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All content and most photos are my own unless I state that it’s not or if it says the source on the photo itself, but I mostly only like to use my own content in posts.

I don’t copyright my stuff. I think when someone creates something it’s automatically copyrighted but I don’t go out of my way to get it copyrighted because I want to share it with everyone and everyone to share it if they want with others, easily & with no limitations and I don’t care who gets the “credit.” And I don’t care if people link back to me or not. Or if anyone knows it’s my content or not. That’s not my point. I don’t create & share so that people can give me credit. 

I post things for myself but mostly for others who may one day come across it whether the minute I post it or years into the future. I try to make my content generally be able to apply to the average person and be timeless.  

 I don’t necessarily want credit for anything including my photos and writing, ideas. I’m here to uplift, inspire, bring hope, consolation, and healing, not to receive credit for anything or have any kind of competition. I love when people share anything I put here or on Facebook and no one has to say that it’s mine. That was never my intention, to get points for anything. I don’t care if people take any of my content without linking back to me or saying it’s mine! I don’t ever want to encourage plagiarism or dishonesty though (although I would be quite flattered if someone loves my own content enough to want credit for it! Lol) and would never suggest that people say someone else’s work is their own. But if you want to use my content without specifically giving me credit, be my guest! I won’t be bringing suit against you or going all apeshit. lol 

Also, if you want to add to it, go ahead! I have had people take my photos without asking and alter them then happily send me my altered pics to show me how they made them “better!” Lol I would never ever do that to someone’s pictures, especially without asking, unless maybe it’s like public photos like those generic stock photos or something, but I did not mind. 
It would be kind of creepy though if someone takes a pic of me myself and alters my features or says it’s someone else. Or writes something disturbing on it. I hope that has never happened and will never happen. But other than that, I have no problem. 

(Update: a while after I wrote this, someone on Facebook did take a few of my pictures of ME and drew tits on me and drew/wrote other inappropriate things on them. I was going to block and report him but instead I just let it go and ignored it.)

My point is to inspire and help heal and bring joy & happiness to anyone I can. I rarely use photos that aren’t mine but I don’t always know whose they are and simply state that they aren’t mine.
I don’t think it’s even legal, at least in some places, to use other people’s photos on our own blogs and websites without asking even if we do give that person credit and link back (I do this occasionally though…oops!) but I’m telling you that you can use mine. 

I think this is probably why when we upload something to Facebook, like photos, it automatically becomes Facebook’s, to like avoid a catastrophic pandemic of lawsuits and disputes. Lol can you imagine?! Whoever thought to have Facebook claim everything as its own is quite brilliant! I would have never thought. 

I think Mark Zuckerberg actually stole someone’s idea and then built upon it to make it much, much better than the original idea(or took more credit than he was supposed to…or something like that)! Yeaaahh, go Mark! Lol I saw the movie some years ago but don’t really remember it. But look what we have now all because Mark Z. (and maybe a few others along with him? I really don’t know the whole controversy…) swindled someone else’s original idea and added his own genius. If you have a facebook account, you’re kind of benefitting off of that concept of stealing someone’s else’s idea, then, wouldn’t you say? So think of that before you piss & moan over it and try to act like some perfect moralist who is completely innocent in this sense. Maybe you’re not the dishonest one but you’re sure taking advantage of it! lol ok, jk I’m not really that rude, but it’s kind of true that we’re benefitting off of something that involved a problem and big ass lawsuit and lots of pain for someone else.


Like our (U.S) President Truman supposedly said:
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” ~ Harry S. Truman ❤ 

Well shitski, Harry! I completely agree! I don’t know if he actually said those exact words but maybe he held that sentiment at some point and so those words are attributed to him? Anyway, yes I believe that status, credit, and image aren’t what is important. Teaching, learning, loving, bringing joy & inspiration, and helping guide people to summon the wisdom deep within them is what is truly important, not to receive points or a (figurative) gold star for my intelligence or creativity or my work. When we don’t hold back and get wrapped up in receiving proper credit, we can accomplish great things.

So yeah, I’m most definitely not supporting plagiarism or any kind of dishonesty, I’m just saying what’s mine is yours. We’re all in this together, baby!



I want to share with everyone. The blog here is mostly about Love. Love which can be a warm affection for someone or something, platonic or romantic. Or it can be an action, a verb, an expression, genuinely wishing someone the best with no expectations in return. When we reach out to help, to heal, to uplift, to inspire, we reach out in love. I’m the biggest sap.

So if you’re up for some sweet, sappy love & inspiration, here’s to you! ❤



Me ❤

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