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Hearts 4 Haley❤

Happy Birthday to & In loving memory of sweet Haley(a beautiful, kind, young woman who was unexpectedly taken by an uncommon genetic disorder no one knew she had). Her family has asked us all to acknowledge her today on her 21st birthday. ❤❤❤ Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) is a horrific disease that can end a life in a split second, without warning. Much love to Haley’s family & friends, xoxo Her life touches mine for the better even though I hardly knew her. When someone is that full of light & love, everyone is affected in a positive way, even in just the most brief encounter or even just hearing a story about the person. Her light still shines in this world. Let us remember to be kind today & always, to everyone we meet.💛 #curehht #hearts4haley #hhtawareness #ilmo

Fly Eagles Fly!!! 🏈💚🏈💚

In honor of our big win tonight I’m sharing a couple cute pics (n a couple of me lol) & some quotes!

Here is a little Eagles fan, Ellie! 😙😚

And here is a girl I’m spending the night with:

Her name is Brownie. They are both sweet pitbull mixes.

It’s like New Year here but even more festive; there’s people screaming hysterically with instruments and fireworks and tear gas and confetti and all kinds of stuff! There’s police cars as well. How thrilling!

“Beware of the underdog”

“Stand up for the underdog, the ‘loser.’ Sometimes having the strength to show loving support for unacknowledged others turns the tides of our own lives.” 💜

“We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog because we see ourselves in them.”❤

“Songwriting and poetry are so commonly birthed from underdogs because one can make even the ugliest situations admirable, or more beautiful than the beautiful situations – they are the most graceful media in which the lines of society are distorted.” 💚💜


I hope you are having a beautiful & safe (!!!)day or night wherever in the world you are!

Much love & light,

Xoxo Kim 💚

Happy 13th!!♡🎃

 ” …if you see him comin’

Get away if you can

Just keep on runnin’

Run as fast as you can

He’s a dangerous, dangerous man

And he’s out tonight

And he’s watchin’ you

And he knows you house

No, don’t turn out the lights

Oh, but he’s back

He’s the man behind the mask” ♡ 🎃 🎃💀👻🍁🍂🌕🎑♡

Just a little Friday the 13th celebration! I love Friday the 13th in October!! ♡

It’s a cool night here on Philadelphia! ♡ I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! 😀

He’s Back – Alice Cooper 

Xoxo Kim ♡🎃 

Happy Birthday, Pomchies!!❤


July 30th is my babies’ birthday!! They were born two years ago just after 10:00pm! My dog, Boobie had them. ❤💝

She was old when she had them and only had two. My family kept them both. She ran out of milk and we had to feed them with a dropper.

Now they are big and strong and mischievous! Lol Always up to no good! 😏😒

They each got a bone stuffed with flavored gunk in the middle! Lol And since their daddy loves bones too we got him one so he wouldn’t feel left out. My other two doggies who don’t care as much for bones got peanut butter cookie ones they can eat right up and they did eat them right up! 

Also, they got a jumbo hot dog at Wawa! My sister & me have this joke that our boy pomchi is a jumbo wawa hot dog! Lol He has a big round belly and loves to eat! 😍

My mom calls him the little porker.

He is little but plump. So cute!!



They loved it!!

They haven’t been being very good! They keep getting into quarrels over the bones, barking and growling all day and night even though there’s enough bones for each of them. All three of them want all three of the bones all to themselves! Greedy little things! They kept waking me up all night growling at each other. I was so annoyed so I took their bones and put them under my pillow so they wouldn’t have them to argue over. Then when I woke up and went to get their bones to give them back, the bones were gone! Lol They took it upon themselves to retrieve them. I found them at the end of my bed!

 Annoying but adorable! 😍 😀

I hope you are having a wonderful day or night wherever you are! ❤

Xoxo Kim


Happy Birthday, John Lennon!! <3


(this isn’t my picture, I don’t know the source)

Today is John Lennon’s 75th b-day!

In honor of him and his message of love & peace, I am sharing a few John Lennon songs here!

I heard/read that at one point, John Lennon was an abuser of women which I don’t care for at all. 
There’s never a reason for a man to put his hands on a woman in a violent away unless he really has to to defend himself or someone else. For the most part, men are bigger and stronger than a woman is and even if I hit a man first (I wouldn’t!) there’s no reason for him to hit me back. Some people strongly disagree (like my mom!)  and think as long as a woman hits a man first it’s ok. I think that is totally not ok!
Unless I catch him off guard or he’s very old or sickly or something, I can’t do much damage to him(there may be exceptions…). but a man hitting a woman can generally do worse damage, even knock her to the ground or break a bone.

Can I do that to a man? Most likely not. Unless I’m coming at him with a weapon or something. Or unless I’m exceptionally physically strong for a woman, which I’m not. I’m kind of thin, not really tall, and not at all physically strong. 
Someone, especially a man, can probably knock me out with one blow. Lol I don’t recommend it though! 

If a woman hits a man, I think it’s good to have her arrested though. 

In an interview, I think in the 90’s, one of his sons called him a hypocrite saying he preached love and peace to the world but did not show it to his own family.

John Lennon also used homophobic slurs or made a mockery of people(he had a person, a gay man, he was close to and loved in a platonic way but that doesn’t make it ok, in my opinion, to sling around insults), another thing I don’t at all care for. But then he decided to give peace a chance. It’s so great he came to his senses and all these years later his message of love is still touching us and inspiring the world. And I’m thinking it’s likely that decades and decades into the future, his message will still live and breathe into the world. I want to help keep it alive.

Whatever we are now, we can change for the better and move forward, lifting others along the way. 

And maybe he wasn’t always peaceful and loving and maybe did not show it to his family but that doesn’t make what he said about love & peace any less true. Even if he did not live up to it.

That’s a question that would come up now & then in philosophy when I was in college. What if a person says amazing things, preaches very great morals but doesn’t live up to them or even try to generally live  up to them or practice what s/he preaches her/himself? Does what the person says still stand? Is it still amazing? Or is it all hogwash or rubbish?

Well, it is good to practice what we preach. That’s for sure. We are hypocrites if we talk about how people “should” live then we don’t even try. But you know, the truth is the truth and nothing can change that. Maybe in some cases we can disregard what someone says and call it bullshit because the person won’t even try to live that way. But in some cases the message still stands. With peace & love, we can never go wrong. So even if Mr. Lennon was the biggest hypocrite, his message is still a sweet one.  Still, people are probably much more likely to take you seriously if you live up to your message. 

Here are some John Lennon songs:

Imagine – mobile

Imagine – desktop

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…”

Seriously, listen to this message and tell me it’s not brilliant no matter how the singer lived!

I’m sorry for his broken family though, I know what it’s like in some ways. My compassion goes out to them.

Woman – mobile

Woman – desktop

“And woman hold me close to your heart,
However, distant don’t keep us apart,
After all it is written in the stars”

“So let me tell you again and again and again…I love you.”

Jealous Guy – mobile

Jealous Guy – desktop

“I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside
Oh I didn’t mean to hurt you
I’m sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn’t want to hurt you
I’m just a jealous guy”

It’s great to say we’re sorry and own up to our mistakes. 

A few Beatles songs:

Here, There, & Everywhere – mobile

Here, There, & Everywhere – desktop

“I want her everywhere and if she’s beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her is to need her everywhere
Knowing that love is to share
Each one believing that love never dies
Watching her eyes and hoping I’m always there.” ❤

The Word – mobile

The Word – desktop

“Say the word and you’ll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I’m thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It’s so fine, it’s sunshine
It’s the word, love”

All You Need is Love – mobile

All You Need is Love – desktop

“Nothing you can make that can’t be made
No one you can save that can’t be saved
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
It’s easy
All you need is love”

This is an incredibly beautiful song! Of course love isn’t all we need though! We need food/sustenance, drink, air…if we want to live.

But you get the message, right?!


Also, for John’s 75th birthday, someone put this together.

Isn’t is so sweet that someone cares enough to compile a quote or song lyrics for each year since John Lennon came into the world? That couldn’t have been extremely easy and must have been very time consuming!   

So John Lennon wasn’t the saint the world makes him out to be but he did also have positive qualities. And it’s good to share those. He was a great singer! 

It’s so tragic and senseless what happened to him. And so good people still have him in their hearts all these years later, including people who weren’t even yet alive until after the tragedy. He is so famous and so loved! I can just imagine what the world must have been like shortly after the tragedy struck. 

He missed out on the whole rest of his life because someone choosing to act viciously decided to take it upon himself and end someone else’s life. It’s so wrong that one person can just out of nowhere go and end someone’s life just because that person feels like it. Wherever he is, if he’s still alive, I hope he realizes how wrong it is now, not in a way so he suffers with guilt but so his compassion is deeper. I think that whenever we do something wrong, we can be sorry but use our guilt and regret for good, not let it destroy us but let it inspire us to deepen our compassion and reach out to others. We can take what we learn and discover and help someone else. And if we’re murderers it won’t do much to help the dead individual but at least good things will be happening inspired by the tragedy. 
I’m not sure if any murderers are reading but if there are, you can maybe help prevent future acts of violence by learning things like anger management, compassion, empathy…and then teach others. 
There are people who have acted very violently, even killed people, then turned their lives around, even in prison, and went on to help other people, like other prisoners, with personal development and things. 
You may never be getting out but you can still help others. 
It won’t ever make up for that monstrous action but some good will at least come of it.
Either way, as we know, nothing brings back the dead one. But we can use our life lessons to do some good. 

Much love to you, murderers, abusers and all, they probably often need it the most! ❤

Xoxo Kim 😀

p.s. PLEASE whenever you write something using technology, SAVE it every couple of minutes. No! every couple of seconds! You can never save too much! I thought my post disappeared before I saved it and almost had a cow! Then it reappeared! Thank goodness! This thing took so much work and time to put together!

It's always worth it even if no one sees it now! It will always be here.

So save your work! I want to spare you that sinking feeling! 😀

My girl’s birthday! <3


“When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.”  ❤

Today is my furry soulmate’s birthday! Her name is Isis Summerjo. Her name was already Isis when we adopted her and we kept it and gave her her middle name Summerjo partially because we adopted her in the Summer! The other part is after my sister’s and my name. Isis is my beautiful goddess so her beautiful name fits perfectly!  She’s eight years old! My mom, sister, and me adopted her at the PSPCA, six years ago when she was two years old and I can never ask for a better friend than my furlady! My furever friend! ❤

Someone who could not keep her or did not want her anymore brought her to the pspca and then she was adopted by new people and shortly after that she was brought back again because the people decided they did not have enough time for her. Thankfully they cared to return her and not just neglect her or toss her. Now she has her loving furever home with my family. 

I remember the day we met, there were so many, many dogs who needed loving furever homes and I wished I could rescue them all but we could only have one. When I saw her I just knew she’s the one and my sister agreed, my mom was letting us choose. She happily jumped up in her crate to greet me when I put my hands over. She did not have much longer to be there because she was brought back again and not adopted for a while. In the spca, when animals aren’t adopted quickly enough, unfortunately they are destroyed. 
I’m so thankful we were able to save her life. 


She’s a big pitbull (American Pitbull Terrier), very muscular and strong and the biggest pitbull I ever saw and she’s the most gentle girl, she loves hugs and lots of attention. She’s the most gentle dog I ever knew, when another dog snaps at her or a cat tries to scratch at her, she turns her head instead of coming back at them when she can easily tear to shreds any human or any animal, no matter, the size, if she wanted to. But she’s nothing but love. She’s afraid of balloons and talking objects and small animals, she doesn’t snap at them, she just runs away! Lol

She’s the biggest baby! 


Isis Summerjo sleeps in bed with me almost every night, along with a few of my other babies. She knows to sit and give her paw when she’s asked and when she wants our food she gives her paw without being asked! Lol It’s the cutest thing! ❤


She loves animals and people and going for walks! She’s eight years old and she’s like a big puppy, extremely playful, and runs around with her toys. She loves our five other dogs and sometimes she even shares her toys with them! She also loves her back brushed and her blankies and doggy beds!  She’s the cutest thing ever. I love my girl!! ❤


Every year we celebrate her birthday and the anniversary we adopted her. She gets cake, treats, toys, balls, and we sing to her! She loves it and her eyes light up and she jumps up and down. She thinks every birthday & anniversary celebration is hers! She gets so happy! So when it’s someone else’s celebration, we always buy her a toy for her to be happy since she thinks it’s her special day! I never met another dog who gets so happy over birthday/anniversary celebrations and thinks they’re all for her/him! My girl loves cold/cool weather and is especially wild and energetic in Fall & Winter. She loves snow! 

One year on Isis’ birthday I was supposed to have work all day and I knew she wouldn’t like me getting out of bed and leaving her and luckily my kidney decided to get a stone and I was too sick to even think of getting out of bed. I was in so much pain and so sickly but at least I got to spend the entire day in bed with my girl! She was so happy! Lol

It’s a pleasant memory even with the immense pain and sickness! 

Luckily today is kind of cool for her special day! And I have off work today! My girl is the sweetest thing! 

She’s the most beautiful girl in the world! 


I’m so thankful the pspca had her real birthday on record and that the people who had her first knew her birth date and were able to get it on record. I’m so thankful for my fur baby!! I couldn’t love her more if she was a human friend or family member.


(this isn’t my pic, I found it on Google)


I hope your day is full of love and joy! ❤ 

Xoxo Kim ❤ 

Cool Nights {it’s like a heatwave}


“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy,
if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you,
if the simple things in nature have a message you understand,
Rejoice, for your soul is alive.” ~Eleanora Duse

This is exactly how it feels to me to acknowledge the beauty of Nature. I have always been aware of the profound beauty all around me even while in severe emotional or physical pain. Mindfulness of natural beauty and the thrill it brings have come easily to me for as long as I can remember. Even as a little girl I would be in awe of the simple joys of living. The blueness of the sky, the sparkle of the rain, the dramatic colors of sunsets, the scent of cold air, the fragrance of grass and soil, the seasons changing…but I never realized this as a “thing” or concept or way of life until years later when I decided to create a personal development plan to heal my depression and I learned about mindfulness and gratitude at deeper, more conscious levels.

I decided to take my natural ability and habit of being aware of and thankful for the beauty all around me and make it even deeper, a conscious, intentional habit.

This to me is truly living. And it’s beautiful and also helps me cope with pain of any kind. But even when I’m not in pain it’s a thrilling way to live. Living generally mindfully with a conscious frequent attitude of gratitude, not just as a fleeting mood or feeling, has a dramatic impact and healing effect. Being mindful of my mindfulness itself also uplifts me often, knowing I have this ability, that I accomplished this lovely way of living.

Mindfulness or awareness or acknowledgment of beauty and blessings, an attitude of gratitude as a conscious, intentional way of life are incredible life changing habits but they are not cures for anything. When we accomplish this and develop these habits we will still feel pain, unhappiness sometimes. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be when you think about it, right?! That’s what it is to be alive. To feel both happiness and unhappiness, pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, thrill and blah feelings. But those habits can help us cope when something unpleasant is occurring.

Summer is my least favorite season but I love all four lovely seasons. They all have their own blessings. One of the things I will miss most about Summer is the beautiful insects/flying creatures/kreepy krawlers….lol

The bumble bees and the butterflies, the fireflies and other beauties.

Many days this summer there was a bumble bee drinking nectar out of a bright orange flower on the street where I live. So many days I would walk by the beautiful vibrant flowers and see the bee there sucking through the center of one of them. Truly amazing to see such beauty! 

I got a few photos one day. 
I will also miss the flowers. But I usually don’t dwell on what I miss. Instead I focus on Now. Whatever is currently here is really all I have. All any of us has. It’s great to look forward to, hope for, and plan on things in the future but generally I believe it’s best to honor Now. Now is still Summer and right now it’s a heatwave.

95 degrees in September!! For real! It wasn’t even this hot all Summer! 

But I see signs of the impending Fall. Pumpkin lattes and coffee and donuts are already out!
I get in holiday and season spirit very early. In July I’m already ready for Fall and in October I’m ready for Christmas and snow! Lol

I think pumpkin coffee is more thrilling in cooler weather though and if I get it now in the midst of a heat wave then on the first crisp, Fall-like day it won’t be quite as thrilling. Still totally thrilling but not as much of a new feeling.

So I guess I will wait on that. Right now I’m drinking toasted almond coffee!

Here is a list of my favorite things about Autumn!

1.) Pumpkin Everything 

2.) Cool nights

3.) Fall fashion (although I dress like it’s Summer all year except I wear hoodies in Fall) I love seeing photos of Fall fashion and other girls wearing it. It’s just usually not the style for me to wear myself.

4.) The colorful leaves on the ground

5.) Halloween themes and Thanksgiving things. I believe in gratitude all year round but it seems everyone else gets in the mood for gratitude around the holiday season

6.) Hoodies

7.) the feel in the air, the mental feeling of Fall

8.) apples 

9.) Fall colors – brown, yellow, orange, red…

10.) candy corn!

11.) the fragrances of Fall -cinnamon, apple, cool air, pumpkin

12.) hot coffee, cocoa, tea…it’s just more magical in the Fall

13.)  my dog loves the Fall & Winter! She gets quiet all summer and on really hot days and isn’t as playful but as soon as Autumn is in the air, she gets all wild and playful and happy! She’s a big pitbull and loves blankies and pillows! She loves snow too!

14.) The Eastern Stare Penitentiary – the old prison has exhibits all year I think. To learn about the history and all but in the Fall they have the haunted attraction! We get to walk through and monsters jump out at us and there’s all kinds of gory stuff and creepy sounds. I don’t always get to go but I always see the advertisements and stuff and it’s fun! The first day I went was years ago in college with a group of other students and we were clinging to each other, holding onto each other, hugging each other like our lives depended on it! Lol it was fun! One funny memory I have is the group of us consisted of all girls and one boy and the boy was the most scared and tried to make us stand in the front and we told him since he’s the boy, he should be leading the way! Lol  I was so afraid we were going to be separated and I would be alone in small, dark places! When it was over we got outside and there were candy and caramel apples and monsters dancing and flashing lights! 

15.)  longer, darker nights

16.) Halloween decorations 

17.) Halloween lights

18.) pumpkin pie, apple pie, coconut custard pie

19.) cranberries!

20.) candy doesn’t melt in cool weather 

21.) Everything 

22.) hay rides

23.) apple spice 

24.) apple cider 

25.) sweaters 

26.) jack – o – lanterns 

27.) cool, windy days

28.) it gets dark early

29.) crunchy leaves

30.) sweet potatoes 

Fall just thrills me so much!

And since it’s still summer I will honor it with some lovely summery photos I took! 


This little beauty was drinking nectar through this bright orange flower all August long! I used to stand there and watch with wonder.


This fly was basking in a light rainy afternoon one day out in my backyard. I captured him and the glistening drops on the vibrant green leaf.


A different fly on the same day on a flower or leaf stem. Aren’t they beautiful?! Flies really can be quite lovely and I have great photographer skills, don’t you think?!

I think so too! 😀

Xoxo Kim

p.s. check out “Cool Night” by Paul Davis!! one of my favorite songs since I was a little girl! ❤

Twenty-Eight Years <3


So, I turned 28 years old today! What a blessing, right?!  And in honor of my twenty-eight years I decided to list twenty-eight of my favorite love quotes! I haven’t accomplished much in my twenty-eight years. Never had a “real” job; I work at a store where I worked for over seven years but it’s still somewhat of an accomplishment to have a job that long even if it’s not a “real” job. I love working there, love serving people. I did graduate college some years ago but did not have the best grades. I don’t have a lot of friends but have a couple good ones and lots of great online friends! I don’t have my own house or anything but that’s ok!
My perspective on and attitude about these things used to depress me each year when I would turn a new age. But I have tapped into some deep wisdom and now I don’t let it get to me so much.
My point is even if we haven’t really been successful in ways that society believes we should be by a certain age or that we ourselves think we should be, we’re still blessed and each year we get to turn another age, no matter how old, is a true gift!

I have been feeling very alive, so full of life, love, and gratitude.   I feel as if the world is just flowing through me. I feel this way quite often but sometimes I lose touch with it. But, I always find it again.

So, here are the 28 beautiful quotes I love so much!!

1.) “Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” ~Voltaire

2.) “Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit.” ~ Peter Ustinov 

3.) “Love is the poetry of the senses.” ~ Honore De Balzac 

4.) “Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.” ~ Madame De Stael 

5.) “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” ~ Pablo Picasso

6.) “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr

7.) “Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

8.) “Love is all it’s cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” ~ Erica Jong

9.) “I ne’re was struck before that hour With love so sudden and so sweet; Her face is bloomed like a sweet flower And stole my heart away complete.” ~ John Clare (English poet)

10) “But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love forever.” ~ Robert Burns

11.) “The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

12.) “I do not think that what is called Love at first sight is so great an absurdity as it is sometimes imagined to be. We generally make up our minds beforehand to the sort of person we should like, grave or gay, black, brown, or fair; with golden tresses or raven locks; — and when we meet with a complete example of the qualities we admire, the bargain is soon struck.” ~
 William Hazlitt

13.) “How did the party go in Portman Square?
I cannot tell you; Juliet was not there.

And how did Lady Gaster’s party go?
Juliet was next me and I do not know.” ~Hilaire Belloc 

(I love this! It’s so cute and funny! Lol I think Juliet is this person’s whole world that when she’s not there that person can’t concentrate but when she is there still, she consumes his whole awareness/attention.)

14.) ” When you are in an upsetting situation, try loving everyone involved and pray for them, hard as they may be. Loving doesn’t mean sentimentality but rather a rational esteem for them as persons.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

(if you don’t pray you can still wish them the best)

15.) “Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.” ~
William Shakespeare

16.) “You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.” ~
George Augustus Moore

17.) “You never lose by loving,you lose by holding back.” ~ Barbara Deangelis

18.) “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” ~Charles M. Schulz

19.) “You’ll put on weight, take it off, cry at advertisements for bathroom accessories, drink too much, let pot-plants die, shout at relatives…and forget to pay the rent. But remember that people who have never had a broken heart will never understand dead roses, Tolstoy, airport lounges, Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor, neat brandy, the moon, and drizzle.” ~ Wendy Harmer

20.) “It is best to love wisely, no doubt. But to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all.” ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

21.) “‘Tis better to have loved and lost 
Than never to have loved at all.” ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

22.) “What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

23.) “All love is sweet given or returned. Common as light is love and its familiar voice wearies not ever.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley 

24.) “To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best.” ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

25.) “All, everything that I understand, I understand because of love.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

26.) What love we’ve given, we shall have forever. What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

27.) “The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.” ~ Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

28.) “Love unlocks doors and windows that weren’t even there before.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin 

Love doesn’t hurt; love heals!

I believe that “love” is a feeling/emotion/affection for someone or something but it can also be a verb. An action. Whenever we reach out to help, heal, console, make the world or someone’s life better in some way, we reach out in love.

Xoxo Kim 😀