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Staying Positive in Difficult Situations {head injury}


I wrote here recently about my head injury. I can’t really remember when it happened but it was probably about two weeks ago. I walked into a bar on my bed in the dark and suffered a severe (at least it feels that way to me) head injury. It hit my temple, just missing the center on the right side. And I fell into my bed unconscious and woke up dizzy, sickly, confused, and in pain.Β Β  I suffered memory problems and a general state of feeling not well.

I did not seek professional medical help then or now. I have no health insurance to pay for it but anyway I don’t think it needs help like that. All bad head injuries should be checked out though but I read that each symptom can be treated separately. Even with home remedies.

This happened previously but not nearly as bad and it wasn’t my temple. My symptoms seemed to be getting better about a few days but now they are getting worse. Last night I thought I was literally dying. The pain was so bad and I was very confused. My vision and hearing is messed up. I was laying in bed fearful and feeling so alone not knowing what to do.

My memory is basically non existent.Β Β  And I don’t have a good memory anyway. I looked up things on the Internet and found that my symptoms are considered normal for someone who experienced a head injury, even a minor one.

Symptoms usually get better and better until they heal but for some people they get worse after two weeks like mine are.

It is a relief to know it’s normal but it can take 3-6 months to heal or even over one year but usually they heal within six months.

At some points my pain and confusion are unbearable. My temple was h it but the spilt starts on the temple and goes around to the back of my head at the center.

This condition can cause negative behavioral changes, irritability, depression, and anxiety. I don’t have these but it is hard to cope and is difficult emotionally. It’s hard getting out of bed, getting a shower and I can’t even brush my long hair which tends to easily look like a rat’s nest if it’s not brushed regularly. I can only sleep on my back, propped up on pillows, and on my left side a certain way.

Earlier I was feeling so bitter with a victim – like mentality. Then I reminded myself that this trying situation can serve to strengthen me and show me how much I can endure and still stand firm & strong and stay positive.

I decided to create a list of positive ways to cope in a difficult or painful situation and share them here!


1.) Rest/sleep is important always but especially when health is threatened or not the best.

2.) Physical movement in some degree. With certain injuries though, this should be monitored or be taken cautiously. I can’t do my regular stretches but can still do some.

3.) focus on what is going right.

4.) Try to think thoughts in a positive manner. Instead of thinking how horrible this is, think about how this is a challenge that can teach us and help us come up with creative ideas to handle it. Think of difficulties as challenges and take them on with enthusiasm as opposed to thinking of them as horrible afflictions that have to knock us down and keep us there.

5.) know that while you cannot always choose what happens to you, you can learn to choose how you handle it. You can smile and react positively.

6.) Don’t dwell on your misfortunes. Distract yourself.Β Β  Do fun activities.

7.) talk to positive people who will help you, listen, and encourage you.

8.) remember it’s healthy and ok to vent about your struggles in healthy manners, writing, telling good friends…

9.) have an attitude of gratitude. Write a list of things you are thankful for.

10.) create a Playlist of happy songs or a list of quotes that can uplift you.

11.) Look into a mirror and smile. πŸ˜€

My situation can be worse.
I can’t change it. It happened and now I must cope. It is difficult but it will get better.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Xoxo Kim

If you have any good suggestions that help you stay positive, please post them here, thank you! πŸ˜€