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We Just Disagree <3


“So let’s leave it alone ’cause we can’t see eye to eye.
There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy,
There’s only you and me and we just disagree.”

We Just Disagree – Dave Mason – mobile

We Just Disagree – desktop

What a great message and a great song! One of my favorites! Instead of seeing the other person or side as bad or wrong, we can view the situation as just a disagreement and see that most of us usually have good intentions. 


I hope you are having a lovely day/night!

Xoxo Kim 

Love & Compassion <3


(this is not my photo..)

I agree, I don’t eat meat or wear fur or support killing animals for food, clothing, or sport and don’t support animal testing and I do not kill any insects or rodents intentionally, I cherish their lives, but I also do not support violence or hostility against people who don’t agree with me on this and don’t think “less” of them, I’m in no position to. There’s no doubt in my mind that many/most people who consume meat products are just as compassionate as I am. There’s nothing wrong with stating my views to people in appropriate contexts/situations, writing about them, signing/sharing things to help end animal cruelty and other things involving animals but I don’t have to be in people’s faces with it every chance I get, and criticize them in a destructive way. I don’t have to act like my morals are better than anyone else’s. I don’t freak out if people eat meat around me or anything. I won’t throw stuff on your fur clothing or destroy science labs and scientists’ vehicles and other property.
I can be firm in my views, confident, and passionate but still accept others, no matter what our differences are. Some people think if we’re very passionate about some specific issue and someone is on the opposing side, we can’t be compatible with one another without compromising/weakening our own views or passion or morals. When I was young I felt this way about certain issues but as I grew up and practice universal love more and more, deeper and deeper, I now know that’s not true. My greatest passion is love and compassion, all encompassing love. I won’t reject someone as a friend/lover/acquaintance….because we disagree. Also, “attacking” individual meateaters accomplishes nothing good or very little; it’s the corporations and government and people with more authority that would likely be best to contact. And individual people likely aren’t going to want to listen to us if we are going to be vicious, who wants to listen to someone who approaches us with hostility? And the main thing is to extend my compassion to everyone, whether or not we are in agreement or will ever be, on issues I am passionate about and whether or not that compassion is returned to me.
“Be love. Be so much love that when others are with you, they are love too.”
“The power of love has no limits.”

Love & Compassion – Parachute Club – mobile

Love & Compassion – desktop

❤ 😀

Hugs & love,

xoxo Kim

Random Inspiration {pics, quotes, thoughts}


Here are some of my pictures & just random thoughts & things!


Isn’t my baby cute?! He looks so happy and serene. Smiling. 😀
It’s that peaceful, calm kind of sleepiness but not exhaustion or fatigue. 

This is where he waits for me to come upstairs to my room. Two of my dogs love to stay in bed all day and they would if I was up there. I don’t stay in my room all day and sometimes when I’m downstairs they go up to the top of the stairs and bark and growl for me to come up! 
Lol Lazy bums.

They want to be in bed but only with me! It’s so cute! This is Woody in the picture. He was really sleepy and just waited there for me to come up. 


This little baby crawled onto my hand and then I was faced with a difficult dilemma. Do I put him/her outside in the tree where it’s kind of cold or just let him roam the floors in work(which I’m certain my manager and boss wouldn’t appreciate!).
There’s only one ant that I saw so it wasn’t like infested. I’m not sure if there’s easy access to food outside for an ant. But in a store or something there may be microscopic 
crumbs around. But inside, an insect has a good chance of being crushed by people who have no regard for their lives. I don’t judge those people, which is like just about everyone in the world except for me. But I can’t bear the thought of a living sentient being, no matter how small or icky or ugly or scary or disgusting, or repulsive, no matter the species, human, insect, reptile, animal…being killed or injured. I really find it heartbreaking. So when I can, I help them to the best of my ability. I’m not in people’s faces with it or all sanctimonious about it like some pro-life people. That really annoys me when people act like their morals are above other people’s. I have been accused of this on occasion, especially by my sister who thinks I’m a snob, but it’s not true. I put the cute little ant in the tree outside in the crunchy leaves, hoping s/he would find food and warmth. ❤


Recently I was out with my mom and took this picture. I love it! To most/many people, it may just appear to be a really bad picture. To me, it is symbolic of a few things. 
I love taking pictures of things that represent something to me even if they just appear to be meaningless. I never liked the idea of a creator/artist/writer/poet…anyone who takes pictures or anything, explaining the work or photo. I love when readers/viewers try to interpret it but I think it’s great if the creator leaves it to them and usually doesn’t explain its meaning. Occasionally I share my pictures and tell what purpose I find in them.
But often I like to leave it to the viewers. I love the abstract & mystery. And it can symbolize different things to different people, which I love!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween!  
I love all the innocent looking Halloween decor! The ghosts, the pumpkins, the vampires and minions dressed up, the little monsters and scary houses set up in people’s windows. I love the cute stuff! Some of the stuff I have seen is, in my opinion, going a bit overboard! Like something that appears to be a person, hanging off a tree! A person appearing to be crushed in a garage door or have a gunshot wound to the head! Aaahh! That has my heart racing and not in a good way! I always feel so much compassion for people who have found suicide/homicide/accident victims. I can just imagine what it must be like for them to have to see that after seeing the real thing. ❤
Flash backs & panic attacks and nightmares and everything else!
I love haunted attractions but the “dead people” though they have fake blood and gashes all over them, don't actually look truly dead and they're usually walking around so obviously aren't dead or resembling true dead persons! (there hasn't been a real zombie apocalypse yet that I know of!)
To me, there is nothing at all fun about seeing a dead body or something that accurately resembles one.
If I was decorating I would be more thoughtful and mindful about what I put in public but I understand it's Halloween and that's just what some people consider fun. 
I saw people get into arguments over this before, certain decorations or displays being repulsive and people were saying some people are thoughtless and callous and others saying people need to lighten up that it's just for fun (when I was little I saw a real homicide victim {a very young woman} covered in blood dead on the ground, where I used to play, I was too young [or stupid] to completely grasp the full seriousness of it but I can tell you it wasn't fun to find that! [I never knew her but I still think of her all these years later.]) and I try to be understanding, accepting, tolerant, or just at least as civil as possible about all sides of any issue or topic even if I disagree. I do some things too that people don't like. No one is going to be perfect to everyone, we all have different concepts of perfect but that's ok.


Isn’t this a pretty picture?! It’s my picture! But I edited it to make it look a bit more dramatic in a way. I love editing my pictures! It’s more creative and fun than just snapping a picture and sharing it. On my photobucket account, I usually share both the edited and the original because I like all my pictures. I never try to pretend my pictures aren’t edited to some degree. Most are(except for pictures of myself, sometimes they have effects but that’s all). They usually look better with effects than the original ones, sometimes I just make the colors pop or make the picture brighter or fade or blur out certain parts for a foggy or nostalgic look.

Here’s an example of two pictures that are the same but one is edited. They still look very much the same but the original is dull while the edited pops in color. Sometimes an original pic does no justice to the real thing and I edit it and it looks more similar to the real thing. Like the sky sometimes is so bright and beautiful and I take a picture and it’s all dull looking and I edit it to bring out the colors and it looks more like the real sky than the original pic! 

Original version:


Edited version:


I got skills! lol jk I really don’t but hope to one day! This isn’t a good picture but I still like it.





We have all these big monopoly pieces all around in this one place in Center City. Is this just a Philadelphia thing or do they have this in other places as well? I love how we can see the reflection of the sky in the windows here. I blurred it a bit so the people in my pics can’t be clearly seen since they don’t even know they’re in my pics!


That church way over there has the rainbow flag outside to show their love for lgbtq people. Way to go! ❤
I don't think people necessarily should be thanked for supporting equality since it's a basic thing we're supposed to do just like we're not supposed to kill or be a racist or at least not act on it in vicious ways. I'm not going to thank someone for not killing me or for supporting a woman's right to vote or for supporting interratical marriage, it's not a luxary or gift, it's a basic right or basic equality but still good to express support so people know. Especially in a place where they are often known for or thought of as being discriminatory.
I think in some ways heterosexism is worse than homophobia because it's less obvious and may be overlooked but the impact still devestating, where homophobia is more obvious and can be called out and addressed more easily. Heterosexism is basically the idea of overlooking anything other than heterosexuality, like asking a woman we just meet “do you have a boyfriend?” just assuming she is romantically attracted to men. And in all the commercials and extras in movies, just showing heterosexuality. It's good to show things other than just heterosexuality in basic everyday contexts in movies like, people walking by holding hands and things. It's good to have movies & tv shows where the main topic is relating to lgbtq people but also just showing it in subtle ways.
Everyone should feel included in society.
I saw on tv recently a teenage girl who was born with what is considered a boy's body. She was thrilled because her parents allowed her to get hormone therapy to have her body become more physically female.
They gave her a surprise package and when she unwrapped it, it was something she been wanting, permission to get the therapy.
My dad (who is against homosexuality and transgenderism and anything other than what he is or claims to be) was appalled and saying offensive things and things like how can they let a child do that. And my mom who is not a homo/transphobe but still not as completely understanding of transgender issues as I am, said what if the girl changes her mind and decides she should have stayed a boy or how she was first. I'm not easily offended but I was here. Like, how can a person's gender identity just change?! It can't!! We know as long as we remember what we are! I never once thought “maybe I'm a boy!” Transgender people aren't confused, except maybe because of things society tries to put on them. That little girl knows what she is and always has. She's a GIRL! Even though her body is what is typically considered a boy's.

A t-girl is no less of a woman than I am. It's not our body that makes us what we are, male, female, both, neither, it's our gender identity. I am a woman because my gender identity is that of a woman's. We don't choose our gender identity or sexual orientation, just choose how to act on it. But anyway so what if it were a choice? It's not hurting anyone!
Some people say not to be against gay or trans people because they cannot help it! I know they have loving intentions saying that but it's rude! It's like saying it's still not good but it's ok because they can't help it.
I can just imagine the loneliness many trans. people and their familes must feel. Many parents who allow their children to express their gender identity even if it does not match their sexual identity, are vilified for it. But I support them and if I had a child who turned out to be transgender, I would let him/her express it at whatever age s/he wanted. People say they will be bullied and scarred over it and it's most likely true but if I tried to force my kid to be something s/he is not, that would scar her and hurt her too. I would prefer someone else to hurt my child than my own self! And I have nothing against lgbtq people or them expressing it however they want.

Also, I’m not a “politically correct” control freak who obsesses over language or words. I don’t like offending people, not usually because of what they may thjnk about me but because I truly care not to offend. And I don’t use terms that are blatant insults. But if someone isn’t trying to be vicious but says something that isn’t “politically correct,” I won’t go all apeshit. Intentions usually matter more, in my opinion, than what appears to be. It’s great to be thoughtful but we don’t have to be controlling and obsessed with how people talk.

This isn't an angry rant! lol I’m not angry. I'm just sharing my opinions and stuff.

A t-woman was murdererd recently by a person with a history of hurting transgender people. And my love & compassion go out to all affected by that. ❤

“In my household, being gay was, and is, no big deal. When my brother came out, we hugged him, said we loved him, and that was that. Just for the record, we don’t feel that there is anything alternative about our family values. I don’t consider my[self] just an ally to the LGBT community. I consider myself your family. If anyone, ever, tried to hurt you, I’m gonna give them hell. There are people who’ve said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive of gay marriage, gay adoption…with all due respect, I humbly dissent. I’m not being brave. I’m being a decent human being…” ~ Anne Hathaway

I agree. When I was in college and at a pflag event, there were parents of lgbtq kids who gave a speech about supporting their kids and all lgbtq people and people started cheering and they asked everyone to stop, saying it's not something to thank them for, that they are merely doing what is right, what is basic. ❤

“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

I love the sentiment. I don't see anything wrong with adults drinking alcoholic things as long as they are responsible about it. 😀 Like not drinking themselves to death or operating machines/vehicles or anything while intoxicated! And not getting angry and pushing people because that can accidentally kill someone! Alcohol itself isn’t usually a problem, it’s how we handle it.
I suspect the “drink” is referring to alcohol because most of us have to drink, I think. Unless maybe we have an iv drip. I don’t know why this quote says not to drink it but I like how it says drink in the moments that take our breath away! sweet!


And this is me! ❤

I feel as if I just rambled through this whole thing which wasn’t my intention! lol I was just sharing my pictures and the thoughts came to me! Hopefully they are coherent!


Lots of love to you!!

xoxo Kim

<3 Currently <3


(meeee <33)

This is that blog trend people do where they write what they are “loving lately.” 
It’s kind of useless but I felt the desire to post something. Lol I have lots of drafts of content of more substance saved not yet ready to be posted! Soon! I love reading people’s “currently” and “loving lately” though.

Reading: A murder mystery novel called “Blind Evil” about a serial killer who kills newlywed couples. I like reading scary books in bed at night and personal development/educational/other books during the day. Something thrilling about falling asleep thinking about serial killers and murder right?! Ok not really. lol But I like reading mysteries at night. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Loving: the two puppies my dog just had four weeks ago! She had two and my family is keeping both of them! A little boy and a little girl! Woody & Quinny! They are already wild and chew and run around playing and give lots of kissies! We also have the mom and dad. The mommy is a chihuahua/daschund mix and the daddy is a purebred pomeranian. The daddy, Emmy, is a very wild boy who is constantly on the go and gets into everything. He loves his babies and is always licking them and playing with them. He’s a good daddy.


Tell me, are they not the cutest little things you ever seen?!?!


They have rolls and big bellies and short little legs! so adorable!! ❤

Also I’m currently loving these bracelets I recently saw when I was out with my friend at the mall. They were like 18.00 and on sale for like 14.00 but I’m currently totally poor, financially and couldn’t purchase one. They’re BCBgeneration bracelets with words like “love” “fearless” “meow” lol I’m ordering one soon that says “True

Thankful for: That it’s almost Pumpkin Season aka Fall!!

Listening to: Cool Night by Paul Davis

Quote you’re currently loving: Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me.


Drinking: Toasted Almond coffee

Weather: 93 degrees heatwave! Just horrible!

Happy about: taking photos! I have been inspired to learn more about taking pictures. I read about it a lot. I don’t understand most of it but it’s still inspiring to read! And happy about Autumn season arriving soon! Yay!!

Laughing about: That awkward moment when I’m reading reviews for a mobile app and the first review on there is not a pleasant one and I’m judging the reviewer as seeming really pompous and really needing to be humbled to put that annoying, audacious tone in its place.
And then realize the reviewer is me. The review is over a year old and I totally forgot I posted it. Then I looked and saw my name on there: kimberly10. And remembered. 
This happened. Embarrassing. How’s that for humbling?! Lol! I probably wouldn’t be admitting it if it wasn’t so hilarious.  ;-D

Unhappy about: the bruise under my fingernail. I was attempting to pick something up and accidentally picked up a soda bottle really hard. I have no clue how. It’s like my hand had a mind of its own and grabbed the soda bottle really hard and my nail bent back really hard and a bruise developed. My real nails are long and it’s not always easy having long nails! It seems that the bruise gets bigger, darker, uglier, and purple-er each day. I usually have my fingernails and toenails painted. They’re currently painted peach. But they chip easily and the bruise can be seen. Ouch! Eww! It looks like dirt under my fingernail. Lol! 


Xoxo Kim




“And she’s so pretty cause she will never be…
She’s so pretty to me, to me, to me.
It doesn’t matter what everybody sees.” ~ Jude
I’m reading a novel called “My Grandfather’s Eyes.” I don’t know which page I’m on since it’s a Kindle book on my phone and the Kindle books don’t always show a page number. I don’t even know how many pages are in the book. I’m not at the very beginning but not quite to the middle. I know because of the virtual line showing reading progress.

What I read up until now is thoroughly beautiful. The main character, Alexandra or Alex, is something like a psychopath. She’s around thirty-two years old. Alex has no concern, love, affection, care, empathy, or any positive emotion for anyone in the world except for one person, her best friend Lizzy. She loves Elizabeth, or Lizzy, more than anything and anyone else in the entire world and would even die for her if she had to to save Liz’s life. They were best friends since Kindergarten and Alex was always in love with Lizzy but never acted on her romantic interest in her.
Alex was born with a facial deformity, a bump on her forehead and dark moles, some of which are hairy, and grow darker and bigger across the side of her face as the years go on. Alex’s dad took her when she was a little girl, to a cosmetic surgeon to have them removed but Alex refused. She has always loved her moles.

Even as a young woman in college, she cherishes her deformity, she thinks they add to her beauty. But it has always hurt her how most other people would react to her for her whole life, even her own family, her own mom. Many just stare while others say cruel things to and about her.

What I read until now leaves me to believe, for now(i think later she may go on a killing spree or something but not sure), that Alex is more indifferent to people than vicious or cruel, although she does think about and desire killing certain people and she murders her own husband who she was never in love with but he truly loved her. The two loves of her life have always been reading and Lizzy.

She doesn’t care about other people’s pain, she shows no empathy or concern when others come to her with problems or when she witnesses someone suffering. Sometimes she just doesn’t care and sometimes she actually takes pleasure in it. She’s somewhat sadistic.  She has absolutely no regard for human life.

Except Liz’s life. She cries for her when she’s hurt or when she misses her.

Lizzy is a beautiful, thin girl, with long blonde hair, flawless in appearance except for one thing. In high school she made a mistake in chemistry class and burned her hand up her arm which caused severe damage and is now disfigured. She thinks it’s repulsive but Alex finds it beautiful in the same way she knows her own deformity is beautiful. Lizzy is aggressive and funny. She’s intelligent but doesn’t care to display her intelligence. She’s also a thief.

Alex’s facial deformity doesn’t and never has fazed Lizzy. And Lizzy defends Alex when people stare or say rude things. She even kisses Alex goodbye on her “ugliest” and biggest mole.

“As I try to read, there is one thought that overwhelms me: He did not look at my moles. I am sure of this. There is only one other person who does not see them. My Lizzy.” ~ Alex

This may just be the most beautiful line in the book. I just love how she says “does not see them” Instead of “does not look at them” or “does not have a problem with them…” It’s just they don’t see them. They look straight through and see her for her.

The book is Alex reminiscing and telling us about different stages of her life, flashing back and forth.  

What I find beautiful is that the author shows how beauty can be found in ugly things or ugly things can be beautiful themselves. There is beauty in pain and darkness, in sadness, and struggles. Sometimes we can overlook “ugliness” and see the beauty in it or we can actually see “ugly” things, themselves, as beautiful. Maybe something is beautiful because it’s sad or dark or unusual or different.

She loves reading so much that her decision for which university to attend is based on the beautiful library.

“…the Gothic Hall complete with turrets and gargoyles – where I will study English Literature. It is ugly-beautiful and will suit me very well. A fitting place in which to study the works of great authors. I feel the hairs bristle on the back of my neck with the excitement it generates in me.” ~ Alex

It’s beautiful because it’s ugly. It’s dark and aggressive and enthralling.

And even though Alex is like a psycho, her self-love is so very beautiful to me. She’s extremely arrogant but also has genuine love for all that she is in and out. She embraces her ugliness and flaws and refuses to conceal them for what others think and say.

Some people mistake self-love as conceit or arrogance but this character, Alex, with both traits, arrogance and genuine self love, is an embodiment of the sharp difference. Arrogance isn’t love. Someone can be arrogant or act arrogant but have no true love for herself and someone can love herself and not be arrogant. Alex is both. She even admits that she “wears her arrogance like a badge.” But she genuinely appreciates her own physical features and her personality traits. She’s an intellectual with no patience for simple, less intelligent minds and trivial drama.

I also like how Alex isn’t a very beautiful character on the inside but there’s so much beauty to be seen in her anyway. The novel isn’t about a sweet, loving, innocent girl who lives a life of goodness but happens to have a physical deformity where the author plays on our empathy to overlook her physical ugliness but see straight through to her obviously beautiful loving heart of gold and love her anyway.

That would be easy.

This? This is challenging because beneath her physical deformity lies a deformed or ugly heart as well. But it’s impossible not to see incredible traits in her anyway. Like her self love even though she was tormented for being deformed her whole life, her indestructible love for her best friend that she would do anything for even if it puts her out, her passion for literature, the way she appreciates and basks in the simple joys of living like lakes and quietude, the way she bursts out laughing uncontrollably for no reason when she meets the man she’ll eventually marry, her intelligence, and dedication to her goals. We see her humanness as well as her monstrous side. And there are little bits of beauty scattered throughout.

I have felt guilt and various other emotions reading this book. Guilt for judging and guilt for adoring a psycho’s positive qualities and even some of her ugliness. I love when novels provoke uncomfortable as well as beautiful and positive emotions in me, when they force us to question ourselves in awkward ways. I don’t promote what she does but I can’t overlook her beautiful qualities. 

It reminds me to be like that with real people who may not be my favorite, ones with qualities I don’t care much for. I don’t have to be their best friend or be head over heels in love with them but I can still work to see the beauty in them and appreciate it.

Here is a beautiful quote out of the book about her looking at herself in a mirror, by the main character, Alex:

“In the mirror, I see a woman sitting bolt upright in her chair, with her handbag on her lap. She has long mousy hair, parted in the middle, her scalp white in the harsh fluorescent light. There is a large, dark mass spreading across the side of her face. I think her elegantly middle-aged, sensuously beautiful. I cannot identify with her. I see her smile, first with her eyes, which remain young, and then with the whole of her face. We fuse together, and I feel an energy building inside me, so that my reflection seems to disturb the air in the room, like a breeze across the surface of a lake.  It is a lake I have visited many times in my dreams. We are luminous and powerful.”

This is in a hospital after Alex’s husband dies. No one knows she murdered or tried to murder him. She planned to kill him but after she did, she wasn’t prepared for the feeling that would hit her, the reality of his death. She wanted him dead but after hearing those words, it was hard to accept and come to terms with the fact that  her husband is dead, that she killed him. She wasn’t shattered and is ultimately happy with her choice to kill, but she felt awkward, uncomfortable at first. She started to dissociate. 
Like, feeling as if one part of herself is no longer connected to another. Like her body and her mind or inner self, disconnect. Some people feel as if they leave their body when they dissociate,  after a serious trauma like assault of some sort, for example.

People don’t choose true dissociation but this excerpt reminds me of how many of us often hold ourselves to greater standards than we hold others. We judge our bodies and self worth in ways we wouldn’t judge our sister or best friend. “I have rolls or stretch marks, or am not a size 2 or have scars or acne…or whatever…so I’m hideous, fat, worthless, no good, ugly, not beautiful….” But would you ever say or think that about someone close to you? Or even a stranger? Chances are, no! Try to look into a mirror and kind of dissociate, not like a mental illness or result of a traumatic experience but remain unbiased, not shadowed by self critical thoughts. Take a good look at yourself and pretend you aren’t you. 

Look at your beauty with new eyes, with a stranger’s eyes. If you weren’t you and not so judgmental, if you weren’t brainwashed by the media or society’s concept of beautiful perfection, would you think you are ugly, horrible, not beautiful? Would you think you’re beautiful? Now take the beauty you see and feel and know, and become you again, the whole you, let you and the person in the mirror fuse together. Love one another as the whole that is you.

This book is already so thought-provoking and inspiring.


I read some reviews and I think there may be some violence later in the book, maybe violent sexual scenes. Sometimes I don’t read much about a book, reviews or even the basic description, before reading. I like to go into it completely unbiased, not knowing. Sometimes I read a few reviews and for this I did and a couple said something about there being some “uncalled for sexual violence” or something like that, in the book that does nothing for the story but be disturbing. I read so many books and reviews though that I don’t always remember which reviews are for which books. For all I know those reviews are for another book!  I can tolerate extreme violence in books if the book is really good or has a deeper message other than just violence for thrill. It doesn’t thrill me.

 I felt drawn to this book immediately but then read something that contributed to me deciding not to buy it. And I think it’s the reviews that said there’s uncalled for horrific violence. But then I bought it anyway because what I did read about it in other reviews, the love she has for her Lizzy is so beautiful and it pulled me in and I also love the title. Yes I do judge books by their covers. Lol And even if that’s true that there’s unnecessary violence later, I’m happy I did buy it because of the deep insights I have already come to know just by reading what I did. But I can’t actually recommend the book without knowing the rest, especially if it has scenes that can trigger distress in someone who may have experienced trauma of some sort. Empathy while reading a book is one thing for a person who never experienced serious trauma but for someone who has, it can be completely  different, like the person is reliving it, the body can be like literally living it over, causing severe distress and pain. So I am careful recommending books without warnings.

“My moles continue to grow and darken. I take less care to hide the bump on my head, and I wonder whether my deformities will eventually take me over. I am impatient with them, wishing they would stabilize. I think I notice people staring more, and imagine they are whispering to each other but I decide that I will not try to hide myself away. It will be easier if the people who are alienated by such things have the chance to avoid me, and I reason that those who are indifferent to them will not care.” ~ Alex

I love this and completely agree. I would never want friends or people who like me only because they don’t know something about me that if they found out later they would reject me for it, whatever it may be. We don’t have to like everything about a person we like but we can accept, tolerate, or overlook it and love the person as a whole. I don’t necessarily want someone to like every single thing about me, like all of my opinions or anything, and I won’t conceal something just to have them like me or not reject me. It’s like an asshole repellent,if you show your ugliness or controversial views or something right off, you weed out the assholes and the true ones are still standing by your side. Or if you’re the asshole and people are going to reject you for it then they can back off and the ones who don’t mind asshole-ness will still be there. 
I don’t always like people’s opinions but I often appreciate the courage it takes them to stand up for whatever it is and the passion that drives them.

I am what I am whether I conceal it or not and whether someone likes it or not. So why deny or repress it? Instead I will give people the chance to know me and embrace me or know me and reject me.

My love for fiction has deepened dramatically over the last year and one thing I love about it is how the novels can teach us even
 deeper empathy and greater compassion and understanding for real people and real life situations. We can’t always see or know why people do the things they do and it can be easy to judge and direct hostility towards them without any ounce of empathy or understanding but in books, authors bring their characters alive, stripping them raw, so we can hear their every thought and know their motives and intentions, and we can then, have compassion even more and understanding for the characters. We can extend that to real people and situations.

Understanding and empathy do not necessarily entail or require encouragement of or promoting something. I can understand and be empathetic of a person doing something wrong or not good but not promote or encourage it. I love when authors challenge us. This author is clearly brilliant, not just in writing but her deep understanding of life.

The girl’s wedding day is on June 25th in the book and that’s today for real! Lol what a coincidence that I read that today!

Is that something only I would be thrilled over? 

I hear that a lot “only you, Kim!” or “only you would think or notice that, only you would laugh at that…!”

Xoxo Kim

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton