About This Girl


“This girl is a woman now
She’s found out what it’s all about
And she’s learning learning learning to live…” ~ Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

“When I start loving, I just can’t stop.” ~ Sam & Dave


Hello, I’m Kimberly or Kim, whatever floats your boat!
If you want to know some things about me you’re in luck because here you’ll find a whole lotta lotta stuff all about me! If it’s too long for you, you can just skip it and check out my other pages about me with less in-depth facts! I looovvee reading people’s bio/about me pages/sections on blogs and stuff and the longer the better so maybe I just assumed everyone else is like that too but if not, that’s ok!

I have lived in Philadelphia, Pa my whole life. I love Philadelphia and always have. Phil means love! <3. The city of love. <333

I'm a shy girl but I tend to open up after a while. I love to try new things and love meeting new people! I absolutely love animals and people.
I frequently feel deeply connected to everyone & everything. I feel as One with all that is.
I connect with some people through our pleasures and interests, some through our similar pain and struggles, some through both pleasure, pain, struggles, interests, and I connect with all through our basic humanness/life.
I cherish and bask in the beauty and richness of the world.
I take pictures of just about everything in Nature. I love walking, reading, and poetry.
I love old books & plays.
I find beauty & inspiration just about everywhere I look.
I have always been naturally inclined to see it but I learned to practice & strengthen that habit.
Positive thinking is something I'm very interested in as a way of living. My favorite music is Oldies music and sappy love songs as well as country. Uplifting and inspirational music is the absolute best! I love to help and inspire people. I don't discriminate against anyone for any reason such as sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religious or political views….if you're basically a good person, you'll likely win my heart. And if not, I still wish you the best, inner peace & everlasting happiness as long as it isnt at the expense of others. I'm not negatively judgmental in general and get along very well with almost everyone. I cherish diversity and accept and respect points of views other than my own. I believe in pure selflessness and doing good for people in general even strangers because every person is someone even if I do not know the person. Everyone has a life and a breath just like my friends and family, just like me.

My life & me are an open book. I don't mind spilling my guts and whole life story, good, bad, beautiful, and ugly to someone I just met two seconds ago(in appropriate contexts and when the person is also open or receptive and truly interested and usually only when someone else initiates the conversation). Some people think it’s weird, unhealthy, immature, a sign of a disorder…when someone spills her guts to a stranger but I don’t care! It’s just how I am and I love open, honest, authentic people. If someone doesn’t want hear my experiences/opinions, that’s ok! I am very respectful of the boundaries of others. And I’m quite receptive and can tell when someone is interested or not. I don’t spill my guts so people can “be my therapist” or help me, it’s so we can connect through similar experiences, or to help people with my story, help inspire.
And I don’t expect or demand others to be open with me if they don’t want to. I’m not nosy and do not ask intrusive questions to/about people.
I keep my fb profile and blog public so all the world can see.
I love hearing everyone else's stories as well. To me there's no such thing as "Too much information."
Go on and "air out your dirty laundry. ". I'm right here with an open heart & open mind to listen & love & accept.

I don't judge for “horrible” mistakes, flaws, or whatever. Many/most people make mistakes and have done things other people won't like. I'm not here to judge you negatively, only to listen, love, encourage, support, and love some more.

I love passionately, deeply, and quickly.

Even if I don't agree with something you think, feel, do, I won't reject, I will love you just the same.

"I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me…" ~ BSB ❀ lol

I choose to make gratitude,kindness, and love my way of life, not just occasional acts or feelings or responses and when it’s easy and convenient for me. I maintain an attitude of gratitude, a loving heart, and kind actions in general. Love is my way of being. Love for others, myself, life, and the world. I am more aware of the love venturing through me than the blood coursing through my body. I don’t have to have a specific thing or being presently before me to bestow it upon. I lavish love on the life that breathes in me. Β Love & gratitude dwell in my very essence, in the very breath that sustains me, tingling in every cell of my body.

This frequently comes easily and naturally to me but when it seems not to, I remind myself to act in love and BE grateful for all there is.

I believe in Metta or Universal Love, ONE love. Loving and wishing the very best for every living, sentient being everywhere. This includes those who are not so easily lovable.

I’m extremely easily amused! I laugh at the dumbest and most inappropriate things. It’s fun but gets me into trouble now and again! I even laugh when I’m alone and at things that happened years ago. It’s very easy to entertain me. Lol I love being around lots of people but I also take pleasure in my own company.

I am very open and honest about myself and never have a problem discussing my views on any issue including philosophical, political, and religious issues as long as it’s in a civil manner. I have strong views on many issues but even if you have strong opposing views, that won’t interfere with my love for & friendship/relationship with you. I believe love & compassion are much more important than being right, slinging insults, and seeking revenge. I’m beyond that! Lol

I don’t believe in any gods, religion, or the afterlife. I don’t believe that “everything happens for a reason” or that there’s an “ultimate plan or purpose” for me. I believe all we have is here & now.
I don’t believe in a soul or in the power of prayer.
Unlike some people who don’t believe in a God but still believe in some “higher power,” I don’t.
But I’m not empty or purposeless. In fact I’m very deep and very open-minded. I am not an immoral maniac either as some people think of people who lack faith in gods. Lol
And I’m not a stuck up, “in your face” kind of Atheist.
I’m not intolerant and your prayers, religion, cross necklace and photos won’t ever offend me.
And I find inspiration in all kinds of writings, even religious/spiritual ones. In fact, Norman Vincent Peale, who was a very religious, Christian, man and well known minister, is one of my heroes! I quote him often.
I don’t mind people praying, saying “God Bless,” or “Merry Christmas.”
People ask me how I think the world came to be, since I don’t believe in a god. And I admit, I have no idea! Lol
I’m not an evolutionist either.

I’m not completely politically Liberal or completely Conservative. I agree with both sides on different issues.
I love Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, moderates, Dems & Repubs….. Federalists (lol) πŸ˜‰ I strongly disagree with all of them on certain issues but it won’t make me not like the person.
I believe the people on all sides have very good intentions. Even though it may not always seem that way. We can get so wrapped up in our own views and what we think is best, we just assume “the other side” is malicious and “stupid” and “cold” and that’s when the blood battle begins. But I see much more clearly now and I choose love above all. Some people are wrong. But it doesn’t make them bad people. I have been wrong and most likely will be wrong occasionally, as long as I live.
But I learn and move forward.

I agree with the quote, “promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

I think political jokes are hilarious even when it’s a joke making fun of a side I agree with. ;-D

I’m probably the biggest sap you’ll ever meet. Really. I’m crazy for love. All kinds. Romantic, platonic, any kind. I love cheesy love stories/books and the sappiest of all the love songs. The sappier the better! I love seeing lovers holding hands in public and think it’s cute when people in love sit on the same side of the table in restaurants and post crazy. Stupid. Love. Posts to each other on Facebook all day long! Lol. The stuff that makes many people want to gag makes me giddy. ;-D ❀

We’re never too old for that!

I take on the world's pleasure & pain. It's a gift.

I'm into meditation and Philosophy. I love pondering tantalizing questions that seem to have no answer. I believe Philosophy is important and it's everywhere. It's not just for students, professors, and lawyers. Everyone can benefit by Philosophy. It helps expand our minds, strengthen our ability to reason, develop a philosophy of life, and is just so fascinating! πŸ˜€

There is a joke that says "the only question a philosophy graduate will be asking after college graduation is, 'you want fries with that?'." Lol! ;-D

And in case you are wondering, if a tree falls when no one is around to hear it, NO, it does not make a sound.

I’m interested in Buddhism & Stoicism, Tao, The Middle Way…I dont believe in just any one view, religion, philosophy or principle; I like to incorporate various ones that appeal to me.

I love all kinds of books, novels, mystery, love, romantic comedy, philosophy, personal development, Psychology, poetry…esp. ones with deep, profound messages. Horror is all good too but I don’t like very violent horror books that go into great detail about the horror. I don’t like violence.

And because of my gift of extreme empathy, when I see/read about violence whether it’s real or not, I feel almost as if it’s happening to me. But I can tolerate extreme horror and violence in books that are good with a profound message to be conveyed in the midst of all the gore. Horror books are my guilty pleasure.

I don’t watch TV and haven’t for years. Unless someone else has the TV on and I sometimes watch parts and laugh at it. Nothing against TV. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s sort of like I’m in another world when I hear/read when people are talking about all those TV shows like reality ones and stuff. I don’t know about any of it or the people on the shows.

I am a very simple girl. Not dull or boring but certainly not complicated in any way. I don’t over analyze everything assuming there is something more going on. I don’t expect people to be my mind readers. I don’t say one thing but really mean something else, hoping people will just know. I don’t flip out when plans get ruined. I’m not overly sensitive and don’t have madd mood swings throughout the days. I’m not easily offended at all. And innocent comments about my weight or age and me eating a lot or whatever won’t even faze me. I’m not sensitive about any of that. Problems don’t keep me up at night. I don’t mind compromises to make us all happy.

Getting older isn’t a problem to me and in my opinion, beauty and wisdom deepen with age. I love wrinkles, gray hair, and laugh-lines/crinkles on the face. To me, that is pure beauty, an indication of a beautiful life, well lived, full of joy and pain, smiles, laughter, and tears, struggles, battles, blessings, happiness. I support indefinite life extension so people never have to die of old age or can live much, much longer.

I am a very calm girl and not prone to anxiety. While there are definitely things that scare me shitless, I don't think I am as susceptible to fear as the average person. Things that would make an "ordinary" person freak out or go into a panic, tend not to get to me.
I'm not afraid of surgery or needles or hospitals and doctors' offices. Or insects or rodents even if they crawl on me.
But try to put me in a confined place, especially alone, and watch me crumble into a blubbering wreck who loses all sense of language and sanity. lol I’m better with this now though but still, it’s a turn off!
I have a very strong stomach. Blood doesn't make me queasy.
Not much disgusts me.

When Confucius or whoever said that life is really very simple but we insist on making it complicated, he was right on.

One of my life theme songs can be Tiny Tim's, "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight.". Lol

"I'm soooo happy, happy go lucky me…i just go my way livin' every day….things that bother you never bother me…haven't got a lot, I don't need a lot….". Lol ;-D

I am extremely trusting in general and chances are I will trust you without reason until you give me a reason not to. But even then I will probably eventually trust you again. It's just my nature. Even when someone takes advantage of it, it just never breaks. My trusting nature has been called various things by various people. "Stupid" "naive" "beautiful" "innocent" "childlike" "nice" "weak" but whatever your take is on it, it is what it is. I guess it's all of the above.

I'm also very trust-worthy myself! But don't take my word for it, get to know me! ;-D

I can be your best girl. I don't mind listening to a friend vent and complain. Positivity is great but so is being realistic and I encourage people to vent when they feel like it and I'm a good listener. I don't always know what to say but not everyone needs or wants a response other than someone listening and caring.
I am extremely patient and loving.
Nothing is too trivial or too serious or deep for me. I can have deep philosophical conversations, and conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness but I can also connect with people through simple chats about fun plans for lunch or the weekend, girly gossip and makeup and the sexiest five and a half inch stilettos, because I am a woman after all. ;-D
I can help you bear the burden of your pain & problems if that's what you want to converse about. ❀
Whatever it is, I'm here!
Even if it's 4:00 in the morning and I'm in the middle of a good sleep! Lol

I'm not a social conformist or anti-conformist. I don't go all out to be either one. If I like it I will go for it, if not, I won't.

I love kids but never wanted any of my own. Not for any reason other than I have no desire. None. Never have. And never even questioned it at all.
But I love mommy blogs. And have no issues with girls posting millions of pics of their kids on social media!


I love hot tea & iced coffee but I don't have to have it everyday. I drink it for the taste and simple pleasure of drinking it. I don't need it to function. Lol

I suffer with severe suicidal, Psychotic depression and have for much of my life. It's a life long illness I have learned to mostly manage & cope with. It's not as bad as it used to be in general but it flares up. No one specific incident happened to depress me, it runs in my family and a couple environmental factors have triggered the onset of the condition as a whole but even when those factors are no longer issues, the condition is already out and so episodes recur. Sometimes out of nowhere and sometimes triggered by something.

For many years, I suffered recurrent, severe episodes of depression which would last for months or weeks, usually months and in the middle of each severe clinical episode I would have long term low grade and moderate depression and some "mini" severe episodes then I would go back to have a severe clinical episode for months/weeks.

Now I still have the recurrent severe episodes but they aren't as frequent, usually and while I still have mini severe episodes and symptoms now and then in the middle of severe clinical episodes, I don't have the long term kind anymore because I worked on myself for years and continue to do so with professional treatment as well as self help techniques. I can usually cope better now when I'm severely depressed and sometimes prevent an impending attack when I feel it about to hit.

I was suicidal almost everyday for over thirteen years but not anymore. Now I generally have a strong will and desire to live. Now I not only realize how beautiful it is to be alive but to actually want to be alive. I still get very suicidal but nowhere near as often and when I have those thoughts and urges, I am ususally much better at coping with them.

"When you come close to sellin' out, reconsider." ~ LeeAnn Womack

As you can see, I'm extremely open! I risk being this open and being met with negative attention, rejection, criticism, and other forms of negativity. This is because I want people to know the real me, all of me, the good and the bad alike and I hope to inspire people with my story.
I LOVE when people read my writings whether I know them in person or not. it makes some people cringe when they find that someone they know in person reads their blog but me, I love when someone “likes” my posts on facebook or says in person “hey, I read your blog…” omg! I’m so honored!

They care enough to read it and mention it! so sweet!
and I have nothing to cover up. I’m the same me online as in person but I tend to express more in writing often simply because there’s more opportunities and I remember more while writing. as shy as I am, I am raw and open. ❀

I share my stories in the hope of touchimg someone, bringing any sense of hope, positivity, healing, consolation, love…

Sharing is caring. I am often inspired by other people's lives, the pain, the joy, sadness, & happiness, the raw honesty, the laughter & the tears, the depth and beauty of it all. By sharing our own stories and lives with others, strangers and all, we help encourage, inspire, comfort, and motivate.

I’m not indifferent to what people say about/to and think of me. I don’t like destructive and toxic critiscism. But I won’t let it change me, I won’t obsess over it too long and scare me into not sharing parts of me or denying, repressing things I want to express. I have never been someone who is sensitive or easily hurt by negative things people say about me, insults directed at me won’t destroy me. I have a backbone and know some people are just assholes.

I believe it's important to be true to ourselves without repressing, denying, loathing any parts of us just because other people won't like it. If someone will not like me after finding out certain things about me, I prefer to not conceal those things about me, instead reveal them and be rejected/disliked right then and there instead of having people who only like me because they don't truly know me.

If someone doesn’t like me, it’s ok, it doesn’t make that person horrible or mean that I am. Maybe we’re just not compatible with one another. We are not going to all like each other and that’s ok as long as we keep moving forward and let each other live how we want without getting in the way.

I think it’s important for people who don’t understand depression or psychosis to see how average or normal (or whatever you want to call it) I am. I can still laugh and smile and have fun. I am still happy. I can function and go out with friends, go to work, hold a conversation, and do anything anyone else can do. These things are extremely difficult when my condition flares up but generally, I function very well.

I'm very shy so I don't usually approach people or reach out first but when someone comes to me or a seemingly perfect opportunity arises, I will open up and tell people everything. Some people I will directly tell stuff to and some I won't but I don't care who finds out anything about me. Not everything about me is happy and pleasant and positive. I can crumble and be a suicidal/psychotic wreck. Lol.

I am very committed to personal development and being the best me I can be for myself and everyone and the world. It's my number one goal. But I'm not a perfectionist. It's ok to make mistakes.

I'm extremely open and easy to get along with. I'm very loving and welcoming. I just love people.

I can relate to and identify with people easily and feel very connected even if we haven't experienced the exact same thing. I'm very understanding and empathetic but I never claim to know exactly how someone else feels. I have a very strong and developed ability to understand deeply to some degree though without overstepping my bounds and claiming to know your exact experiences and feelings.

I don't hold grudges for the most part, don't judge people often in negative ways, am very tolerant in general….but…I won't judge you for judging if you do. I'm very likely to be tolerant of your intolerance, and won't hold a grudge against you for holding grudges.
lol Whatever floats your boat! As long as we don't directly interfere with the lives of others, we live how we will. My way isn't necessarily the best way for anyone but me. I'm not in your face with my convictions, views, and way of life.

Even though I'm very easy going, I still support necessary constructive criticism and believe it's important to speak up for and against certain things. I can let trivial things slide but I don't always have a problem with criticism and confrontation. It's good to have passion and a backbone. If someone does not like me, it’s ok, I can still like that person and do favors for the person. I love to love, not to be loved back. It’s great to be loved. But even greater to love.

If you want, go ahead and contact me! I would love to get to know you! πŸ™‚ Jacq04@temple.edu you can add me as a friend on Facebook if you want. That's my e-mail address for that.

Or kimberlyjm52@gmail.com
I use both e-mail addresses.

If you know me you love me and if you don't love me, I don't think you know me!

And always remember, "You can be greater than anything that can happen to you." ~ Norman Vincent Peale ❀


37 thoughts on “About This Girl

    • Thank You so much for your kind comment and for checking out my blog!!! Yours is amazing! I love inspirational and positive blogs and I will definitely like your FB page!!! πŸ˜€

    • Thank You very much!! No, I love having great Facebook friends! It’s amazing to see various photos, statuses, and things by all different kinds of people. I “like” lots of pages and join many groups so I get multiple requests a day, most of which I accept . Sometimes it gets confusing with all the notifications and I miss a few or don’t respond/respond right away and people get offended but it’s usually good having so many online friends! I’m happy to now have you as a Facebook friend as well as a blogging friend! πŸ˜€

  1. Kimberly or Kim;
    Till today, I have gone through countless “About” pages, but, believe me this is one of the best “About” page, I have ever read; it seems you have taken great amount of care to analyze your personality from various angel and best part about it you love yourself very much as a whatever you are; it is one of the most important quality one should have.
    There are many many things I liked about your personality; some of them are worth to mention;
    First) Your writing is amazing;
    Second) Your observation power is very sharp;
    Third) You have great clarity in your thinking;
    Fourth) You are true “Global Citizen”
    Fifth) Despite of going through a lot in your life, each and every word written by you is live-wire, dynamic, encouraging, inspirational and motivational.
    Sixth) You have great inner urge to help some one.
    Whenever, you have spare time, visit my blog, read my few recent posts and if you feel; I share some of your passion; we can become good friends………..
    Choice is yours………………………………………

    • Thank You so much!! Your comment is so amazing!! I am thrilled to receive it! My about section is so long and kind of disorganized and I was considering making it much shorter but I will keep it as it is now! Your beautiful comment inspires me so much. I want people to know much about me and I want to help uplift and inspire others with my story so I share so much.
      I will definitely check out your blog!

  2. Kim;
    There is something wrong in your blog; because; whenever you are publishing new post; it arrives in my inbox; but when I click on this post; the link
    This is the message I am receiving;
    Well this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.
    Please do something very soon; because; right now; I am reading your all the post from the archives………..
    Wishing you all the best………………………………..

  3. You are such a sweet, lovely person. If everyone were like you, the world would be a heaven. You are a wonderful gift to the world. May God put the best hearts and minds in your world so that they be blessings to you. May your light shine ever brighter everyday until the end of your long life. Everything about you is inspiring. Bravo!

    • Thank You very much for your inspiring and encouraging message! Messages like yours inspire me even more to write and be the best I can be. It’s amazing to read such beautiful words written for me. Thanks so much for reading my long “about me” page and for your wonderful message. I truly appreciate it! I’m happy our paths crossed on here. ❀ And I will be checking out your writings! πŸ˜€

  4. kim;
    How are you???????????
    I wish due to grace of GOD your life must be going well.
    Today, I have specifically visited this page with some purpose in your mind; as you know in past also once I visited this page and appreciated and commented on your this page, your bounce back nature and despite of going through all; your attitude is most admirable quality in your life.
    As you know, yesterday, I have published this post and I am eagerly awaiting to read your story in comment section.
    You have story to tell, you have best writing skill, you have ability to write the matter in most descriptive and detailed manner; so, I am eagerly awaiting to read your tragedy to triumph type of story in my post’s comment section.
    Eagerly awaiting to welcome my best friend…….

    • Thank You so much!! I deeply appreciate it! I am honored and I will comment on your post very soon! I’m at work right now but when I am home, I will comment! Thank You! I’m very thankful to know that you thought of me and my story and have reached out. ❀

    • aww Thank You so much!! I’m so honored, thank you for reading this super long post! I was going to change it to make it much shorter and organized but I received a few encouraging comments about it so I keep it as it is. It’s very uplifting to receive comments on it! ❀ πŸ˜€

    • You’re very welcome! And thank you!! I will be checking out more of your posts soon! My greatest passion is being the best I can be for others and myself. By the best I can be, I mean truly loving and compassionate. I don’t always live up to it but plan to get better and better. I practice Kadampa Buddhist techniques including meditation and attend classes. I find Dharma practice very inspiring and it resonates deeply with me. I want to help the world around me be a better place for everyone and try to do that just in everyday encounters by being loving and friendly, smiling at strangers, reaching out to help when I can, encouraging others…I’m very shy in person so this isn’t always easy but I’m getting better. I plan to one day have a job either paid or volunteer, helping others in some way. I’m also passionate about photography. I don’t know much about it but I love looking at people’s photos and taking my own photos. I try to capture the beauty of the mundane and share it online, often with inspiring quotes. I also love music & reading, animals & people in general. I’m so happy to meet you here!Β πŸ˜€ ❀

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  7. Excellent, I have been reading your about from last 15 minutes, its awesome, I liked the way you described it, your life, thinking, beliefs, views everything is indeed a open book. I liked that line so much where u said “..I believe it’s important to be true to ourselves without repressing, denying, loathing any parts of us just because other people won’t like it..” & its true, if you abandon youuselves to uphold somebody’s notion, trust me when I say that you are making the whole universe a grt dissersive!

    • Thank you so much!! I appreciate that you took the time to read about me and to comment. I love reading about people and getting to know each other so I include so much of myself, views, interests….it’s so true, repressing or denying who we really are does not do anyone any good. Thanks again for reading and commenting! πŸ˜€ ❀

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