Random Facts About Me

Basic info about me:

B-day: May 2, 1986
Location: Philadelphia, Pa, U.S.A.

Some random facts about Kim (me!! Lol) 😉

Favorite Music: Oldies, sappy love songs, the sappier the better, inspirational, uplifting music
1.) I also love quotes. ❤
2.) I love people in general as well as animals.
3.) I’m an adult but deep in my heart I’m just a girl. I get ecstatic over rainbow sprinkles, the color pink, cupcakes and teddy bears, hearts, Hello Kitty, anything girly….
4.) I love pink. And makeup. And five inch stiletto heels. And hair & long nails, tropical body mist, shopping for clothes & handbags….I love mini skirts and clingy dresses but they are not comfortable to me so I rarely wear them. but I love them nonetheless. ❤
5.). I’m a shy girl but I tend to open up and I love meeting new people and being surrounded by people even ones I don’t know.
6.) Hugs? Hugs are sweet. ❤ 🙂 😀
7.) Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my fave!
8.) I used to have a wicked immune system and never ever get sick except for ear & sinuses infections but now I get colds all throughout the year and in 2012 I was hit with two of the worst colds of my life! Come on immune system, get with it!! Lol 😉

9.) I have a chronic pain disorder that is generally very mild but flares up every now & again to seemingly unbearable levels. 

10.) I am fascinated with the idea of sleep and dreaming. And want to learn more.

11.). I have hip length hair and have never dyed it. I love my natural color. 

12.) I love books and reading very much. All kinds of stuff!

13.). I’m extremely easily amused and laugh soooo sooo much no matter what mood I’m in. It gets me into trouble a lot, usually with my mom! Lol. But it can brighten any day! And lighten a heavy heart! ❤

14.). I’m not a conformist or anti-conformist intentionally. I believe in being true to myself. If I like it, it doesn’t matter if most people do or not. But I do tend to like/be attracted to old stuff/styles and not care much for newer stuff like trends, styles, music, tv…not on purpose, it’s just how it is. I think anti-conformity is worse than conformity.

15.) I have a very healthy and confident body image and have for most of my life. Except for a few years when I was a teenager because I was very depressed and loathed everything about it for keeping me alive. But even with my depression, I learned to love my body again when I was seventeen years old and loved it since then and always will. ❤

16.) I once had emergency surgery on my kidney. It was enlarged and almost ruptured. One of the worst pain I ever experienced. But the doctors and nurses were so warm, caring, and compassionate which made the whole thing better.

17.). I am extremely accepting of people in general even when we have strongly opposing views. I’m very loving and can love you and be your friend and accept and embrace you even if you completely disagree with me on controversial topics such as politics & religion.

18.) I love diversity. I don’t care about skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, political views, ethnicity, nationality, or whatever. If you’re a basically good person, I’ll very likely love you! ❤ 🙂 😀

19.) Once you win my heart, you won’t lose it. ❤

20.) I don’t generally judge people negatively.

21.) I don’t think only thin girls are beautiful. They are very beautiful but so are girls who are not thin.

22.) I love love. All kinds. Romantic & platonic alike. ❤

23.) I don’t mind getting older. I believe a woman’s beauty only deepens with age. Truly. Wrinkles, gray hair, laughlines, are beautiful to me. The longer we live the more chances we have to love and be loved, bless and be blessed, share, meet more beautiful people, tap into more wisdom, make the world a better place, laugh, make people laugh and smile, become richer. Not financially but with all the immaterial gifts we come across each and everyday.

24.) I don’t believe in a life purpose. Not in finding one, acquiring one, or even creating one. The only purpose is just to be. Live to live. Whatever you think your life purpose is, you would still have a purpose even if you lost that. Nothing outside of me gives me purpose. I am enough.

25.) I believe strongly in having a life philosophy to live by and fall back on when things are difficult or painful. A life philosophy can change, evolve, expand…but it’s important to always have one and maintain and live it every single day to keep it alive and strong. Once in a while isn’t enough. Mine is all about an attitude of gratitude as a way of life, love and kindness for others and myself, even for those who are not loving or kind and that life itself is a true blessing even when pain, emotional or physical, seems to destroy me. I can survive it. Even when things seem so bad my philosophy goes right out the Window, temporarily, I will always find my way back to it. It’s so ingrained into me enough so I can find it once again. It’s something I live everyday, not just occasionally. I meditate upon it, think and write about it, find quotes and songs to confirm it and maintain it…This to me is very important to cope with and prevent flare ups of both my physical pain disorder and my depressive disorder. And I’m doing so amazing! 😀 <3. Hope is never lost, just temporarily misplaced.

26.) I struggle with severe depression off & on and have for many, many years but I’m also very happy. When I’m not depressed I am happier than anyone I know! And even when I am depressed I still frequently have a positive attitude and learned to cope well. 

27.) Many things capture my interest, various subjects, activities, topics…I’m not easily bored. I read all kinds of stuff just for the thrill of it, things that often have no practical purpose to me, medical stuff, law stuff, business, math, universities…my curiosity and interests are infinite.

28.) Photogrophy is one of my many loves. But I know nothing professionally about it. While I would love to learn some professional tips, I love taking photos with no “rules.” I just see what looks good to me, what photo concepts, angles, lights, effects…feel and look amazing and I go with it! I’m a free spirit and I love my own photos. And the more pictures I take, the deeper my creativity is sparked. I am deeply inspired by others and their creativity and ideas. We can inspire each other and be inspired while still maintaing originality.

Now about this blog:
Hello darlings,

I’m dedicating it to all those beautiful people who long to help the world and be a better person themselves or keep up on being the best person they can be. <3.
To everyone who struggles and still wants to come out on the brighter side and love themselves and others. To anyone who supports universal love. ❤
Here’s to all of you. Much blessings & love to you all. 😀

And hugs!!! ❤

I love when people follow and comment to me. Love it! I’m not someone who demands follows and comments though if I follow or comment to you. I will still share, comment, follow, “like,” and like you and your blog if I like it even if you do not “return the favor.”. Lol. ;-D. I’ll still love you! I’m very understanding in general. And I know that not everyone I love will love me. Not everyone I reach out to will reach back. Not everyone will appreciate my appreciation and it’s all good! I will still give, appreciate, reach out, and love….

I vow to be the best me I can be for myself and everyone. ❤

X0xo Me.


9 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me

  1. Many thanks for the visit and then follow to me blog. I love your positive attitude and desire to inspire. I try to do that , too. I hope you will visit my blog again soon and often and comment. I look forward to doing the same on your blog! Big smiles . . . . . . Anne

    • You are very welcome and thank you so much for visiting and commenting!! I truly appreciate that very much!! I found your blog through Sheth’s blog and I’m very thankful I did! I will definitely visit frequently and comment! I love learning about different places and points of views! Thank You for spreading the love!

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