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30 Days of Photos Day 5 {I Saw the Sign}


“Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong?”

Day 5 for the photo challenge, which for me, was yesterday, August 5th, is to take a picture of a sign! I love taking pictures of signs! I take them whenever I can. There’s just something about signs, like especially traffic signs, that I love and they look great in pictures. 

They are part of ordinary, everyday life, which I love to express the beauty of, but they can also be a part of trips and vacations! Some people love to get pictures of signs when they travel to document all the places they visit. To them, signs are symbolic of wonder and the various thrills they experience everywhere they travel to. So signs aren’t just signs and for specific and practical purposes; they represent different things to different people. 

And this reminds me of the song sung by Ace of Base, which I used to listen to when I was little, over and over! I would take my CD and CD player outside and my friends and me would blast it and dance up and down the street singing! It was a popular song back then and kids would be knocking for me to come out with my CD! Lol 

I haven’t heard it in a while. 

Here it is! 

I Saw the Sign – Mobile

I Saw the Sign – Desktop

I like the message conveyed in the song that it’s up to us to better our own life and we are responsible for our own happiness. Other people and things can help and contribute but it’s ultimately up to us to work on our own self and our own life to make things great! Bring in people and things that lift us, avoid/eliminate things that contribute to unhappiness. 

The picture above is one I got today as I was walking up a street, of the back of a stop sign. I think it’s an interesting perspective since usually it seems we automatically think to get pictures of the front or main parts of things. I also love how blue the sky is today with all those fluffy white clouds! So gorgeous! I caught a glimpse out the window when I woke up today and was instantly delighted. The photo has an effect on it to make it darker in some places and with a yellow/red tint. I love that effect on a lot of photos. It’s called “Rose effect.” It doesn’t look good on all photos. It’s dark so if the photo is already dark, it may not look good.

One of my life goals is to often take pictures to express the beauty of ordinary, simple, overlooked or forgotten things. Things we see so much, we think nothing of. Stop signs, for example. People who are driving (hopefully!) notice them for the practical purposes they serve. But if we stop and really look, we can appreciate the beauty of them, the colors and lines against the sky or whatever surroundings are there. We can use drawing, painting, photography, and other artistic/creative outlets to convey the true beauty of overlooked or forgotten things. 

The pictures below weren’t taken today but in the last few weeks. But they are all of signs, which is the topic for the day!


The door to the bar on the street corner on the street I live. I don’t drink alcohol, never have other than like a few sips. But I love alcohol related things for some reason. I love beer cans and whiskey bottles and take pics whenever I see them. I like wine glasses and hearing loud people outside a bar at night. I love when I’m walking by and hear the drunken karaoke and laughter and music blasting through the door. Especially when it’s oldies! I even like the tipsy arguments that occur and the funny slurred insults slung by people who have had a little too much to drink. There’s just something about it that captures me. It’s not uncommon for me to hear them vomiting on the corner or see it the next morning as I’m walking by. (The joys of living close to two bars!) That, I don’t like. I always feel so sorry for them. That part can’t be fun! My mom says they do that to themselves they don’t deserve sympathy. But self inflicted pain is still pain! 




This picture is a couple years old. It did not turn out how I wanted it to but I absolutely love the distorted reflection of the stop sign on the car window!


It’s not uncommon for me to see traffic signs laying on the ground.
This photo also has the rose effect on it.









Rainbow street sign! ❤ 😀




Don’t block the box! lol ;-p




So, is this enough pictures for you? I love showing off my “work.” lol J/K I often call it my “work” to my sister as a joke because she thinks my pictures are all shitty and pointless so I try to make it sound all serious and professional to her. ;-D

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I hope you are having a beautiful day/night!! ❤ 😀

xoxo Kim