Coffee beans (because I just can’t think of a good post title)

Thursday was free coffee day at wawa! Any size, any flavor, any amount of cups for free! Hot coffee that is! No iced coffee for free. It was so bizarre to see countless people walking in, making up cups of coffee and just walking out without even getting into a line! And no one was watching to be sure we weren’t walking out with stuff other than coffee without paying. And no one seemed to care that some people were taking out multiple cups of coffee in carriers. 

It’s not everyday we see many people walking out of stores with stuff without paying! It was kind of like a madhouse in there! Lol Can you guess what kind of coffee I got?! That’s right! Pumpkin! πŸ˜‰

It was delectable! Luckily I was also buying soda and had to get in line because it would have felt so awkward making up coffee and just leaving. My mom and sister said it wouldnt but to me, it would feel like stealing even though it’s not! 
I also attended Buddhist class, which was lovely. I love the teacher! She’s a lay Buddhist who was filling in for our teacher Gen Tenzin who I also love! He has to travel the world sometimes, to teach Buddhism in other countries and stuff. He is a Buddhist monk. Eve, our teacher, Thursday, is very gentle and loving and one of the people with energy that I feel resonates deeply with my own. Just to be near her is very calming. She’s also funny and very patient. She taught me how to make a mala one year and wasnt annoyed when I couldn’t catch on and messed stuff up. It’s hard to learn to tie the knot and I really just couldn’t and kept needing help. It was awkward having to keep asking for help but she showed no signs at all of being annoyed. Even in school as a child I had teachers who would get so annoyed when kids needed extra help. But Eve is more than happy to show us the way even when we struggle. Patience is a virtue she masters well. ❀ I am very thankful to have met her and know her. πŸ˜€

Thursday night she reminded us to give thanks, even if just in our head, for all the kindness others show us and to be aware of all the ways in which we are helped by others. There is an infinite number of ways we count on and are helped by others, people packaging our food, making our clothes that we buy, teaching us skills like writing, reading, driving, preparing coffee beans n stuff…and she reminded us to always be thankful for our mom who took great care of us, gave us life or the life we had growing up, loves us, fed and clothed us… Even if there is someone we have a tumultuous or strained relationship with, we can give thanks for the practical things that person has done for us.

Instead of thinking merely in “selfish” terms like we have a job, money, a place to live, all because we accomplished it, we can shift our focus to how others helped us get to those places, building our house, teaching us the skills for that job, giving us the job…this is very transformative and a great way to live, focusing on gratitude and the kindness of others. We can still take pleasure in our own accomplishments while acknowledging how others help us get here along the way. 

Also, we are encouraged to be conscious of our thoughts and speech and how they may affect others. 

This is not mine; I took it off the Buddha center’s page.

Also, Thursday was a beautiful cool, very rainy day, morning til night.

Just lovely! πŸ˜€ ❀

Doesn’t this look like bokeh effect? It’s a natural one though! I was exploring different ways to get photos of the rainy night, while in my dad’s car and I noticed that when I hold the phone camera up, very closely, to the window with the droplets on it, it looks like that and then I put the flash on to brighten the raindrops. This photo has no effect or anything but I did increase the saturation and fixed the contrast to make the colors more vivid.

These are more of my rainy pics.

Tomorrow morning before work, if it all goes as planned, I’m going to attend the Out of darkness walk, here in Philadelphia, for suicide prevention. I always wanted to do something like that but could never seem to find the courage or inner strength. I used to go on the asthma one occasionally and helped out for the HIV one, which I couldn’t attend because I had work, but I always found the thought of the suicide prevention one overwhelming. But I think I can now. My dad may be going with me. My sister was going to but decided it’s too early in the morning for her. I don’t mind going myself. 

If you are here in Philadelphia maybe you want to come? It’s at the art museum and begins at 8:30am but the opening ceremony is at 8:00am. You can register there and donate any amount of money. Ends at 11:00am I think. Then I have to go right to work! 

Also, they give us beads to wear. The color given to us is dependent upon our personal association with suicide…loss of a child, parent, sibling, lover, friend or family member, suicide attempt or struggle our own self, love someone who struggles, or just support the cause with no personal relation to it. This is so we can look around and see how many people intimately know and understand our own struggle or passion. ❀

I hope the courage doesn’t elude me tomorrow! Lol

I can do this, I can do this!! Lol (Hopefully…)

I love the beautiful feeling of togetherness of walks for various causes; everyone there or almost everyone cares to help support, prevent, bring awareness to….<3

So, if you are there and see me, come give me a big hug! πŸ˜€ I’m very shy but love hugs! ❀

This is me just so you know who to come up and hug! I don’t want you hugging the wrong person and being mistaken for a perv or something. But especially, I just don’t want to miss out on the hug! πŸ˜‰ 

Much love & light, always!!
Xoxo Kim πŸ˜€


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