I vow

This is something I wrote and decided to put here! It’s my promise to myself and the world. Most of these I thought up completely on my own while a few are inspired by different quotes/song lyrics I have previously come across. Many of these things won’t always come easily but I will try my best and I hope anyone who stumbles upon this will be inspired by it. ❤

I vow to be:
So strong that nothing can break me or unnecessarily disturb my composure.
So uplifting and attentive to myself and others that they all feel there is a kind of amazing greatness that lies within them.
To be my very best and make the best of everything. Always.
So empathetic that I take pleasure in everyone else's successes, fortunes, and happiness, and be just as happy for them as for my own. And to feel compassion and empathy for everyone else's pain and sorrows.
To always be amazing at listening and help others to feel they are worthy of positive attention and love.
To always want to see other people win. Even when I don't know them. And even when I, myself, do not win.
To be so grateful for everything big & small alike that my heart overflows with love and gratitude everyday. And to bask in the simple pleasures of life.
To live in gratitude.
To live in love.
To express love and gratitude frequently in any way I feel like at the moment either out loud or silently in my head or in writing.
To live in the present moment.
To give thanks to my body for functioning and keeping me alive and well.
To be attentive to other sentient living creatures' needs and desires.
To always learn for the best.
To be extremely loving of myself, others, and all living creatures.
To be pleasantly cheerful, giggly, and happy, and smile at everyone.
To be receptive to others.
To be dedicated to personal development to not only benefit myself but the world around me.
To be inspirational, motivational, and uplifting to everyone possible.
To bring love, light, warmth, laughter, inspiration, comfort, and strength to the world.
To only build people up and never tear people down.
To contribute as much greatness as I can whenever I can, wherever I can.
To always be a true and loyal friend.
To be too happy to let negativity get to me too long and too hard and too positive to let pessimism bring me down.
To let myself and others feel pain, anger, frustration, vent and express in a healthy way, move on and heal.
To do what is best to the best of my knowledge and abilities not only for myself but everyone.
To be so optimistic about life in general that it brings a burst of sunlight to anyone I can.
To be too strong and determined to let fear stop me.
Strong enough to handle criticism, constructive or not, and still love myself.
To love my body and encourage others to love themselves and other living, sentient beings.
To dream always.
To be too happy & satisfied & fulfilled in my own life and the beauty of myself and the life around me to compare myself with others negatively.
To never let jealousy get in the way of love and friendship.
To aspire to be all that is good, pure, true, and right.
To see the true goodness, light, and beauty in everyone.
To see difficulties, struggles, and challenges as opportunities to evolve.
To love me forever.
To be my own true love.

To see potential in everyone.
To see the person and not merely a label, illness, addiction, disability…or anything else that a person may be struggling with.
To see beauty & light transcending any illness, disability, or addiction in myself and others.
To be a survivor, never a victim.
To view every difficult situation as a positive challenge to grow stronger and not as a negative affliction.
To view myself as a strong survivor, never a helpless victim.
To love people & animals, always. ❤
To be too happy to let difficult and painful circumstances get the best of me.
To feel blessed at every moment no matter how painful and to share my strength and blessings with all who will let me and reveal to them, their own.
To share my treasures & wisdom and reveal to other people, their own treasures they already possess.
To be mindful often.
To cherish every moment I have been given. ❤
To give much of myself and everything good I can to the world and expect nothing in return.
To help empower people and help them empower themselves, help build people up, love, cherish, forgive and not for a payback. ❤
To cherish every person and living creature and understand that everyone has needs, desires, opinions, loves, hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations, pain, pleasures, and strengths just like me and they deserve equal consideration whether or not they are the same as mine.
To accept, tolerate, support, and cherish diversity.
To try as hard as I can to understand other people's points of views, and reasons for acting a certain way, and, opinions.
To try to understand why someone does or feels something I feel is unpleasant instead of lashing out in anger. To never discriminate unjustly.
To understand, accept, and love the fact that not everyone will always think and feel just like me.
To bask in my own beauty and the beauty of others.
To soak in the beauty & richness of the world.
To marvel at the splendor all around me.
To frequently cultivate a positive attitude.
To love simplicity and live a simple but interesting life.
To love me for all that I am.
To encourage others to love themselves.
To take good loving care of my body.
To care for my mind.
To bring hope to the hopeless.
To always see and know that my life is full of abundance no matter what I have or do not have.
To be thankful.
To expand my mind to absorb all it can.
To provide comfort to others sick or in any kind of pain.
To be an outstanding and active listener.
To be simple, never dull.
To inspire myself.
To motivate myself.
To uplift myself.
To be positive in every way.
To be completely honest with myself about my pain, fears, and weaknesses.
To never give up.
To always, always, always allow and encourage everyone to freely and comfortably express themselves.
To be a being of warmth, love, hope, and light.
To find pleasure and beauty frequently.
To make every ordinary day, extraordinary.
To cherish everyday, to always love life.
To always know and acknowledge that I have choices and power over myself and my decisions.
To empower myself and help everyone I can empower themselves.
To be kind and promote and encourage kindness always.
To be motivated, inspired, uplifted, and amazed by everyone else's successes and happiness.
To let other people's successes and happiness motivate, inspire, and uplift me, not make me jealous or depressed.
To be a woman of extraordinary and unwavering confidence.
To be my own best friend. ❤
To let my everlasting beauty grow and glow and shine within and outside touch all it can.
To know that my worth is never based on other people or things outside of myself.
To always know that I am whole all by myself but others can add to my happiness and life.
To live in the present moment and not excessively mourn or loathe the past or fret over or overly anticipate the future.
To cherish the gift of the present.
To help people realize their true worth is not based on external factors or other people.
To not always take life so seriously and to have a light and tender and joyful heart.
To laugh frequently, good, uncontrollable belly laughs that hurt.
To bring immense joy to others.
To smile often.
To help whenever I can.
To light up the lives of all I can.
To not take the simple, seemingly constant or expected things for granted such as the beautiful workings of my body (my heartbeat, breath, digestion, blood flow, my beautiful senses, sleep ability, bone structure, organs, tissue, muscle…), the gorgeous sky, the morning, afternoon, & night, the magical change of the seasons, the beautiful moon and the sun and the stars, my abilities and learning capacities, my warm bed and comforting blankets, electricity, water, gas, warmth, internet and all incredible inventions that enhance the quality of our lives, flowers, food, drink, rain, snow, gentle winds….and everything else.
To be thankful to and for true
Heroes (doctors of all kinds, police/law enforcement, teachers of all kinds, friends (human, fur, and feather, any animal) and anyone who makes life better and easier and possible for us all)
To be the one bringing light to the person standing in the darkness.
To always see the best in me.
To see the best in others.
To encourage the strength of others.
To formulate and strengthen good habits in myself.
To seize the opportunity to turn an enemy or stranger into a friend. ❤
To let myself be loved.
To let myself feel loved.
To always warmly & gratefully embrace compliments given to me by others.
To appreciate my own opinions of myself.
To change what I can about myself for the better and accept what I know I cannot.
To know that I will make mistakes and have lapses and do things I will not be proud of later but I will learn and move on.
To know that others will make mistakes and do things they are not proud of and know that that's ok. Everyone will make mistakes at some points.
To always forgive.
To always know that even through the pain and ugliness in the world this world is full of goodness and good, well-intentioned people and full of hope and endless possibilities.
To believe that people are basically good.
To know as long as I'm living, it's never too late.
To be strong, not weak.
To live, not die.
To be all that I can be.
To be the absolute best me that I can be. ❤

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."
Harry S. Truman


8 thoughts on “I vow

  1. Kim, you need to give yourself more credit. It seems to me you do most of these things all the time. OK, maybe you don’t always feel that way, but who does? You’re only human, my dear. 🙂 You ARE compassionate, empathetic, loving and caring towards others. That’s just my two cents. I hope that helps you in your process to become a better person, even though you’re already a great person.

    • Awww, thank you, Christine!!! I really appreciate your comment!! Yeah, I feel this way in general about others but often not as much for myself. It seems many of us have the tendency to judge ourselves negatively in ways we would never judge others. I love your comment, thank you sooo much!!! 😀 ❤

  2. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such
    detailed about my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks!

    • Also, Thank You so much to your cousin for sharing my blog! I appreciate that very much and I hope you find a sense of consolation soon and begin your journey to healing. I, myself, have also experienced great difficulties and I want to help uplift & inspire & motivate others and help them see a light amidst the darkness. ❤

  3. Hey!! My name is Kim and I created this blog to touch, help, uplift, and inspire people. Thank You so much for checking out my blog and for your kind message!! I’m so sorry but I have just seen your message tonight as my blog thing automatically branded it as spam. But I have just removed it out of the spam folder and approved it. Thanks so much!!! ❤

  4. I love your vows Kim. And, from what I see and from all I read from you, you are fulfilling each one of them. Stay beautiful!

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