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To Do List

Imageβœ“ Sing out loud

βœ“ Write

βœ“ Smile at people πŸ™‚

βœ“ Make eye contact

βœ“ Think positively

βœ“ Find little doses of inspiration everywhere I look

βœ“ Be kind

βœ“ Smile πŸ˜€

βœ“ Draw

βœ“ Paint

βœ“ Read & share uplifting quotes

βœ“ Laugh until it hurts


βœ“Count my blessings

βœ“ Hope for the best

βœ“ Imagine

βœ“ Write a gratitude list

βœ“ Do something that brings me immense joy


βœ“ Bring hope and light to someone in the darkness

βœ“ Be silly and not care what people think about it

βœ“ Be me. ❀

βœ“ See the best in myself & others.

βœ“ Look for beauty in any form everywhere I can.

βœ“ Be uplifting

βœ“ Be lighthearted. ❀

βœ“ Give.

βœ“ Be an excellent listener.

βœ“ Seek to understand.

βœ“ Be empathetic

βœ“ Be compassionate

βœ“ Be a true friend

βœ“ Perform a random act of kindness

βœ“ Inspire

βœ“ Seek to be inspired.Β 

βœ“ Embody love. ❀

βœ“ Be mindful.

βœ“ See the world with wonder & awe & gratitude

βœ“ Write an inspirational & uplifting, anonymous letter containing positive quotes and messages, fold it up and leave it in some random place like a bench in a park, an empty seat on a bus, on a step…for a stranger to find.

βœ“ Take lots of pictures

βœ“ Be happy

βœ“ Eat delicious food.

βœ“ Be light. Be love. Be true.Β 

βœ“ Dance

βœ“ Empower myself. ❀

βœ“ Focus on the goodness.

βœ“ Contribute to the world.

βœ“ Be thankful

βœ“ Be aware of my senses.

βœ“ Be friendly πŸ˜€

βœ“ Breathe

βœ“ Notice the simple things.

βœ“ Stay calm even in difficult and chaotic situations.

βœ“ Inhabit my body.

βœ“ Be.

βœ“ Be the best me that I can be.

βœ“Live. ❀

My Smiling Flowers :-D <3

In early December, 2012, my sister and me purchased Tropical Orchids in flowerpots to keep in our rooms. After they’re I cut, I read, they live for approximately two weeks if they are taken care of properly. I chose a beautiful pink and my little sister selected a stunning white. I complained that the plants would only live two weeks or less. My sister told me I should just be grateful for the time I would have with the plant. I knew this is true and I was/am grateful, just was somewhat disappointed. I absolutely love flowers, beautiful, vibrant, flowers that light up this world. But I have no experience with them and no knowledge of how to care for them and I have animals that like to eat whatever they can get their little paws on so I rarely buy flowers or plants.

But I couldn’t resist this plant when I laid eyes upon it. And it’s not toxic to animals so I just had to have it.

My sister’s orchid died ages ago and mine is still alive and very, very well! We both took care of them. Watering them and keeping them at the right room temperature. Yet, mine is still going strong. It’s still vibrant and soft to the touch, not crisp, dull, or wilted.

I truly believe that it may have something to do with my positive, cheerful, bright attitude. I know plants are alive and have some sensing abilities. I know they’re not sentient or conscious like animals & humans but they can sense the environment. Everyday, I have a strong attitude of gratitude and cultivate strong genuine positivity. I am sure to lavish love & cheeriness on it and since it’s in my bedroom on my dresser it’s around me when I’m in there and may be detecting my attitude & gratitude & love. Lol. This may sound cheesy or nonsensical to some but I like to believe it! ;-). My sister calls me a “cheeseball” because of my attraction to love & sap & inspiration. Β 

<3. I would recommend anyone to get a plant or flower that is to your liking. They really can brighten up any room and lighten any mood. They are beautiful and full of positivity. Nothing like waking up to gorgeous flowers every morning!


And remember to stay positive & cheerful as much as possible, you never know who (or what) is falling in love with your beautiful smile! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


X0xo Kim ❀Image

Laugh Out Loud :-) :-D

I tried to post this sooner but it wouldn’t post for some reason. My phone service hasn’t been working good because of the weather so I think that may have something to do with it.


Anyway, here it is! πŸ™‚


Laugh out loud and get those good belly laughs on until it hurts!! The best kind of pain!!


Feeling so amused that you can’t stop laughing to the point it physically hurts is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!!! Those belly laughs often have the tendency to pull us out of any low moods or negative thinking.

I have been in extremely low moods, even depressed and suicidal moods, when I felt nothing could pull me out of it. When suddenly I would come across something so funny, it would have me laughing hysterically and lighten my heavy heart. Β 

I often feel amused even when I’m very unhappy and the amusement and laughter lightens my heavy heart and brightens my day and makes me a little bit happier. Laughter often really is the best medicine. Find what amuses you and get a dose every now and then, preferably everyday! Look for funny things everywhere you go. Keep a light attitude. Amusement/smiles/laughter can even reduce physical pain.

“The therapeutic value of laughter has been recognized for centuries, but it was first popularized in the United States in the 1970s, when author Norman Cousins recounted his experience overcoming a painful case of arthritis by watching funny television programs like β€œCandid Camera” and Marx Brothers movies. In his book about the experience, β€œAnatomy of an Illness,” Cousins reported that ten minutes of laughter provided him with two hours ofΒ 

anesthetic-free pain relief.”




Here is a page with hilarious content that I came across one day. It is a suicide prevention page with a humor section to help lighten the moods of people in deep emotional pain.



And here are a few court room bloopers listed on the page:

Q. Did he pick the dog up by the ears?

A. No.

Q. What was he doing with the dogs ears?

A. Picking them up in the air.

Q. Where was the dog at this time?

A. Attached to the ears.



Q. When he went, had you gone and had she, if she wanted to and were able, for the time being excluding all the restraints on her not to go, gone also, would he have brought you, meaning you and she, with him to the station?

MR. BROOKS: Objection. That question should be taken out and shot.




Q. And lastly, Jimmy, all your responses must be oral. O.K.? What school do you go to?

A. Oral.

Q. How old are you?

A. Oral.


I hope you find these as hilarious as I do! πŸ˜‰





Smile, lovies, the world looks better that way. ❀ 



X0xo Kim πŸ˜€Image