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30 Days of Photos – Day 22 – {Ordinary Angels} <3


“It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.” ~ George Will 

The topic for Day 22 of the 30 days photo challenge is to get a photo of random people. 

August 22nd was day 22 for me.

It’s kind of rude taking pics of people without permission so it’s best, in my opinion, if this is done while their backs are turned or the picture is blurred or something or just show part of the person in a way that can’t be identified. Unless we ask for permission, which I’m not bold enough to do! Lol

I LOVE people! To most people I probably seem reserved or introverted. I have been mistaken for someone with social anxiety and even called “anti social” or a “loner” more than once. These are not at all true. I am very calm, although very shy in social settings, some more than others, if I don’t know the people well or don’t see them very often. It does take a while sometimes for me to open up but only because I’m shy, not because I am scared, anxious, or not trusting or not open or anything. I’m just the opposite. I’m extremely trusting of people in general, even strangers and people who have betrayed me before. It’s just my nature to be very trusting. And I’m very open to sharing my experiences and opinions when I do get talking, even ones that may be controversial or less than pleasant.

To me, being shy doesn’t feel like anxiety or fear or nervousness. It feels more similar to “awkward” or “embarrassed” though not exactly that. It’s impossible to put into words and people have always asked me why I’m so shy. There’s no specific reason. I just am. I’m the shyest one but also the most extroverted one in my family. I’m nowhere near as shy as when I was a kid. Then I struggled with crippling shyness. 

And “anti social” does not mean what many people think it does. It’s actually an inclination towards criminal activity or violence or aggression, not just someone who prefers to be alone or doesn’t like people. I am not anti-social in either sense.
And I’m certainly no loner. I love and often long to be around people. I wish I had lots more friends and a bigger family or knew more people in my family and everywhere. I’m just shy and don’t have many friends, it’s not because I want to be this way. I just am. I am a very shy extrovert! But it’s mostly not a problem. It doesn’t hold me back. If I wasn’t so shy when I was young though, I would probably have more friends. 

So I love the topic for Day 22 because people are something I love. 

I got one picture of people that day, not with their backs turned but luckily it turned out blurred enough so they can’t be identified or I wouldn’t have put it on or would have tried to blur it myself. I looked up the street and the scene looked pretty and two people were walking up and I took the pic and I’m happy with it. 🙂 It’s not the best but it’s a good attempt!



And here are some more pics I got on different days of random people/ordinary angels:







I think every person has potential and a light to be lavished onto the world and I believe people are basically good with good intentions.

It’s also my belief that no one is better than anyone no matter what religious or political views, gender, race, skin color, nationality, gender identity, weight, ethnicity, size, sexual orientation, living situations, financial status, job, physical appearance…

Beauty comes in various forms. And every life matters! 

I think we are all one and all connected and can help each other and deepen our compassion and love for others.



It’s true what the quote above says, the average or “ordinary” person is extraordinary. We all have love to provide to someone and can do something no matter how seemingly simple or small, to help heal, inspire, or uplift someone.


Here is one of my absolute favorite songs! A beautiful country song about how every one of us has some ability to help another in some way. We don’t need money, a job, don’t have to be famous or have lots of power or be popular or look any certain way…all we need is a compassionate heart and a desire to reach out to someone. ❤

Ordinary Angels – mobile

Ordinary Angels – desktop

It could be someone walking down the street
A stranger on a bus
A little kid on his way to school
Or any one of us
We all got a little superman ready to take flight
And save a life, oh save a life
Take a look around and you’ll see ordinary angels”
~ Craig Morgan

I love this song and the message that any one of us can do something, even the simplest thing like just smiling at someone, to help turn someone’s day or even life around for the better.

There are an infinite amount of ways we can help, uplift, or brighten someone’s day whether the person is a stranger to us, a coworker, a friend or family member…we can genuinely compliment the person, look for the good in others, choose to understand someone who is being difficult or unpleasant instead of criticizing in a negative way or judging, understand that even the most loving, selfless people make mistakes and can act in a selfish or rude manner, leave one dollar on a park bench or bus seat for a stranger to find, write an uplifting note to a friend or for someone to stumble upon, write loving messages to people on social media, use our accounts for positivity and goodness, let someone in front of us in line at a store, give up our seat for someone else, feed homeless animals, put insects outside instead of killing them, choose to forgive and move forward, smile at a person who rudely bumps into us in a crowded place or gives us an unpleasant glare, practice patience, wish someone the best, show kindness to everyone we encounter, put money in a tip or donations jar, try to make someone laugh, send an anonymous gift to a struggling single mother or father, listen attentively to someone in distress without offering unsolicited suggestions or solutions, hug someone, encourage someone, help a child or old person cross a street, hold our tongue when we feel like saying something unnecessary and unkind, use our own pain to deepen our compassion for others ….so many ways!! We don’t need any certain paid or volunteer job or any job to help someone each & every day. We can all inspire and uplift others in every day, ordinary contexts no matter who or what we are.

Much love to you!

xoxo Kim 😀

30 Days of Photos – Day 21 {Small Things Forgotten} <3


I haven’t been slacking on my 30 days of photos challenge! I just haven’t posted them here for a while but here is Day 21! 

Day 21 of the 30 Days Photo challenge which was August 21st for me, is to get a picture of something forgotten. It can be an old gadget no longer used, maybe an old pay phone outside a store, stuff laying on the sidewalk, things collecting dust in a closet or backyard.

I love the topic for Day 21. It’s one of my favorite ones. Little or simple things make up much of our lives and they are beautiful and we can take them and express their beauty in various, creative ways. Maybe through photos or writing, sculpting or drawing….

Some people take old or forgotten things and use them for creative projects, taking their pieces and giving them new life. Some, like me, convey their beauty through pictures. And maybe some just quietly, mindfully take in their beauty. 

But I think they are beautiful and worth noticing in some way. This keeps our sense of wonder alive. We often become so used to seeing mundane things, we no longer truly see them.

I wrote more about this here.

I got two pictures that day on my way to work.
I love walking to work. I see so many beautiful things even the things I see over and over again.


These are work gloves that construction workers threw on the ground and never came back for. And a box that once held alcoholic drink cans!  


This is shattered glass on the sidewalk. I don’t know if it’s beautiful or just weird that I instantly see beauty in this and other things that most others probably see as trash or an eyesore or just completely overlook. I think it’s beautifully weird!? Lol ;-D Or weirdly beautiful?You choose! 😀

And here is that same shattered glass but on a more recent day, now accompanied by an alcoholic drink bottle. I love the way it glistens in the day light.


Pretty as it is, it’s probably kind of dangerous so hopefully no one steps on it with no shoes!

And what about that beer (or whatever) bottle?! Was someone sitting on top of the broken glass having a drink?! :-O

Anyway, here is a sweet old song I like to listen to now & again. 

I love the sound of breaking glass – mobile

I love the sound of breaking glass – desktop

“I love the sound of breaking glass
Especially when I’m lonely….
I need the noises of destruction 
When there’s nothing new”
~ Nick Lowe

Good day or night to you!
I hope it's a lovely one!  

xoxo Kim 😀

30 Days of Photos – Day 20 {Jenny, Jenny, I got your number} <3


“You don’t know me but you make me so happy…” ❤

Isn't it amazing how someone who doesn't even know we exist, maybe doesn't care or give any thought to us, can still just put a big smile on our face?


Smile! You never know who you are inspiring, whose heart you are capturing even if you don't know it!

It can be quite painful but it’s ok to not be loved back, all that matters is that we keep loving and wishing everyone the best. ❤

Day 20 of the 30 Days photo challenge, was August 20th for me and that day I took a picture of a page in my daily quotes book.


It has numbers on it, which is the topic of the day, and also some words of wisdom about laughter. I truly believe that laughter IS the best medicine.

Laughing & smiling can lighten a heavy heart no matter what is going on. 😀

Also, I took this picture a couple days before Day 20 and I think it’s a good one.


And here is the lovely song!

8675309 – mobile

8675309 – desktop

One day, not so long ago, my dad was blasting this song and singing it to my mom and she was appalled because it seems to be about a promiscuous girl. And her name isn’t Jenny. lol

Like I often say, whatever floats your boat! As long as we are not hurting and directly interferring with others, we should be able to do as we please.

oh, yes, and I heard, many years ago, that this was the girl’s real phone number and she had to get it changed. lmao


❤ ❤ Much0 love to you tonight and always! ❤

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 18 {animals}


It may be hard to see but there’s a seagull in this picture!

Day 18 for the 30 Days photo challenge which for me was August 18th, we are to capture a photo of animals.

Here are my dogs!


This is Woody. He’s a chihuahua mix. He just turned one year old last month!

And here is his mommy, Boobie, who will be thirteen years old next month!


I have six dogs! These are just two.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog.”

I hope you are having a great day/night! ❤

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 17 – {fake people}


Lol! Yep! Mannequins!

They’re the only fake people I know of! 

Monday, August 17th, day 17 of the 30 Days Photo Challenge, for me, is the day for getting pictures of mannequins!

I walked to the store “USA Blues” and got a few pics of the mannequins in the window. It was hard with the glare and reflections on the windows. I tried different angles and things and most showed up horribly. But I got a couple that are better than the rest!

It took some courage because it was kind of embarrassing taking pictures through a store window and taking pics of their mannequins. I was by myself so it was even more awkward. I was hoping no one would see me! Lol But I got up the courage! It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am reminded that it’s a good thing to try to do things once in a while that are scary, awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, things we’re just not used to. 

Suck it up and go for it! 


When you see it, you will shit bricks.


A girl one with no head.

And here are a couple pictures I got the next day:


Just heads.


Mannequin bums! Sexy, right?

Ever heard of RealDolls (this is an adult website so if you are extremely young or just don’t like that sort of stuff, it’s probably in your best interest not to click it. There’s lots of dolls in the nude! Lol)? I learned about them in my human sexuality class in college many moons ago. They are dolls, the size of a real human and have all the sexual parts of a real one. And their mouth is human-like. They also look very real. They come in male and female and can move any way a person can but not by themselves. You would have to move it yourself. They are used for romantic and sexual purposes. Some people like to just cuddle with them while others like to do a whole lot more! Lol

The girl ones are very pretty!  

Some people think it’s freaky that people purchase these but whatever floats your boat! No judgment here! Lol 😀 

Fun fact: The phobia of mannequins and other inanimate objects intended to represent sentient beings is called,
Automatonophobia (how it’s pronounced? I couldn’t tell you…).

It’s theorized that mannequins give many people the creeps because, socially, we expect each other to act and be a certain way and when someone seems “different” or not what is considered to be normal, we may not understand it and we often fear what we don’t understand. And mannequins resemble people but do not act like people or how we expect persons to act
. So they frighten people or just provoke a bit of anxiety for some. Also, they may remind some people of a corpse, which can be scary.

They are kind of creepy but I’m not freaked out by them or anything. They’re just plastic and wax and whatever other kind of material. I always loved ventriloquist dummies when I was little and even had one! I used to creep people out with him! Lol 

There are museums of dummies and wax figures and things! I would love to go visit! I don’t know of any in Philadelphia.
If you are in Philadelphia and are afficted with automatonophobia, that’s probably a good thing, as those museums are probably your worst nightmare. :-O

I hope your day/night is going great!


Much love to you! ❤

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 16 – {Beauty Up Above} <3


“There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up and suddenly you’re in love.” ~ Billy Ocean ❤

Our goal for Day 16 of the 30 days challenge is to get a picture of clouds! One of my favorite things to get pictures of. Everyday for the last few days, maybe even a week, there have been beautiful clouds in a beautiful bright blue sky and even on the rainy gray day, there were some pretty pearly clouds!

But today there’s not one cloud in the sky which is very unfortunate since today is the day for clouds (for me, you can start the photo challenge any day you want). I’m annoyed. 

So here are my clouds for the day:


On Tuesday, August 11th, there were some stunning clouds. Unusual ones. Rainy ones. Delicate pearl white with like silvery outlines. 
I don’t see ones like those ones much. I don’t know exactly how to explain in words what they were like but they weren’t bright white and not really gray. But they were bright and white just in a different way. They were kind of like translucent maybe.

And in some parts of the sky there was like a hint of pink and orange trimming the clouds. 

Then later the clouds were more dramatic with a beautiful setting sun. I remember the date because I had a splitting headache that day, worse than usual and it really stood out(one of the benefits of having terrible headaches – things stand out in ways they usually don’t to someone without excruciating, agonizing headaches). But August 11th, for me, wasn’t the day for clouds but for landscape, seascape, or urbanscape photos. Too bad. 

I got some pretty cloud pics that day though! 

Here they are:





And here is one later in the day:


They were prettier in person. But these pics will have to do since I can’t bring back the actual clouds that day and even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to share them through the Internet, physically (yet – but who knows what technology is currently being conjured up?!). 


This picture turned out not how I intended because I was in my dad’s car and was trying to get a picture of a building (this is August 12th, the day for me to get pics of buildings), and he started to drive away. So my picture got messed up. But I LOVE how the reflection of the blue sky and clouds can be seen in the car windows. 

I love reflections and shadows! Both of which are the subjects for two days in the 30 days challenge!  😀

This is my very favorite kind of sky! In the photo above with the reflection. Bright blue with fluffy white clouds.

Tomorrow is the day for mannequins! This shall be interesting! I’ll have to go traveling to find a creepy mannequin! Those things really are kind of on the creep side. And they’re often missing heads!  

So I’ll be seeing what I can find! 

Good day to you! Or night! 

I hope it’s a good one!! ❤ 😀

Suddenly – Billy Ocean – mobile

Suddenly – Billy Ocean – desktop

xoxo Kim ❤

30 Days of Photos – Day 15 – {Where You Lead} <3


“Loving you the way I do 
I know we’re gonna make it through 
And I will go 
to the ends of the earth, 
’cause darling, to me that’s what you’re worth 
Where You Lead 
I will follow 
Anywhere that you tell me to 
If you need-(If)you need me to be with you 
I will follow 
Where you lead”
~Carole King/Louise Goffin   

Day 15 is intended to be a day for leading lines. It’s one of my favorite topics. But another one I don’t quite have down yet and have much to learn! It’s fascinating and an opportunity to get creative! But I got some sorry excuses for leading lines photos today! I intended to go out and get pictures but my mom, sister, and my dad went out and I stayed home and watched the dogs. They tear the house apart when we’re out so it’s good if someone stays home. And also I wasn’t sure if I would be back in time for work if I went with them. So, at work is where I decided to get the pictures since it would have been dark outside after work. I probably could have found things at home but just decided to get them at work! 😀

I am reminded of a couple lessons. Again, something is better than nothing/it’s the attempt that counts. And also I feel that my brain is being pushed to be creative even more than if I were outside since being in a store/work there is less obvious things to get pictures of! So I felt my brain working hard, looking at ordinary things in different ways even more than usual. Not that these pics are creative, they kind of suck(although I like the fan one!). But still, I’m reminded that all we have to do is look and open our minds and there’s bound to be something to take a picture of that is kind of ok even if it’s not brilliant. 

It’s not really about the subject of our pictures but how we look at things, our feeling of inspiration, and our passion.

So here are my pictures for August 15th:



I like this one too. The color & texture help to make it more interesting than just a stack of paper bags.





And here is a sweet song by Carole King. I love the mother-daughter version she sings with her daughter Louise.

Where You Lead mobile

Where You Lead desktop

I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

It’s about to be 12:00am here in Philadelphia! Sweet dreams! ❤

xoxo Kim 😀

30 Days of Photos – Day 14 – {Money Can’t Buy Happiness} <3


“But it can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

Day 14 of the 30 day photo challenge is intended to be a day for getting a picture of food! Food is one of my least favorite things to get pictures of! I like to eat food, not take pics of it! Lol Unless it’s really pretty! But most food isn’t. Most food that I see anyway! The prettiest food I see is usually sweet things like cake, cupcakes, and ice cream.

Lucky me! I work at an ice cream store!

“Sadness is no ice cream in the freezer.” 

Here are my pictures for the day:


“My head says ‘go to the gym,’ my heart says ‘eat more ice cream.'”

I think I’ll listen to my heart on this one! lol ❤ ;-p



This is my favorite!! Mint chocolate chip! Yum! 😀

I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!! ❤

Check out the 30 day photo challenge here!

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 12 – {build me up, buttercup <3}


Day 12, yesterday for me, August 12th, is the day for getting pictures of buildings.

My favorite buildings are in Center City, Philadelphia but I wasn’t there yesterday. So I will share a few I captured previously.

And one I got yesterday. The one above with the gorgeous blue sky. ❤

Buildings are my love. One of my favorite things to get pictures of!! I probably have like thousands. 

Yesterday as well as today, the sky was/is very vibrant blue dappled in big, fluffy, clouds! My very favorite kind of sky to look up to.

It's interesting because my favorite weather is gray, rainy, snowy, cold, cool, wintery, fall, with a chill in the air, dreary, barren…you know the weather that many/most seem to think is miserable and disgusting. But the sky is my favorite when I look up and it's an almost animated kind of blue with pearly white clouds drifting through the streaming golden sunlight. So beautiful. So inspiring.

Nothing brings me more alive. I feel a stirring  in me, a strange and beautiful pull, when I look around and up and see vivacious green trees, a blue, blue sky, golden beams of sun all around.



The Blue Cross building, one of my favorite buildings. I never been inside.









I hope you are having a sweet day/night! ❤


xoxo Kim ❤

30 Days of Photos – Day 11 – {It’s the attempt that counts} <3


Day 11 I was supposed to get a landscape/urbanscape/seascape picture but I wasn’t anywhere to get any good ones, just out running some errands with my mom while having a very severe migraine-like headache, triggered by my chronic pain condition(tmjd/tmd). I had to lay down for a while.  But I was still happy and the headache eventually let up after a quick rest, blueberry iced coffee, and a handful of Tylenol. Tylenol, which works wonders for me for regular pain, does nothing for these horrific headaches brought on by my condition, but sometimes it takes the edge off for certain pain before the pain begins to get severe or after the pain begins to end. But often only when I take like eight at once (which a doctor I used to have told me to stop because it is dangerous to the liver. But I can’t think of my liver and what may happen to it in the future when I’m in excruciating agony right now.) Not for all my tmjd related pain and not when it’s too bad already, but some. This headache was ending anyway and I took Tylenol to try to hasten the ending process. It seemed to work! Or could have merely been a coincidence! Who knows?! Or cares?! All that matters is it ended! I don’t usually take medicine because it doesn’t usually work. And Tylenol works the best when it does work. 

But I did get a couple pictures that I tried to come as close as possible to make constitute as a landscape or urbanscape photo. I don’t think I succeeded very well but trying (especially with one of the worst (migraine-like) headaches of my life) is success enough!! 

This was Tuesday, August 11th! It was a lovely rainy day. 















I won’t ever let a devestating headache or any pain stop me or hold me back. It won’t kill my inspiration, only inspire me more deeply.

Check out the photo challenge here!

Much love to you,

xoxo Kim 😀