3 Line Tales Week 47 – I’ll dedicate it to you

aww so beautiful; I love it!!! 😍❤🐾

Howling With The Wolf

Photo by Ales Krivek

Many thanks toSonya, as usual, for holding the TLT Challenge!

Here’s mine for the week

Pat pat came the sound from next to him. The only other sounds in the quiet, dark landscape were that of his pants and the thud of his shoes.No one believed in his dream to win the Olympic medal, no one wanted to accompany him on his midnight runs. No one except Trevor.

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Thank you! 😀❤😍


Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, likes, shares….my content!!! I have been terrible at blogging and messaging people lately! I have been wotking a lot and then going food shopping and stuff then coming home and preparing blog posts and stuff then just going to sleep. I have been not being able to read at night like I used to because I fall asleep very soon after getting into bed! Way better than not being able to sleep though! I’m going to work on better time management and get my ass in gear and start posting here regularly again and visiting\commenting on the blogs of others. I took this picture last month while doing training for my new job! As soon as I saw it i knew I would capture it & post it on social media to thank those who view my content!! 😍 I’m filled to the brim with gratitude! ❤ Today\tonight is a sweet freezing cold rainy day here in Philadelphia & I just watched the remake of the movie Beaches! So cute! Sad but beautiful & so sweet! I love friendship movies\songs! ❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Hugs & lots of love! ❤

xoxo Kim 😍😀

Silent Sunday

I love how this photo conveys strength, perseverance, determination….this little plant just keeps right on going even through the storms, the coldness, the desolation. So life affirming! My theme for this new year! 😍❤😀

Eliza Waters


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(me ❤ My android marshmallow takes some lousy pics[it was used to take this picture]! Luckily my blackberry phone camera started working again! 😀)

Somewhat recently I got an instagram account! How fun!

Here is the link:



It’s a public account and all the stuff I post is intended to uplift, inspire, bring joy, consolation, beauty, positivity….to others, to everyone interested. Just like this here blog! And on Facebook. Most of the photos are my own but I also post ones I find online and try to always remember to mention that it’s not my photo if it does not have the name of the owner\creator on it. I don’t mind people using\altering my photos without asking, without giving me credit, or linking back to me. Though it’s kind of strange when they take pics of me, myself, and alter them like drawing nipples on me n other creep stuff (it happens rarely, but has happened more than once! 😱). Other than that, be my guest! 😍

If you want to, we can be Insta-friends if you too have an account! You can post your link here so maybe others will see it or just click the follow button on my account! If you post your link here, I will click the follow button on your account whether or not you follow mine. And if you follow my account I’ll very likely follow yours back. I like to return the favor. lol But you don’t have to follow mine for me to follow yours. The only way I don’t follow back is if it’s a news or celebrity gossip page or one promoting violence in any way. I don’t want that kind of energy showing up in my newsfeed or whatever it’s called. I’m not judging those who have those kinds of accounts(and news is a good thing! I watch Fox news every night when my dad puts it on and I like it, the content but I dont like the energy that news brings to a room or website…); they just are not my style and I don’t want to encounter it here. 

Also, if it’s a p.o.r..n..o account, I may not follow back but only because they often spam comment sections. I don’t have anything against p…o..r.n.o..g*r*a*p.h.y. It’s not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat! The reason I put all those things in the middle of the letters is, the p…o..r..n..o blogs may find this blog and spam it up. lol My sister’s phone was attacked by them before and I was amused but she wasn’t! 😀

We don’t have to have an Instagram account or be logged in to see people’s accounts if they are public so you can still look at mine if you don’t have an account or don’t use your account. I used to look at so many before I asked my sister to set me up one! Now I get to follow them all! 😀

If you ever tried to contact me on Facebook and I never responded, it’s only because I very rarely see\check all my notifications, especially inbox messages. Once in a blue moon I see messages and friend requests and see sweet comments written to me ages ago that I missed and also furious comments about me not responding. “Fuck you you fucking snob!, You really are stuck up!, I don’t even know why I wasted my time writing to you….” stuff like that and part of me experiences compassion for them because they feel personally rejected and that is not a pleasant feeling! And it’s not the case usually that I intentionally ignore people. And if ever I do, it’s not because I feel I’m above them or loathe them, it’s just that for some reason I see it better not to respond. Like people asking me out, most likely I just won’t respond. A smaller part of me sometimes feels annoyed when they lash out at me but mostly I am understanding and compassionate.

My main intention is to uplift and inspire as many as I can, not necessarily to have direct relationships with each & every one. That would be sweet but not practical! And I just don’t do a good job with keeping up with all of my notifications. We can connect without having one on one conversations with every friend everyday. I’m extremely thankful for all of those beautiful people I have connections with on social media!! Thank you!! 😀❤😍

Much love & light,

xoxo Kim ❤


Absolutely beautiful photo and words. It seems to convey simplicity but also it’s philosophical, thought-provoking. I just love it! The colors and shadows are brilliant! This should win a photo contest! 😀 ❤



You must look to see.

But do you see where you look?


Buddhist Prayer

The most basic Buddhist prayer is “may all beings find peace,” which expresses the positive mental state of loving kindness. It is not a prayer directed to some higher power outside the mediator, but the articulation of an attitude; at a deeper level, an aspiration; and at a still deeper level, a commitment.

—Gareth Sparham, “Prayer: Venerable Gareth Sparham



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Happy Diwalis { Goodness & Love Prevail} <3

Goodness & light & love will always prevail as long as we keep our focus on the positive and keep inspiring others to do the same! Today I am in a much better place than three years ago on this very day. My strength & wisdom are evident in this post and I hope it inspires anyone in need.  Keep living and never stop searching for the love and goodness. 😍😀❤ xoxo Much love & light…Kim

A Dose of Inspiration


Someone, somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer…

Today I was overcome with a very deep depression, so deep my body was nearly paralyzed. I felt so trapped and stuck. Nothing I could have done would have lifted it. It wasn’t an ordinary low mood or sadness. It was a heavy sickness that took me over.

I was at work and just couldn’t move. So sluggish and hopeless. But I had to move to tend to customers. I love tending to their needs but it’s extremely difficult and excruciating when I’m deeply depressed. I don’t care if they know I’m depressed but it’s not part of my job to spill my guts to every customer about my depression. And my depression puts me at risk for seeming unfriendly.   I am not unfriendly. 

So it’s hard trying to be cheerful when I’m just not feelin’ it. What…

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Boogers <3

I had another post planned for today but it’s not working out with the posting! So let’s try this one! I remember writing this at work last year! ❤😍😭😂😀❤👻🎃💀 I’ll post the other tomorrow! xoxo Much love, Kim ❤

A Dose of Inspiration


So today I been eating boogers! Lol

They aren’t really boogers though(in case anyone thinks I really eat my boogers…).

They are candy made to look and feel (hopefully not taste?) like real boogers.

They have a pleasant after taste. 


I don’t know though, have you ever seen real ones that look like this?!



And they aren’t sticky or anything so I suppose they don’t feel like real ones. I don’t pick my nose ( jk never!) so I wouldn’t know. 

They are also very large for the real thing. 
I feel kind of sorry for you if your boogies are this big. :-/
And if they’re this green you may have a sinus/ear/throat infection, I think, but as I am not an infectious disease specialist, I wouldn’t recommend taking my word for it!


They are supposed to be tangy and they do have a bit of a…

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