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A Cheesy Valentine’s Day Card


“You’re the kind of woman
Who could make someone
Hum corny love songs
In a crowded elevator.
You’re the bubbles in champagne.
The sizzle in the afternoon.
You’re the reason
they invented moonlight.”

Lol! Aww!

In CVS, a few days ago my sister and me were looking through all the valentine’s day and birthday cards just because. We had no intention of buying any. It’s just fun to look at all the pretty cards and read the funny, sweet, and sappy messages! 


Even if you don’t have a lover, you can still be the amazing woman who
the sizzle in the afternoon,
The bubbles in champagne
the one who inspires people to hum love songs In crowded places, the girl who Moonlight kisses the Earth for! What’s more important than searching for a lover? Searching within to be the best you that you can be in general.
if you find romantic love soon, that’s amazing! If not, that’s amazing Too!
And if you already found your one and only, that’s amazing! Lol

Just as there’s great things about being in a romantic relationship that you don’t have when you’re single, there’s great things about being single that you don’t have when you’re taken.

It’s up to you to find it.

There’s something amazing in every season of life!

And remember, no one completes you. You are already whole just as you are. Friends, family, lovers, kids, Others
all bring out parts Of
you in that way
only they can, coax out the joy reserved for only them in ways no one else can, we all complement each other and bring out different kinds of joy in each other but we don’t complete each other, we are all whole just as we are.

Love yourself, bask in your own beauty, both inside and out, be your own valentine, every day!


If you don’t have a valentine this year and are sad and lonely about it, Aww well then I’ll be your valentine! Even if it’s just in a friendly, platonic way and not the romance you were hoping for. Who is to say Valentine’s Day is all about the romance anyway! All love is important! ❤

You don’t need romantic love to be happy and full of joy! Hugs & kisses to you! Muahhh!! ;-D ❤

And remember you can be your own true love!


Xoxo Kim