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Sunshine Award


Thank you so, so much, Sonali, at Howling With the Wolf:


for nominating me for this lovely award! I’m so honored and happy to receive it! Please go check out her wonderful blog! She’s an amazing person and writer! I’m so happy our paths crossed here on WordPress!! ❤ ❤

Here are the questions and my answers. 

1. If you could pick one line from your About Me page(or whatever you renamed it to) to describe you, which line would you pick?

"I believe in Metta or Universal Love, ONE love. Loving and wishing the very best for every living, sentient being everywhere. This includes those who are not so easily lovable.

I’m extremely easily amused! I laugh at the dumbest and most inappropriate things. It’s fun but gets me into trouble now and again! I even laugh when I’m alone and at things that happened years ago. It’s very easy to entertain me. Lol I love being around lots of people but I also take pleasure in my own company."

This is two lines/paragraphs isn't it? Oh, well! They describe me well! ❤

2. Which is your favourite post from your own blog and why? (It could be because of the memories attached or the frame of mind you wrote it in, a comment you received)


This for sure is one of my favorites! It's beautiful and awe-inspiring. Lol No, I'm not giving myself a big pat on the back or bragging! It's awe-inspiring because of the excerpts I share out of Dr. Buscaglia's book Personhood! The man is amazing!  

3. Is there anyone who knows enough about you to give you advice that you would actually take?

I would take the advice of someone if it seems wise to me even if the person doesn't know me well. I'm very open so I think people know me well usually. Even some of my online friends give me suggestions sometimes for what to read or youtube videos…they think I would love. I always appreciate it when people pay attention to my personality enough to know what I would probably love or not like. Some of my friends both online and in person friends have let me known when people tagged me in violent, racist, homophobic…stuff on facebook because they know I don’t like it. I don’t always see my notifications and my profile is public and i have thousands of friends and I occasionally get tagged in and added to groups with content that I disagree with. It’s great to have people know me well! ❤

4. Has your blog changed your life? In what way?

Yes! I love the connections I have with people here and I think even more positively after posting so much positive stuff. And even more than I used to, I question what each experience is teaching me and how I can potentially share it to help others. 

5. Do you have any siblings?

I have one sister. She's over ten years younger than me.

6. Are you more comfortable with friends on your blog or in real life? (Yes, I borrowed this question)

Both! I love having both online and in person friends. 

7. What is your favourite TV show or movie?

I don't watch TV, except sometimes if someone else is already watching it. I love movies even though I don't watch them a whole lot. One movie I love is "What Happens in Vegas" because it's hilarious and the memory of first seeing it. I laughed so much watching it in the theatre, for a few minutes I thought I was literally going insane, I could not stop laughing so hysterically. The fact that I just got out of a psychiatric hospital back then did not help my concern that I was going insane! Lol a good belly laugh is just what we need when we are just released out of a nuthouse. It's a fun memory! ;-D ❤

8. If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you like to have with you?

A camera for sure! There would be so many things to take pictures of! My hairbrush! Lol My hair gets so tangled easily! Books or a Kindle(with books already on it since I'm nearly certain there would be no wifi)! 

9. If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend, what would you do with it?

I would definitely help as many people as I can, both organizations that help others and individual people who need help.

I always thought it would be amazing to be a multi- billionaire simply to have the opportunity to run up to random people on the streets and say "Here have a billion dollars!" while handing them like a briefcase full of cash then running off. Lol Amazing!

Imagine the confusion and looks on their faces.   

Also, I would give money to help animals. I would also pay off all the debt I'm in! Lol And of course, I would go on a few shopping sprees! 😀

Which two clothes would you choose from your closet to define your personality?

One would be the socks I have. They are all colored or have patterns that are fun, silly, playful…I'm very playful and love colors and designs that stand out or are just not plain. I almost never wear black or white sox. They have to be vibrant, colorful, pretty…


Also, a white hoodie I have that says "love" because I'm very loving and try to live each day full of love. 

11. If you could go back to the past and meet one person, who would you meet?

I would love to meet the Buddha!


Thank the person who nominated you in the blog post (basically say something nice about him/her..we all like to hear good things about us right?
Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.”

Here are my questions for you to answer:

1.)What is one song you know of that you find has a great message? 

2.)What is one of the most inspiring quotes that you know?

(not my photo)

Would you? Lol

4.) What is one cliche or quote you do not agree with or think is plain stupid? For example: “Blood is thicker than water” & “You can’t love
anyone until you love yourself…” To me, both are baloney.

5.) What is one thing you love about yourself? 

6.) What is one personality trait you love to see in others?

7.) If you were able to have any healing power what would you choose? 

8.) If you had to choose a vacation in a warm, tropical place or a cold, Wintery place, which would you choose? 

9.) What do you think is a more important virtue, justice or mercy? 

10.) Do you feel more drawn to live in a big city full of traffic and buildings and noise and lots of people or a quiet countryside with mostly just the chiring of crickets in the night and the surrounding stillness?

11.) If a tree falls in the middle of a forrest and hits the ground but there’s no one to hear the loud crash, does it still make a sound? (philosophy was my major in college, I have to ask!) Lol 

I’m nominating some beautiful blogs which haven’t already been nominated in this case for this award.














Please go check out these lovelies including Howling with the Wolf!! You’ll love them as much as I do! 

There’s many more blogs I love just as much but the list has to end somewhere! Lol 

Even if you don’t participate in awards I still love you and your blog!
And if you want, you can still answer the questions or some or one, even if you don’t want to participate in the award. You can answer here in the comment section if you want! I would still love to see your answers! 

Also, I still have a few sweet comments to catch up on here! Thank you so much! I will respond soon! If I ever don’t respond to a comment, it’s either because I did not see it or will respond soon but haven’t got around to it yet(unless it’s a rude comment or sarcastic or something then I may not respond at all even if I see it! Lol). I never ignore well intentioned comments, I will always acknowledge them most likely with a comment in response or if not then a “like.”

Much love & light to you today & always!


xoxo Kim ❤

Sisterhood Award <3


So in my last award post I listed some blogs I love! Here I am listing a few more I love just as much!  I have been nominated for another award shortly after the lovely blog one, even before I prepared the first! I’m so thankful because I can nominate more people. I just took a list of all the blogs I could think of at the moment that I love ( I know there’s more I love just as much!) and took fifteen for the last one and seven for this! 
Choosing at least 22 isn’t hard at all because I have 22 and more that I love to read! 

This lovely lady here:


Nominated me for the Sisterhood award!! 


Go check out her wonderful blog about all the joys she finds in life. A fun mixture of things like beauty, plants, recipes, her adorable kitties, and more! I love it!

Wow, I’m so honored to receive this award! 

This is a very late post! But better late than never, right?! ;-D

I’m assuming this one is just for the ladies? Lol So here are some more blogs I love, like I said before, in no certain order.


Some of the most beautiful poetry/song writing I have ever read! It’s not easy to find poetry this great! I love poetry that is beautifully dark and well written. I frequently try to find it but it’s rare that I do. I love poetry with fantastic imagery like this! To be able to write like this is a rare gift.

My favorite kind of poetry is not usually happy, sappy poetry. Lol But poetry that captures the darker aspects of life in a beautiful way and this lovely lady does just that!    


Love this blog by a very confident lady! 


A sweet girl with a very positive attitude about life!


A beautiful blog that is a tribute to a wonderful son by his beautiful mom. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful how she honors her son each day, remembering the happy moments with him while also expressing her unimaginable pain.  She does a great job keeping his memory alive and his light shining each day. 


Another amazing blog about being a mommy but still staying true to yourself and your other passions by a wonderful lady! It’s a great thing to be able to find that balance of being a mommy and putting the kids first but still honoring your own dreams and passions outside of motherhood. It takes a strong woman to find and honor that balance!  

Howling With the Wolf


Amazing blog & amazing writing!


This is a beauty blog by a beautiful lady! It’s intended to inspire women to be the best we can be. I love her attitude and loving spirit!  

❤ ❤

Please check out these wonderful blogs, including 


By these beautiful ladies!

❤ ❤

What made you want to start your blog?
What have you wanted to do on your blog but haven’t yet?
What is your biggest fear?
Name one item on your bucket list or more if you like.
What is/was best moments in life?
Have you made any New year resolutions this year? If so ,name one. If not why don’t you like them?
If you could host a challenge on your blog.What kind would it be?
What was the name of your first pet?
Do you ever go to a high school/old school reunion? Was it fun or not?
Do you have a pet peeve?

What made you want to start your blog?
I am deeply inspired almost everyday and always have been by the things and people I encounter, the books I read, the thoughts in my own head, my experiences and life lessons learned, but I struggle with severe depression and that experience in some way, even while often sapping my will to live, even deepened my general sense of wonder and I'm even better than I would be without it. So I decided a few years ago to keep a record of all the things that inspire me each day and share them to try to reach others and always have to look at whenever I want. I would share them a lot on Facebook as statuses and notes and things.  I tried to set up blog accounts before this but they weren't compatible with my phone which is how I mostly access the blog. I did not have a computer. And I like using my phone better anyway. I gave up but then a Facebook friend of mine encouraged me to try again to set up a blog or even write an ebook. I am so thankful! It's amazing what the encouragement of one person can do! It also reminds me what the cruelty of one person can do if we let it. Our messages and words and actions have an impact on others and the world around us. I think we mostly can all act in a cruel manner or a loving manner. I have been both, the loving one encouraging others and the cruel, vicious one trying to inflict pain on someone. But I only degrade myself when I do that. I also have been the target of love & compassion and the target of malicious intent, as are probably most of us at some point. And the people who targeted me with  malicious intent did not degrade me even when I felt they did. They only degraded themselves. We cannot truly degrade another no matter how hard we try. When we are vicious, we show who we are choosing to be in that moment, not who that person is. I'm mostly loving but I still have it in me to be less than loving sometimes and I think that goes for most of us. Lets put more love out into this world both in person and cyberspace. ❤ ❤ That's my goal with this blog, to put more love out into the world. 

What have you wanted to do on your blog but haven’t yet?

This is a fantastic question!

I love to read all kinds of things, including old fiction/literature and I would love to at least one day a week, take an old story and write about the life lessons it teaches or reminds me of. Many old stories and books can be found at no cost online and I have so many wonderful thick literature books. I find the thought so inspiring and overwhelming and maybe one day I will! I definitely often write about the things I read but I never yet made it an organized "thing" or feature on here. 

What is your biggest fear?

I don't usually dwell on my fears. I'm generally not someone who is anxious but one of my biggest fears was always closed in places like elevators and vaults and closed in rooms, especially while alone. I could never stand to close doors to small rooms.

I used to be so terrified of them but through my journey of healing my depression, I accidentally helped that fear get much better. It was like my biggest fear for many years, being in a small, enclosed place. I used to scream hysterically sometimes and throw myself on the floor even as a teenager if I ever had to go on an elevator! Embarrassing! Lol It used to embarrass my mom and dad and I laugh at it now. One day we were on one of those big glass elevators with a lady we did not know, when I was little and only for like a minute and I started pounding on the glass screaming hysterically let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Lol The lady just stared and my mom & dad couldn't get out of there fast enough. I laughed about it later that day. 

I never imagined it would be able to get better. It was usually only a problem to me when I had to be in or near a closed in place. I used to have dreams about being stuck in somewhere. When I was young I thought it meant that I'm weak and I felt like I was deeply flawed. 
Through meditation, Buddhism, positive thinking…I helped it so much and know I can survive anything now. The most fascinating thing about my situation is how I wasn't trying to help this condition. I was trying to heal my depression and learn to cope with my chronic headache that flares up to seemingly unbearable levels off and on. It never occurred to me that I can overcome this horrible fear of being closed in. 

I wrote about that a while ago here:


Name one item on your bucket list or more if you like.
I don't have an actual bucket list. I'm not much of a planner or big goal setter. I just go with the flow and am very laid back.
I have never been a perfectionist or very motivated in general.  I don't have a timetable or something like "I want to be married by age ____" or before I'm a certain age I have to have a certain job or whatever,…. I never have. I'm just a very simple girl.
I like to call myself simple-minded. Lol
My dad said that doesn't sound very good and that it's probably not a good idea to tell people that about myself but I like it that way.
I'm not boring (at least not to me) or dull but I am not complicated at all. I'm also passionate but not really a big dreamer or planner or anything. I'm inspired but often not motivated. It has its good and bad things about it. But I focus on the good more.

But I have a few things I would love to do.

I want a volunteer job helping people in some way. 

Also I would like a real job. Lol I love to work!

And learn more about photography! And get a real camera one day. But I also love my situation now, taking pics with no rules with just my phone. I love most of my pictures. It just would be so fun to also learn real rules and things and have more options to edit and take various kinds of photos. 

I would love to learn ballroom dancing.

What is/was best moments in life?
Like I sometimes say, I don't have just one but many days I have little moments that can be considered my best like drinking hot tea on a quiet day at work, reading a scary book in my dark room at night with my dogs, having sweet conversations with friends at a cafe or restaurant, watching a fun movie with my mom & sister, connecting with a stranger, blogging here, talking to online friends, a sweet meditation session, meeting people I have never met before….it doesn't just have to be big "memorable" things like vacations and holidays and weddings although those are very good too! 

You can read some things I wrote about simple moments here:



Have you made any New year resolutions this year? If so ,name one. If not why don’t you like them?
Just the one word challenge! 

Read about it here!

And I'm doing quite alright with it, I must say!


If you could host a challenge on your blog. What kind would it be?
Interesting! Maybe a 30 day challenge each day taking a picture of something that inspires us & posting it. 

What was the name of your first pet?
I don't remember the very first one because my mom and dad had pets when I was just born and before.
But I recall many I had since I was little like Wendy, Sandy, & Emily, three kitties!

Sandy was a boy but my mom thought he was a girl first so named him that. Lol I love those kitties and will always remember them. ❤

I had pets my whole life. It's interesting to think, ever since I was just an embryo or zygote or whatever until now, I never lived a day without a furry companion! 

Do you ever go to a high school/old school reunion? Was it fun or not?
No, I never even hear of any that I know of. I really wouldn't care to probably. Lol I love people and being around lots of them but this really doesn't interest me much for some reason. I always had friends in school and loved school and even miss it sometimes but I don't care much to go back really. 

Do you have a pet peeve?
Yeah, one is when people just start doing something they haven't ever before then they act like they're better than people who don't. 
Someone acting sanctimonious. 
Example: someone just starts going to a gym two days ago now acts like s/he's this big fitness freak and if you're not, you're just a slob.
Or someone becomes a vegetarian this morning and is now the healthiest or most compassionate person and all the meateaters are cruel barbarians or people destined to die of a heart attack because of the unhealthy meat eating. Or someone goes for the first dentist checkup  in ages and now is a big oral health freak and people who don't go for checkups are just nasty or don't care about themselves. Lol  I have seen all these exact examples before and more!  

This really irks me for some reason. 

There's nothing wrong with using our life lessons and discovered wisdom  to help remind or encourage others but we don't have to be stuck up about it. It's especially annoying when they just took on a new lifestyle yesterday and are now the experts and perfect moralists and in a position to judge the rest of us.  Eww Get over yourself already. Lol 

Well, this was a fun little survey! 😀

Even if you don't participate in awards, just know, I love you & your blog! ❤ 😀

Please, check out the lovely ladies above!! 

Much love,

Xoxo Kim 

Starlight Blogger Award <3

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

FunLittleJoys nominated me for the Starlight Blogger Award and I’m so honored!

See her post here:

I’m not always the best with reading all the blogs I follow. My reader doesn’t work good on my phone. It doesn’t load correctly so I don’t see all the blogs. And often when I click on a blog, it goes to the avatar page and is very confusing. 

The only blogs I get to see much are ones that come straight to me in e-mails which most do not.

So I know there are many blogs that belong on this list and aren’t. I’m going to start keeping better track of my favorite blogs. ❤

But for now, these are the blogs I believe are worthy of this award! Yay! 😀













Show off your award by posting the picture of it.
Thank the person who gave you the nomination.
Answer the 3 questions given to you.
Pass on the award to at least six of your fellow bloggers and let them know it.
Give your nominees 3 questions to answer.

I know many bloggers do not participate in awards, including some on this list, and some people probably won't accept this but are still worthy of the mention here! I love awards and think they are so fun!  Go check out these lovely blogs please!! 

Here are the questions I am to answer to accept the award! 

1.) What is your favorite Quote that helps you with Inspiration?

I can never choose just one quote for my favorite but one of my favorite ones is “You can be greater than anything that can happen to you.” which is attributed to American minister, Norman Vincent Peale (May 31, 1898 – December 24, 1993) who is also an author and was a professional speaker. His life philosophy is about remaining positive and conquering anything that comes our way. I find it so inspiring.

2.) Where would you want to be in the next 5 years?

I'm not the biggest planner or very goal oriented. I just go with the flow and take in the simple beauty all around me. But I definitely hope to have a job working closely with people and helping people. 

3.) What made you start your blog?

I started the blog in June 2012 as a way to inspire others. While I love to write for myself and have a collection of things to always have to look back on, I mostly write for others who may one day come across it whether it's immediately after I post it or years later. When I write, I try to make it be able to apply to people in general. My life-long struggle with severe depression and quest for healing is my main inspiration for the blog. I know there are people like me with depression and others who can benefit by being inspired or uplifted in any way so I love to collect all the little inspirational gems I come across and share them with anyone who is interested. 

My three questions:

What is your favorite season/weather and why? Or if you live in a place with not much weather variation, which season seems most pleasant to you? Warm, hot, sunny, humid? Cold, cool, brisk, snowy, rainy, cloudy, gray… 

If you listen to music, what is one of the songs that inspires you most? 

What kind of animal do you think can represent your personality? Example: fierce like a tiger, friendly like a dog, free like an Eagle, delicate like a white dove, wild and in charge like a wolf, prissy like a cat… lol

And thank you so much FunLittleJoys
for the nomination! I greatly appreciate it!!


xoxo Kim ❤

Social Media – Developing Healthy Skills and Balance


I received a lifehack e-mail with a link to a list of reasons why social media can be detrimental to our health.

It’s titled, 
You Should Be Aware Of These 10 Effects Of Social Media On You

By Amanda Rife 


Amanda Rife writes:

“Technology is a useful tool, but many people don’t know how to use it properly which can easily become damaging. As much as you may love your Twitter page is it really worth the toll it takes on your health? That’s for you to decide after you read the following 10 ways social media negatively effects your life:”

She brings up some interesting and important issues and great points with some basis of truth to them and I am elaborating and adding my own views about each one, here.

After each number is her reason why social media may be damaging to us. Under each reason is her view and under each of her views is my own opinion.

1.) Reduces person to person interaction.

Amanda Rife writes:
“Not only do you spend less quality time with is people who are physically present in your life, but they will quickly get annoyed by you when you’re paying more attention to an electronic device than them. Eventually the people around you will even stop wanting to hang out with you.”

My view: We have complete control over how frequently and in which ways we use our social media accounts and our phones, computers, laptops, ipads…and whatever else we use to connect to a social media resource. Connecting with people online and seeing people in person are both great and both have advantages that the other does not. One doesn’t have to take the place of the other one. Social media allows us to share photos, statuses, posts..and comment, tag each other in ways we can’t do in person and allows us to meet people and reconnect with people we would have never met or encountered again if not for social media. Seeing each other in person is different than seeing each other through a screen, we can hang out, look into each other’s eyes(if we can see), hear each other’s voices(if you’re a hearing person), have coffee, tea, food together, laugh together… They’re both great and we don’t have to give up one for the other. It’s all about balance. You can put your phone away when you’re out with someone in person and just because you “see” that person online everyday doesn’t mean you don’t have/want to see the person in person when you can. Social media doesn’t control you if you don’t allow it to.

2.)  Increases your cravings for attention drastically.

Amanda Rife writes:

“Posting vague statuses on Facebook to grab others attention could easily become a nasty habit for people who use social media frequently. The never ending competition for likes and notifications can consume you.”

My view: What can be said about this (and other points brought up here) goes beyond the scope of this post. Many of these are deep psychological issues/aspects that are issues that can have posts of their own. Example: What Amanda Rife states here is true for some people. They need “likes” and comments and shares to feel validated and they want competition, to get more love than others. But that’s not Social media’s fault. That’s an inner issue of the individual self. Social media just provides us with the opportunity to get that kind of attention, to get “likes,” comments, shares…and while it’s great to have that kind of attention, it’s an honor to know that people like us and our content and there’s nothing wrong with desiring it, it’s an indication of a problem to feel that we need it to make us feel worthy or important. It’s a sign of a psychological problem that needs awareness and tending to if we become literally depressed or anxious or feeling excessively low to the point it seriously affects our lives if we don’t get attention on social media. I think the inner problem is what needs to be addressed, not just push it under the rug by criticizing or getting rid of social media for it. It may be helpful to lay off the social media accounts if we are the kind of person to need attention to validate us. It may be very helpful to stay off twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs…but that psychological problem of ours will still be there and may manifest in other ways if we get rid of our social media accounts. It’s not social media, it’s us. Social media can be our wake-up call, to help us realize we have a problem, not caused by social media, but being triggered by the opportunities it allows. We can then use this realization to our advantage, working on and exploring problems we would have not known we have if not for social media bringing our attention to it.

3.) Distracts from life goals.

Amanda Rife writes:

“It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s going on in social media that people will neglect their real life goals. Instead of aiming for the dream job by obtaining useful skills people, especially younger people, tend to strive for internet stardom.”

My view: Again, this is something we have complete control over. We can use the Internet and social media for just the opposite, to inspire us and motivate us to fulfill our goals and even come up with new ones. We can meet people, discover new ideas, and have our creativity sparked by the people and things we encounter through social media. Anything can distract us so we don’t work on our goals, TV, work, laziness, and more, we can get wrapped up into anything and become a slacker, not just social media. It’s great and very effective to manage our amount of time spent on each thing that takes up part of each day, not let one take over everyday.

4.) It can lead to a higher risk of depression.

Amanda Rife writes:

“According to recent studies the more people used social media the more negative feelings they experience, including depression. This could partiulalrly harmful to people who have been previously diagnosed with depression. If you beginning to notice you’re feeling down on a regular basis it’s probably time to take a break from your many social media.”

My view: This is probably for different reasons for different people. I suspect one of the the main culprits is negative comparison. We know how our lives really are, every aspect, every event, every thought, every problem…but with everyone else, we only see what they choose to reveal. Some people only reveal the positive aspects of their lives and keep the pain and problems hidden. For some, this is because they want everyone to truly believe they have The Perfect Life, for others it’s not that they want, necessarily, to be judged as having a perfect life, but they fear being judged negatively if they complain on social media outlets, for others still, it’s not at all about coming off as being perfect but they want to use their social media accounts just for uplifting quotes and happy thoughts, as opposed to using them to vent or disclose unpleasant situations or thoughts. They just aren’t drawn to sharing their whole lives, pleasant and unpleasant. When we are struggling and we see photos, posts, and all kinds of happy updates by people who seem to have it all, this can contribute to us feeling low about our own lives. And if we are prone to true depression, it can trigger an episode or the onset of a full blown disorder. A couple of other culprits of social media contributing to depression are cyber- bullying and friend rejection, people blocking and unfriending others, not responding to requests or comments and messages. If you’re prone to depression, this can be a serious trigger. 

Giving up all of social media may be a solution for some but I think the underlying depression and/or insecurity is what mostly needs to be addressed.

5.) Relationships are more likely to fail.

Amanda Rife writes:

“No good comes out of online displays of jealousy and snooping. It may seem like an easy option when it comes to dealing with relationships, but in reality it does more damage than good. In fact, studies show that the more a person uses Facebook the more likely they will be to monitor their partner, which leads to arguments and crumbling relationships.”

My view: Again, this is not social media’s fault but the fault of the persons involved. It’s how we go about handling our circumstances while also using social media. Relationships and the use of social media are compatible. We have to use our common sense about what is wise to do and not do in terms of social media. Or learn what to do and not to do if it’s not common sense to us. It’s all about our underlying insecurities and issues, not the social media. Social media just provides us with the opportunity to see and reveal all kinds of stuff that can bring out our insanity if we allow it to. We don’t need social media to spy on or stalk people, it just makes it easier to engage in those unhealthy things. If we feel a strong desire or need to obsessively monitor our lover every second of every day , the problem is either us or the lover. Maybe I’m very insecure and my lover is trustworthy. Or maybe I’m not overly insecure but he is being really suspicious and there is some reasonable explanation for my monitoring.

But the true underlying problems would likely be there with or without social media because they lie within us. They are what need to be addressed.

6.) Excessive use of social media stunts creativity.

Amanda Rife writes:

“I can speak from personal experience that social media is the easiest way to stunt, or kill, the creative process. Surfing social media sites, especially Tumblr. in this scenario, has a numbing effect on the mind that’s similar to mindlessly watching television. If you plan on being productive today shut off those apps!”

My view: This definitely has some truth to it and the word “excessive” is the key word here. Nothing is good in excessive amounts, that’s why it’s excessive! It’s also about being mindful and active in all that we do. Mindlessly scrolling through a bunch of mindless drivel thrown about by others is bound to numb anyone’s creativity and decrease our IQ a few points! But when we are mindful of what we’re reading or looking at and fully engaged, our creativity can deepen and we can come up with new ideas. While looking at pics on Tumblr, reading blog posts, Facebook statuses, or anything else, it will benefit you to pay close attention to what you are doing, thinking, feeling, reading. Is it serving you well? Is it inspiring you, motivating you, challenging you? Do you feel peaceful, calm, happy? Or is it just mind numbing stuff you’re surfing through because you feel you have nothing better to do? If so, you definitely have better things you can be doing! Finding something else to read or look at, meditate, tune into your surroundings, the scents, the feelings, the sounds, the colors and textures…your possibilities are endless.

7.) Cyber bullying is alive and well.

Amanda Rife writes:

“People feel too comfortable on the web and say things they wouldn’t normally say in real life. If you’re not the one say horrible things, you’re still inevitably going to be exposed to it. And if you are one of the people talking trash? Cut it out! You’re not as anonymous as you think. With the rampant cyber bullying on the web, people are also becoming more rude off the web as well.” 

My view: This is so true. Cyber-bullying is something we have little control over for the most part. For those of us who aren’t cyber-bullies, we still have to witness it or just really negative, uncalled for comments everywhere. Have you seen the YouTube comments on even the most inspiring, positive, beautiful, uplifting videos?! Good grief, they’re horrible. I rarely even read the comments because they’re so dumb and uncalled for. Internet trolls are everywhere and unfortunately here to stay. I suggest you don’t feed them. It’s what they want. So let’s let them starve. They are people who feel so low about themselves and their own lives so they insist on attempting to drag others down with them.

And it can crush our spirit to see even when it’s not happening to us, personally. Being a witness to uncalled for negativity can be so life-draining. But we can develop habits and skills to not let it get to us to the point it’s overwhelming and leads us to depression or anxiety. We can stand un-buffeted against the negative attention seekers who get off on inflicting pain upon others just for thrills. Focus on your own positive qualities and all the love and positivity you receive and remember as much as it sucks being bullied or being the target of cruelty, it has to suck way more being a bully. To sink to that level, there has to be something seriously wrong. Pay the callous comments no mind, I suggest you don’t respond to bullies directly but when you see it happening to someone, you can write positive things to the person to uplift her/him.

8.) Constantly comparing yourself to others online will make you miserable.

Amanda Rife writes:

“The digital persona people display on Facebook is often much different that what actually goes on in their lives. After awhile you may feel like you know your online aquainences better than you do, creating a social gap. Try to remember that everyone is just as human as you are.”

My view: Like I said in response to #4 about depression, negative comparisons aren’t good. It’s not healthy for us. When we’re comparing ourselves negatively to others we’re either making ourselves out to not be as good or making ourselves out to somehow be above the other person/people. It’s uncalled for. We all have good things and bad things and it’s all about our attitude. We can’t control what other people put on social media but we can control our own attitudes and reactions. Like Amanda Rife says, we are all equally human. Focus on the goodness of yourself. Bask in your own beauty while truly, relishing the beauty of others. 

Let other people’s happiness, accomplishments, success, and beauty inspire you and motivate you, not depress you or trigger jealousy.

If you really feel utterly miserable because of someone else on social media accounts, analyze yourself, think about why this is. Do you feel like you are lacking in some respects? Missing out? Then do something to fulfill yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think. Do what you have to to bring joy to yourself as long as you are not hurting or directly interfering with others. And if someone is trying to intentionally make others jealous, unhappy, miserable, you can unfriend, block, ignore that person and get on with your own life.

9.) Loss of sleep.

Amanda Rife writes:

“The light emitted from your various electronic screens tricks your mind into thinking it’s not time for you to sleep. Getting enough sleep each night is already difficult enough without extra complications. Perhaps it’s best if your phone doesn’t stay with you though the night.”

My view: This is true but has nothing to do with social media itself, really. If we have our phones by our side in bed, we may see the little flashing lights, hear beeping or other sounds, or just be so tempted to check Facebook and other things. Over and over and over. But this has to do with discipline. Self control. Get into the habit of sleeping at night, not playing with phones. If it’s really too difficult, the phone can be put in a different room while going to sleep to make the temptation less irresistible.

After a while it becomes a habit. Then it will be easier and easier to resist until eventually your brain is trained to not think of that phone and Facebook or Twitter at night. 

10.) Lack of privacy.

Amanda Rife writes:

“Between social media websites saving (and selling) your personal data and the whole NSA mess involving unsolicited government access of personal data including email, Skype calls, and so much more it’s very clear that privacy and the internet don’t mix at this point in time. If you post every last thought that pops into your head it could just as easily come back to haunt you in the future.”

My view: This is really very simple. Don’t ever put on social media, anywhere including what you think are personal e-mails or inbox messages, what you don’t want everyone to see. Even if your account is blocked so only people on your list can see, someone, somewhere, can get access to it if those people really want to. Once you put something out there, it’s out there for good, somewhere, even if you delete it and it looks like it’s gone. It can be retrieved. People can get into your e-mail box and any other thing you have on the Internet. Whatever you would never want others to see, keep it to yourself or tell someone in person if you can. Any other way is not safe. But this is a choice. When we put something stupid out there, it’s on us. It’s not Social media’s wrongdoing, it’s ours. Many people don’t realize that when we put something out there into cyber-world, it’s here to stay. They think it can be easily removed because there are “delete” buttons so it’s important to educate people.

Social media itself isn’t the problem. It’s how we use it and perceive it. Social media is limited in its power over us. It mostly only has the power we allow it to have. We can empower ourselves to have a healthy, balanced, positive relationship to social media and those people we connect with online.

We can greatly benefit by developing healthy skills and habits and cultivate a positive attitude about ourselves, each other, and social media. Social media provides us with amazing opportunities and has much potential for great things. We don’t have to give it up to avoid all our problems that arise while using it. It’s ourselves we need to work on.

It’s not the use of social media that is the problem, it’s misuse.

I’m very thankful Amanda Rife brought up these important issues. It is crucial to address them in this age of social media where so many feel that it has a power and mind of its own, where people feel like victims in the face of struggles made possible by social media. Social media is a blessing, certainly not without its negative consequences and distress in some cases, but it’s definitely a positive thing if we allow it to be and use it wisely.
Xoxo Kim 

Thank You <3


I want to thank Cindy Baker for re blogging one of my posts!!! And to thank everyone for liking it and all those who followed this blog!!! I have never received so many likes and follows here! A couple nights ago I was on my way to Applebee’s with my family and I received sooo many e-mails in an hour notifying me of all the likes and I really thought at first that someone was playing a joke on me! Lol!  I soon realized that many of Cindy’s kind followers read and liked my post!! I was/am thrilled! It’s so encouraging and uplifting! 

And thank you so much to all of the ones who liked/followed/shared/read within the last couple days however you came across this blog!

I love coming across and meeting new people! And I am so thankful for every person who likes/follows/shares/reads my content! I remember how thrilled I was when I first set up this blogging account and realized I had four followers!   Now I have quite a few! I created the blog for myself to collect/remember all the little things and life lessons that inspire me but I created it just as much to share with, inspire and uplift others in any ways I can.  

So thank you all soooo much!!!!

And please check out Cindy Baker’s wonderful blog if you haven’t already! It’s absolutely beautiful with beautiful poetry, quotes, photos, and thought provoking posts!


Xoxo Kim 😀


Light of the World Award



I’m so very honored to have been nominated by   Sheth (http://shethp.wordpress.com/) for the Light of the World award!!!

How amazing!!! Thank You so much, Sheth for your kindness and nominating me and for reading my content! And also for shining your light on the world!

So, the rules are:

1.  Thank the person who  nominates you.

2. Honor the bloggers who spread life, love, hope , and peace in the name of all people.

3. Let your nominees know of their nomination.

4. Never give-up encouraging people and speaking truth.

I have many favorite blogs and ones I read frequently!! So I won’t be listing them all here since it’s like an endless amount!   But I have chosen a number of them to list!

Here they are!

Eliza Waters 


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Bucket List Publications


That Indian Minimalist 


All of these people make the world a much better place with their blogs and writing/photos!   They have so much depth, wisdom, and beauty that shines through the screen. They are extremely inspirational and full of light & life.  I hope you check out every single one of them as well as Sheth’s blog: 


I’m so thankful to be nominated for the award and to have come across all of these blogs and the many more I love, as well as all the ones I will stumble upon in the future!   Thank You!!

Xoxo Kim

The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank You Dr. Rex!!!! <3 :-D


I am so incredibly honored to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The incredible Dr. Rex!!!
Please visit her blog here:


And see her nominations  post here:


I love when I receive awards, not only because it’s an incredible honor but I love the challenge/rules! And choosing a list of deserving people/blogs. That’s often hard because there’s so many!!

Here are the rules: 

Display the Award on your Blog.

Announce your win with a post and thank theBlogger who nominated you.

Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

1.) I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa, where I live, for Psychology & Philosophy.   I graduated with a B.A. Degree in 2010. I plan on being a mental health counselor or peer specialist of some sort. I took Philosophy just because I love it deeply and have a passion for it, purely out of interest. I took the classes just for fun without realizing I was getting credits that would qualify me to have some sort of job like a paralegal assistant or something.   They told me in school before graduation. Lol good to know but not my intention! 🙂

2.) Oldies music and country music are my love and I rarely find people who love those kinds like I do.

3.) People often speak of childhood dreams and ask kids what they would love to be when they grow up. The truth is, as a young child, I always lived in the present moment, naturally, not as a conscious decision. So I never really had any big dreams for when I would grow up. When people would ask, I would make stuff up. Lol I have said I would be a veterinarian, a chemist, a scientist…but I was always interested in counseling, even as a little girl. My mom and dad always had marital problems and I often felt that I knew what they can do to make it better. 
it wasn’t until I was sixteen years old though, that I knew I want to be a counselor of some sort if I lived to be an adult and could function well enough (I struggle with suicidal depression and have since I was a child and never knew I would live this long.)

4.)  I’m so easily amused, I laugh at everything and nothing.   I have those good belly laughs that hurt, everyday, usually more than once a day. I don’t laugh at the expense of people. I laugh at stupid jokes, risqué jokes, little things that happen throughout the day, at myself…   No matter how sad or low I am I can usually laugh hard til it hurts. I’m genuinely amused, I’m a playful, silly girl with a tender and light heart. It gets me in trouble sometimes but oh well! Lol. ;-D

5.) I’m very good at putting on eye makeup, even liquid eyeliner, and even in two seconds if I have to.

6.) I’m real good at debating. I have natural debating skills. I can argue so good for any side of an argument even a side I strongly oppose. I have been told since I was a young girl by various people in various places, that I should be a lawyer. Lol ;-). In my critical thinking class in college, during an exam, I found an alternative answer to some logic problem, I can’t remember what, that even the professor, a lawyer, himself, did not realize at first. I got extra credit, along with one other student who solved the problem the same way.

7.) I’m terrible with numbers, I failed math classes in college and almost got thrown out.  I’m even horrible at basic math like simple addition, subtraction, and counting.   It was suggested to me by an educational psychologist in college that I may have an actual mathematical disability but I was never tested even though I struggled my whole life with it.  Numbers confuse me so much but I’m good with words, I suppose. 🙂

Here are fifteen blogs other than Dr. Rex’s that I adore, some I have known about for a while, others I have recently come across and I’m so blessed!
















Thank You, Dr. Rex, I’m so happy to receive this award and thank you and all of the other people listed above for blessing us all with the beauty of your light that shines brightly on us all!


Xoxo Kim

Most Influential Blogger Award – Thank You Dr. Rex!! <3


I am so humbled and so honored that I have been nominated for the Most Influential Blogger Award by the Lovely Dr. Rex!!

Please go visit her wonderful blog here:



I would have posted this sooner but there’s something very weird going on with my phone’s Internet! But I found a way around it!

Here is the Nominations post with the rules & nominees :


The rules of this award are:

1. Add the award logo to your blog.

2. Answer the following questions.

3. And pass the award on to 10 other blogs and let them know.


1) What makes you happiest?

2) Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?

3) What has been a special moment in 2013?

4) What’s your favorite quote?

5) Do you like yourself?

6) Do you stay up till midnight on New Year?

7) Something you wish could be done ASAP?

8) What was your favorite class when still at school?

9) What musical instrument have you tried to play?

10) Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

11) Do you like to do Crafts, Drawing

And here are my answers!! 😀

1) What makes you happiest?

I Don’t have just one thing but one thing that makes me happiest is connecting with people. Reading, writing, music, walking…also makes me very happy! 😀

2) Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?

I like both but I have more experience with the Oceans. I find Oceans to be very healing.

3) What has been a special moment in 2013?

I have various “special moments” often.   I don’t really consider any moment more special than any others but some stand out more, seeming more joyous or profound. One moment which stands out now in my memory is the moment I was able to laugh again, a deep, belly laugh, like I frequently have, after my dog died. I am someone who is very easily amused laughing loudly and often and even when I’m sad I can be amused. But in April 2013 my dog died of old age. We had her for twelve years and she was fourteen years old.   After this sad loss, I felt like I wasn’t completely myself for nearly four months. I felt no very deep emotions other than sadness and grief.   I couldn’t laugh like I usually do. But one night in my room almost four months later, I was listening to Jimmy Buffett songs and was able to laugh like that again. It restored my hope, helping me realize that things can always get better even after severe sadness, pain, and loss. Another poignant moment worth mentioning is in October, this year, when I was able to say I haven’t had a serious/semi-serious suicidal thought in one year, which is the longest I have been able to go without those in nearly fourteen years.   I felt all kinds of emotions, happy, grief, sad, almost despair, awe, pain, confusion, just a strange combination of emotions.

4) What’s your favorite quote?

There’s is a great question! There’s no way I can choose just one but here’s one I love: 

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
Leo Buscaglia
5) Do you like yourself?


6) Do you stay up till midnight on New Year?

Every year.  Always have and always will!

7) Something you wish could be done ASAP?

Educate and persuade people to be more compassionate, tolerant, and accepting of each other and animals. To be able to accept and cherish diversity and not reject each other over differences and mistakes, to see each other as a person with needs, desires, dreams, and interests.

8) What was your favorite class when still at school?

In high school I loved the horticulture classes! In college, Philosophy & Psychology usually. 

9) What musical instrument have you tried to play?

Piano and guitar but it was a no go. Lol!

10) Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

There probably are some things but I can’t really think of any at the moment. But it’s better to learn late than never! 🙂

11) Do you like to do Crafts, Drawing

Or painting?   I love to do all those things even though I’m not the best at them. I especially love crafts things with cutting and gluing on paper!












Sunshine Award….Thank You Dr. Rex <3


The amazing Dr. Rex nominated me for the Sunshine Award! She is beautiful, amazing, and very expressive. She has a sweet way of impacting people for the better and showing people deep gratitude and appreciation. We share similar views on things too.

Please go visit her beautiful blog here:


And here is the award nominations page:

I am so beyond blessed and grateful that someone reads my writings and finds me worthy of this award!

I read and love many blogs and they are all amazing and bring light into the world. My life is much better because of many of the amazing people and their love, courage, and need or desire to share their beauty with the world using their blogs. I don’t know them in person but they greatly impact me.

Here are the rules:

The rules of this award are the following:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Here are my ten facts:

1.) I love reading. My favorite subjects are Personal Development, Philosophy, and Psychology. I love reading books, ebooks, plays, blogs, websites…and I read more fiction now than I used to and love it! I also love poetry of various kinds.

“I adore the feeling of being completely taken in by a book. When the tears of joy or sadness wet your cheeks. When you snort with laughter in a crowd and when you shout at the pages in anger.” ~ Unknown

2.) Photography is something I’m very interested in but know almost nothing about. I take pictures with my BlackBerry phone constantly and it takes amazing pictures! I would love to be a Nature/wedding /engagement/couples/baby/family photographer. I love natural things like sunlight flowers, moon, birds, insects…and I love everything about weddings and families and babies. To me they symbolize love, new beginnings, and togetherness. I plan on learning more about it and am entertaining the idea of taking photography classes for fun one day when I get money!

“To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things.”
Ansel Adams

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
– Aaron Siskind

No, the camera can’t steal the soul. But it can occasionally hold it hostage.
– author unknown

3.) I strongly value friendship and unity.

“Friendships are different from all other relationships. Unlike acquaintanceship, friendship is based on love. Unlike lovers and married couples, it is free of jealousy. Unlike children and parents, it knows neither criticism nor resentment. Friendship has no status in law. Business partnerships are based on a contract. So is marriage. Parents are bound by the law. But friendships are freely entered into, freely given, freely exercised.” ~ Stephen Ambrose

“But oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one’s deepest as well as one’s most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely. Oh, the comfort – the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person – having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.” ~ Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

4.) I have struggled with depression off and on since I was 13 years old.

“I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when it hurts like today.” ~ Og Mandino.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. -~ Anne Frank

5.) I love people and animals and love and accept unconditionally. If I love/like you I won’t reject you for political/religious/philosophical views or for decisions you make or have made that I disagree with. I see the good and the beauty in people. I see the person, not mistakes or disagreements.

“I ain’t lookin’ for you to feel like me
See like me or be like me
All I really want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you.” ~ Bob Dylan

6.) Two of my favorite things are quotes & songs. They can be so deeply inspirational.

“Life itself is a quotation.” – Jorge Luis Borges

7.) I am a very simple girl with a very simple life for the most part. I am not complicated or hard to understand. I don’t participate much in or cause complicated arguments with people. I do not make things more complex than they have to be. I usually say exactly what I mean and do not expect people to be my mind readers. This is not to say my external environment is always calm and peaceful. I experience stress, chaos, disorder, drama…sometimes but have learned to mostly handle it well and remain still & calm within. Simple isn’t dull. I have a deep, rich inner life. I ponder philosophical ideas, concepts, questions…I love meditation…

Confucius says it best “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

8.) I am extremely loving. I am overflowing with love & gratitude for people, animals, things, life, the world, love & gratitude itself.

“When I start loving I just can’t stop.” ~ Sam & Dave (“Soul Man” lyrics)

“There is so much love in your heart that you could heal the planet.”
~Louise Hay

9.) Oldies music, country music, sappy love songs, uplifting music…is the best!

“Just take those old records off the shelf
I’ll sit and listen to ’em by m’self
Today’s music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock and roll
Don’t try to take me to a Disco
You’ll never even get me out on the floor
In 10 minutes I’ll be late for the door
I like that old time rock and roll ” ~ Bob Seger

10.) While I love seeing some traits in people that I, myself, also possess, I have a deep respect and adoration for people who possess characteristics that I do not. For example: I am not very assertive and do not always speak up for myself when I should and I LOVE assertiveness in others. Even when someone speaks up to me about something the person disagrees with me for and even when I feel that person is wrong/incorrect. I sometimes neglect/abuse myself in ways like denying I have a problem and not taking medication and putting everyone who takes advantage of me first and love when people are devoted to self-care and nourish themselves. I love to see people stand up for and advocate for themselves. Not being overly selfish but a healthy dosage of selfishness. It’s not good to be purely selfless!

I believe Buddha is correct in saying “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Other than Dr. Rex’s blog, Here are the eleven (sorry, I broke the rules! ) blogs that to me are perfection. The authors make the world better and touch lives with beauty, wisdom, and light. Thank You!! 😀


Beautiful girl, beautiful blog! I love her writing so much! So uplifting and real. And fascinating.

Very inspiring! So heartwarming and touching!

Beautiful writing!

She is beautiful and displays much strength and wisdom.


So wise & inspiring.

Love this blog and we share a love for feather friends!


Very inspiring and lovely.


Beautiful writing and photos.


Very inspiring and amazing.

Very strong, inspiring, and positive.


We share the similar goal of being the best we can be and working constantly at personal development.

Thank You again Dr. Rex and to the above bloggers and all the others who touch this world with wild wonder & sunlight & moonlight.

Xoxo Kim


Blogger Award

I have been wanting to post this so badly.  

But I had work so frequently and could not get around to it! I feel so accomplished now! Lol ;-D As I have posted on here before I am so honored and flattered to have been nominated for this award: http://etsuchan.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/untitled.png By Etsuchan at: http://etsuchan.wordpress.com/ I am thrilled that she finds my blog worthy of this lovely award!!! Like I have stated previously, she is beautiful, talented, and I love her beautiful blog! Please, go check it out!!! Now it is my job to nominate some of my favorite blogs for this award! I love a lot of blogs on here and I was attempting to list fifteen. I have more that I really love too. I don’t have access right now to a computer and I’m using my mobile phone which is great!! But cannot do everything. I was looking through my reader on here and copying links to paste of some blogs that I want to nominate but the links I copied showed up wrong so I had to look up all the following blogs on Google to get the working link! So here is a list of some of the best blogs I know other than http://etsuchan.wordpress.com/ These are in no specific order: http://greenhornphotos.com/ http://studentswithbirds.wordpress.com/ http://terry1954.wordpress.com/ http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/ http://gyatoday.wordpress.com/ http://5kidswdisabilities.com/ http://urbanwallart.wordpress.com/ http://beapositivelight.wordpress.com/ http://everydaypowerblog.com/ http://thebettermanprojects.com/ http://chosenvoice.wordpress.com/ Please check all these amazing blogs out! And thank you so so much to http://etsuchan.wordpress.com/ Here’s the rules: 1.) Thank the person who gave you this award.  2.) Include a link to their blog. 3.) Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. 4.) Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/