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Random Inspiration #10 {old memories and what to do with ugly/plain/useless photos you take}


Sometimes I take pictures that turn out not that good, blurry or ugly or boring or plain looking, too dark, too bright, seemingly having no point…I usually have the urge to delete them.

But not so long ago, I got a better idea. 

I can “recycle” them in a way, I guess you can say. Get creative and fix them up and make them pretty or more interesting. 

I can do things with the pictures that will make them look good that would ruin other pictures.



Look at this terrible picture! Ack! I want to delete it right now! I meant for it to be a lovely view of the Philadelphia skyline at night but it sucks instead. No hope for it…



Now it’s pretty, right?!

I think so! But even if you still think it’s just kind of useless or sucks, you still get the picture, right?

You can take a sucky photo and prettify (or creepify) it. Imagine if I took a beautiful picture and then put that heart on it like that? It would ruin it!

But this picture already sucks so the heart can’t ruin it! And you can still see part of the skyline and I think the heart makes it look even better.And the colors pop more The heart is the main thing now but then we catch a glimpse of the buildings and lights in the background! Perfect!

Or you can make a sucky picture look creepy, like with my pic of the door above. That was just a simple pic of a door I took that had no use (the pic had no use, not the door) so I put a weird creep effect on it!


I like this one. Sometimes I’m in the mood for making my pictures cheery and pretty and colorful while other occasions I want them seeming dark, nostalgic, hazy, blurry, creepy, sad-like, vintage, shadowy…
This one is on the dark side.

Heres’s the original :


And here’s another pic I made fantastic when it was just kind of blah originally:




I actually like this one too but can see how it’s kind of plain. It’s interesting though. It’s a University of Pennsylvania building. The campus is beautiful. This is the medical examiner’s office, where they do autopsies and examine corpses and stuff.

And here are some more pics of mine that weren’t that good and I fixed them up:



Lol the heater at work. I made it look like I was having some dance party with strobe lights. I only took the pic to test my phone because it wasn’t working correctly. I took the picture last year and just found it in my phone recently.


Library on Temple University campus. I used to go to school here. I took this pic a few nights ago as I was going by.
I love when I see the campus again. I don’t see it frequently and whenever I do so many emotions come flooding back to me.
Both happy and sad ones, feelings of longing and feelings of joy. Nostalgia and happiness and gratitude.
i embrace them all.
It’s so familiar yet so distant now. I know it so well, so intimately, yet I feel as if I would probably get lost walking on there again.
That is so strange to feel.
i am never quite prepared for the feelings I experience when seeing the campus again and reminiscing.
I loved walking all around the campus day or night. When I had breaks in the middle classes

sometimes I would walk around the same buildings over and over and over, loving every single second of it. I would explore the entire campus by myself. And I would get there early just to have breakfast and iced coffee and just to walk around campus in the early morning before class.
It’s there and then that I learned to love my own company. I was always afraid to do things, go places alone, not because of social anxiety but because of my depression and certain painful memories I have. I dreaded long breaks in the middle of classes and it hurt me to see girls alone drinking coffee or eating or reading, it stirred feelings of horror and despair in me because of certain of my own experiences but I took the chance, the risk, and embraced my physical aloneness and came to welcome it and love iit.

Sometimes I still get those old feelings and fear of aloneness but then I remember my strength I found on campus in college.

I loved those early mornings having coffee with just me, reading, walking, exploring.i found it healing and I love the memories now. I cherish them always. This was before my depression was as healed as it is now and that aloneness and embracing it helped heal me so much and instill more joy into me. I’m naturally extroverted, always wanting people around me and it was hard at first to learn to do things like this alone but I accomplished it! 😀


These are steps that lead to nowhere. They are in a neighborhood I used to live, one I lived in since I took my first breath until I turned eleven years old. It’s a small place where everyone knew each other. It’s often called the “ghetto” because it’s a very poor neighborhood and full of trash and falling down houses. And loud people, prostitutes, criminals, and people with drug problems. It wasn’t always as bad as it is now. It started to get worse and that’s why my mom and dad decided to move when I was eleven years old. People were getting murdered on the street corners where I played with my friends. One day I saw one of the murder victims after the homicide occurred.
A young woman who I still think of today. I never saw her before she died
That I know of. I don’t know who she is/was.
she had thick curly long hair and I remember it so vividly. I wonder who she would be if she were allowed to live.
I saw the whole thing, all the gore and all, I saw the emergency paramedics take her body away after covering her with the white sheet. I saw the gruesome aftermath, the things that no one cleaned and remained day after day until the rain washed it away.
She was killed on a man’s pavement and I wondered why he did not clean up his pavement after it occurred.
She was stabbed to death.
I knew it’s horrific but I was too young to completely understand.
i was sad to leave the neighborhood because I loved it there (not the violence and gore and all though)
i knew everyone, I had many friends there.
i never minded the loud people or the prostitutes on the corner.
One of them was even my friend when I saw her around.
she was sweet and friendly and I wondered why people talked about her In an unkind way.

i just saw her for her, not the unfortunate circumstances of her life.
I was very angry at my mom and dad for taking me away and moving me to a bigger place where I knew not as many people. I met a few friends I frequently saw but I still wanted my old ones and wanted to go back “home.”

i used to know a lady who lived on the street where those steps are. Her house is gone now but the broken steps remain.
she was very old, very sweet, very youthful and full of life. Very loving and warm.
She worked or volunteered at the elementary school I went to.
i remember when it was almost Christmas and I was in 4th grade and a little girl in class asked her if she thinks Santa Claus is real and she said “yes because who else brings all the toys?!” 😀






These are some of my darker pictures. The ones that don’t resonate with everyone. My mom and sister don’t care for them. Some pictures are universally pleasing like, most people would probably like them or agree that they are pleasant, pretty, uplifting…such as flowers, a bowl of fruit, cute animals, sunsets and sunrises, babies…and I love all those too. but there are certain kinds
artistic things that only certain others will understand or appreciate like this stuff. I never used to like black & white or sepia pictures but now I love them. Only for certain things though, usually not for people or
Nature, definitely not for the sky usually. I think those things are meant to let their colors fly. But for buildings and things I like b&w and sepia as well as color.

This concept can be applied to many things. Some things are probably better off being tossed. But some things can be given new life, used in a different way. Old clothes, old mail, things which no longer serve their original purpose well can be creatively made into something else. Even ourselves! 

You can use useless mail for an arts and crafts project, clothes too.

This can probably be good for the environment too! Recycling is important!

And we can even rebuild ourselves into something new, grow, evolve, expand…

I wish you much love, happiness, health, joy, and creativity!


Xoxo Kim

P.s. This post is not in good condition, like the format because I posted it directly onto the app on my phone instead of how I usually do. The app is not compatible with my phone for posting directly onto it, I can’t correct mistakes easily and other stuff. I did this like this because I got confused with the locations of the pictures in my phone and that part was easier to just use the app directly for. Most of my posts won’t be this much
a wreck though. Lol ;-D toodleloo lolz

<3 Currently <3


(meeee <33)

This is that blog trend people do where they write what they are “loving lately.” 
It’s kind of useless but I felt the desire to post something. Lol I have lots of drafts of content of more substance saved not yet ready to be posted! Soon! I love reading people’s “currently” and “loving lately” though.

Reading: A murder mystery novel called “Blind Evil” about a serial killer who kills newlywed couples. I like reading scary books in bed at night and personal development/educational/other books during the day. Something thrilling about falling asleep thinking about serial killers and murder right?! Ok not really. lol But I like reading mysteries at night. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Loving: the two puppies my dog just had four weeks ago! She had two and my family is keeping both of them! A little boy and a little girl! Woody & Quinny! They are already wild and chew and run around playing and give lots of kissies! We also have the mom and dad. The mommy is a chihuahua/daschund mix and the daddy is a purebred pomeranian. The daddy, Emmy, is a very wild boy who is constantly on the go and gets into everything. He loves his babies and is always licking them and playing with them. He’s a good daddy.


Tell me, are they not the cutest little things you ever seen?!?!


They have rolls and big bellies and short little legs! so adorable!! ❤

Also I’m currently loving these bracelets I recently saw when I was out with my friend at the mall. They were like 18.00 and on sale for like 14.00 but I’m currently totally poor, financially and couldn’t purchase one. They’re BCBgeneration bracelets with words like “love” “fearless” “meow” lol I’m ordering one soon that says “True

Thankful for: That it’s almost Pumpkin Season aka Fall!!

Listening to: Cool Night by Paul Davis

Quote you’re currently loving: Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me.


Drinking: Toasted Almond coffee

Weather: 93 degrees heatwave! Just horrible!

Happy about: taking photos! I have been inspired to learn more about taking pictures. I read about it a lot. I don’t understand most of it but it’s still inspiring to read! And happy about Autumn season arriving soon! Yay!!

Laughing about: That awkward moment when I’m reading reviews for a mobile app and the first review on there is not a pleasant one and I’m judging the reviewer as seeming really pompous and really needing to be humbled to put that annoying, audacious tone in its place.
And then realize the reviewer is me. The review is over a year old and I totally forgot I posted it. Then I looked and saw my name on there: kimberly10. And remembered. 
This happened. Embarrassing. How’s that for humbling?! Lol! I probably wouldn’t be admitting it if it wasn’t so hilarious.  ;-D

Unhappy about: the bruise under my fingernail. I was attempting to pick something up and accidentally picked up a soda bottle really hard. I have no clue how. It’s like my hand had a mind of its own and grabbed the soda bottle really hard and my nail bent back really hard and a bruise developed. My real nails are long and it’s not always easy having long nails! It seems that the bruise gets bigger, darker, uglier, and purple-er each day. I usually have my fingernails and toenails painted. They’re currently painted peach. But they chip easily and the bruise can be seen. Ouch! Eww! It looks like dirt under my fingernail. Lol! 


Xoxo Kim


Be Average. Be Unique. Be YOU!


“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ~ Dolly Parton


“Live to express, not impress”

There’s this fear of being “average” or having an average life. A life that looks just like everyone else’s life. 
One that doesn’t stand out. One that isn’t radically “different” in some significant way. A need to find, list, and ponder ways in which we are very unlike everyone else.
And there’s this fear of being “too different,” of not “fitting in.” An urge to repress parts of the self that may come off as “weird” or “not cool.” An urge to mold parts of ourselves into things that look like everyone else’s things.
There are people who force themselves to do things, wear things, be things…they don’t really like just because it’s the style, trend, the in-thing.
Then there are those who are just the opposite.
They make it a point to resist what is currently popular just to be different and stand out, perhaps for shock value. So when they’re with a group of “clones,” they can say “I don’t have a smartphone” or “I don’t have a social media account ” or “I don’t watch tv” or…..and watch the looks on people’s faces, the “really?!,” “Are you kidding me?!!?” looks. 
They get to be different. Unique. Because they rebel against the masses.
This is great if it’s something they really don’t want because they naturally aren’t attracted to it or they feel it’s somehow detrimental to them but if we avoid things just to be different, we deny our true selves. Which is the same as conforming. Denying what we really want and who we truly are, merely to “fit in.”
Anti-conformity is denying who we really are or what we really want, merely to be or appear to be different.
But underneath you will always just be you.
And that’s ok.
No matter how much you resist conformity, there are ways you are still average, just like the next person.
No matter how much you conform, you are different somehow.
It’s a struggle to find the perfect balance of being “different enough” but “similar enough.”
Conforming but bringing our very own uniqueness to it.
A struggle that is unnecessary. Uncalled for.
We don’t have to be different in significant ways than the average person. We don’t have to be exactly the same, carbon copies of everyone else.
We’re all just average and we’re all very different.
I’m very much the same as everyone else but I also have my own uniqueness.
If I provide you with a description of myself, my personality, it will fit some other girl somewhere, very well. I love old music, stilettos, makeup, photography, chocolate, cake, dark poetry, happy songs, comedy movies, romantic comedies, love songs, vanilla frosting, personal development…
Someone else somewhere can say all this too.
 But we will still be very different than each other.
Just like if I provide you with a physical description of myself, my physical appearance.
It will fit someone else perfectly. Long brown hair, blue eyes, 5 feet, 5 inches, kind of thin….
But we will still look very different.
Because we are different. No matter how similar we will ever be to another, we have something that makes us different. Maybe that something can’t be identified or named. Maybe we can’t put our finger on it but it’s there.
We have our own perspectives, ways of looking at things, ideas, opinions, views, experiences, wisdom, knowledge, a combination of things that are unique and no one else will ever be. Even if we have an identical twin or triplets or anything.
But we are also average. Just like the next person.
We have desires, needs, goals, lives…hearts that pulsate, smiles that convey happiness and warmth, a longing to connect with others, blood that flows….just like everyone else.
The struggle of finding the perfect way to appear next to others and compare with others is not a necessary one. What is important is being our best selves. Living your passions. Basking in the beauty of life. 
Answering your calling. Whether it’s work, hobbies that are just for fun, travel, writing, watching TV, playing with your kids, adopting a child or pet, volunteering, helping people in some way…
Looking within to our authentic selves, honoring that Self, our Truth. Your Truth.
Forget conformity.
Forget anti-conformity.
Remember YOU. 

“So you think you know the answers, oh no
Well the whole world’s got you dancing
That’s right, I’m telling you
It’s time to start believing, oh yes
Believe in who you are, you are a shining star” ~Lionel Richie ❤

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ~Oscar Wilde

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Xoxo Kim


My sweet, looong List of Happy. <3 :-D


I recently stumbled across a blog post about “List of Kinds of People I Seriously Hate”

And to my dismay I am on that list! Lol Well not me personally but one of the kinds of people she “seriously hates.” lol How rude!


She seems like a very outspoken girl though who is very sure of herself and isn’t afraid to state her views and just be herself, not fearing what others will think or say about who she is. And I think that’s generally something to be appreciated and respected so I wasn’t too annoyed and she also loves animals so that’s alright with me!  Anyway, she can’t stand girls who wear low cut shirts, especially when they post pics of themselves and that’s totally me! She said it’s totally slutty and any girl like that will be taken right off her newsfeed or any social media list! But it’s just my style is all! Always has been, always will be! ;-D

She said her and her friends tried to write a list of happy things and it was so much harder than writing the list of negative things.  

It surprised me that so many agreed with her. I’m the opposite.   I find it so much easier thinking of things I love. I only planned on writing like 20 something things and just couldn’t stop!   Now it’s way over 100!

But when I try to write a list of things I don’t much care for, I get stuck before even getting to ten usually!   Lol! I guess I’m a little too accepting or easy going?! 😀
Mostly the things on my negative list are : unjust discrimination, animal cruelty, prejudicial attitudes, abuse, homicide….things like that. 

Also, I think “happy lists” are often more unique than “sad lists” because the unhappy lists are often universal. If you think about it, who really does like unjust discrimination, diseases, sore throats, child or domestic abuse, homicide…? Pretty much no one.  

But not everyone loves the color pink or rainbows or babies! 

So happy lists are quite unique.

Inaccurate grammar, Girls who do the duck face, post pics of their messy kids and food all day, piss and moan about their drama, are slutty, post 50, million pics of themselves in restrooms, half dressed, political rants…..don’t annoy me. I don’t mind seeing their stuff or whatever.   Whatever floats your boats, girls! Lol

I’m not the most judgmental girl in the world which also means I don’t really judge people too hard who judge me negatively.   I’m mostly, understanding of your lack of understanding, compassionate even with your lack of compassion, empathetic for your lack of empathy, accepting of your lack of acceptance.

I don’t like it much but it is what it is, right?!


Anyway, though, Here’s my list of happy!
Inspired by that girl’s list of not so happy! Lol

1.) animals

2.) shopping for makeup, clothes, books

3.) iced coffee especially when it’s really sweetened 

4.) meeting people I never met before


5.) finding new quotes, songs, and poems that resonate with me in a deep way

6.) snowstorms and the first snowfall of the season

7.) When the seasons are changing to the next one – it’s something magical

8.) photography

9.) looking into a mirror and loving who/what I see

10.) the feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s something small

11.) making someone smile

12.) random acts of kindness

13.) helping someone 

14.) the way it feels to put on comfy pj’s and fall into bed after a long day

15.) hot tea

16.) cake

17.) rain

18.) Hello Kitty

19.) journals and stationary stuff

20.) blogs

21.) my long hair

22.) gentle summer breezes

23.) all the different shades of green that appear throughout Spring & Summer

24.) novels and plays with deep, profound meanings

25.) poetry 

26.) getting a new handbag

27.) learning a new life lesson or being reminded of ones I previously learned

28.) salt n vinegar chips

29.) babies!

30.) art journaling 

31.) walking in warm or cool weather 

32.) seeing people happy and doing well

33.) friends

34.) mindfulness meditation and activities 

35.) Buddhist teachings 

36.) philosophy 

37.) dreams while I’m sleeping and remembering them when I wake up

38.) being aware of beauty all around 

39.) my senses

40.) restaurants

41.) gratitude 

42.) parks 

43.) beautiful buildings 

44.) kind strangers 

45.) Oldies songs, country songs, love songs 

46.) Happy songs and sad poetry 

47.) the sky

48.) the moon

49.) getting caught in the rain

50.) taking a picture that turns out more perfect than I expected 

51.) love of all kinds, romantic, platonic, universal

52.) walking through a large shopping mall

53.) being surrounded by people

54.) hugs!

55.) making someone else happy

56.) Belly laughs that hurt

57.) the way it feels when laughing almost lifts me when I’m depressed sometimes or in physical pain

58.) Center City Philadelphia and all the beautiful buildings 

59.) buying someone a gift or cup of coffee/tea

60.) people who are open-minded, understanding, and empathetic for other people’s situations, problems, lives…

61.) all the colorful leaves of the fall

62.) Blueberry coffee (coffee with blueberry flavor in it) with cream and sugar

63.) fun/deep conversations with a stranger on a bus or at the bus stop

64.) connecting with people

65.) feeling one with all that is

66.) pretty candles with a sweet fragrance 

67.) being able to listen to the same song over and over and never get tired of it!

68.) unsuccessfully trying hard not to laugh at something hilarious that I know I shouldn’t be laughing at

69.)  serving people at the store where I work 

70.) coca cola

71.) romantic comedies

72.) anything sappy and cheesy 

73.) the sun and sunrises and sunsets

74.) Morning

75.) nightfall

76.) sunny afternoons

77.) hot cocoa with whipped cream on a bitter cold day

78.) gray days as well as sunny ones

79.) miserable weather 

80.) bright, clear blue sky with big fluffy white clouds

 81.) different kinds of accents people have

82.) learning phrases in other languages I don’t know

83.) getting a new or old book

84.) bookstores

85.) nail polish that stands out

86.) bright colored socks

86.) anything pink

87.) the color red – especially dresses and handbags, and lipstick on girls who can pull it off


88.) the color green 

89.) sweet messages

90.) feeling deeply inspired 

91.) feeling motivated and taking action for the better

92.) twilight


93.) finding beauty in unlikely places

94.) sweet memories

95.) When a certain scent takes me back to a place long gone. The bittersweetness of nostalgia

96.) old writings, books, plays

97.) flowers

98.) remembering a song I forgot long ago

99.) When pain isn’t as bad

100.) being filled with deep wisdom and sharing it with others or people sharing it with me

101.) Girls in five inch stilettos 

102.) animals playing 

103.) my online friends on Facebook, the blog, 365project…

104.) the feeling when a package comes in the mail for me!

105.) Happy surprises

106.) everything related to weddings 

107.) animal rescue organizations

108.) movie theatres 

109.) the feeling of laying in bed at night reading 

110.) trampolines 

111.) learning something fascinating 

112.) teaching someone something fascinating I learned

113.) making someone’s day better

114.) physical closeness – waiting for a bus with people, standing in lines at a store with people, sitting next to people….

115.) finding something with the letter “K” on it


116.) peanut butter

117.) french vanilla cream horns

118.) university/college campuses


119.) things not going as planned but then working out even better! 

120.) posting sweet song lyrics 

121.) snuggling under blankets with dogs or cats

122.) skyscrapers 


123.) street signs and city lights


124.) the sounds of the city

125.) busses and trolleys

126.) people who build each other up instead of dragging each other down

127.) tomatoes 

128.) walking in a light mist

129.) Indian food

130.) fruity or Hawaiian body spray 

131.) the way it feels using a new shower gel or hair product 

132.) facebook

133.) lemons in soda and iced tea

134.) warm places in the Winter

135.) being deeply inspired to create 

136.) birds flying around outside 

137.) the love of being greeted by my dogs when I walk into a room.

138.) lovers holding hands

139.) old people – they’re cute.

140.) reading about/hearing about someone’s dream finally coming true.

Wow! Life sure is good, isn’t it?! 😀

I never expected to feel this way at the end of this. So uplifted, warm, and in awe at how many amazing things there are to be so happy about. I did not list these all in one sitting; it took like two days but at the very end I felt so warm and light and like I can jump for joy!

Sometimes I create lists like these in my head at night as I’m laying in bed but it feels even different when I write out a super long list like this. When I think like this at night, the joy often keeps me awake! Lol. So I try to think of more mellow, serene things. You know your life is good when you can’t sleep at night because of too many GOOD thoughts!   

I don’t have a “real” job, not much money, I live with family, not on my own, I have a depressive and chronic physical pain disorder but I can still say that life is beautiful.   Beautiful with all the simple joys, all the sweet wonders that cost nothing or next to nothing.  

May you realize all the treasures you are truly blessed with and feel inspired to list them and not be able to stop!  

Xoxo Kim

For Your Eyes Only and some random stuff


I just posted, in a draft, somewhat of a long post and before posting it, I accidentally deleted it. Like I said, previously, I frequently work on content but don’t post it as much as I would like to. I write it in my memos section on my phone and save it then later post it.

I use my mobile phone for blog posts and it has an app but both the app and the Internet version suck for this phone. Although the app is much better than the Internet version. It takes so much nonsense just to post one blog post! You just wouldn’t believe it but I love the app and am very thankful for it. I guess most systems can’t be perfect and I will take what I can get. I’m so often inspired and if I really want, I can and often do come up with blog post content everyday. It’s just so impractical with this ppphone.
Like look at the word “ppphone” right there and it’s all kinds of hell just to delete it and fix it. So I’m not.
Usually I write this stuff in my memos section on the phone first then paste it. Here but today I’m just writing it right on the aaapp.
There you go again! “Aaapp”
sorry to any grammar nazis who may be reading! Lol!

Lol I’m not really sorry though. I don’t have a thing for grammar “naziism” or spelling fanaticism.
As long as I get the gist of what someone is saying/writing or attempting to write, forget grammar and all that. You’re good!
Even using my memos first then merely pasting it here is more bs than I want but well worth it to have and post on the blog. But writing it here first? Beyond hell! But oh well!
So earlier I lost my long post! But today or tomorrow I will write it again and post it! Yay! Lol. It’s a sweet little story I stumbled upon and my thoughts about it! ::-D
So here’s some randomness!
Do you like Sheena Easton?
i do!
You know the girl who sings “Morning Train?”
“my baby takes the morning train….”
“He works from nine til five and then he takes another home again to find me waiting for him”
Yeah. Her.
She has a very beautiful voice and I am just completely in love with her song “For Your Eyes Only.”

I listen to it day and night.
Mobile :



Also I fell in love with photography. Bitten by the lovebug.

Real good. I have always loved taking pics but now I discovered love for it at another level. I want a camera. A real digital camera. But I’m virtually jobless.
so no camera right now. Just my phone’s camera but it’s all good!
i read about photography often. I download countless photo apps, search for tips, look at pics for inspiration….
i want to put my favorite quotes on my photos and share them!
i love things with a dark/sad tinge to it like poetry, photos…sstuff.
Not because I’m sad and dark though. It’s just that I love how sadness and pain can be turned to beauty and expressed through ccreativity.
I love happy, cheery stuff too! 😀
i have been wanting to get pictures of the seagulls I see everyday here in Philadelphia but they usually aren’t close enough and my phone camera can’t always capture things well at certain distances like stars and birds.
but today I got a few!
beautiful bird pictures!
Three days ago I was hugged in Center City, Philadelphia by a completely random stranger.
I was walking to the bus stop after my therapy session. This happy, friendly, super outgoing, and obviously bold girl said “Come on now bring it on in, get over here and give me a hug…”. and you know I’m all about the hugs. So of course I wasn’t going to resist! So we hugged each other like long lost best friends who wanted to cling to each other and never ever let go again. She was with her friend, another friendly girl who took a pic of us hhhugging.
They said “awwww”. It was cute.

Then they went on to hug some more random strangers. And they were saying “see people in Center City DO give hugs!!”
Someone must have said we don’t love hugging strangers here!
Last night I bought a Kindle book called “Molly” I think. It’s a dark psychological thriller.
i read it in bed late last night into the early morning.
I laughed and laughed and laughed til it hurt. Some parts are hilarious. It’s about high school kids. A novel. Dark is right. It’s vulgar and violent and the mouths on the kids in the book! Oh my! But it’s funny and I like it.
They curse like it’s their job throughout the book, there’s explicit sexual scenes, and homicide all throughout iiit.
It’s about a little girl, Amanda. She’s known as being a sweet, quiet, straight A student, a bookworm who never breathes a negative word about anyone.
Her and her older brother are in high school.

All of a sudden she becomes a violent and dangerous maniac who people fear and no one knows what happened to her. It’s a quick, smooth, somewhat light read. It does have sad pparts.
Another song I’m loving is Gladys Knight’s “I Feel A Song in My Heart(again)”
and I recently learned what a transitive verb is.
One night recently I just thought out loud “hey what is the word ‘tastes’ like in the sentence ‘this apple tastes good’?!”.
I don’t think it ever occurred to me before tthat.
In elementary school we learn all about verbs, adjectives, nouns, proper nouns…all that good stuff. but to me it seems that we aren’t often taught about much of that in depth.
Unless we take special classes in it like Maybe English or writing higher education classes.
In the sentence “He tastes the apple…” the word “tastes” is a verb. because “He” is doing something but if the apple “tastes” good, the apple isn’t doing something actively like “He” is.
i never really learned that.
but it turns out that it’s still a verb. A certain kind of verb called a “Transitive verb.”. Interesting!
I have been reading more and more about grammar and stuff! Just out of pure curiosity and sheer pleasure though. Not because I’m necessarily interested in bettering my grammar skills. Lol
Learning is fun though. And the more I learn, I start recognizing it all around!

I think that’s all for now!
i hope so, anyway because this is one wreck of a post for sure!
i promise though, my next post won’t have the messed up “aaapp” and “pppphone” and “lllove” because I won’t post it directly into the app!


One of my seagull photos! Pretty, right?! 😀
i hope you’re having a great day!
And my next post will have more “I’s” than “i’s.”. It’s just that I can’t fix them now without a whole lot of bs and since this is just a little personal blog post and not a scholarly essay or research/journal paper it doesn’t seem to matter much to me.

So yeah. Bye now.

Xoxo Kim 😀