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Another day, another victory <3


So, I really love Alice Cooper. A real real lot!! I have loved him & his music since I was a little girl. He sings creepy, bizarre, sad, dark, despairing music. Often about depression, psychosis, sometimes about being suicidal, in a mental hospital, personality disorders, mental illness, serial killing, death, being in prison in a wedding dress & wonder bra (lmao) , waking up not knowing who he is or where he is, being criminally insane, alcoholism, and he sings about love. If you read my description here it may make him seem like an “emo” singer like in the typical emo music way. Be he’s not. His songs are more “strange” than “Depressive emo”.  Some of them are even funny, often in a twisted way.
His songs aren’t the typical “whiney”, “feel sorry for me/myself” emo music.

His is the first concert I have ever attended. I was 26 years old. It was amazing!!!!
My general favorite kind of music is Oldies & happy love songs – romantic & friendship songs, inspirational, uplifting songs about gratitude, love, self love, strength & hope, perseverance. Very different than many of Alice Cooper’s songs. But I love every single one of his songs. I love his incredible ability to take the dark side of life and turn it into something beautiful.   I even wrote a poem about it before, how he takes darkness & pain and transforms it to musical, lyrical beauty.   So inspiring.  A true gift. 
Life is a mixture of good & bad and he acknowledges & addresses the dark side.

Alice Cooper himself has struggled with & tackled the dark side. He was treated for alcoholism. Many of his songs are inspired by true events of his own life & people he has met, some in an institution he was treated in.

This post is about one of his songs which I find to be extremely uplifting, incredibly motivational & inspirational. It’s funny too & just amazing. It’s called “You’re A Movie”.

“I fearlessly walk into battle
With a shine on my boots and my teeth
Never flinch, never blink, never rattle
My blood is like ice underneath

Oh, I’m the reincarnation of patten
And I’ve got Hannibal’s heart in my chest
God told me I would have rivaled
Alexander the great at his best”

He sings about his unstoppable attitude, his courage, his strength.

“Bullets repel off my medals
And my men are in awe when I speak
All chaos my strategies settles
My mere presence gives strength to the weak”

Very, very confident attitude. So confident and full of courage and strong that strength flows through his very presence into those who are not as strong & confident. Can you say ABSOLUTELY AMAZING?!?!

When he says “Bullets repel off my medals” he’s revealing that he has medals for doing great things and when he is the target of bullets, his great medals protect him against being hurt. This can be taken as a metaphor for life. Your attitude, your positive traits, your self assurance & confidence are your medals and when people toss vicious words or toxic criticism at you or when life hands you unpleasant circumstances, let them all bounce off your greatness, your medals. Those things are the bullets Alice speaks of.

“For me it seems really alarming
I’m really just only a man
With five million sheep in this army
I seem to be the only one fit to command”

He’s just an ordinary man but an ordinary man can do extraordinary things with the right attitude, views, & actions.

“I must go now and save the world

Move aside mere drop of water, let the ocean pass”
Lol he has a BIG attitude. 

“Another day, another victory. 

Another gold stripe, another star

Really quite boring sometimes
I wish they’d send someone equal to my strategies

What a guy
I’m really quite a guy” 

He makes being amazing & heroic seem so easy. “Another Day, Another Victory. “

Every single day is an accomplishment to him. “Just another day being my fantastic self!” lol! 

What if you possessed this attitude every day? Imagine that! Waking up so confident that you feel you can take on or accomplish or work towards anything you please. This song seems to be about war but it can be applied to life in general.

I feel so energized when I listen to this or read the lyrics. 

The next moment you feel low or lacking confidence or courage when you really need it, remember this song. Think of the funny, silly, but very valuable & important lyrics.

He’s full of himself! But in a good way! Lol. An inspiring way! ;-D

So take his message to heart. Go conquer & save the world!   😀

Much love, hope, strength, courage, & self confidence to you!

Xoxo Kim


Beauty in Unlikely Places (updated) <3


I have been thinking about things that I find to be beautiful which many people do not. Things which many see as ugly, mundane, inappropriate, disturbing, less than lovely.

Here, I have comprised a list of some of those things:
❤ weeds- I can't count the
moments I have stopped to snap a gorgeous photo of some "plant/flower" I have found to be beautiful, only for my mom or sister to inform me I'm taking pictures of ugly. Dead. Weeds. But I continue on because to me, weeds, are just beautiful.

❤ Rain/snow/sleet – just about everyone around me complains about "miserable" weather. Rain. Lightening. Thunder storms. Snow. Blizzards. But I love it.

❤ Muddy puddles – yup. I take countless pictures of puddles. With mud. And dirt. And stuff. Sometimes they have oil rainbows. I guess car oil does that.  I find wonder in the unlikeliest of places.

❤ Signs of aging – Wrinkles, Gray hair, Laugh lines.. getting older is a true blessing. It brings more experience. More lessons to learn & to teach. More wisdom. Many people die tragically young. We are blessed to be whatever age we are. If we live to be old, gray, wrinkled, it means we had more days to live & to love. To bless & be blessed. To see things, to know things, we could have never imagined. Embrace your age. Embrace the signs of aging! Scream your age off the rooftops. Be proud you survived and are still going. ❤

❤ Body fat – yes I'm a girl who loves body fat! It's a sign of health. It has a function. It's not ugly. It's beautiful.  

❤ The female physique – I am a girl who really loves checking out other girls. I'm not romantically attracted to them but I find them to be very aesthetically pleasing. Not in a sexist way, I know a woman is much more than just looks! And I am interested in personality, thoughts, views more than anything! But I love girls' curves, clothes, Boobs, nails, hair. I even call girls sexy. Hott. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I have been told "girls aren't supposed to check out other girls or call them hott. ". And I say whatever to that! I like tight, revealing clothing for myself and other girls. I don't see it as disrespectful or degrading.   It's great to be confident and love our bodies. If you got it, flaunt it! And if you don't, flaunt it anyway! Lol ❤ ;-D

❤ Dark poetry/songs – I like poetry that can beautifully capture the dark side. Sad songs & poems can be inspiring & comforting. I love happy ones as well! I like how pain can be made into beauty. Poetic, lyrical,musical, educational….beauty

❤ Monday Mornings – not that I'm usually awake on Monday mornings. Lol ;-). So maybe that's why I love them so much! But Monday mornings are, to me, symbolic of new beginnings. New hope.  Mornings are always beautiful 

❤ Public displays of affection – some people find this inappropriate but I love to see lovers holding hands, kissing, embracing. ❤

❤ Babies with food on their faces, snotty noses, messes on the carpet: I love babies/kids and I think it's cute when they make messes. I would never mind having my carpet or furniture splashed in paint by little creative hands exploring & creating. Just beautiful. 

❤ cars screeching, people laughing late into the night , the sounds of the city, music through the walls, the sounds of people partying all night- this annoys a lot of people. Someone being loud late at night. But I have always found it so comforting.   I like knowing someone somewhere is up & alive while I'm laying in bed.

❤ pineapple pizza – delicious. But people tell me it's just wrong. Lol

 ❤ the scent of dogs. Lol I think dogs smell good, their fur, it's just a cute Lil scent.

❤ the feel of dogs licking my ears. Lol. It feels funny & it's cute! 😉

❤ Insects/bugs/snakes/rodents – I like creepy crawlers & not just the "pretty" ones. I also like centipedes, millipedes, sewer rats….


What unlikely things do you find beautiful? Is there anything “weird”, “bizarre “, “ugly”, “plain ” , “unusual” that you somehow find incredible wonder in? If not, take a look. Maybe you can develop a positive habit of seeing beauty where it at first seems there is none.
As I have previously mentioned if we look hard enough, we can find beauty even when it’s hard. Even through the tears, glittering amidst the pain & heartache.

Wonder what it would be like to have a journal of Beauty? Maybe like a gratitude journal but slightly different? You can use it every day or especially when you can’t seem to find beauty anywhere. I never tried it but I will! We can list things we find to be beautiful, any kind of beautiful.   They can be things commonly thought of as beautiful or things usually viewed as not so pretty. They can be things seen or things felt. Heard or tasted, smelled.
.anything. If it’s beautiful to you,it matters.

May you all find something lovely to experience whether it’s auditory, visual, tactile, or anything….

Xoxo Kim


i stumbled upon this beauty on the counter at work one night. She’s not dead and that thing is not her leg off. It’s a scratch in the counter. My sister thought she was dead and that her leg was off. She may have been slightly injured but still beautiful. Still alive & well. I picked her up with my hands, gently and put her in the tree outside work so no one would freak out and kill her. 😀

And the picture all the way at the top is in fact a puddle of mud that happened to have a heart thing in it.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are 7 million.

List of Inspirations – Sunday, October 7, 2012


<a href=”http://www.positivelypositive.com/”>http://www.positivelypositive.com/</a&gt; The Positively Positive Blog

Which I read often and receive their e-mail updates, I came across this wonderful idea introduced to the blog by

<a href=”http://www.positivelypositive.com/2012/10/01/the-list-october-2012/

”>Eric Handler in his “The List” post</a>

  The idea is that every month he will make a list of any interesting, inspirational, helpful material he has come across that month. This can include movies, books, ideas, anything.

I decided to try something similar every now and then! Please give credit for this incredible idea to Eric Handler, of the Positively Positive blog!


In the last week some inspirational ideas or things I have come across or thought of are:


1.) This quote by Johnny Cash:

“I’m thankful for a pair of shoes that feel really good on my feet; I like my shoes.

I’m thankful for the birds; I feel like they’re singing just for me when I get up in the morning… Saying, ‘Good morning, John. You made it, John.’

I’m thankful for the sea breeze that feels so good right now, and the scent of jasmine when the sun starts going down.

I’m thankful…”

~Johnny Cash


I love this quote. It is so sweet and loving. Just to acknowledge and appreciate and give thanks for the simple wonders and pleasures around us is a great and extremely effective for bettering our lives and the lives of all around us. Even seemingly ordinary things that almost everyone we know has access to or possesses like a pair of shoes are something to feel immense gratitude for.

Without shoes, we wouldn’t be the same.  


2.) Positive Focus: This is something I frequently think about. While it is important to acknowledge what is wrong in the world and around our lives and to take care of that when we can, it is equally important (to feel happier and healthier) to frequently acknowledge what is right with us and the world. We can make mental gratitude lists but it is much more effective to write it down somewhere on paper or on a computer/phone or other technology. I will post another entry soon on the topic of positive journaling. When positive focus becomes intentional and turns into an ingrained habit, we will be much happier and appreciative of life in general.


3.) Craft ideas/Fun Activities: Even if you aren’t very talented at any kind of creative activities, you can still have so much fun creating! Coloring, drawing, painting, writing, gluing, all kinds of stuff like that. This can take your mind off of negative events and thoughts for a while and you can even build on your creative skills!

A.C. Moore has lots of cool craft stuff or just get construction paper and markers!

4.) This quote I also saw in the last week: “All love stories are beautiful but ours is my favorite.” <3. This is a beautiful quote because it is about love and conveys great confidence and appreciation for what the person has but also acknowledges the beauty in what someone else has. There’s no envy here. No negativity. No putting others down or being arrogant. Just love and satisfaction. We should all strive to love and accept what we have while being happy and appreciating the happiness of others as well. 


5.) Take the opportunity to understand someone else’s situation/pain and see the beauty underneath: I was recently thinking about counseling centers and mental health centers and how some of them have workers/counselors who seriously mistreat people who struggle with substance addiction or abuse. They treat them as if they are not as worthy of compassion and empathy as other patients and not only counselors do this but often many “ordinary” people do. Friends, family members, strangers…. Often treat people struggling with addiction as if they are horrible people that there is no hope for. For many people, all they see is the monster that the addiction created. But underneath the tragic addiction is a beautiful person with much potential. This doesn’t just go for people struggling with addiction but anyone who may be difficult to have to associate with for whatever reason that may be.

If we extend warmth and compassion and empathy there’s a chance we will touch someone’s life for the better. When a person hurts us in any way it’s often so easy to get angry and devastated and want to hurt the person back. That makes sense and is a normal reaction. I think most everyone has done this. But I got to thinking how it would benefit us all to try to just understand even just a little bit, someone else’s situation or point of view.  


6.) Just a random idea: If you’re stuck and feeling uninspired in any situation or if you are depressed and feeling apathetic and want to do nothing, do something anyway. Whatever you usually love to do. If you are some kind of writer, even just someone who writes in personal journals for yourself or creative writing, and you have no idea what to write, just put the pen to paper and see where it goes. If you don’t even try, you’ll never see what happens. And if you’re depressed and indifferent to everything, just go about your usual day. Force yourself out of bed and get your body moving. If you usually like makeup, put it on. I find that this helps me so much more than staying in bed and being blahhhh all day. It inspires me, even if not much, to just keep going and laying around all day being depressed just adds to the depression. Nothing wrong with laying around though and being lazy every now and then just because but don’t let your depression stop you! 


I hope you find these helpful and inspirational! And I plan to post more like this often!


And I hope you all have a beautiful day. ❤



P.s. If this post is completely weird looking it’s likely because I made an attempt to use some html stuff to make the links clickable. I used to have some good basic knowledge of html stuff when I was young but through the years, it all escaped me! ;-). So I may have messed it up a bit!

Also, the two adorable cuties in the picture are my dad’s parakeets, Elvis & Lennon! ❤Image