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Got anxiety? 💜

Got anxiety? 💜

(Caution ⚠️ Someone messaged me and said this video I made triggers headaches in some so please watch with Caution or not at all if you have any health issues that may be triggerd – I did put a caution even before someone said that because things like this can trigger sensory issues and seizures in some and probably various other things as well)

Just watch this video I made with glitchlabapp , mirrorlabapp , and movee and take deep, slow breaths. Breathe in slowly, through the nose for four seconds (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi) while the abdomen expands. Hold for seven seconds (1 Mississippi-7 Mississippi), then breathe out even more slowly, through the mouth, for eight seconds while the ab gets flat. Focus on breath and when the mind wanders, gently bring it back to breath. It will wander even for those experienced with meditation & breathwork. I would recommend bending your arms at the elbows and squeezing shoulder blades together if you’re physically able to and safely, before beginning the exercise. It opens up the airways/chest and makes breathing easier. Also, for those inexperienced, it’s easiest to lay down and hardest to be standing.

This often works instantly to calm down or feel a sense of inner peace, stop tremors, and heart racing, even if not done properly. Takes practice and persistence to get it down perfectly. But all it takes is a few seconds for results. May not work for everyone.

Anyone with sensory issues or seizure issues or any other extra/special needs maybe shouldn’t watch this video and anyone with physical limitations or pain maybe shouldn’t try the shoulder blade exercise. These things should only be done if you know you can do them safely.

Anxiety can be a fullblown disorder or just a mood we all experience on occasion throughout life. It can be mild to severe and can manifest in various ways, physical sensations, tremors, feelings of fear or panic, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, a deathly feeling…it’s different on different occasions and different for everyone and it’s never pleasant and is very, very common.

Sending love, peace, & light to all, xoxo 💛🕉

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are!

Xoxo Kim

Staying Positive in Difficult Situations {head injury}


I wrote here recently about my head injury. I can’t really remember when it happened but it was probably about two weeks ago. I walked into a bar on my bed in the dark and suffered a severe (at least it feels that way to me) head injury. It hit my temple, just missing the center on the right side. And I fell into my bed unconscious and woke up dizzy, sickly, confused, and in pain.   I suffered memory problems and a general state of feeling not well.

I did not seek professional medical help then or now. I have no health insurance to pay for it but anyway I don’t think it needs help like that. All bad head injuries should be checked out though but I read that each symptom can be treated separately. Even with home remedies.

This happened previously but not nearly as bad and it wasn’t my temple. My symptoms seemed to be getting better about a few days but now they are getting worse. Last night I thought I was literally dying. The pain was so bad and I was very confused. My vision and hearing is messed up. I was laying in bed fearful and feeling so alone not knowing what to do.

My memory is basically non existent.   And I don’t have a good memory anyway. I looked up things on the Internet and found that my symptoms are considered normal for someone who experienced a head injury, even a minor one.

Symptoms usually get better and better until they heal but for some people they get worse after two weeks like mine are.

It is a relief to know it’s normal but it can take 3-6 months to heal or even over one year but usually they heal within six months.

At some points my pain and confusion are unbearable. My temple was h it but the spilt starts on the temple and goes around to the back of my head at the center.

This condition can cause negative behavioral changes, irritability, depression, and anxiety. I don’t have these but it is hard to cope and is difficult emotionally. It’s hard getting out of bed, getting a shower and I can’t even brush my long hair which tends to easily look like a rat’s nest if it’s not brushed regularly. I can only sleep on my back, propped up on pillows, and on my left side a certain way.

Earlier I was feeling so bitter with a victim – like mentality. Then I reminded myself that this trying situation can serve to strengthen me and show me how much I can endure and still stand firm & strong and stay positive.

I decided to create a list of positive ways to cope in a difficult or painful situation and share them here!


1.) Rest/sleep is important always but especially when health is threatened or not the best.

2.) Physical movement in some degree. With certain injuries though, this should be monitored or be taken cautiously. I can’t do my regular stretches but can still do some.

3.) focus on what is going right.

4.) Try to think thoughts in a positive manner. Instead of thinking how horrible this is, think about how this is a challenge that can teach us and help us come up with creative ideas to handle it. Think of difficulties as challenges and take them on with enthusiasm as opposed to thinking of them as horrible afflictions that have to knock us down and keep us there.

5.) know that while you cannot always choose what happens to you, you can learn to choose how you handle it. You can smile and react positively.

6.) Don’t dwell on your misfortunes. Distract yourself.   Do fun activities.

7.) talk to positive people who will help you, listen, and encourage you.

8.) remember it’s healthy and ok to vent about your struggles in healthy manners, writing, telling good friends…

9.) have an attitude of gratitude. Write a list of things you are thankful for.

10.) create a Playlist of happy songs or a list of quotes that can uplift you.

11.) Look into a mirror and smile. 😀

My situation can be worse.
I can’t change it. It happened and now I must cope. It is difficult but it will get better.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Xoxo Kim

If you have any good suggestions that help you stay positive, please post them here, thank you! 😀

Lifeless & Inspired

I have been so inspired to post here for the last few days. I have been having amazing, inspirational thoughts swirling around in my head like magic and have been wanting to share but I couldn’t. Because of work. I have been working every single day for almost two weeks straight and often very long shifts with no breaks.

We have no breaks like lunch breaks where I work because my boss is generous and let’s us eat & drink whatever we want whenever we want.   So we don’t have scheduled breaks.   And I don’t have a problem with that.   But when it’s busy it’s difficult to get a chance to even take a quick swig of soda! And it sure has been busy. And it’s sucking the life out of me.

My only coworker recently had surgery and has been out for a while and my boss and manager were on vacation for a couple weeks. So I have been practically running the place myself with almost no help. And it has taken a toll on me!

My job itself is not life draining. I love working at the store and it’s generally a very positive environment.   But working almost two weeks with no day off and extremely long hours is life draining.  

And to top it off on Monday, my manager’s first day back after her vacation I had work that night after an eleven hour shift the day before and when I came into work my manager complained to me about the floor. And the sinks. I mopped the floor three times the night before but our mop was old and not so effective anymore. I soaked it thoroughly but it still put gray streaks across the floor. Not bad ones but still noticable.

I did every single thing I was supposed to do. I got out of work a half hour late making sure the place was clean as can be and my manager complained to me!   After I took over the place when no one else could or would! I had to put my own needs and desires on hold and neglect them for work. And it was unpleasant.

I was not expecting an extra pay, or appreciation, or a thank you or anything like that! But I surely wasn’t wanting to get complained to for something so trivial that doesn’t happen often and wasn’t even something I did intentionally or carelessly.

That took the life out of me even more. Even my one day off I was too exhausted to do much. I just mostly slept the whole day.  

It’s not just work though, my new puppy is like a human baby. He wakes me up in the early morning and for the next few hours wants to play literally non stop! He will not let me sleep and I am so exhausted for the rest of the day! Lol. But he is a cutie and I love that boy!

Here’s the little terror right here.  

Parts of my days for the last few I  have felt so lifeless but then it would rain or flowers would bloom or I would look up at the beautiful bright blue sky dappled in pretty whiteclouds and life would surge right through me again.   And I would have the strength and the motivation to keep going.

I absolutely love Nature ‘s sweet gifts.

This is the view outside my bedroom Window! How blessed I am! These perfect purple flowers bloomed on the tree this Spring. A little bit of heaven right here on Earth! Oh yes, how lovely.

I took a pic of this old fashioned looking trolley and then put a vintage effect on the photo to make it look even more old fashioned! I am quite the photographer! Lol jk!

And I just laughed really hard at my own joke. I’m talking about a good belly laugh!


One of our Septa busses here in beautiful Philadelphia!

This is me.

Me again.

So i’ll end the pictures in this post here.

In this post I will let people know that it’s ok to not always be strong or feel strong or be perfect in everything you do.

Whatever your definition of strong or perfection is, or whatever definition of those you feel the need to live up to it’s ok to sometimes let it go.   It’s ok to have mini “Breakdowns” and get angry, stressed, frustrated, or cry and complain.

You don’t always have to give it your all.

That’s not something we hear often but sometimes it’s best to rest and not try so hard.  

You can slack or rest. Be good instead of great. Or ok instead of good sometimes. That’s ok.

You can collapse into bed and just rest all day when you have nothing to do or even blow off certain things you are expected to do just to care for yourself.

You can skip your exercise routine once in a while or even take a day off work or class.   But don’t skip sleep or rest or food.

It’s ok to feel weak sometimes. 

Also everyone has problems now and then. Some may seem worse than others or more deserving of empathy or sympathy or more “Appropriate” to complain about but just because someone else’s problem seems worse doesn’t mean yours isn’t real or bad or that you should keep yours bottled up inside just because it seems like “Less”. Other people’s problems do not obliterate yours.

If it inspires you to think “There are worse problems so I should feel Grateful.” then definitely think that way! But if it just hurts you and makes you feel guilty then let that thought go and let yourself complain and release and express your emotions in a healthy way.

Your emotions, thoughts, and your problems are valid and deserving of attention.  And you don’t have to feel guilty. Just be.

It’s ok not to feel grateful every second of everyday. In my opinion we should definitely generally live a life of gratitude and develop or strengthen the habit of being grateful and seeing the positive often, even almost always, but it’s definitely ok to sometimes just vent and admit that we don’t always feel grateful or happy.

Negative emotions and thoughts are part of living.   And since you’re a living human you will experience negativity and the desire or need to react to it. So go ahead, let your self.

One thing that is extremely helpful is meditation.

Here is a great website all about meditation with free downloadable mp3’s!!


This is good for beginners so if you don’t know much about it you can learn and they also have advanced meditation mp3’s for people who are already acquainted or at ease with it.

I took a meditation course in college where I practiced and learned all about it. The one I’m interested in is mindfulness meditation.   They have so many mp3’s. Ones to help you with gratitude, anger, pain, deep rest, pregnancy, creativity, and so many, many more.

Also check this other meditation page out about mindfulness: https://livingmindfully.org/

When I meditate my whole body feels rested and I feel rested mentally as well.

It’s an amazing experience that cannot really be explained in words, it must be practiced. It’s good to meditate regularly.   I used to morning and then again at night but began slacking! But I intend to begin again!

Xoxo Kim

P.s. Since my new phone is so perfectly compatible with the mobile wordpress app and it allows multiple photos in the same entry, you will be seeing many, many more pictures that Itake as long as you keep checking out my blog! Yay! It’s a dream come true! 😀