I believe…..


I believe in being sappy, the sappier, the better! ;-D

I believe in true, everlasting love.

I believe in second chances.

I believe in still loving someone even after being rejected by that someone but still moving forward. 

I believe in lessons learned through pain & struggles.

I believe in Metta. Universal Love. One Love. ❤

I believe if you’re going through Hell, you better keep on going! ;-D

I believe in true friendship.

I believe in forever.

I believe in giving without expecting anything in return.

I believe strangers aren’t mere strangers but people with hopes, dreams, wishes, pleasure & pain. Just like me. 

I believe in empathy & understanding even if we haven’t experienced deep pain or the same exact thing as someone else.   We have all experienced something. We are living, breathing sentient beings and can understand each other if we try.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in self love.

I believe in the future.

I believe in right NOW.

I believe in sharing deep intimate details and stories with others.

I believe in books and reading.

I believe in poetry.

I believe in warm, fluffy pj’s on cold Winter nights.

I believe in hot chocolate with whipped cream. 

I believe in iced coffee.

I believe in hot tea.

I believe in Coca Cola. & lots of it.

I believe in an attitude of gratitude. Every day.

I believe in my body & loving it.

I believe in self-help books.

I believe in self exploration.

I believe in inspirational quotes & songs.

I believe in mindfulness.

I believe in taking full advantage of being alive. 

I believe in laughing til it hurts.

I believe in smiling even when it hurts. Because no matter how much it hurts, there’s always something to smile about. 😀

I believe in sharing with others. Sharing is caring.  

I believe most people are basically good.

I believe pain can make us better & stronger & wiser if we let it.

I believe in goodness.

I believe in positivity & optimism no matter how bad it gets.

I believe when we’re at our lowest point in life, the only way is up.

I believe in building others up, not dragging each other down.

I believe in compassion for all sentient beings.

I believe in being true to ourselves no matter what other people think.

I believe that “It gets better.”

I believe in keeping promises.

I believe that we can connect deeply with people no matter how different we are than each other, we don’t have to relate completely to connect.

I believe in smiling at strangers.

I believe in trying to brighten at least one person’s day everyday whether it’s in person or online. A warm smile, an uplifting quote, kind words….

I believe in leaving things a little bit better than we found them.

I believe in being happy.

I believe in having a life philosophy.

I believe in letting my long hair flow and letting the wind blow through it.

I believe in walking in the rain without a care in the world.

I believe in hope.

I believe it’s ok to feel weak sometimes.

I believe it’s ok to make mistakes. 

I believe it’s ok to be wrong now & again.

I believe that sometimes it’s better to be realistic than forcing positivity if we aren’t really feeling it. Vent & complain if you feel like it.

I believe in being cheerful, light, and carefree.

I believe in inspiring people in positive ways.

I believe in holding on and giving more when we feel like giving up.

I believe in hugs.

I believe in random acts of kindness.

I believe in pink.

I believe in unconditional love & acceptance.

I believe in making eye contact with everyone.

I believe in diversity.

I believe in LIFE.

Xoxo Kim

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