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Stay. ♡

“There’s going to be days when you don’t want to be here anymore. You just STAY. You fucking stay. Somewhere out there, somebody needs your voice — I promise. I swear to God, your laughter is someone’s saving grace. Hold on tight, baby. The sun is coming for you.”  ♡

This quote is attributed to Erin Van Vuren. I don’t know if that’s correct. She seems to curse a lot in her quotes! Lol Maybe some people think profanity is a good way to express passion more strongly? Anyway, this quote (and the beautiful heart!) is a great reminder to anyone struggling with suicidal tendencies or depressive illness. 

That’s why I chose this heart. It’s a beautiful reminder. When things get too difficult, painful, scary, confusing, dull, numb, or whatever, stay. 


If you are contemplating if you should stay or go, please stay!

Much love & light to you, always! I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever you are! ♡♡♡

Xoxo Kim 

No bad days♡

I was walking a dog one day (an adorable German Shorthair Pointer! I love him to pieces! ♡) and saw a cup in a window of a store that says no bad days. I don’t drink out of cups like that but decided I would go back later and buy the cup anyway because the saying on it is so very inspiring. No bad days. That has been my life philosophy for as long as I can remember. To me, there’s no such thing as a “bad day.”

Even if I’m severely depressed, my chronic pain is flaring up, I’m struggling with a raw grief flareup, I’m just in a bad mood, it’s 100 degrees…..that doesn’t constitute a “bad day.” Any day I’m alive and can experience, is actually a good day because I can choose what to focus on. Everyday has good & bad and I have the ability to choose which to dwell on. Sometimes it will be easier to focus on the good than others but I always have that choice even if some occasions it takes some extra work.

The saying on the cup deeply resonates with me so later I went back to buy it but decided to look around the store and found this planner with the same saying! One left on the shelf! I would much prefer a notebook/planner than a cup! So I bought it instead! And the sweet girl at the register gave me a discount because the coloring on the book got faded by the sun. I had no idea and thought it was made like that and think it looks even better with the washed out look.

I dont use it as a planner but just to write inspiring quotes and things. And it came with stickers!

This is my gratitude journal!

Me having a great day, this morning! 😀 ♡

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night, wherever in the world you are! ♡

Much love & light to you, always!

Xoxo Kim 


So here’s one of those “life lately” or “currently” posts I see on blogs sometimes! 


Mood: Happy! 😀 I’m sitting in a park on a warm, sunny afternoon with the scent of grass all around me. I was just reading a Buddhist book then stopped to do this post, what’s not to he happy about?! 

Listening to: Birds & crickets chirping, the sounds of metal chains on the swings in the park, cars going by, people laughing 

Drinking: iced tea

Looking forward to: birthday celebration with friends next weekend! (His birthday, not mine!)



I was recently attacked by a dog (extremely aggressive with humans for no reason) and this is one of the injuries. I’m struggling with the physical pain and temporary  (hopefully!) physical limitations it has brought me. And there’s also the risk of infection. And I had a posttraumatic distressing dream about it after it occurred. This is the biggest bruise i ever had and probably ever saw and most painful. But I’m handling it with a positive attitude! Thankfully no stitches needed and I’m just taking care of it on my own, no medical attention  (unless I need it later for any reason, hopefully not though). 

And here’s a sweet surprise someone gave me!


The sweet girl, (Amber), who gave me the cookies, also gave me this! She’s an artist (very talented one!) and let me choose whatever heart I wanted, as a gift! I see her hearts, with powerful words/messages, all around the city and this one is the one that resonates with me most. Stay. ♡ How beautiful! So thankful!


I finally got a state id! I’m 31 years old and never had one! Lol It was so hard to get because I did not have all the documents I needed. I had no id or ss card and need one to get the other. But after a long, difficult process, here it is!

I currently work seven days a week and love it! ♡ I get to love & take care of animals each day, mostly dogs! ♡

And I want to share this quote I find so inspiring: 

Awareness is a process of deepening self-acceptance. It is neither a cold, surgical examination of life nor a means of becoming perfect. Whatever it observes, it embraces. There is nothing unworthy of acceptance.”

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! Much love,

Xoxo Kim