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A love song❤


“…now  that I’ve come to see the light
All I wanna do is make things right”
This is one of my favorite songs and my favorite version of the song! I love the one sung by James Ingram too. But there’s something so extra sweet about this one sung by Dionne Warwick.
 It’s a romantic love song and I love it for the romantic love song that it is but I also love how it can apply to life and relationships (Platonic or Romantic) in general.
Even though there is a bit of sadness to it and it’s a message born of pain and brokenness, it’s so positive and full of hope & love. It’s about mending the brokenness, reviving a failed relationship, and further developing love that already exists but wasn’t expressed enough. 
The song is full of promise, potential, apology, and gentle love. And like I said, while it’s beautiful in the romantic sense, it’s also a very beautiful concept to apply to life in general, a promise to become better, to love more, to heal the broken, to cherish others and lavish love onto everyone we encounter, including our own self.
These people messed up in their romantic relationship but still see hope in the darkness. No matter what we mess up in this life whether it’s a relationship with another, our self, a job, a project, …. Anything….there is potential, hope, promise, even if something cannot be mended, even if something is permanently destroyed by our mistakes or something else, there’s still something that can be mended, fixed, even if flawed a bit, something that can be deepened, our inner light, wisdom, love….no matter what, we can always be OK again. ❤
“…if there’s some feeling left in you
Some flicker of love that still shines through
Let’s talk it out, let’s talk about second chances” ❤
It really is the sweetest and most hopeful song! Instead of wallowing in self loathing for mistakes they made and drowning in despair over lost love or relationships, they stand strong in love, making a firm promise to be better and better. And it’s not a clingy “I can’t live without you” or “I’m nothing without you” song. It’s just a request for forgiveness and a second chance. It’s beautiful how as long as we’re alive, we have a chance, a second chance, more and more chances, potential, opportunity…
A wonderful song about hope and beginnings. ❤
“You and me, we’re gonna be better than we were before
Loved you then but now I intend
To open up and love you even more
This time you can be sure”
I will share another version of this same beautiful song here:
 I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! 😀
Much love & light to you, always! ❤
xoxo Kim