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A Brilliant Idea! :-D


One of the many things I love is the fact that there are quite a few used stores I know of book/thrift stores that have boxes of free books outside or in the doorway. All kinds of books, memoirs, fiction, educational texts, magazines…everything. And even though the books are thrown into boxes for free, they are often great books! I found a few books on different occasions that I have been wanting to read!

One day, recently, I found a spiral journal in one  of the boxes, I love blank notebooks/journals and assuming it was blank, I took it. But when I got home and opened it, I found it’s written in! 

I was so delighted!

It’s full of inspiring quotes and ideas handwritten by two girls who wrote it as a gift for their best friend, a college girl. They encouraged her to write more words of wisdom in it along with theirs! 

It’s so uplifting to read all the amazing quotes they compiled!

Here are a few:

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday.”

“Words harshly spoken are as difficult to retrieve as feathers in a gale.”

“Being kind is more important than being right.” 

“The less time there is to work with, the more things get done.” 

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.”

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that happens to it.” 

“Shared joy is doubled joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow.” 

“What’s important in life is how we treat other people.”

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

“Love is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

“Boys are bad news. (Especially those with girlfriends)” 

Lol cute!

And many more like this!


They also chronicled a trip they all took together in 2003!

After reading this, I got a brilliant idea! One I’m sure isn’t very original but still incredible! I thought of buying a journal or notebook, it can be pretty or plain, expensive or you can buy it at a dollar store. You can decorate the cover or leave it as it is.

Fill it with inspiring thoughts, uplifting quotes, anything positive, links to your favorite blogs or websites that may help others, a list of your favorite books that other people may also like, your favorite uplifting songs, things that can apply to or benefit people in general. Whatever you think will help/inspire people!  Your own thoughts and/or the deep wisdom of famous authors and ancient philosophers. You can leave some space so someone else can write in it. Then leave it for a random stranger to find! Imagine finding a book like this! 


You can do what these sweet girls did and make one up as a gift for someone you know. And you can list all the things you love about the person, memories you may have together, funny things, pictures, quotes, wisdom, any kind of inspiration! Think about it, wouldn’t you just LOVE to receive something like this as a gift by a friend, family member, co-worker…or a stranger!?

It’s uplifting, inspiring, and creative and the perfect idea! And you can even make a habit of it! Create one for multiple people you know or random strangers every now and then.


Leave it at a bus stop, on a seat on a bus, on a park bench, at a cafe, a university/college campus, a doctor’s office, maybe somewhere else you know some struggling person is likely to find it. Mail it anonymously to someone you know may need some extra inspiration or just someone you think is amazing and would love to inspire. Give it as a “just because” gift or a birthday gift or a going away or welcome back gift, a sympathy gift, a get well gift, a congratulations gift, a gift of encouragement, or just an I love you gift, to your friend or lover. Who wouldn’t love a journal like this no matter what stage/season of life the person is in!

It can be as long or as brief as you want, very detailed or just brief quotes or thoughts. You can create one in less than a day or work on it for a while.  The thoughtfulness/concept  will be the same! 

I heard of a thing called “Love Letters to Strangers” or something of that sort where this girl began a project where she wrote something sweet on paper, like a brief, uplifting message, even something as simple as “you’re beautiful” and she chose a random stranger, walked up to that person and handed the letter. I read one story where both the stranger and the person giving the gift to the stranger cried together because it was so heartwarming! 

If you want you can even do that with the journal! That would take some guts though! Lol I would have some serious courage to muster! 

Also, not all people are real sappy or kind or warm, not all are appreciative and while there are some who will be warmed, grateful, kind, and receptive, there are people out there who would be angry, curse you out, be confused and look at you like “what the hell are you doing, what’s this shit all about?” 


I watched a YouTube video of a young man who wanted to make strangers happy, men and women both, and he walked up to random strangers saying “you’re beautiful.” With some, it did not go over too well. Some cursed him out, even threatened him, some were disgusted, took it the wrong way, and some just couldn’t understand. So it’s best to be careful when approaching strangers even in positive ways, trying to help and inspire them.

I can definitely see why some people get confused or wary or suspicious, it’s not everyday a stranger comes up to us with a gift or being all sappy showering us in compliments. Even if it’s purely platonic, some people will mistake it as a sexual move or as someone merely being a creep.

But if you’re careful, friendly, and approach people in an open, outgoing way, it should go well! Or if you just leave it for someone to find, it may be less creepy. 

Tap into your creativity and wisdom and let it run wild! You can remain anonymous or not. I love the idea of making it anonymous for strangers. And not anonymous for a close friend. But it’s up to you! And maybe the ones you create one for will go on to create them for others! Maybe we can begin an “inspiring journal” pandemic! Lol You can even create one for yourself!



I’m wishing you much love, happiness, & joy!! ❤

Xoxo Kim

Life Lately & Creative Project


So every so often I see those “Life Lately” posts on blogs and I love reading them so much. I love people and knowing what’s going on with them even when I don’t know them personally. I decided to incorporate one of those into this post! Yay! Lol ;-D


Listening to: my taste in music never changes. Ever. Same as it ever was. Oldies, country, sappy love songs, inspirational/uplifting . Also I just downloaded many more meditation mp3’s. And some are just creepy and had to be deleted. So yeah. No way. And I recently created a Playlist on my phone of nothing but uplifting songs to inspire and help me. One song constantly on my heart is LeeAnn Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” I can’t get enough of that song or quite explain how deeply it speaks to me. It’s one of my greatest resources that helps me with my suicidal/low/depressive moods. And there’s another song I have been listening to by Rodney Atkins “If You’re Going Through Hell.” It’s about holding on no matter how much it hurts and keep on going. He sings about being in darkness and just when we feel as if we can’t get any lower, we sink to a new level of despair and desperation and it seems like everyone is out to get us, things are bad and go to worse seeming as if they can’t get worse. Then they do.

But we just keep going, going, and going and there are people who care and want to help. And eventually things start looking up.

And some Alice Cooper lyrics

“We talk about this whole stupid world and still come out laughing ha ha
We never make any sense but hell that never mattered
But we’ll make it through our blackest hour we’re living proof” ~ Alice Cooper (“Department of Youth lyrics)

Watching: again. Something that never changes. I do not watch TV. But I love when my dad watches “King of Queens” at night! I love that show and even have the theme song on my phone.

Reading : Sarah Ban Breathnach ‘s “Something More” and just loving it. She has this great “arts & crafts” idea I’m doing and I have some creative ideas swirling around in my head.

I have a blank page notebook and on the cover it reads, “think positive you are master of your own destiny.”. On the blank pages I’m writing positive quotes and song lyrics and gluing pretty pictures, quotes, and words out of magazines. It will be my creative book of positivity! 😀


Two nights ago I found a meditation mp3 to increase serotonin in the brain and yesterday I meditated to it. It’s supposed to be sending an unconscious positive message to the brain. I do not know what on god’s green earth it was saying to me but when I came out of the meditation I was sickly and achy. ???!!??

Whaaattt??!! Huh?! Yeah, serious headache and just a weird all around feeling. Never again. Delete. Lol. I don’t know what’s going with this thing but I feel injured by it.

There’s a lawsuit right there! Lol jk! Not really! I’m not money hungry and I know the person who created it has good intentions.

Also, my phone’s auto correct. It’s just getting to me. It’s like a setting got changed and it’s over correcting. It’s spelling things wrong and changing the versions of words to the same word but a different version. And my memory card is full and I can’t take new pictures!! Blahhh!! Now I have to save up for a new memory card! And taking pictures is my life! Well, a big part of it! But it’s all good! My phone really is an excellent phone. I am blessed.

Loving: this Fall weather! I love Fall. And it’s finally beginning to feel like Fall and not Summer. I love Philadelphia.
Also, I’m loving writing here, helping myself and others. It’s so great to have something positive to focus on.
And the positivity creativity book I have been working on. I have been feeling creative tendencies attempting to break through. I don’t know why. But I’m so inspired to write. Poetically. Draw. Arts & crafts. Dream even things I know will never materialize. I have this closed minded thing about me where I tend to not dream of things I think can never occur. That’s a big creative block and just dumb so I’m working on that! Nothing is impossible really (except for things that literally are.) . I have no special creative talents and I occasionally get creative energy bursts and do all “creative” stuff I’m terrible at then I quit. But it’s good and fun to draw, write, paint, play… whether or not we’re good at it. So I’m going to make it part of my everyday routine to get my creative juices flowing.

I even have a creative meditation mp3 designed to help us tap into our creative side and enhance creativity.

It’s at meditationoasis.com


Here: http://www.meditationoasis.com/podcast/listen-to-podcast/
They have some for free and some to buy. This one is currently available at no cost.

I would like to encourage anyone interested to get a notebook like I have and make it a fun positive creative notebook. Write things like quotes, song lyrics, and words which inspire you. Draw & glue pictures. All you need is markers, crayons, or colored pencils, magazines, scissors, glue, pens, a notebook, any arts and crafts stuff and your brain! It’s fun to do and you can look at it later to inspire yourself!


This beautiful quote is out of LeeAnn Womack’s wonderful song “I Hope You Dance.”. This song and this line have always helped me so much and always will. When I feel like giving up as if I’m about to succumb to depression/suicidal thoughts & urges, this often helps pull me back or keep me grounded.

“When you come close to sellin’ out, reconsider.” ~ LeeAnn Womack


Xoxo Kim

Beauty in Unlikely Places (updated) <3


I have been thinking about things that I find to be beautiful which many people do not. Things which many see as ugly, mundane, inappropriate, disturbing, less than lovely.

Here, I have comprised a list of some of those things:
❤ weeds- I can't count the
moments I have stopped to snap a gorgeous photo of some "plant/flower" I have found to be beautiful, only for my mom or sister to inform me I'm taking pictures of ugly. Dead. Weeds. But I continue on because to me, weeds, are just beautiful.

❤ Rain/snow/sleet – just about everyone around me complains about "miserable" weather. Rain. Lightening. Thunder storms. Snow. Blizzards. But I love it.

❤ Muddy puddles – yup. I take countless pictures of puddles. With mud. And dirt. And stuff. Sometimes they have oil rainbows. I guess car oil does that.  I find wonder in the unlikeliest of places.

❤ Signs of aging – Wrinkles, Gray hair, Laugh lines.. getting older is a true blessing. It brings more experience. More lessons to learn & to teach. More wisdom. Many people die tragically young. We are blessed to be whatever age we are. If we live to be old, gray, wrinkled, it means we had more days to live & to love. To bless & be blessed. To see things, to know things, we could have never imagined. Embrace your age. Embrace the signs of aging! Scream your age off the rooftops. Be proud you survived and are still going. ❤

❤ Body fat – yes I'm a girl who loves body fat! It's a sign of health. It has a function. It's not ugly. It's beautiful.  

❤ The female physique – I am a girl who really loves checking out other girls. I'm not romantically attracted to them but I find them to be very aesthetically pleasing. Not in a sexist way, I know a woman is much more than just looks! And I am interested in personality, thoughts, views more than anything! But I love girls' curves, clothes, Boobs, nails, hair. I even call girls sexy. Hott. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I have been told "girls aren't supposed to check out other girls or call them hott. ". And I say whatever to that! I like tight, revealing clothing for myself and other girls. I don't see it as disrespectful or degrading.   It's great to be confident and love our bodies. If you got it, flaunt it! And if you don't, flaunt it anyway! Lol ❤ ;-D

❤ Dark poetry/songs – I like poetry that can beautifully capture the dark side. Sad songs & poems can be inspiring & comforting. I love happy ones as well! I like how pain can be made into beauty. Poetic, lyrical,musical, educational….beauty

❤ Monday Mornings – not that I'm usually awake on Monday mornings. Lol ;-). So maybe that's why I love them so much! But Monday mornings are, to me, symbolic of new beginnings. New hope.  Mornings are always beautiful 

❤ Public displays of affection – some people find this inappropriate but I love to see lovers holding hands, kissing, embracing. ❤

❤ Babies with food on their faces, snotty noses, messes on the carpet: I love babies/kids and I think it's cute when they make messes. I would never mind having my carpet or furniture splashed in paint by little creative hands exploring & creating. Just beautiful. 

❤ cars screeching, people laughing late into the night , the sounds of the city, music through the walls, the sounds of people partying all night- this annoys a lot of people. Someone being loud late at night. But I have always found it so comforting.   I like knowing someone somewhere is up & alive while I'm laying in bed.

❤ pineapple pizza – delicious. But people tell me it's just wrong. Lol

 ❤ the scent of dogs. Lol I think dogs smell good, their fur, it's just a cute Lil scent.

❤ the feel of dogs licking my ears. Lol. It feels funny & it's cute! 😉

❤ Insects/bugs/snakes/rodents – I like creepy crawlers & not just the "pretty" ones. I also like centipedes, millipedes, sewer rats….


What unlikely things do you find beautiful? Is there anything “weird”, “bizarre “, “ugly”, “plain ” , “unusual” that you somehow find incredible wonder in? If not, take a look. Maybe you can develop a positive habit of seeing beauty where it at first seems there is none.
As I have previously mentioned if we look hard enough, we can find beauty even when it’s hard. Even through the tears, glittering amidst the pain & heartache.

Wonder what it would be like to have a journal of Beauty? Maybe like a gratitude journal but slightly different? You can use it every day or especially when you can’t seem to find beauty anywhere. I never tried it but I will! We can list things we find to be beautiful, any kind of beautiful.   They can be things commonly thought of as beautiful or things usually viewed as not so pretty. They can be things seen or things felt. Heard or tasted, smelled.
.anything. If it’s beautiful to you,it matters.

May you all find something lovely to experience whether it’s auditory, visual, tactile, or anything….

Xoxo Kim


i stumbled upon this beauty on the counter at work one night. She’s not dead and that thing is not her leg off. It’s a scratch in the counter. My sister thought she was dead and that her leg was off. She may have been slightly injured but still beautiful. Still alive & well. I picked her up with my hands, gently and put her in the tree outside work so no one would freak out and kill her. 😀

And the picture all the way at the top is in fact a puddle of mud that happened to have a heart thing in it.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are 7 million.

Some Saturday Inspiration – mini positivity book




Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved notebooks & pens. <3. I used to buy gel pens non stop, various colors, scented,  sparkled….all kinds of pretty pens. I always loved the stationary aisles and I would carry my notebooks and pens everywhere with me. I would write my name over & over with hearts all around and a heart on top of the “i” in my name instead of a circle! Lol. I drew stars and happy faces and I would write about everything I loved then, all the TV shows I liked, candy, school, fun things and all.

I still love notebooks & pens. And have many. I still love stationary stores and aisles. But with all the technology and all I have somewhat lost touch with writing in journals and little notebooks with pretty pens. I often write in my memos section on my phone. And I have Facebook & this online blog where I post inspirational stuff way more than in notebooks with pens. I decided to reconnect with my desire to write in notebooks more frequently.   I will still use all the technology as usual but I will also use the pretty pens more.
I have this little….thing. lol I don’t know what to call it exactly. It’s a stack of index cards held together by two metal rings and has dividers.  
On each card I write an inspirational, uplifting quote or song lyrics. I carry it around with me for inspiration.
Today, I will share some of the quotes I have written in here. 😀
1.) “And I know just where I’m going. I’ve packed up my troubles and I’ve thrown them all away. ‘Cause this time, little darling, I’m coming home to stay.” ~ Lionel Ritchie 
2.) “You can be greater than anything that can happen to you. “. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
3.) “Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.” ~ Henry van Dyke
4.) “O, with what freshness, what solemnity and beauty is each new day born; as if to say to insensate man, ‘Behold! Thou hast one more chance! Strive for immortal glory!” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
5.) “Normal Day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day 

I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.” ~ Mary Jean Irion 

6.) “If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders.” ~ Andrew Harvey 
7.) “The chief beauty about time

is that you cannot waste it in advance.
The next year, the next day, the next hour
are lying ready for you,
as perfect, as unspoiled,
as if you had never wasted or misapplied
a single moment in all your life.
You can turn over a new leaf every hour
if you choose.”

Arnold Bennett


8.) “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” ~ David Carradine


I hope you love the quotes! And the little inspirational book idea! ;-D




Xox0 Kim 😀 






Art Journaling Love

ImageI have just recently discovered the love of art journaling and paper painting. I love to write too but there are some thoughts, emotions, fantasies swirling around in my head that cannot be expressed in writing because I cannot find the words I’m searching for!! Or they just do not appear to me to be as magical as the energy igniting in me. So they spill out in painting and coloring and drawing. And coloring, painting, drawing is just fun!!!

Like I have mentioned before I have never thought of myself as very creative or skilled at anything like drawing or painting. I’m more skilled at research and academic papers but what good is that?! Lol. That stuff is good for students and some jobs but I’m just a girl looking for some creative outlets and colorful fun!! ;-p  

But I’m actually quite pleased with my drawings! They’re not so bad! And there’s one in particular that I really like. Not so much the visual aesthetics of it as the concept. It’s a black page with a small golden yellow light and a hand reaching towards it. I drew this to symbolize that no matter how much darkness or pain there is now, there is always at least a small glimmer of light that we can reach for. And the light can always get brighter & brighter and then eventually transcend the darkness.


The picture of my picture isn’t the best but it’s alright. Lol


I hope you’re all having a beautiful day/night wherever you are! ❤

X0xo Kim ❤