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This isn’t my photo. I took a screen cap of it on Facebook on the cafe’s account. This is Sal. I posted about him in my post: A Light in the Darkness♡

I’m so sad to write, shortly after I published my post that night, Sal died. It hurts to write those words. He was 55 years old. As I said, I did not know him but know he was one of the best people in the world. I believe the world lost something so significant when it lost Sal. He did so much to help animals & humans and loved so deeply. Even though hes gone, his love lives on. ♡ My love goes out to his family & friends & work family and all devastated by this loss. How traumatic for them to lose someome so suddenly, so unexpectedly. But what a blessing it is to have known or even just met or heard of him! Isn’t this an adorable pic?! 

And on a happier note, the retrievers I posted about here: If you could be

I later found out, the little boy doesn’t bark at all! Even with his own family. The little girl very rarely barks! How cute! It’s not very commonplace to meet a doggy who doesn’t bark at all, ever! There’s a certain dog breed who doesn’t bark but it’s not goldens! 

And on a not so happy note, I made a bad decision at work today, using bad judgment, got in trouble, and it cost my boss some money. I wasnt sure if i was still going to have a job. All day filled with anxiety, tension, distress… If I were someone who labels days as “bad days,” today would be one but I know there’s no such thing as a “bad day.” Everyday, bad & good things happen and I always choose to honor the good, even if just a sliver. 

It’s very rare, almost unheard of, for me to ever think “I can’t way til this day is over” but earlier, very briefly, I was tempted to think that way. Then I felt guilty and realized this day is BEAUTIFUL. This day is full of love, warmth, light, possibility, & beautiful Earth angels. I choose to put my focus on those & cherish them. I give thanks to this day and all the blessings it brings me.

Today, I was outside having trouble with a gate and a random stranger walked up and helped me. Just out of nowhere. He saw me struggling and was kind enough to help. Thank you, Earth angel. My heart wells up with gratitude. ♡

Earlier today, a homeless man asked me for money. As I was walking away, money fell out of my bag and I did not notice and he called me back! “Hey darlin’, you dropped this” A man who lives on the streets with very little to no money each day, called me to let me know I dropped some money. It was just some change, not much at all. But to a homeless person, it can be a lot. And instead of acting in a selfish, greedy manner, he chose to act in love. ♡♡♡

I met an adorable little boy today. I love kids (not for me though! Lol) & always have the urge to talk to them and say hello. I think kids brighten the day! But I don’t want to encourage them to talk to strangers. If they have a positive, safe experience with me, they may think it’s ok to talk to other adult strangers. Also, their families probably teach them not to talk to strange adults and I don’t want to “undo” that. But today, a little boy came over and asked to pet my dogs. The retrievers above. The goldens love everyone, humans & adults, and his mom gave him permission to pet them and talk to me so I let him. It’s the most adorable thing seeing a little kid hugging a dog! And the babies loved being loved by him. ♡

The little boy was so happy and proudly telling me all about how he just started Kindergarten. That’s a great accomplishment for a little boy! He was telling me what I have to do if I want to go to Kindergarten! His mom and me were laughing. How cute! ♡ My heart just melts.

Also, I met an adorable little chi today who looks just like my boy! ♡ 

My boy ♡

And, my boss is collecting clothes & things to help the people devastated by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. I’m so thankful to see so much light brought into the darkness. And look who crawled into my donations bag! Lol ♡

 Little Miss Lacey! ♡ She’s not being donated! My love goes out to all of those affected by these natural disasters. 
There’s so much goodness all around us. It’s so easy to see and even when it isn’t, if we only look, it’s here, there, everywhere. ♡

Much love & light, always, ♡

xoxo Kim 


A Light in the Darkness♡

“I was alone in the forest meditating. At nightfall, my only company was the flickering light from a kerosene lamp that someone gave. The little it may be, that light gave me strength to keep on striving. It taught me to remember the kindness of others no matter how simple or how small the acts appear to be. A Light in the darkness is a gift we must always remember.”

There’s a song I love so much called A Light in the Darkness. It’s a Buddhist hymn but can apply to everyone. It’s seriously the most inspiring song I have ever heard! It’s about seeing light, being Light even in the darkest places. It’s so empowering.

There’s a cafe somewhat close to where I live. The owner of the cafe is one of the most caring, kind, friendliest people you can meet. He loves animals & warmly welcomes all the doggies! He has free treats & water out for them. ♡ 

I don’t know him but had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of occasions. He is very well loved in the community. Recently, he suffered a massive heart attack and has been in a hospital, unresponsive for a few days. He is in critical condition and his family & friends/coworkers and all who know him are devastated and fearful. 

They don’t know if he’s ever going to wake up. I was walking by the cafe and saw this door. All these people, friends, family, coworkers, strangers, customers…all stopped to express love to Sal and his family. ♡ Each one of these people has brought light into this dark, dark place. Even though I don’t know Sal and probably only seen him on no more than two or three occasions, I felt so much warmth, love, light, & gratitude upon seeing all these sweet messages of love for him. I was inspired to write one myself.

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. All these notes written in love and put on display to inspire others to act in love.

I already had this post planned before I learned about Sal’s devastating situation. After seeing all the love just pouring in, I decided to incorporate it into my post here. It’s the perfect example of Light in the darkness. 

“Its flame burns to comfort lost feeling. Its flame burns to comfort lost feeling. A light in the darkness can be seen from afar. Burn of fire for the comfort of many.”

Each day there are little gems of hope all over the place, slivers of light, Earth angels….let’s focus on them no matter how dark it may get where we are. Every favor someone does for us, every smile, every act of kindness we experience/witness, every thing that goes good, let’s give thanks. They are all lights in the darkness. 

Whatever we are experiencing…grief, anxiety, physical pain, depression, anger, breakup of some sort, job loss, betrayal by someone we trusted, regrets, happiness, joy, beginnings, good things, success of different kinds, new job, new relationships/friendships….., let’s remember the kindness of others. 

And let’s remember to BE kind to others even on those occasions it may be difficult. 

“If you have no light in your heart, find one, light one…..If you have a light already burning, let it burn, let it burn, let it burn, let it burn, let it burn, let it burn.”

A Light in the Darkness – desktop 

A light in the Darkness – Wayfarers – mobile

Remember if you have no light in your heart, find one, light one. Smile at strangers, perform an act of kindness for other sentient beings of any species, write a note wishing someone well even if we don’t know the person, say something kind even if we are angry, give to others, write a gratitude list….& if you have a light already burning, let it burn.

Let it burn. 


Also, my love & compassion go out to Sal and his family, including his family of friends & coworkers and customers. I hope so desperately that he will recover.  ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Much love & light to you, always 

xoxo Kim ♡

Perfect idea!! <3


My cousin sent me a Facebook invitation for an event taking place here in Philadelphia and when I opened it, I was ecstatic!

It’s the perfect idea for everywhere, not just here!

There are people collecting gloves, hats, scarves…anything to keep people warm, and hanging them in trees, putting them on park benches, and anywhere for homeless people to take and be a little bit warmer.

Isn’t this absolutely amazing?! Why did I not think of this?! I thought of leaving inspiring notes, dollar bills, books….for anyone to find but never thought of leaving pratical material objects like gloves & hats for people in need.


I am so thankful I was introduced to this idea and that people thought of it and reached so many people to inspire to do this. Gloves and hats can really make a big difference to people walking or sitting in the freezing cold.

My heart is overwhelmed in love & gratitude. It’s so heartwarming to see people helping like this.

Thank You to all who do things like this and inspire others to help.

Maybe you will do something like this if it’s cold where you are? You can donate your own or buy some things to help warm up those in need. Just put them outside anywhere and especially where homeless people usually are. In Philadelphia, they are often in “Love Park.” But people in need are everywhere. ❤ ❤


(this isn’t my picture. I found it on Google images.)


Compassion song – mobile

Compassion – desktop

Hugs & love,

xoxo Kim