On Happiness

I have observed and experienced what I call two “categories” of happiness. One is the general sense that people feel about their lives or selves in general and the other is the one that we feel when certain events happen (the kind of thrill we feel when we get a new car, job, love, whatever…that usually wears off after we get used to the thing even if we still love the thing).

I believe that we can all experience deep and true happiness and gratitude in general, not just when something “big” happens.

We have mostly all tapped into that wonderful sense of gratitude and happiness when we have experienced a new and pleasant event. Like as mentioned above: new job, car, lover, new baby, friend, pet…. But then the novelty or new feeling wears off after a while and we go back to the mediocre kind of happy until another big event occurs.

No matter how miserable or unhappy someone is about life in general, usually that person has experienced a temporary thrill in response to a happy event.

I believe we can all experience that thrill or genuine happiness everyday about life in general and simple things and it doesn’t have to be just reserved for what are considered “big” or “important” events like graduation, promotion, marriage…..

We don’t have to live every day like we’re in a manic episode or on certain drugs and this is not to say we will not occasionally experience unhappiness or even misery but we can stop throughout the day everyday to feel a sense of thrill and strong gratitude and awe for everything we have, big and small.

You can feel an incredible sense of wonder for all of the splendor around you.

This is something that for many people doesn’t come naturally or always easily.

It has to be learned, practiced, and applied to become effective. But it can be done. It becomes a positive habit.

You don’t have to have certain things to be generally happy. You don’t have to be financially rich, or have multiple cars, or romantic love, a perfect job.

All you have to do is stop to look at all the goodness surrounding you and cherish it.

My goal is to help people as well as myself obtain this as much as possible.

No matter how happy and successful we are, there’s always room to evolve in some ways and little reminders are great.



8 thoughts on “On Happiness

  1. This is beautiful. I love this post because you said that it can be formed into a habit. So true. When I was younger, I overall wasn’t that happy. But I trained myself to be by creating more selfish choices catered to what is BEST for ME and not for others. Happiness is a CHOICE!! Love it. We have a pretty similar blog! Inspiration and the theme

    • Thank You so much for reading and commenting! I completely agree with your views on happiness. It’s so true, we have the choice to take our lives into our own hands and create happiness! And selfishness has such negative connotations but it’s actually a good thing in many respects! Just as too much selfishness isn’t good, too much selflessness isn’t either. It’s important to care for ourselves, make ourselves happy, and live how we want to as long as we aren’t directly interfering with others. I used to be unhappy, depressed, and often had a “victim” mentality until I made a choice to get better, to make healthy choices, develop positive habits, and realize life responds to us for the most part, not merely happens to us. It’s so empowering knowing that if unhappiness is a result of my choices, even just the choice to do nothing to fix it, then happiness is also within my power. There will be occasions when we slip back into negative thinking and unhappiness as it’s part of living but as long as we develop positive habits, we can generally live happily! The fact that you realized you can be happier and took action to achieve that is an amazing accomplishment! Good for you! I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments, turning my life around for the better. It’s so easy to just stay stuck and stagnant and do nothing but very worth it to do the work it takes to be better. πŸ˜€ I love coming across blogs about just general inspiration in life! It’s great to have you as a blogging friend! ❀

      • Aw thank you so much! It’s great to have you as a blogging friend as well! I love blogging and I am so grateful for the opportunity it has given me to meet people like you who seem SO wise beyond their years and to share our experiences πŸ™‚ I started this blog last month and I had no idea how much it would change my life! I just love to write and meet people in general so It’s pretty much perfect for me.

  2. Hi inspirationalgem! This is such a great post! I agree, happiness does come from being content with simple things. The simple things can often be the most beautiful too. I would like to reblog your post, but I don’t see the button for it. Would it be alright if I shared this post on my blog, Transformation Earth? If not that’s totally fine, I understand. I hope you have a peaceful happy day! 😊

    • Thank You so much!! Yes, that’s definitely ok! I love when people like & share my content. Most of why I post here is to try to uplift & inspire others. There may not be a reblog button because this is a “page” and not a post. I’m not sure exactly how that works.
      I’m so happy you find it inspiring! πŸ˜€

      • Great! I can still put your post on my blog by clicking the WordPress button. I think if you go into the sharing option under settings and click on ‘sharing buttons’ you can add the reblog button. πŸ˜ƒ

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