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This is all about the gift of life, the little gems of inspiration in each moment, each breath, each heartbeat, each pulsation, about Universal love, compassion, positivity, personal development, and other fun stuff! It’s inspired by my life-long struggle with severe suicidal depression which I’m very open about and write about frequently in a positive light as I have learned to mostly cope well and want to bring comfort, hope, and inspiration to others.

It’s a large, ongoing, infinite, collection of everything I find to be inspiring, beautiful, uplifting, motivational…

It’s ok not to always feel/be positive. Venting now and then is a healthy mechanism for coping.
But in my opinion, a general life of positivity and gratitude is for the best!
I find inspiration in books, movies, poetry, people’s stories, heartache & healing, reality, people, essays, blogs, writing, paintings, pictures, animals, Nature, music, songs, quotes, pain, pleasure, love, tears & laughter, life itself.
I find little gems of inspiration every day in each moment and it is my desire to share.
My long, ongoing struggle with depression, tmjd headaches, my quest for healing, and my endless journey is what inspires me, most, to write about all of this.
It helps me & I want to help everyone.

I realize that depression, treatment, therapy, medication, suicidal thoughts, struggles….are things many people find to be uncomfortable to talk about and keep their own experiences with it to themselves but that’s not me. I am as open as can be. I will tell people I am professionally treated for depression. I do not care who knows I get suicidal occasionally and have been suicidal for years everyday.
I speak/write about it very casually, sometimes too casually even with people I just met. I tend to forget it’s not really the best conversation starter when I just meet someone.
I don’t always go out of my way to bring it up but I will never try to conceal it, ever.
It does tend to find its way often, in everyday conversations though.
It’s just so much a part of me even when I’m not currently depressed.
Most days I am happy to use my experiences to my advantage to better myself, use the depression as a catalyst for positive change and inspire everyone I can. But on some seldom occasions even when I am not depressed right then, I want to forget I was ever depressed and erase it out of my memory and just be regular or what is considered normal even though it’s not as inspiring.

Even when I’m currently not depressed or suicidal, those things are a significant part of me. I have been suicidal and depressed to some degree for most of my existence and much of my life revolves around it and always will whether I’m currently depressed or not. My life revolves around bettering myself, learning, the lessons I learned because of my struggle with suicidal depression, how I can inspire others with it, how to cope with it, prevent flare ups as best as I can, how I can prepare myself for an impending major depressive episode I can detect about to hit, being thankful I am not currently depressed when I’m not, being aware of how beautiful it is not only to live but to actually want to live, as most of my life I did not want to live. I am always aware of how amazing it is to be able to look at things and not see every object as a weapon to use against myself to end my life. I am always consciously aware of what it’s like to not have those constant urges to terminate myself like I used to. My condition is not temporary or caused by any one thing. It’s biochemical and can flare up randomly. I can have symptoms or full blown episodes for what appears to be no reason. I can be depressed and suicidal for just a few hours or less up to a few months. I can be very happy then get suicidal out of nowhere. But the long-term general depression I used to have is no longer always with me with professional treatment as well as self-help techniques I have practiced until they became habits. meditation, writing, quotes, changing my thought pattern even when it’s hard,…
I am much better now. ❤

I am much better for it all.
I see the gifts in it that I wouldn’t have known without it.

This experience inspires me to create, be the best me I can be, and reach out to others.

There are occasions I am more mindful or fearful of what people may think of me or say to/about me about my condition or anything related to it. And I have been ridiculed and the things I chose to share, used against me. But I will continue to share my experiences and thoughts to help inspire anyone I can. Im not indifferent to what people say/think about me but I also won’t dwell on it.

My e-mail addresses are Jacq04@temple.edu & Kimberlyjm52@gmail.com
You can use either one to message me for any reason.
Facebook: kimberly.mccarthy3@facebook.com
The e-mail I use for it is Jacq04@temple.edu
Facebook me if you want! It’s alright if I dont already know you! I add kind strangers!D :-p
is this blog link!

I appreciate every person who reads or takes pleasure or interest in my writings even if we do not always agree with one another on certain concepts or things. I appreciate all of your likes, shares, follows, comments, and the lurkers who read but do not comment. I am humbled and filled with warmth and gratitude when someone cares to read my content. I will ALWAYS respond to comments as soon as possible when I see them and will NEVER ignore! I am not rude or arrogant in this case and will not intentionally skip over messages(not that people who do this are always necessarily rude, when I comment on someone’s posts or send messages of appreciation I don’t expect a response usually. That’s not my ultimate intention. My true intention is to express love.).
I use my phone and WordPress even with the app is not completely compatible with it.
Some comments go into the spam folder even when they are not spam and I miss them at first but when I see them I will definitely respond. 😀

Also, I LOVE blogs and learning new things and learning about people. I appreciate people following but you do not have to follow my own blog for me to follow yours!! If I like your blog, I will subscribe or follow and share too! !:-D
Good day!!! 😀 ❤


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