing the same! Xoxo

    • Thank You very much!! I am honored to receive your comment! I greatly appreciate it! I love that we are all different but all connected through our basic hummaness. I believe no matter who we are or how depressed or consumed in grief or any kind of pain, there’s always something we can do to brighten someone’s day even if just a little bit. ❤ Your comments always brighten my day and add much to my posts! Thank you!! ❤❤😀

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