Random Introduction post/Fun facts about me 💕

💕🎄 I already posted this pic but am out of storage space so here it is again lol

Random introduction post! I have been seeing people posting things like this on social media and decided to be vain so here is mine! Fun facts about me:

1.) I am the biggest sap I know and the biggest hopeless romantic lol I love romantic comedies, love stories, love songs, couples/wedding/engagement photography, Hallmark Christmas movies, they give me all the feels 😆 I believe in love at first sight and true everlasting love lol Give me all the cheesy stuff and I’m good to go
2.) Nearly all the music I listen to each day is 50’s/60’s – Oldies has always been my favorite
3.) I walk 10+ hours a day, seven days a week, for work and for fun; I don’t recommend it because while it’s very fun and keeps me physically fit (not workout level fit but in good condition), I frequently get injuries because of overuse
4.) I have a naturally cheerful temperament but also have s*icidal depression that comes and goes, particularly when I don’t have close in person friends/enough socialization, I’m very social and need basic human companionship consistently. I can be good friends with someone who isn’t very social and comes and goes, but cannot have someone like that as my main or only friend, I need a consistent friendship with enough in person socialization, doesn’t have to be every day, but enough. I wouldn’t try making a friend like that change, just hope to find another who is more social like me
5.) I am very mild mannered and soft spoken and shy and reserved in social settings but still love being around lots of people
6.) People say I have the voice of a child, angel, mouse, Cyndi Lauper…lol I’m frequently told it’s comforting and soothing and have been told my voice should be used as an audio version for kids books. Occasionally strangers think I’m faking it as a joke at first 😂
7.) Some of my interests are: photography, especially night/city/architectural, glitch art, digital art, reborn/silicone babies/hyper realistic dolls(I don’t make them myself, just love them), reading (especially fiction thrillers/mysteries, apocalyptic, psychological, detective, legal, medical…but also like educational stuff), listening to music all day, walking, iced lattes, movies, especially horror and romantic comedies
8.) I am very quiet and calm and not a crier and not very reactive no matter what is happening. My boss says a bomb can be going off and I’ll just be standing there smiling saying oh it’s ok 😆 lol I had teachers throughout school who were concerned about this, but there is nothing wrong with me. It’s just my nature. I’m not emotionless at all, just calm. I have been told by clients that this puts their pets at ease (I’m a pet nanny)
9.) I’m very low maintenance, just give me all the love and hugs and call me pretty and we’re good 😊
10.) I’m very understanding of last minute canceled plans, unreturned texts, stuff like that, I don’t take it personally as long as a friendship isn’t one sided in general or it appears it’s only me someone does that to, people have whole full lives, I am just one part of it.
11.) Now for something not so pleasant. lol I am the biggest slob there is, not like consciously, just am, since I was little. I was told by elementary school teachers I had the worst desk of all the kids, my handbags are always a mess, my boss said he sees trash just hanging out of them, my mom and sister argue with me over it(I live with them), my sister said I have the bedroom of a 17 year old boy, lol pizza crust on my dresser, coffee or milkshake cups spilled over and left there, my bedroom can be on “Hoarders.” lol 😆 It’s the kind of slobbiness that could turn someone right off who is interested in dating me if they found out 😂 We all have to have some flaw though, right? It could be worse lol (not that the slobbiness could be worse, I could have a worse flaw 😆)
12.) Cold weather is my favorite, but I also love the beginning of Spring
13.) I love Christmas and am all decked out for it in Christmas leggings (these are Christmas leggings but may not look it) and other clothing, jewelry every year. I listen to Christmas music all season and like a little kid am joyful over anything Christmasy, even have an empty feeling the day after Christmas
14.) I am a fan of practical jokes, risque jokes, bathroom humor…and just laugh at everything, everyday, like full on bellylaughing. lol My boss says I’m a perv, and my mom & sister say I’m a pig and unladylike and “must have been a guy in another life.” 😂 I always got in trouble for laughing in school during class, and my mom has told me “No one likes a clown!”
15.) Another flaw, I’m not responsible, financially. I buy more expensive lattes than I should, but I never ever ask for or accept money off friends or anything like that. I would never let someone pay for me when we hang out unless we switch it up , I’m not a fan of people who take advantage of others or see people as opportunities
16.) I love kids but never wanted any of my own, not for any particular reason, just no calling for mom life (but I have always loved mommy blogs & jokes lol) Unlike what many assume, this doesn’t mean I don’t like hearing all about your kids, just don’t want my own. I love newborns especially.
17.) I have never been someone with big dreams or very goal/career/family oriented. I could be happy working at Starbucks and living with friends/roommates/pets for the rest of forever. lol I’m a simple girl. I used to see this as a flaw, but it’s just the way I am. My job now is my dream job and what I would do even if I did not need a pay. Only downfall is it’s not an adequate pay to live on my own, not underpaid, but it’s impossible to work enough hours as the traveling (which isn’t paid work) takes up most of the day, not the actual work
18.) Every year in December, since 2019, Amazon shows me my most listened to songs that year, and “Ice Ice Baby” has made it on every list since 2019. lol Who can get tired of it?

If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it. 😆

Who can’t use a bit of that motivation each day? 😁

Anyone here relate to any of this? Or are you the polar opposite? Lol Let me know!

Thank you for reading!! ❤️

Sending love & virtual hugs to all who want any. I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! 💕

Xoxo Kim 💋😘


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