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Parakeet Paradise <3





My dad has three beautiful parakeets, two girls and one boy. Lennon & Dylan are the girls and Elvis is the boy. They are so adorable and do the cutest little things. My dad read that they get to know people and their routine schedule and they like to follow their schedule everyday. They have two cages, a small one and a large one filled with food, water, perches, mirrors, toys…

The cages are kept open morning until night when they go to sleep so they can come out and fly around. We make sure there’s nothing that is a threat to them. And they have two ladders hanging close to the ceiling where they fly up and play. To some people’s surprise, they actually like being in their cages and choose often to go in on their own sometimes to play with their toys and sometimes just to sit on their perch and rest.

They also have a swing that they swing real fast on! It’s so adorable! They each have unique personalities. Elvis is the largest. He has a big cute belly and he likes to keep his feathers unkempt. Lol. And he loves to get away for a while and sit in the smaller cage on a perch all by himself. I guess that’s when Lennon & Dylan get on his nerves! Lol. Dylan is the least afraid of people but she still is. At first she wasn’t but she picked up the slight shyness to people that the others have. They’re not afraid when people are near but they don’t want to be held by anyone. But they fly very close to us. Lennon loves her ladders and her mirrors! They all get along very well and they love each other. They are very loving little birdies. One of my favorite things is when they kiss each other real fast over and over and over! It’s so amazingly adorable, I’ll have to get it on video one day when I can catch them in action and have my phone ready! Lol And another favorite of mine is when they are on their swing, swinging very quickly! It’s so cute & funny!

They follow each other around and interact with each other very frequently.

They are all beautiful colors, Elvis & Lennon are vibrant green and yellow and Dylan is pastel while and blue.

These little birdies are nature’s inspiration. Just watching them is awe-inspiring.

I often wonder what they’re saying when they chirp so frequently and if they use the same chirps to say the same things again later and if they always understand the chirps of one another. But I like the little mystery of wonder and not exactly knowing.


They don’t seem to mind getting their picture taken but I always turn the flash off when taking pictures of small animals such as birds because I heard that the flash can hurt or even kill them somehow.


I’m blessed to be able to walk into Parakeet Paradise every day!!! 😀 ❤ 🙂


X0xoox Kim ❤