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You nosy little pervert ;-D


Get outta here you nosy little pervert or I’m gonna slap you silly! Lol! ;-D 

I took this picture of this clown May 2014 and had fun being silly with an app on my phone. I am very easily amused! 


I decided to go find these pics on my Facebook account and share them here!

And here’s a great song! Lol ;-D

Cool Jerk – The Capitols – mobile

Cool Jerk – desktop

And a funny scene in the hilarious movie Home Alone 2, one of the best movies ever!

Uncle Frank shower scene – mobile

Uncle Frank shower scene – desktop

lol! ;-D

~Hugs & love~ & lots of giggles! ;-D ❤

xoxo Kim 😀

November 19th


“Life goes on
no one gets rehearsal
life goes on
through everyday reversal 
with every dawn everyday is full of chances 
to find some good before it’s gone…”

Today and tonight is very rainy. On my way to Buddhist class in Center City, I looked up at the tall buildings through the rain and saw people in one of the upper floors sitting around at a meeting! Lol Anyone else probably would have found it not important or thought nothing of it but I just loved seeing it. I saw three men in what appeared to be business suits.  There were probably more who I couldn’t see. None of the men I saw have hair. 

It looked important. 



This isn’t the building, these are different, similar ones.

I love hearing and seeing people in the distance. And I love the sounds of laughter and talking and construction work, it just provokes a feeling of connection and Oneness in me, I love the life all around. 


The meeting in the building I saw through the window brought back a memory of a day in 9th grade when a girl in class had some speaker thing and either it called people or she hooked it up to her phone and called random people and we all heard it through the speaker. She did not know any of the people she called, it was just random numbers. A man answered one of the calls and he sounded distraught, almost panicked and said he’ll have to call her back, he was in an important meeting at City Hall. She kept telling him it’s important to talk to her right now. He did not realize it was a high school girl just messing around. Lol All the kids were laughing and so was the teacher. 


His meeting probably looked a little like the one I briefly witnessed way up on that top floor tonight. 


In class tonight, the monk reminded us to remember that everything is impermanent, the seasons, relationships, our problems, everything we love, our physical traits, our life….so cherish all that we have but be prepared to lose it. Depending upon how we think about it, this can be inspiring or gloomy. Remember to bask in the beauty of all we have and not put too much into problems or pain or negativity, it will all end soon enough.

I found the lecture and meditation to be inspiring and soothing and sad. I thought of my coworker, Diane, who died in February. I was very close to her and I don’t always cope with her death well. And I thought of those I will likely lose later, animals and humans. It was soothing to hear our teacher remind us that loss is just part of life, just the way it goes and it doesn’t have to destroy us. He used an analogy of staying at a luxurious hotel for a few days and having to leave it. We don’t break down over having to leave the beautiful room and bath and breakfast in bed and king sized bed and incredible view and room service and all because we knew all along it would end. It was never ours to keep. We were prepared to have it end. It’s like our life now. It was never ours to keep, the relationships we have aren’t meant to last forever. The very nature of life is change. If we just prepare ourself for it to end, like the way we know vacations end, we will be great. We are travelers just passing through life. 


We were also reminded that the most important things are love, wisdom, and inner peace, not material things like money and jewelry.

The monk used another analogy of receiving a big expensive diamond then soon after, being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Would we even care about the diamond now next to something like that? We can have expensive things, pretty things, and still be miserable or still be sick, and still die. And we can have a terminal illness, experience a devastating loss, be very old, and still be happy and at peace.

It’s all about our attitude and what we focus on. 


When we focus on the good and focus on our breath for a few minutes, we can experience inner calmness. When we meditate upon the concept of death and loss, it can at first seem gloomy, negative, uncomfortable, terrible, but eventually it can bring us to peace and lessen our anxiety about it.  


It was a good class! Very helpful!

Last night was my little sister’s 19th b-day so my family took her bowling! It was a lot of fun! I got 2nd place! My mom got the lowest score and my dad and sister got the same score.


Here are a couple pictures:






The people before us left this score sheet.







I’m the only one of us usually who likes to get my picture taken. Lol 


This is my boys and me. They are just the sweetest things! ❤

Emmy is the little daddy on my shoulder and Woody is his baby looking up at me. They get so jealous of each other and both want all the attention. Lol It's so cute!!

Here is a sweet song relevant to the topic of impermanence and appreciating the good while accepting the bad and the uncertainty.

“You’ll never know which way a day is gonna take you
there’s always some surprise that comes along to shake you
you’ll never see exactly where the road will lead you
and when it comes to love you gamble when you need to
you’ll maybe break your heart on one unlucky throw
but then again, you’ll never know”

You’ll Never Know – Ringo Starr – mobile

You’ll Never Know – desktop

Much love to you!! ❤


xoxo Kim



Me falling asleep at work. 
I’m not exhausted but just a mellow kind of sleepiness. Pleasant, I guess you can say.

“When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside.” ~Rumi

Warning: My silly side is really showing in this post!

My headache is a bit worse than usual today but nowhere near as bad as when it flares up severely! But a headache will never conquer me! 😀


Thank You so so much to everyone who reads, “likes,” likes, shares, reblogs, comments on….my content here! I deeply appreciate it! 

When I set up the account a few years ago, I never expected one comment or like or anything. But I chose to post anyway knowing someone can always find it later and also I just love to write & share! And it’s always here to look back on whenever I want. I’m not good with networking and don’t know much about blogging, I just post things I find inspiring or funny and hope it can touch someone else who may come across it. I post for others and myself but mostly to try to uplift or inspire someone else.  

I’m at work alone (but not lonely) on a cool, dark, slow night and next door these people are having a fire sitting out in a lot and it’s cozy and smells like fire. Thankfully it’s just them having a little Fall/cool weather celebration and not an emergency going on! 


I painted my nails for Christmas already! It will chip off wayyy before then! But that’s ok! 


Here’s more pics of me at work!


I’m not weird or anything! I promise! 


Totally not a weirdo! 

I’m laughing hysterically at myself. 

I don’t know what I’m doing. 


Just showing off my pretty nails! 


I love being me!! ❤

The sky was so pretty today walking to work, this picture does no justice to the real thing!!


I walked out of my house later than I was supposed to, for work, because I was dicking around doing other stuff, and couldn’t get a good picture!

(I have been wanting to use the term “dicking around” for some reason and finally got my chance! :-D)
I’m thankful the wifi here is working (on & off) and I can check out the Internet once in a while. I have books with me also but like to check the Internet as well when it’s slow. 

There’s so many little things to be thankful for like free wifi! The sound of refrigerators buzzing, the warmth of a coffee pot or machine being on, people having a bonfire in a lot on a dark night, pizza fries with extra cheese (which I’m getting after work! My mom is ordering them for me!), friends including online friends!, pretty pictures, beautiful buildings, a lovely city, Kindle app, the pleasant smile of a coworker, moms who order food for us!, the swirling of ceiling fans, the ability to laugh at our own self! The list goes on & on!! ❤


I hope you are having a beautiful day/night! Hugs & love to you! 

Xoxo Kim

Happy National Kitty Kat Day


“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” ~Colette




“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” ~ Charles Dickens

Today in Buddhist class I found out it’s National Cat Day then I saw people posting about it on Facebook!


In class, the monk told us that people working for Uber were taking kittens around to let people pet to brighten people’s day! How cute!!

😀 ❤

The kitty above is Lacey!! And tomorrow just happens to be the anniversary of the day she came to live with us years ago!!

She's getting a special can of food! Shes so cute and loves to snuggle! She's not always the sweetest girl and sometimes whacks us with her paw!

She may have a psychotic problem. She chases stuff that isn't there.

She loves to be hugged & petted and loves to sink her nails in soft material and suck on it!! It's just the cutest!! ❤

I love my adorable Lacey! ❤

She often has her tongue sticking out!

I hope you are having a lovely day!

much love to you!! ❤

xoxo Kim 😀

Squirrel <3


For about a month now, maybe longer, this adorable little squirrel has been visiting in the backyard! My mom and me often see him/her throughout each day hopping the fences or sitting on the fence staring in at us, often while eating! It’s the cutest thing ever! S/he even got bigger since we met. S/he rips the trash bags apart in the yard and gets it a mess. My mom and me have to clean it everyday. 

It’s cute but my mom isn’t very happy about it! It’s so cute to watch him eat with his little mouth going and little paws holding on to whatever he finds to eat!

My mom and me put food out for him everyday, which he loves. We often put out cupcakes or croissants and see him sitting on the fence eating them or running away with them. So adorable! 


We weren’t sure what squirrels like best or what is safe for them to eat and my mom put cat food out for our squirrel friend but everyday it was still there but the other food would be gone and the trash ripped apart.

My mom looked up on the Internet to see what other food to give him and found that squirrels are vegetarians! That’s why he wouldn’t eat the cat food! Cat & dog food has meat in it, they can’t be vegetarians or they can get very sick. 

He likes pizza, cupcakes, rolls….i don’t give him pizza because the sauce may not be safe but he stole pizza out of the trash bag one day! lol

My dogs bark and growl at him like madd when they see him out the back door window!
But he just sits there looking in, unperturbed.


He doesn’t let me get close though. He runs away. So I just let him be. I can mostly only get pictures through the door window or he’ll run.

I read that squirrels can live about ten years outside and up to approximately eighteen years in captivity!


I would love to bring him in just for the Winter so he can be safe & warm but I would never keep him as a pet. It would be unethical since they are wild animals or outside animals. Maybe he would live longer but he may not be happy. He loves the outdoors, playing and running, hopping the fences and he probably has squirrel friends outside somewhere!  I hope he finds a good place to live when the weather gets cold. 


I have been feeding him pumpkin cupcakes which he loves! He sits there holding them in his little paws munching away! And sometimes he takes them and runs away, maybe storing them somewhere or sharing with other squirrels! Occasionally he comes in the yard with food he got somewhere else! I wonder if others feed him too or if he steals it! Lol

He seems very attentive and watches me when he sees me, sometimes looking directly at me, other occasions looking out the corner of his eyes. 


It’s just so cute!! He has a big fluffy tail!

So I just decided to share my cute lil squirrel friend to brighten your day!


Lotssa luv to you!! ❤

xoxo Kim

Random Inspiration {pics, quotes, thoughts}


Here are some of my pictures & just random thoughts & things!


Isn’t my baby cute?! He looks so happy and serene. Smiling. 😀
It’s that peaceful, calm kind of sleepiness but not exhaustion or fatigue. 

This is where he waits for me to come upstairs to my room. Two of my dogs love to stay in bed all day and they would if I was up there. I don’t stay in my room all day and sometimes when I’m downstairs they go up to the top of the stairs and bark and growl for me to come up! 
Lol Lazy bums.

They want to be in bed but only with me! It’s so cute! This is Woody in the picture. He was really sleepy and just waited there for me to come up. 


This little baby crawled onto my hand and then I was faced with a difficult dilemma. Do I put him/her outside in the tree where it’s kind of cold or just let him roam the floors in work(which I’m certain my manager and boss wouldn’t appreciate!).
There’s only one ant that I saw so it wasn’t like infested. I’m not sure if there’s easy access to food outside for an ant. But in a store or something there may be microscopic 
crumbs around. But inside, an insect has a good chance of being crushed by people who have no regard for their lives. I don’t judge those people, which is like just about everyone in the world except for me. But I can’t bear the thought of a living sentient being, no matter how small or icky or ugly or scary or disgusting, or repulsive, no matter the species, human, insect, reptile, animal…being killed or injured. I really find it heartbreaking. So when I can, I help them to the best of my ability. I’m not in people’s faces with it or all sanctimonious about it like some pro-life people. That really annoys me when people act like their morals are above other people’s. I have been accused of this on occasion, especially by my sister who thinks I’m a snob, but it’s not true. I put the cute little ant in the tree outside in the crunchy leaves, hoping s/he would find food and warmth. ❤


Recently I was out with my mom and took this picture. I love it! To most/many people, it may just appear to be a really bad picture. To me, it is symbolic of a few things. 
I love taking pictures of things that represent something to me even if they just appear to be meaningless. I never liked the idea of a creator/artist/writer/poet…anyone who takes pictures or anything, explaining the work or photo. I love when readers/viewers try to interpret it but I think it’s great if the creator leaves it to them and usually doesn’t explain its meaning. Occasionally I share my pictures and tell what purpose I find in them.
But often I like to leave it to the viewers. I love the abstract & mystery. And it can symbolize different things to different people, which I love!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween!  
I love all the innocent looking Halloween decor! The ghosts, the pumpkins, the vampires and minions dressed up, the little monsters and scary houses set up in people’s windows. I love the cute stuff! Some of the stuff I have seen is, in my opinion, going a bit overboard! Like something that appears to be a person, hanging off a tree! A person appearing to be crushed in a garage door or have a gunshot wound to the head! Aaahh! That has my heart racing and not in a good way! I always feel so much compassion for people who have found suicide/homicide/accident victims. I can just imagine what it must be like for them to have to see that after seeing the real thing. ❤
Flash backs & panic attacks and nightmares and everything else!
I love haunted attractions but the “dead people” though they have fake blood and gashes all over them, don't actually look truly dead and they're usually walking around so obviously aren't dead or resembling true dead persons! (there hasn't been a real zombie apocalypse yet that I know of!)
To me, there is nothing at all fun about seeing a dead body or something that accurately resembles one.
If I was decorating I would be more thoughtful and mindful about what I put in public but I understand it's Halloween and that's just what some people consider fun. 
I saw people get into arguments over this before, certain decorations or displays being repulsive and people were saying some people are thoughtless and callous and others saying people need to lighten up that it's just for fun (when I was little I saw a real homicide victim {a very young woman} covered in blood dead on the ground, where I used to play, I was too young [or stupid] to completely grasp the full seriousness of it but I can tell you it wasn't fun to find that! [I never knew her but I still think of her all these years later.]) and I try to be understanding, accepting, tolerant, or just at least as civil as possible about all sides of any issue or topic even if I disagree. I do some things too that people don't like. No one is going to be perfect to everyone, we all have different concepts of perfect but that's ok.


Isn’t this a pretty picture?! It’s my picture! But I edited it to make it look a bit more dramatic in a way. I love editing my pictures! It’s more creative and fun than just snapping a picture and sharing it. On my photobucket account, I usually share both the edited and the original because I like all my pictures. I never try to pretend my pictures aren’t edited to some degree. Most are(except for pictures of myself, sometimes they have effects but that’s all). They usually look better with effects than the original ones, sometimes I just make the colors pop or make the picture brighter or fade or blur out certain parts for a foggy or nostalgic look.

Here’s an example of two pictures that are the same but one is edited. They still look very much the same but the original is dull while the edited pops in color. Sometimes an original pic does no justice to the real thing and I edit it and it looks more similar to the real thing. Like the sky sometimes is so bright and beautiful and I take a picture and it’s all dull looking and I edit it to bring out the colors and it looks more like the real sky than the original pic! 

Original version:


Edited version:


I got skills! lol jk I really don’t but hope to one day! This isn’t a good picture but I still like it.





We have all these big monopoly pieces all around in this one place in Center City. Is this just a Philadelphia thing or do they have this in other places as well? I love how we can see the reflection of the sky in the windows here. I blurred it a bit so the people in my pics can’t be clearly seen since they don’t even know they’re in my pics!


That church way over there has the rainbow flag outside to show their love for lgbtq people. Way to go! ❤
I don't think people necessarily should be thanked for supporting equality since it's a basic thing we're supposed to do just like we're not supposed to kill or be a racist or at least not act on it in vicious ways. I'm not going to thank someone for not killing me or for supporting a woman's right to vote or for supporting interratical marriage, it's not a luxary or gift, it's a basic right or basic equality but still good to express support so people know. Especially in a place where they are often known for or thought of as being discriminatory.
I think in some ways heterosexism is worse than homophobia because it's less obvious and may be overlooked but the impact still devestating, where homophobia is more obvious and can be called out and addressed more easily. Heterosexism is basically the idea of overlooking anything other than heterosexuality, like asking a woman we just meet “do you have a boyfriend?” just assuming she is romantically attracted to men. And in all the commercials and extras in movies, just showing heterosexuality. It's good to show things other than just heterosexuality in basic everyday contexts in movies like, people walking by holding hands and things. It's good to have movies & tv shows where the main topic is relating to lgbtq people but also just showing it in subtle ways.
Everyone should feel included in society.
I saw on tv recently a teenage girl who was born with what is considered a boy's body. She was thrilled because her parents allowed her to get hormone therapy to have her body become more physically female.
They gave her a surprise package and when she unwrapped it, it was something she been wanting, permission to get the therapy.
My dad (who is against homosexuality and transgenderism and anything other than what he is or claims to be) was appalled and saying offensive things and things like how can they let a child do that. And my mom who is not a homo/transphobe but still not as completely understanding of transgender issues as I am, said what if the girl changes her mind and decides she should have stayed a boy or how she was first. I'm not easily offended but I was here. Like, how can a person's gender identity just change?! It can't!! We know as long as we remember what we are! I never once thought “maybe I'm a boy!” Transgender people aren't confused, except maybe because of things society tries to put on them. That little girl knows what she is and always has. She's a GIRL! Even though her body is what is typically considered a boy's.

A t-girl is no less of a woman than I am. It's not our body that makes us what we are, male, female, both, neither, it's our gender identity. I am a woman because my gender identity is that of a woman's. We don't choose our gender identity or sexual orientation, just choose how to act on it. But anyway so what if it were a choice? It's not hurting anyone!
Some people say not to be against gay or trans people because they cannot help it! I know they have loving intentions saying that but it's rude! It's like saying it's still not good but it's ok because they can't help it.
I can just imagine the loneliness many trans. people and their familes must feel. Many parents who allow their children to express their gender identity even if it does not match their sexual identity, are vilified for it. But I support them and if I had a child who turned out to be transgender, I would let him/her express it at whatever age s/he wanted. People say they will be bullied and scarred over it and it's most likely true but if I tried to force my kid to be something s/he is not, that would scar her and hurt her too. I would prefer someone else to hurt my child than my own self! And I have nothing against lgbtq people or them expressing it however they want.

Also, I’m not a “politically correct” control freak who obsesses over language or words. I don’t like offending people, not usually because of what they may thjnk about me but because I truly care not to offend. And I don’t use terms that are blatant insults. But if someone isn’t trying to be vicious but says something that isn’t “politically correct,” I won’t go all apeshit. Intentions usually matter more, in my opinion, than what appears to be. It’s great to be thoughtful but we don’t have to be controlling and obsessed with how people talk.

This isn't an angry rant! lol I’m not angry. I'm just sharing my opinions and stuff.

A t-woman was murdererd recently by a person with a history of hurting transgender people. And my love & compassion go out to all affected by that. ❤

“In my household, being gay was, and is, no big deal. When my brother came out, we hugged him, said we loved him, and that was that. Just for the record, we don’t feel that there is anything alternative about our family values. I don’t consider my[self] just an ally to the LGBT community. I consider myself your family. If anyone, ever, tried to hurt you, I’m gonna give them hell. There are people who’ve said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive of gay marriage, gay adoption…with all due respect, I humbly dissent. I’m not being brave. I’m being a decent human being…” ~ Anne Hathaway

I agree. When I was in college and at a pflag event, there were parents of lgbtq kids who gave a speech about supporting their kids and all lgbtq people and people started cheering and they asked everyone to stop, saying it's not something to thank them for, that they are merely doing what is right, what is basic. ❤

“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

I love the sentiment. I don't see anything wrong with adults drinking alcoholic things as long as they are responsible about it. 😀 Like not drinking themselves to death or operating machines/vehicles or anything while intoxicated! And not getting angry and pushing people because that can accidentally kill someone! Alcohol itself isn’t usually a problem, it’s how we handle it.
I suspect the “drink” is referring to alcohol because most of us have to drink, I think. Unless maybe we have an iv drip. I don’t know why this quote says not to drink it but I like how it says drink in the moments that take our breath away! sweet!


And this is me! ❤

I feel as if I just rambled through this whole thing which wasn’t my intention! lol I was just sharing my pictures and the thoughts came to me! Hopefully they are coherent!


Lots of love to you!!

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 20 {Jenny, Jenny, I got your number} <3


“You don’t know me but you make me so happy…” ❤

Isn't it amazing how someone who doesn't even know we exist, maybe doesn't care or give any thought to us, can still just put a big smile on our face?


Smile! You never know who you are inspiring, whose heart you are capturing even if you don't know it!

It can be quite painful but it’s ok to not be loved back, all that matters is that we keep loving and wishing everyone the best. ❤

Day 20 of the 30 Days photo challenge, was August 20th for me and that day I took a picture of a page in my daily quotes book.


It has numbers on it, which is the topic of the day, and also some words of wisdom about laughter. I truly believe that laughter IS the best medicine.

Laughing & smiling can lighten a heavy heart no matter what is going on. 😀

Also, I took this picture a couple days before Day 20 and I think it’s a good one.


And here is the lovely song!

8675309 – mobile

8675309 – desktop

One day, not so long ago, my dad was blasting this song and singing it to my mom and she was appalled because it seems to be about a promiscuous girl. And her name isn’t Jenny. lol

Like I often say, whatever floats your boat! As long as we are not hurting and directly interferring with others, we should be able to do as we please.

oh, yes, and I heard, many years ago, that this was the girl’s real phone number and she had to get it changed. lmao


❤ ❤ Much0 love to you tonight and always! ❤

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 19 {places} <3


“There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
And some have gone, and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I love them all”

Day 19 for the 30 Days photo challenge, which for me was August 19, our goal is to get a picture of places.

Here are my pics!




This is me outside of a movie theatre going to see the movie “Dark Places.”

And here is me yesterday at work:


One of my favorite songs is Bette Midler’s version of In My Life .

In My Life – mobile

In My Life – desktop

Much love to you,<3

xoxo Kim 😀

30 Days of Photos – Day 18 {animals}


It may be hard to see but there’s a seagull in this picture!

Day 18 for the 30 Days photo challenge which for me was August 18th, we are to capture a photo of animals.

Here are my dogs!


This is Woody. He’s a chihuahua mix. He just turned one year old last month!

And here is his mommy, Boobie, who will be thirteen years old next month!


I have six dogs! These are just two.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog.”

I hope you are having a great day/night! ❤

xoxo Kim

30 Days of Photos – Day 13 – {I’m Beautiful Dammit} <3


“Well, I woke up one morning,
flossed my teeth and decided,
“Damn, I’m fierce!” You look good!
You can be just like me! A goddess? Yeah!
Don’t just pussyfoot around and sit on your assets.
Unleash your ferocity upon an unsuspecting world.
Rise up and repeat after me: ‘I’m beautiful!'”

Day 13 of the 30 day photo challenge is to get a picture of our own self, specifically the face.

I got quite a few pics of me today! August 13th. Here goes:







And without makeup:


And here’s a few recent ones but not today ones:




I’m not usually this vain! Although I do love taking pictures of myself! I’m just having super, super fun with this photo challenge, taking new pictures for the topic of the day and going back and finding previous ones! 😀 And today happens to be photo of the self day! lol ❤

And here is a song I love, featuring Bette Midler:

I’m Beautiful – mobile

I’m Beautiful – desktop

I love this song about celebrating our own and each other's beauty which includes physical beauty. There's nothing wrong with appreciating the physical beauty of a woman, including our own. It's fantastic to celebrate!  

We're often made to feel that physical beauty is wrong to celebrate, that it's shallow or stuck up or wrong to others who may not feel as beautiful. But it's not shallow or objectification  unless that's all we see and care about and it's not stuck up unless we act like we are better than others. And loving our own selves, expressing our appreciation for our own beauty in a truly loving way can inspire others to do the same with their own beauty. 

The most important beauty, in my opinion, is within. But that doesn't mean we should not also cherish the physical.

And physical beauty comes in various forms, dark, light, big, small, tall, short, long hair, short hair, blonde hair, black hair, gray hair, orange hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, wrinkles, curvy, scarred, stick thin, tattoos, young, old, middle age….there's no specific definition but we can cherish it when we encounter it. ❤

Also, non physical beauty comes in various forms, tender and quiet, fierce and assertive, loud and bold, simple and laid back, bitchy or syrupy sweet, inquisitive or just going with the flow, badass or gentle, witty and funny or thoughtful and warm, motivated or not…or a combination of all of these things. Let's embrace all that we are while encouraging, accepting, and building up others. 

Let's celebrate our own and each other's inner & outer beauty! ❤

I love how in the song she acknowledges her own beauty & strength while encouraging others to do the same. Confidence is sexy and it's even sexier when it's humble enough to allow other people to be just what they are and seeing beauty in it. 

And in this song, they make it clear that we are not “too” anything. We are perfect how we are. 

“I'm not too short, I'm not too tall,
I'm not too big, I'm not too small.
Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
I'm not too white, I'm not too black,
I'm not too this, I'm not too that.
Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, dammit!”

And it's our responsibility to live how we want to live and maintain our own happiness no matter what other people say, do, or think.

“Too wack, too smart, too fast, too fine,
too loud, too tough, too too divine.
I said you don't belong. You don't belong.
Too loud, too big, too much to bear,
too bold, too brash, too prone to swear.
I heard that song for much too long.
Ain't this my sun? Ain't this my moon?
Ain't this my world to be who I choose?
Ain't this my song? Ain't this my movie?
Ain't this my world? I know I can do it.”

It's one of those “feel good” songs it's almost impossible to hear or read the lyrics and not be inspired and uplifted. It's a combination of inspiring, upbeat, and funny. They encourage us to feel beautiful and not just feel it but scream it off the rooftops! 😀

If you got it, flaunt it! And if you don't, flaunt it anyway! 

(many years ago at work, my coworker, who was struggling with body image issues, said this. She came to work wearing tight, revealing clothing and decided to say to hell with society's definition of beautiful and sexy, just be what you are and flaunt it! It inspires me ever since. <3) 

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“I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.” ~ Mary J. Blige

Much love to you,

Xoxo Kim 😀