Shadows of Her πŸ–€ {poem I wrote}

AI & glitch artwork created by me to go with this poem πŸ–€

Standing here alone
In the shadows of a distant memory
That still burns in me
Like hot steel
Branding the flesh of my existence
Her name tattooed into my cells
I can’t escape her touch
Marked for life
The grief
Expands in me like an airbag in my chest
Til there is no more space
And I struggle for breath
My ribcage threatening to break
Under the pressure
Like a starshower
Crumbing out of the sky
Hot celestial pieces
Upon anything unlucky enough
To be in the way
Burning flesh
Setting fire to surface
Bringing everything to ruin

She’s always one heartbeat away
One step out of reach
I remember her hair
Falling to her shoulders
Blowing in the wind
As her tears fell softly
Like silent raindrops in the night
Her eyeliner running down her cheeks
Like mudtracks in pure white snow
Those tears that spoke a thousand words
Whispering into the night
A somber melody
Almost inaudible
But caressing
All the deepest depths of me

I carry her in my bones
a melancholy ache
accompanying my every step
Invisible like a phantom
in the night that lurks at my side
like a distorted shadow supposed to be mine
But isn’t

I am consumed by the dark
Overshadowed by pain
Til there
Is almost no trace of what I was
Before her
Smothered in the aftermath
Of a hurricane
Washed away in the turmoil
With no anchor

I stand here in these shadows
Under the glow of the moon
My long hair blowing in the gentle
evening breeze
As my eyes search the night
For her
But she’s nowhere to be found

But I feel her in everything there is
The city lights remind me of the twinkle
in her eyes
As they lit up with everything she loved
The bookstores, the cafes, the buildings,
they speak her name as I walk by
Almost as if to taunt me with reminders of everything that will never be mine
Dreams that danced upon my pulse as it raced through me, promises of a life
that are now crumbled like flowers crushed beneath the soles of my shoes
But leaving tantalizing hints of their perfume
in every step I take

Our hearts beat in synch
I breathe her air
And her tears run down my cheeks with the gentle rain that kisses my skin
With its somber soft touch, tasting the salt as it covers my red lipsticked lips and caresses the tip of my tongue

I remember her bright hazel eyes smiling
Through thick rimmed glasses
As she spoke about the last novel she read
Full of heartache and love and redemption
I watched her hair fall over her glasses
As she absentmindedly brushed it back
I remember the way she came alive
Whenever it rained
And the city looked like a watercolor
A kaleidoscopic disarray
Of all the colors of the rainbow
The way her camera couldn’t capture
Enough pictures
And that joy lives in me somewhere
Like a bittersweet song
Playing in my bones
Running through my veins

And I am here now
In this other life
Where she doesn’t exist
Worlds apart
But somehow only
One chaotic breath away
Drowning in memories
Lifetimes away
Lost in the shadows
Of a love
That could never be


Anyone else want to share your own poetry? You’re welcome in the comments! Or share a link to your poetry blog. I especially love dark poetry or sci fi/futuristic, mysterious…but any kind is welcome!

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are!

Xoxo Kim ❀️


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