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Imagine <3

(Not my photo)

Imagine – mobile – John Lennon

Imagine – desktop
Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world
You, you may say 
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

Beautiful song & sentiment! Living as One. Always.

❤ Much & love & light,

Xoxo Kim



“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”

This quote is attributed to Nelson Mandela. I don’t know if it really is. But it’s a beautiful concept! 
I agree! Compassion and empathy aren’t about feeling sorry for others but understanding and wanting their pain/suffering to end.
Empathy and compassion connect us to one another. We can take our own experiences of both pleasure & pain and use them to help others and see hope in them. ❤
There’s always love & light even in the darkest places. Let’s reach out and bring light to others.

~Hugs~ to you ❤

xoxo Kim

The Langoliers


“For united we stand
Divided we fall
And if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll be together, together, you and I”

One movie I love and have always loved is The Langoliers.
Ever heard of it? A Stephen King movie/mini series. 
It’s a fascinating and freaky movie. 
It’s considered horror/mystery/sci-fi/thriller.

My favorite thing about it since I was a little girl is how a group of strangers who seem to be the last few people left on Earth, come together and love each other. They knew each other for less than 24 hours but they become close and stand up for one another, sticking together in their weird, twisted horror.  
They wake up on an airplane and there are less than 15 of them and they realize the one thing they all have in common is they were sleeping. 
When they wake up everyone else is gone. 
They at first think the plane must have landed while they were asleep and everyone but them got off.
Like, that’s the only reasonable explanation isn’t it?! But they soon realize that’s not the case.
The plane never landed. People just disappeared but all their belongings like pocketbooks, glasses, wigs, even pacemakers and metal pins used for surgical purposes, are still there. 
It’s like some freaky ass twilight zone shit going on! Lol 

Here are two descriptions for the movie:

“On a red eye flight to Boston from LA 10 people wake up to a shock. All the passengers and crew have vanished. When they try to contact the ground they make no connections. They land the plane only to discover that things haven’t changed. But its like the world is dead. No one is there, the air is still, sound doesn’t echo, the food is tasteless. And a distant sound is heard coming closer. A race of monstrous beings bent on their destruction is heading for them, eating everything in sight.”~Anonymous

“A blind girl, a teacher, a machine worker, a musician, a stoner, a mystery writer, a businessman, a mysterious Englishman, and a raving psychopath in a business suit on a flight to Boston find themselves utterly alone when the rest of the passengers and all of the crew vanish. Diverting the plane to Bangor, Maine, they discover that they seem to be the only people left on the planet, at that time and the Langoliers are catching up with them all too quickly…” ~ Anonymous 

Imagine waking up with a small group of strangers and everyone else in the world seems to be gone! That is so bizarre! 

None of them ever experienced anything like this before. Other than this, it’s not the kind of movie where weird stuff happens. Life is just mundane, normal, ordinary…til this. 

The group of people are “average,” various ages, professions, struggles….one little girl is blind, one young girl struggles with substance addiction/abuse, one young woman, a teacher has some struggles with romantic interests, there’s a college aged boy, an airplane pilot grieving for his ex wife who just died, he isn’t the pilot for that plane exactly and was just traveling to where his ex wife was shortly after he found out the tragedy, but luckily he happens to have the skills to take over the plane as the pilots disappeared, a mentally ill man who they mostly all see as the biggest asshole(because in a group, we always need that one asshole no one can stand, right?!), a sexy man with a sexy accent, a writer….
So they’re just your average group of people going about their lives when something incredibly perplexing and out-of-this-world strange occurs.
It has some very sad scenes in the movie. 

Anyway, I just LOVE how the people stay together and love one another. They find consolation in each other, strength through each other’s strength,defend each other, connect with one another.

They’re all in this together. ❤

We're all in this together. ❤

"And if the world around you falls apart my love
Then I'll still be here
And if the going gets too hard along the way
Just you call, I'll hear"
~ Brotherhood of Man




Much love & light to you,

Xoxo Kim 

Everything & Everyone <3


“If we could see everything and everyone as beautiful we would not develop anger or jealousy but would feel affectionate love for all living beings.” ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Let’s focus on the good in each other & our own self & everything around us and get our minds in the habit of loving.


“You’re my life,
You’re my breath,
You’re a smile
You’re my guest
You’re the earth
You’re the sun
You’re the grass
You are love
You’re my hands
You’re a bug
You’re my eyes
You’re a hug
You’re the light
In the dark
You’re the spark
You are fun
You’re my mom
You are water
You’re the stars
You’re my daughter
Your my friend
Till the end 
You’re my dreams
You’re my father
You’re the ants on the ground
The miracles that surround
I’m feelin’ it all around
The hemisphere and the clouds
You’re my pain you’re my sorrow
You’re my hope for tomorrow
You’re the strength when I’m hollow
You’re the path that I follow
You’re the blessings that exist
The small things that are bliss
The gift to realize that
Everything is a gift.”~ Nimo Patel – Empty Hands



This is a most beautiful song. It’s called Grateful and is a musical love song to the world. The whole world, everyone & everything. Friends, family, strangers, insects, clouds, the beauty all around….all encompassing love. ❤

"All that I am
All that I see
All that I've been and all that I'll ever be
Is a blessing
Its so amazing
And I’m grateful for it all, for it all" ~ Nimo


It’s true, everything is a gift. I love the feeling of Oneness. To feel like everyone I encounter is family or can be. To feel connected to the sky, the trees and flowers, the buildings and the air, myself dissolves into the Oneness and it’s a true gift.

I'm wishing you much love & light today & always!!

😀 ❤

xoxo Kim

Ordinary Angels <3


(a “stranger” & me hugging outside Love park in Philadelphia last may – What a wonderful world! My mom took the picture. <3)

“It could be someone walking down the street
A stranger on a bus
A little kid on his way to school or any one of us
We all got a little superman ready to take a fly
And save a life ohh save a life
Take a look around and you’ll see ordinary angels”

Today I encountered a couple ordinary angels walking to work. And I told a complete "stranger" "I love you!" 

A man walked up to me and asked me to buy him a banana split. He seems like he may be homeless and definitely struggling financially. At first I suspected it was a joke. I work at a store where we make banana splits. And occasionally my customers who see me on the streets or in other stores come over and playfully say give me a banana split or milkshake or sundae, just as a joke. I can't even count how many occasions I hear someone yelling across a store or up the street "Hey, it's the ice cream/banana split girl!" lol That's one of the many, many pleasures of working at a store where we serve something as joyous as ice cream! People automatically associate me with joy! ;-D

I did not recognize this man but it was possible he was at one point my customer and was joking. But I quickly realized he was serious. He wanted a banana split at the store Cold Stone. Unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy him one.

I did have enough to buy him coffee though. But he said no he already had coffee and donuts and he pointed to the trash can where he set his coffee and donuts. Some sweet souls already bought him it! It warmed me to see how sweet many people are to buy a person they don't know personally, coffee and donuts.

So I asked him if he would like something else in dunkin donuts, not Cold Stone because I physically did not have the money. I wish I did and would have gladly bought him a banana split and whatever else he wanted. But he said "no just give me whatever you got and I'll save up for my banana split!" lol Now that may seem kind of rude when I write it out like that but he wasn't rude. He was very friendly and told me he loves me! I know he was serious and I told him I love you back.

Now, people may be confused and think how can two perfect "strangers" love each other. Through the years on various occasions I heard my mom & dad ask “How can someone love a stranger?” when they would hear someone express love to a person not personally known to that person. My dad has a sweet & very loving old lady friend who tells everyone “I love you” and she has that as her voicemail at the end. My dad always said how can she love people she does not know. One day on tv my mom & me watched Ellen Degeneres (sp?) say “I love you” to a fan who said it to her first. My mom said the fan can love Ellen but how can Ellen love a person she does not know. But it's easy! There are different kinds of love and different ways to love. Most people probably aren't going to love a person they met two seconds ago the same way they love family & friends and others they know. But they can still love.

Love can be a warm affection, a verb or action, or just a genuine wish for someone else to be happy. When we reach out to help, heal, lift, inspire another, we reach out in love. ❤


“The world can make you feel so small
Steal your dreams and make you crawl
And break you till you got you got nothing at all
When your in that dark place and you need that embrace
You know love is never too far away”

I put "strangers" in quotations because the longer I live and the deeper I meditate and the more I practice universal love, I realize there are no strangers. We all know each other and we are all One. We all have a basic wish to be happy and free of suffering. We all have desires, needs, longings, fears, dreams or goals, an aversion to suffering, we all lose things and all experience joy, suffering, happiness, heartache…we are all susceptible to tragedy and death and all have the boundless capacity to love & to give.

Think of your pain, your love, your joy, your sorrow, your hope, your tears & laughter & loneliness, your gratitude, your embarrassment, your anger, your patience and impatience, your restlessness and sense of victory, your sense of belonging and togetherness and family, your fears & grief & dreams, your will to live, and know each one you look at and each one you touch, and not just humans, has those experiences too. I already know so much about you, who are reading this, without knowing who you are. 


One of my favorite books. I carry it everywhere with me.

~Our capacity to love is a currency that just never runs out~

Isn’t it truly amazing how love really cannot run out? There’s enough for everyone! Always! Unlike money and other material things, love cannot be used up. We can give & give & give and not only does it not run out, it increases! The more we love, the more we feel love! ❤

While this encounter with the needy man was going on, I noticed another man through the window of dunkin donuts carefully watching me, even leaning over his table to watch out the window.

Then he later approached me and told me to be careful. He said there are people out there who ask us for money or try to talk to us 
and when we least expect it, put their hands in our bag and carry off with our stuff! It never even occurred to me!

I walk around with my shoulder bag wide open with all my stuff just scattered in it. This man, another, "stranger" was very concerned. 

The man asked him for a banana split too but he said no he hardly has money for himself. But he expressed compassion for the man and said he's sorry he is struggling with destitution. 

I greatly appreciate his concern. The man who wanted a banana split did not seem at all suspicious and I think he truly just wanted a banana split. And he did not try to go anywhere near my bag. I'm extremely trusting often to the point I have done very stupid things and been called stupid by others.

It's a great reminder to be careful. The people who may put their hands in our bags are not necessarily horrible people, just desperate. They may be genuinely friendly but it doesn't mean they won't take our stuff necessarily.

Not all desperate people would do that but many do.

So it's great to be cautious along with compassionate.

When I was leaving the store, a friendly (at least to me) man was holding the door for me and said hello sweetheart when the man who wanted the banana split approached him and the man holding the door yelled "I ain't got two fucking cents!" I couldn't help but laugh.

And I understand his frustration. I never get angry at people asking me for money or stuff but I know just what it's like to not even have "two fucking cents" for myself!

As I was leaving the man who wanted the banana split said "goodbye love, have a great day!" and again, I could tell he truly meant it. 

Even though he is destitute in a financial & material way, I see he is rich in love. He was nothing but friendly, even to the people who weren't friendly to him. I hope he gets his banana split soon! 

I love sharing stories of acts of kindness & love whether they are ones I'm involved in, witness, or even just read or hear. Reading/hearing someone else's story of kindness can brighten our own day and inspire us to act in compassionate ways.

Every now and again I make a list of my ordinary angels and share them here with this beautiful song. I don't think there has ever been a song truer than this. Any one of us can be someone's ordinary angel today. 

“It could be a waitress at coffee shop you never saw before
A soldier thats just coming home from fighting in the war
We all got a little superman ready to take a fly
And save a life ohh save a life
Take a look around and you’ll see ordinary angels”

“Ordinary Angels” sung by Craig Morgan 


It's a country song which I know many people don't like but even if you don't like the tune or style, you will probably love the message! Country music is my favorite! Especially inspirational country music!  😀

“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”

Much love & light, ❤ 

Hugs to you and always remember, I love you!!! ❤

Xoxo Kim 

It’s ok not to be perfect <3


(the pictures in this post are not mine, they are of a beautiful little girl named Sa’fyre Terry –
http://abcnews.go.com/US/girl-lost-family-fire-christmas-cards-presents/story?id=35675085 )

“In the eyes of a child there is joy, there is laughter
There is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future
For the lessons of life there is no better teacher
Than the look in the eyes of a child”
~ Air Supply

Yes, it is ok not to be perfect! 

But this little baby IS beautiful just the way she is. 

What a wise little girl. ❤

My sister told me about this sweet little Earth angel who she is going to send a card to and then I saw someone share her story on Facebook. 

Isn't she just the cutest?! 

She wants people to send her cards for Christmas. 

She was burned in a tragic house fire where her family was killed. 

I stare at her picture over and over and have nothing but love and compassion for her, not sorrow or pity. She doesn't need that. All she wants is LOVE and true love is seeing someone's beauty just the way it is. 

One of my biggest dreams has been to do volunteer work in a burn unit for children. In the movie "Shallow Hal," the girl volunteers to work with little kids who have suffered burns. I always found that to be the sweetest thing and ever since I saw that movie, years ago, I  decided I want to do that too!

I haven't been able to find any volunteer opportunities like that. Some volunteer jobs I found in similar settings require previous experience, which I don't have.

Hopefully one day though I will realize this dream! ❤ ❤

Some people have trouble looking at people who are seriously disfigured or deformed but I just cannot have that trouble because I feel too connected to others to see them as anything but beautiful, to see them as anything unlike myself. That body, that face, scarred or disfigured or deformed or flawless is a part of who they are. It's hard to explain in words but the closest I can come to explaining is their face or body is a big part of them like mine is a big part of me and I would never want someone to have difficulty looking at me and I'm sure no one else wants that either. What is the difference if my face is flawless or scarred or deformed? It's mine and inside I am still me. Just like all of us. 

We are much more than what we look like but how we look is a part of us and it's good to embrace it and each other.

I am no different than this little girl. She has emotions, dreams, goals, interests, love, joy, pain, sorrow, happiness, scars, perfections, needs, desires, life, beauty…just like me.   

When I look at her, I see a reflection of my own self.

My struggle with depression and severe facial pain & headaches has always inspired me to feel deeper connections to people with both seen and invisible disabilities.  

A person with a physical scar or deformity may not feel the same or agree with me and I understand but my severe facial pain disorder, though it can't be seen, has always allowed me to feel a strong identification with others with facial disorders and even physical scars, deformities, birthmarks. 

Mine cannot be seen but it's just as real. Mine is physical but also brings with it deep emotional scars and pain. It even hurts me to write or think about it. 

But we all have basic empathy and can tune into it and strengthen it whether we have a disability or not. We don't need depression or any other disorder to empathize with others. But those things can help. We can all draw on our own experiences, both pleasant and painful, to identify with each other.

Also, at any second, any one of us can be slashed, scarred, disfigured, burned. And we would still be us. Would you want someone to cringe when those people look at you? Whether or not your face is disfigured, imagine a person having difficulty, emotionally, looking at you. It's not pleasant.  

Not everyone who can't bring themselves to look at someone with a deformity or disfigurement is cold or cruel. Some are but most probably aren't. We aren't used to seeing things like that and often when a person is scarred or disfigured, it's the result of a serious injury and that's what often comes to mind when we see the scars. It doesn't make us callous or horrible if we have the urge to look away or cringe or stare but that can be overcome through tuning into our empathy and strongly identifying with the person. That person is not unlike someone with a perfect face. We are the same, we are One.

For this little girl, we can do more than just send her cards. We can live a life of compassion and empathy and learn to see the beauty of every single person we lay eyes on or encounter in any way. Even if we do nothing to help in a practical way, having a loving, compassionate attitude, essence, is very helpful and can contribute to us acting in loving ways consciously and unconsciously. Loving energy is very good. People sense our energy/vibration. Let's make it one of Love. All encompassing Love. 

“You’ve found the place to walk the path you’ve chosen
You’ll never miss the world you’ve left behind
When life gives life, it’s happiness unbroken
When you give love, it’s love you’ll find”
~ Air Supply

Two of the most beautiful things are self confidence and compassion for others. 
It's beautiful when a woman with a big scar on her chest can still wear revealing clothing, when a person with a facial scar still shows her/his face knowing people will stare and whisper, when a person not considered society's definition of beautiful will still have the courage to dress how she wants, when a person with gray hair embraces it instead of covering it just for what others may think, when a woman with no hair as a result of a medical/health condition doesn't feel the need to wear a wig or scarf just because other people will think something unpleasant, it's beautiful when we overlook all the trivialities and see beauty in places it's not considered to be, when we embrace each other in our love.

It's ok to conceal our imperfections for us if it's truly what we desire. A person who is confident may still just wish to cover or get rid of something undesirable to that person and that's ok. But it's not something we should feel the need to do because of what others may think. 

Cosmetic surgery, hair dye, wigs, makeup, anti-aging creams, weight loss techniques…there's nothing wrong with it and it's not necessarily an indication that someone is insecure or lacks self love.
Some people just desire some changes. But I don't think it's something we should do out of fear or embarrassment for what society or others think. I think those things are best when done for our own selves because it's what we want based on our own desire, not the desire or demands or rules of someone else.  

Even if we do not know a person or any living sentient being we come across, we know enough to love that being. We know that living, sentient being, just like us, is someone, someone with pleasure, joy, and pain, fear, hunger, someone with the need to avoid suffering and the desire for happiness or absence of suffering. 

We can not tell jokes about people's physical appearance, we can choose not to be shallow and judge based on physical appearance, we can choose to see how we are all connected. We can choose to genuinely compliment someone when someone else slings insults. We can choose to seek what is good in each other and forgive the less than good. 

I have much sympathy for the little girl who lost her family in a fire and I have so much sorrow for all the lives lost. Her daddy covered her with his body to save her life. He did not survive. The little girl does have a family, even if not the whole one she was born into, but she has people who love and care for her and now all the people around the world who encountered her story and love her. Family isn't just biological or legal. 

Sa’fyre’s aunt says this about her:

“She’s a living message to people that there’s hope, and no matter what you can get through anything,” Dolder said. “That’s why we share Sa’fyre with everyone.”

What a gem this little girl is! ❤


This little darling girl inspires me so deeply! She is so happy and positive and adorable! She looks so cute in her little Christmas clothes! I’m so happy she chose to put her story out into the world and to show her beautiful face, to touch so many lives with her young life. 

I am so thankful she survived. 

I’m also so thankful she still has her sense of vision, that it wasn’t completely destroyed. And thankful for her beautiful smile. 😀

I’m so thankful to her family for bringing her into the world and for sharing her with us. ❤

I hope we will cherish the lives of all sentient beings and wish the best for everyone. By best I am referring to happiness and inner peace no matter the circumstances.

“When you look to the past for life’s long hidden meaning
For the dreams and the plans made in your youth
Does the thrill to achieve match the warm hidden feeling
That lies so still and lives in you”

The Eyes of a Child – Air Supply – mobile

Eyes of a Child – desktop

Beautiful song that brings chills!

Much love & light to you, always. ❤ ❤

xoxo Kim ❤

Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine


“The ideas of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ are the seeds of every problem in the world.”

This quote is out of the Kindle book “365 Wisdom Pills.”

It’s true, it’s so ingrained into us to think in terms of “me” and “mine” and “me,” “us” and “them.” 

It’s good to once in a while let the self dissolve into the Oneness. Realize we are a small part of a much larger Whole, the whole uni-verse. The world doesn’t revolve around me. I am not the most important aspect of life. Others have desires, opinions, convictions just as strong as mine. Life will not always work how I want it to.

Let’s give selflessness a try, let others go first, try to understand other views, ways, and accept diversity. It’s good to remember others feel just as strongly as we do and experience in similar ways. 

This is a great concept to think about!  

❤ 😀

Hugs & love, 

Xoxo Kim 



“Everywhere you look 
You can see yourself 
In different forms:
this is the Consciousness 
of Oneness.”

We can see our own self in others and the world around us. One idea of Oneness is that we are all alike in significant ways. We all want to avoid suffering (except maybe people who want to suffer feeling as if they deserve it or one form of suffering helps allay another form…). We all have goals, a life, a breath, a name, we gravitate toward things that bring pleasure or relief or calm and want to avoid things that provoke pain. 
This is an underlying trait that applies to us in general, a universal trait. 
We are One with each other and the uni-verse. 

I found this quote in my Kindle book “365 Wisdom Pills.”

It reminds me of this quote:

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.”

This quote can inspire us to feel and act on compassion for others, knowing what it’s like to be afraid, to lose, and to love.


When we look around us at the trees, the stars, the sky, feel the breeze on our skin, smell the floral fragrances and scents of the Earth, hear the chirping of the birds & crickets, taste the raindrops and snowflakes on our tongues, feel the firmness of the ground beneath our feet or the softness of soil or grass, we can be reminded that we are part of the whole uni-verse, a small, beautiful part. We can see glimpses of ourself in all that we love, all the beauty surrounding us. 

I think that to truly understand Oneness, just like meditation, Zen, Tao, it must be experienced, not merely understood intellectually. 

Whenever we feel empathy for another or deep understanding, that is a glimpse of Oneness. When we feel a connection to mountains, trees, the sky, a sunset or sunrise, animals, the season, an ocean or a beach….that is a glimpse of Oneness. When we realize we are a small part of the uni-verse, not the whole of it, not the biggest part, not the most important part, that is a glimpse of Oneness. With meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, and other things, we can feel this Oneness more and more until it’s our general state. One simple way is to breathe and consciously focus on our breath. 

What is your concept of Oneness?
How do you experience it? 

You can just think about it or answer here!

Much love to you tonight & always! 

❤ 😀

Xoxo Kim 

When Love leads our steps, we never get lost <3


These are my pictures I took, mostly in Center City Philadelphia. And on the photos I put words of wisdom about love, most of which I found in my Kindle book called “365 Wisdom Pills” by “Human Angels”

Often, when I speak of love I’m referring to Universal Love. I often write about how Love can be a warm affection either platonic/friendship/family love or romantic love but it can also be a genuine selfless wish for others to be happy, whether they are friends & family, animals, insects, rodents, strangers or enemies, or people we just can’t stand to even look at. Lol It can be an act, a verb, an expression, a mere thought or just loving energy. Reaching out to help, heal, uplift, and inspire others is Love. All love is great love whether romantic, platonic, or universal. Let’s keep loving… ❤ ❤


Even if we can’t or won’t yet be loving of certain people, insects, rodents…it’s ok, we can focus on those we do currently love.

~Lets promote what we love, not bash what we hate. ~

“When love leads our steps, we never get lost.”

This is so true! We can never go wrong with love ever. There’s no such thing as loving too much or caring too much. We can have regrets but let’s never regret something we did with loving intentions even if it did not work out how we wanted it to. 


“The feeling of Oneness is the feeling of Heaven.” ❤

Yes! Oneness with all that is. Oneness with the trees, the stars, the sky, the air, the sun & the moon, the animals, the rivers, the lakes, the ocean, Oneness with each other. We are all connected. All created or evolved or appeared the same way. The uni-verse is One and inside of us all. 


“Love inspires your life to blossom.” ❤

Yes, love inspires. 

“Everyday, everywhere, with everyone, plant seeds of love. Love is the only revolution that can really change the world.” 


I completely agree! If every move we make is inspired by love, we can change the whole world!

“Breathing the silence, you can listen to your heart.” 


Yes, sometimes it’s best not to think, not move, not talk, just breathe. Soak in the stillness and just be. Feel the rhythm of life pounding through your chest, flowing through your lungs. 


“Heaven is Earth.”

Some years ago I saw a picture of a beautiful young model wearing a shirt that says “Heaven is Earth.” I wanted her shirt. A while later I got a custom made shirt with this quote as it inspires me deeply.
I don’t take this quote to necessarily mean there is no afterlife or no heaven outside of Earth. The instant I read it, I interpreted it as meaning right now, right here is great. Right where we are can be amazing if only we let it. We don’t have to wait for something else or something better or more, to be happy. We can be happy right here, right now. Heaven is here now. Heaven is Earth. 

“Death brings a heartache nothing can heal, love brings memories nothing can steal.”


Love is so strong it’s indestructible even in the face of death and loss. One way to honor those we have lost is to remember, to incorporate their ways into our own selves, love and live in honor of them. If they were loving, we can be more loving, if they were passionate, we can be more passionate, if they were generous, we can give like they did. Think of how we are better for knowing and loving them and receiving their love for however long we have known them and pay it forward the best we know how any way we can. Nothing, not even death can change what we had with those people or pets. They are still our friends, family, pets, children…even though they are no longer on this Earth with us.  


This is my new ring! It’s one of those new (at least I think they’re new but I’m kind of living under a rock when it comes to fashion, trends, tv, modern/mainstream music, celebrities, and things…so who knows…) trendy wire rings that are out now and have all different designs or symbols like the infinity symbol, hearts, stars, names, words…I got the heartbeat/symbol of life one! Isn’t it pretty?! It’s also to support awareness for heart disease, heart attacks, and heart related health and things. 

I always love life affirming jewelry and quotes and songs! They are inspiring! And whenever I’m depressed and suicidal, the jewelry and quotes are tangible reminders to keep going, keep living, keep loving.


Much love to you wherever you are. I hope you can feel my love. ❤

Xoxo Kim