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The gift of life [and love] ❤

Penn Medicine – Organ transplantation/donation

When it comes to love, you gamble when you need to…you’ll maybe break your heart on one unlucky throw but then again, you’ll never know.

You’ll Never Know – Ringo Star

This is a screen capture of some info. Off of the pennmedicine website for organ transplantation/donation. There are too many people in need of organs. I’m not sure if everyone knows that if we are generally healthy, we can donate a kidney to someone, even a random stranger, while we are still here, alive. And live donation is generally more successful than donation after the donor has died(especially if the donor & recipient are biologically related). You can see these facts on the Penn Med page, above.

I see so many things with people saying they want to help save others after they die and people saying they don’t like the thought of their organs being inside someone else “after death” but guess what?! We don’t have to wait to die! It seems like people are under the impression that organ donation has to wait til after death. Of course for some organs, such as the heart, we have to die first. But kidney, partial liver, bone marrow…can be donated now. Also, blood, platelets, plasma red…can be donated every once in a while.

Red Cross – blood drives (in U.S.)

Im just sharing this in case anyone wants to consider or promote live donation in any way. It’s certainly not without risks to the donor (and recipient) but in my opinion, well worth the risks to myself. I have two perfectly functioning kidneys(least I think so). Someone else doesn’t even have one. Unfortunately, organ transplantation is not always successful. There is a chance the person’s body will reject the transplanted organ. Not only is this devastating for the recipient but can also be for the live donor. To give up a crucial part of our own body to try to save/extend someone else’s life and it doesn’t work. And we can’t get that organ back either. Still, it’s worth it. We don’t know if we don’t try. My philosophy is that some things are well worth the risk of disappointment/devastation. It still won’t be for nothing.

And that person still will receive our love.

I dont believe anyone has a moral responsibility/obligation to have our own body cut into and have an organ removed! Or blood taken. It’s just a sweet, incredibly generous, act of kindness im putting out here in case it resonates with anyone in any way. Like I frequently say/write, I don’t judge those who aren’t interested in this or too scared or cant for whatever reason. Social media is a great way to bring awareness to something even if we cant or wont ever or currently participate in it our own self.

I have this dream/goal, for years now, that has to do with organ donation. I thought about it off & on for years, sometimes more seriously than others, but always sure. Recently, it has been on my mind more than ever and I am even more passionate than ever about it. It can’t be yet because I have some circumatances to change/get even better first. But in some ways, I am preparing. I hope so much that in the somewhat near future, it will be a reality.

I have given it much thought, research, and talked to people about it recently. I know it’s my calling. I am inspired and ready(just in my head for now).

One night, recently, in the dead of night I woke up with this disturbing “what if…” what if it doesnt work???

Then instantly, song lyrics popped into my head. A song sung by Ringo Starr.

When it comes to love, you gamble when you need to…you’ll maybe break your heart on one unlucky throw but then again, you’ll never know.❤❤❤

I love this song!! And sometimes, I listen to it over & over & over again. But I havent heard or thought of it much lately. So I love how it popped into my head out of nowhere. It was probably in my “unconscious mind.”

It is the most beautiful concept, really it is. Reach out in love no matter what. Then let go. Whatever happens, happens. Make the most of it and cherish whatever good there is in each day.

I want to share this message not just in relation to organ donation but anything that is our goal or something we desire. It may not work out how we intended but at least we tried! And you never know, it may just go as we hoped or even better! Even if it’s something just for us and no one else, go for it!! Taking a risk, even if it all “fails,” can inspire others to take steps to achieve some goal or dream. Keep, keep going!!! And trying & falling can strengthen us. There is no such thing as failing unless we choose to stay down.

I am so ready!! I am ready to reach out in love and then let go. Hope for the best but know it’s all worth it if the worst should occur.

My love goes out to all who are in need of any kind of transplant and their families/friends. One day, I will try to help with more than just sharing on social media. And my love goes out to all organ donors (alive & deceased) and their families/friends. Since I was a little girl, I have always had a special love for those in need of an organ, even though I don’t know them. And I always knew that I want to help. I think life is beautiful and want us all to have as much as possible. And acts of kindness are beautiful and this is a great act of kindness. There is no one not worthy of this gift, no matter what religious or political views or ethnicity or sexual orientation or gender identity, nationality, skin color, size, physical appearance, relationship status, mistakes made, financial status, homeless or not, jobless or not, education level, age….in my opinion. We are all worthy of the gift of life.

It is a beautiful gift to have excellent health and a wonderful way to “give back” or “pay it forward” or just give thanks, is to share some of that good health with others.❤❤❤

This was going to be an instagram post but I realized it’s too long so I put it here instead and added to it.

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(I found this on the ground recently!)

Also, I thank all the doctors/nurses and others who care for everyone involved with organ donation/transplantation. I thank organ donors (living and not) and their families. Thank you, thank you!!❤

Much love & light,

Xoxo Kim

January Sunrise <3


“Good mornin’ sun, I say it’s good to see you shinin’
I know, my baby brought you to me
She kissed me yesterday, hello to silver linin’
Got spring and summer running through me”

Today, I got to watch the sun rise early in the morning! How beautiful!

I don’t usually see it rising. It was pink & orange and brilliant looking. 


It doesn’t look as bright in the pictures as it really did. 

Watching the sun rise is always a beautiful start to the day.

How can we watch the sun rising in the early morning and not have a great day?! ;-D


Also I thought of this sweet song today! Isn’t it lovely?  Another one of those sweet, happy songs.
We don’t have to have a lover though, to feel this way! Lol  

“Hey everybody on the street, I see you smilin’
Must be because I found my baby
You know, she’s got me on another kind of highway
I want to go to where it takes me” (98.6) ~ Keith (performer)



I love the way he feels as if the whole world is happy for him! 😀 ❤

I think a good goal to have this year would be to get a picture of the sun rising for each month of the year. Usually when I catch the sun rising, it’s by accident, I just wake up to it and run out and get a pic. But it would be sweet to catch for each beautiful month! I think I will! Luckily I already got January’s before it’s over & I miss my chance this year! Now I hope I remember each month! ;-D

These pictures here aren’t edited. I do have ones I put an effect on earlier to make the colors pop and they are pretty but since that isn’t real, I’m just sharing these for now.
To some people, they may not be as pretty as the edited ones but I love what they symbolize: the gift of a new day. And the blessing of having the chance to watch the sun coming up. I have my vision to see it and the chance to see it. Also, I have passion & desire and a sense of wonder. And the life of a new day.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!! ❤ 😀

xoxo Kim

The Beauty that Stalks the Darkness


“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” 

I saw this quote today, attributed to Buddha. What a gem! It’s so true! This is a habit that can be developed. It may not always come so easily but it can be developed and ingrained deep into our brains. Every experience, pleasant, unpleasant, neural, trivial seeming, fun and light, can teach us something! There’s a little spark hidden somewhere in each of our experiences, that can be ignited to enlighten us, teach us a lesson, strength, wisdom, greater empathy and understanding for others, and inspire us.

There is potential for some kind of growth in every occasion.

Maybe you’ll learn who you want to be or don’t want to be, how strong you really are, ways to teach or help others….maybe you’ll learn something you can’t really put into words, just a feeling of deep knowing, true enlightenment. The lessons and wisdom and things we learn and come to know won’t be the same for all of us. Only you can really know what your experiences are capable of teaching you and how receptive or in tune you can be to the messages. Some people can help guide you along the way but it’s ultimately up to you to pay close attention.

It’s helpful, while experiencing an unpleasant or difficult situation of any sort, or even a pleasant, positive one, to stop in the midst of it and think “What is this teaching me? What skills or wisdom or knowledge am I being equipped with by experiencing this?” It may not come to you right away, maybe not even until the situation is long over. But it’s great to ask yourself those questions. It will get your brain in gear and directed at finding answers.

Sometimes your only lesson may just be developing deeper compassion to help others later in a similar situation or inspiring others by sharing what you have come to know. And that’s beautiful! 

Your situation can even just be reading a book or a poem or mindfully listening to a song. It can be wildly entertaining and fun but underneath there’s always some beautiful lesson to be learned.

I think this is what it means to “live life to the fullest.” You know that old cliche, right?! 

When I think of that I often think of people skydiving, partying it up, traveling the world, bungee jumping and shit but “living life to the fullest” is another thing that’s different for each person. To some people that stuff is boring and “living life to the fullest” is sitting on a sofa every night watching funny TV shows. And that’s great too as long as you’re getting the most out of your own life and not interfering with others.

To me, living to the fullest, is being in tune with the life all around me, living in the moment, seeing what it’s teaching me, savoring the splendor I am blessed to experience. 

It’s truly being alive and active “listening” to life, not just mindlessly floating through each day.  

Everyday I keep myself in tune to the wisdom all around and within me, I try to learn as much as I can and I meditate upon it and write about it and share with anyone who wants to know about it! I find wisdom and beauty in books, poetry, songs, blogs, essays, and everywhere. 

Xoxo Kim

P.s. I found love today in my backyard with my dogs:



My #1 Goal & sweet reminders <3 :-D

Recently at the ice cream store I work at, a sweet, happy, and friendly family came, a mom, dad, and their two little girls. They wanted some milk for the baby’s sippie cup. We don’t usually sell milk but we do have milk we use for the milkshakes so I gave them a cup of milk and did not charge them even though they offered to pay. They also got ice cream and were very pleased with it! 😀

They only spent a few dollars all together. I charged them a little bit less for the little girls’ ice cream because they got smaller sizes than we sell because the girls are so little. They gave me a sixteen dollar tip! A sixteen dollar tip?! Whoooaaa!!! That’s the biggest tip I ever received at once! I was so grateful for their kindness and generosity. Not just because I got extra money but for the fact that there’s people out there who are that giving and friendly and genuinely want to do good for others. They are just very happy and good people. I always appreciate people/customers like that whether or not they give me a tip. Their friendly smiles are enough for me. 😀

This incident reminded me of my number one goal. The goal I made the conscious decision to accomplish when I was 24 years old, the goal I decided to accomplish the day I made a decision to make an attempt to end my life and then within the same hour decided to go the other way and live with everything I have, to live. To be. To breathe.

I have a few goals now. One, I want to create a vegetable garden! I want to grow and nurture lots & lots of delicious tomatoes! MmmMmmm :-D. I also want to plant flowers and buy lots of colorful flowers for my room. Another goal I have is to get a counseling job of some sort to counsel/help people with mental health issues. I also want to develop healthy exercising/consuming habits and see if that helps better with my chronic fatigue.

But my number one goal is to be the best me I can be for myself and everyone my existence impacts in any way. This may seem quite simple but it is sometimes challenging and sometimes easy. There are so many, many aspects to someone. Some aspects are easier to tend to and work on and be good at than others. This goal encompasses all different aspects. I will not always know what is best for me or someone else in every situation and I know I will not always feel like doing the best for myself or others. I may want to slack or even intentionally do something wrong or unkind on rare occasions.

When I say what’s best for someone else, that is never to say that I will tell someone what to do or how to live. It doesn’t mean I will do things that I think is best for someone who doesn’t want me to do that to/for the person. What this means is that I will do what is best for others in relation to me. I will make an attempt to try to always act in ways that my existence will impact others for the best for the both of us. For example, forgiveness. Forgiveness is usually best for everyone involved. Also to refrain whenever I may feel like being vengeful or verbally unkind/vicious out of anger or pain.

My goal is to be as kind as possible, as loving as I can be, to grow in every way possible and to be extremely giving and generous and not merely to receive anything in return. I plan to do what is best for the world, to be a better place for us all.

This goal of mine will never be completely accomplished like some goals can be. There’s no way to objectively measure it. It’s an ongoing goal that will go on for as long as I live. And while some moments I will have lapses and setbacks I will do the absolute best I can to keep up with it.

It’s ok to make mistakes and then move on and forgive myself and others.

I’m generally very kind and forgiving and I let small, trivial things slide often and sometimes even things that may not be so small.

More often than not, I don’t say or do extremely unkind things to people even when they do unkind things to me and if they ever do say sorry I am usually quick to forgive. My mom sees this as a weakness in me. She calls me a wimp when I do not seek revenge on people who sling insults at me or do something to intentionally have a negative impact on me. It’s usually just not in me to be that way. But there are some occasions when I do feel vengeful and angry and want to get people who have intentionally caused me grief and there have been occasions when I have got revenge on people who I felt deserved it and often felt guilty later. Recently I told my mom I want to work on that part of me so I never seek revenge and instead just heal and move on. And my mom sarcastically said “sure become even more of a wimp.” Lol. I understand how people want to seek revenge on people who intentionally cause pain or anger for others; that is a natural and normal response to want to do that and it doesn’t make someone a bad person for wanting to get even or for getting even. However, I do not think it’s usually healthy for anyone and I do not think that not seeking revenge and that forgiving is a weakness. It’s actually a strength.

I think about my number one goal frequently but I want to make it even more conscious in my brain. And I love little reminders that inspire me like the family who came to my work recently. ❤


I hope everyone is having a beautiful day/night/ and I hope you are all coming along well with your goals/dreams/plans!!!

X0xoKim ❤Image