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My big balls 😂😆

Lol For my August post, I’m sharing this social media post of mine a couple weeks ago. 😆

Content warning: tasteless humor 😆

My mom was walking by me in the kitchen and I began singing “My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right; it’s my belief that my big balls should be held every night.”

And my mom yelled “Omg, that’s just godawful!!” 😂😭

I knew she would have some reaction like that.

She’s a prude lol

The reason I thought to sing this is, I was recently out walking in extra skintight leggins’ (I looked really good in them, I must say! So I wore them two days in a row, and that was a mistake!) in the heat, and the heat and friction gave me very painful welt things on my inner thighs, and they were so big they felt like they were hanging and reminded me of balls hanging. LoL Neosporin took care of it.

It reminded me of one day when my little sister was in middle school, many years ago, and for a homework assignment, she had to choose a song to write about, and my mom asked if I had any ideas, and I said yeah and said she should use the song popularly known as “Discovery Channel,” now called “The Bad Touch.” Discovery Channel doesn’t sound all that bad, does it? My mom said ok and asked to hear the lyrics and I began singing “Put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts.” My mom was horrified and yelled “Get the hell out of here!!”

I have been called a pig/perv/unladylike…and told “You should have been a guy/must have been a guy in another life” because of my sense of humor. LoL

(this picture has no filter {just a blurry background} lol I’m really this orange because of the sun. I work outside. I did increase the saturation a bit to try to showcase the green of my new lingerie top because it looks a bit black in the photo{I have a black set too!}, so it made me appear even more orange 🍊)


Good day or night wherever in the world you are! 😁

Xoxo Kim ❤️

September Song💙

“Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders
While chasin’ the clouds away
Our hearts were ringin’ in the key that our souls were singin’
As we danced in the night, remember
How the stars stole the night away” 💜🖤🎶

September Song – Earth, Wind, & Fire 💙

What a great song! One of those pick me up, feel good songs to get us pumped! I am so happy for the end of Summer and beginning of Fall!! I’m ready for cool nights, pumpkins, pumpkin spice everything…which we have already been having! But will be so much more fun in October! It’s cooler than it usually is now in the City of Brotherly Love! 🧡 Anyone who needs a bit of cheer or just wants to add some more to your day or night, please listen to the above song! I listen to it like everyday! 😁😄🎃

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are!

xoxo Kim

Summer Luvin’😍🌻🍃🌞☀️🥀

Southern Nights – Glen Campbell

Southern skies
Have you ever noticed Southern skies?
Its precious beauty lies just beyond the eye
It goes running through your soul
Like the stories told of old

Old man, he and his dog
They walk the old land
Every flower touched his cold hand
As he slowly walked by
Weeping willows would cry for joy, joy
Feels so good
Feels so good, it’s frightening

I have been more happy & thankful than usual this year for Summer! All four seasons are beautiful and I love to stop & appreciate the beauty of each one. But I must admit that often during Summer, I find myself dreaming of Fall & Winter wanting it to hurry up and get here. This year though, I havent had those thoughts. Maybe I’m getting better with my mindfulness lifestyle or maybe I’m just loving Summer more. Or maybe a lil bit of both?! 🦋🐌🐜🐝🐞🕷🌸🌻🌞☀️

Anyway, I have been really feelin’ those Summer vibes & loving it! I’m not waiting for Summer to be over this year though I won’t mind when it is. Every season is lovely and each one brings out the beauty of the others more. Living in a place where all four are different, is a gift!

Also, I havent been on any fun vacations this Summer and very likely, I wont be. I have never been the biggest fan of going on vacations but wouldnt mind going on one. I dont have money usually and no one to go with. A girl can go on vacation alone and still have fun but I’m an extrovert and prefer doing things like that with others. I love my own company but still love the idea of hanging out with people.

My point is that we don’t need vacations or even staycations with bbqs and friend/family activities(though that is amazing!!) to channel those summer vibes and make some of our best memories ever!

I’m just soaking up the sunshine with my dogs (both my own and those im a nanny for) and loving the beauty all around me! I love that it’s July and even during the scortching heatwaves where it’s all humid, sticky, and disgusting, I love it! I walk all around the city (not in these shoes!) and bask in all the beauty it has to offer me.

When I dream of the future, I see me simply sitting by the Riverside with an iced latte(probably a mocha one!) and a book in my hand, preferably a Buddha book! And it thrills me!

I see posts on social media, often posted by moms of young children, about people feeling unhappy or low about the fact that their friends and others are doing amazing things like going to beaches and waterparks and other summery places to have fun while theyre at home doing nothing of that sort.

Hugs to anyone who feels this way!

Let’s remember we dont need extravagant things to be happy! We can be happy in our own back yard or living room or front porch. Some of my most cherished memories and best days are simple, uneventful ones with just myself, a cup of tea, and a thrilling book or movie!

Best Days ❤ (An old blog post of mine about how any ole day can be the absolute best)

So here is a reminder to make the best of where we are now whether it’s the best season (in nature or in life) or a not so pleasant one to us. We are HERE! Let’s love it & bloom where we’re planted. This is my baby right here. She always remembers to stop and appreciate the simple joys of life like smelling the flowers and rolling around in the grass and snow. She was a shelter dog for a long while then she found the perfect loving furever home with her sweet mommies! I am her nanny!😍 Best job ever!!

There is an abundance of beauty & joy all around, right here, right now.

Here are just some of the pictures I have that capture the Summer luvin’ in each day!

Much love & light to you,

Xoxo Kim

Fun in the sun🌞😍

Fun day in the park recently with this sweet girl!!😍❤ She loves rolling around in grass, snow, sand, and whatever else is fun to roll in!😂🤣 Isn’t she just the cutest?! I love her!!!❤ She is so adorable & funny & loving. And very youthful like a lil pup!🐶🐕

I’m her nanny but I love her like my own!💜

Dogs are the best!!

I hope this adorable, short video brings a little bit of sunshine to your day!🌞

Much love & light, always!

Xoxo Kim 💛

Summer Love♡

Summer is my least favorite season. Excessive heat tends to get me more than any other extreme weather. Also, Summer themes (beach, vacations, bbqs, pools…) just don’t appeal to me as much as Fall & Winter themes (holidays, pumpkins, snow, hot chocolate…). For work, i have to be outside for much of the day, everyday, which can contribute to it being easier to see the unpleasant side of Summer. So I decided to focus on the goodness of Summer and list all the things I love about it!

Here goes!

1.) Waiting for a bus is much easier (in my opinion) when it’s very hot than very cold. It’s hard to be still in bitter cold weather.

2.) It’s often more pleasant to sit in a park on a hot Summer day than a freezing cold Winter day. As I said above, it’s hard to be still when it’s extremely cold. Also, I love the sounds of the birds and people and dogs in the park all around me.

3.) All the beautiful people and animals out & about on a warm Summer day. I love being surrounded by all the living things.

4.) The insects, birds…. I love all the butterflies and fireflies and other beautiful creatures all around.

5.) Walking by cafes and restaurants with outside tables and seeing all the people happy & laughing together.

6.) Flowers & plants & trees with green leaves!

7.) The feel of walking into an air conditioned building after being out in the heat.

8.) The feel of stepping out of a freezing cold air conditioned building into a lovely summer day. The heat feels so welcoming then.

9.) Tropical scents

10.) Gentle summer breezes

11.) Crickets churring at night

12.) Suntans! I love getting a natural tan walking in the sunlight!

13.) Carnivals!

14.) Cold showers

15.) It eventually ends & gives way to Fall! 


So here are a few of my favorite things about Summer!!

It’s always great to focus on the bright side. And there’s always a bright side! If not, create one! Think of something you don’t care for or something that just isn’t your favorite then list the good things that still exist about it or the positive things as a result of it. This strengthens our mind to develop or maintain a positive attitude. It’s also so uplifting to list the good.

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! 

Much love & light,

Xoxo Kim

Summer???! <3 {Summer Luvin’}


So, I heard today is the first day of Summer? I thought Summer always begins on the 21st of June!

Oh, well! Lol 😉

Here’s to the beginning of Summer!


Summer is my least favorite season. I just don’t have a thing for heatwaves, 90 degree weather, heat headaches, air conditioners and stuff and while I love the beach(though I’m no beach bum!), I love snow, cool nights, and crisp Fall leaves more!

Anyway, I’m not here to focus on what is better or what I’m wishing for! I’m here to celebrate Summer, which is also beautiful and brings joy and a thrill that no other season can! To me, each season brings a joy to me that the other three do not. It’s like impossible though to explain in words, the difference. 

Here are some things I love about Summer:

1.) Tropical scents like Hawaiian ginger, mango, citrus flavors….

2.) the greenery all around 

3.) the countless beautiful insects 

4.) being able to sit outside without freezing my balls off! 

5.) the scent of bbq’s all around 

6.) ice cream and iced coffee (all year but they are more like Summer things!)

7.) the chirring of crickets at night

8.) the glow of fireflies 

9.) endless blue skies!

10.) the fragrance of Summer heat outside 

And there’s many more things too! But these for now! 


Recent sunset. One of the last Spring sunsets this year! ❤ 😀


me today. ❤

Recently I met a few Earth angels! I met this girl recently whenever I would go to buy iced coffee and she is super sweet and friendly and I got the strong feeling she likes me (in a platonic way), she seemed to have a soft spot for me beyond the usual friendliness shown to customers in general. She even gave my mom a senior discount even though she isn't a senior, just to be generous! 

Then one day she told me she been wanting to tell me she knows me somehow but can't remember how but she remembers me being the sweetest girl! Aww! ❤

Finally we realized we went to middle school together for a while and used to sit together on the school bus when we were little.

She said she felt awkward asking me but decided to get up the courage. I'm so happy she took the chance. When she told me her name, I instantly remembered her and recognized her face even though we're all grown up now.

She's a sweet girl also and so friendly. 

This inspires me even more to reach out to people when I experience the desire. Sometimes we may feel too shy, awkward, hesitant….for whatever reason but what's the worst that can happen? We can be rejected, maybe a little bit embarrassed, that's it! It's worth it though because it can make someone's day or be the beginning of a new or rekindled friendship or other relationship! 

Let's take the plunge! 

And today, I encountered another Earth angel!

I was in the mental health clinic I go to for treatment for depression and I heard a girl talking and recognized her voice and when I turned around I saw who she is as she was turning away.

Then when I walked outside she was in her car and gave me a ride home! She's a girl I know but don't always see very often. We did not know that each other has problems or goes to the clinic. It is a pleasant surprise seeing her and getting a ride home.

She's one of those extremely outgoing, bubbly, kind people, also very generous. 

She has an adorable little girl who she said was recently asking about me! How sweet! ❤

At first I said no thanks to the ride because I did not want her to go out of her way.

But she insisted and said "you're not walking home in this heat!"

It was very helpful because it is over 90's today and it's over a half hour long walk. I love to walk but not in this weather! No thanks! Lol

I hope you are having a beautiful day/night wherever you are! 

And don't forget to be someone's Earth angel today! ❤ 😀

xoxo Kim

Blowing through the jasmine in my mind


“See the curtains hangin’ in the window, in the evenin’ on a Friday night.
A little light a-shinin’ through the window, lets me know everything is alright.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

Today is like bordering on Summer here in Philadelphia! And I love it! Often, I don’t even want to think of Summer in Winter! But today is a beautiful taste of the soothing Spring & Summer to come.

How lovely!


I have this song on my mind today! I love the images it inspires in my head.

Summer Breeze – Seals & Crofts – mobile

Summer Breeze – desktop

I see visions of green and floral beauty and sunny skies and fragrant air upon my skin! ❤ ❤

As I mentioned, my word for the one word challenge is Beauty. So today I made it a point to focus even more on the beauty of this lovely imitation of a sweet Summer day and take note of it by writing in my one word journal and writing about it here.

I’m also celebrating at work with a sweet iced coffee!


Tomorrow, I hear it’s going back to below freezing! So I’ll be sure to soak up every bit of the warmth I can today!

All last night & into the early morning (for a couple nights now), the next door neighbors were blasting music so loudly I heard and felt it vibrating through the walls as I was in bed reading then drifting off to sleep. I did not mind. I like hearing people awake in the night while I lay in my dark room in bed. I like hearing them talking, laughing, playing, music…

Some people think it’s a lot of nerve blasting music at that hour. And well I guess it is. But I was pleased to hear it as I was falling asleep. It’s not the kind of music I would ever listen to intentionally but that’s ok.

“See the paper layin’ in the sidewalk, a little music from the house next door.
So I walked on up to the doorstep, through the screen and across the floor.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

These lyrics remind me of it. Lol

Here are five beautiful things I encountered today.

1.) a light, misty rain

2.) this shopping bag mixed in with all the bags we use for work. “Thank you” when said or felt genuinely, are very powerful words. What a great reminder to give thanks.


3.) a sweet girl and her husband who came to my workplace for ice cream today. They were both so friendly and happy together. What a pleasant encounter! And to top it off, she was wearing lovely stiletto boots!

4.) my phone is so full of photos, e-mails, and everything else. It’s in desperate need of a cleanse but I want to save a lot of photos before I delete them so I send them to my photobucket account first. One did not go through and a red circle showed up in my e-mail box next to the e-mail that did not go through. I can’t stand when that happens. It pisses me off. My e-mail box has thousands upon thousands of e-mails, mostly junk. But I like getting so many because there’s also inspiring messages and stuff that come through. But it can be hard to find certain e-mails I’m looking for in the midst of all that. I sent one of my pictures to photobucket then deleted it out of my phone then later decided I wanted the picture back on my phone to share here. Using my phone, it’s hard sometimes to save my pictures off of photobucket after I put them on. So I decided to look back through my sent e-mails to find the photo in my inbox when I sent it but since there’s hundreds and the e-mails aren’t named, it would be hard to find. But the ugly red circle indicating that my e-mail did not go through, helped me more quickly find the other e-mail I was searching for since I know it was close to that one in my inbox. So I just scanned my inbox quickly til I saw the ugly red circle then knew the e-mail I wanted was close. Turns out the ugly red circle isn’t so ugly after all! Lol I don’t know if any of this seems to make sense but basically something I was pissed at turned out to work in my favor! Yay!! When something that seems unpleasant doesn’t naturally work out in our favor, we can get creative and look for ways to use it to our advantage!

5.) for some reason this light rainy, warm day triggered pleasant memories of college. I was severely depressed back then, somewhat often but along with my very painful memories I also have beautiful, very pleasant memories of those days. There were so many happy days as well. This day inspires a very pleasant memory of another rainy day in my first year of college. But that other day, it wasn’t Winter, it was early Fall, I think, or the end of Summer. And it wasn’t a light rain, it was a heavy thunderstorm and very dark. There is nothing significant about this day back in college. It wasn’t a holiday or anything out of the ordinary. It was my first semester ever in college. I remember I was sad and missing high school and all the people I knew in my old school but still happy to be in college and definitely happy about my experiences there. I had a Criminal Justice paper that had to be turned in that day and I waited til the last minute then my printer wouldn’t work! So I decided to go to campus hours early to work on it before class that day. I had to write it all over to print out. My dad drove me to campus that early morning while it was still dark out before going to his work. I loved the dark and rain and going to campus early. There were very few people there that early and while I sometimes felt lonely back then being physically alone, that morning, I loved my own company. I loved the feeling of novelty. I was full of hope and curiosity about college even with my sadness and longing for high school. I loved my classes already. I was so young, only eighteen years old! Every rainy day now doesn’t inspire me to recall that day in college, most do not. But for some reason today inspired that pleasant memory. I’m so thankful! Savoring our memories and truly feeling them can inspire in us whatever emotion we felt back then. If you tap into your memory of your wedding day or the day you gave birth or your first day of college or moving into a new house, whatever pleasant experience you recall….really tune in, you can feel those same emotions ripple through you even if you haven’t felt them in so long. That’s a great technique for practicing gratitude, recalling old occasions we felt gratitude and truly allowing them to surface and flow through us. It can also bring a pang of sadness, longing, nostalgia of course but that’s ok! That’s beautiful too.


Thank you to every single person who reads, likes, “likes,” follows, shares…my content!! I deeply appreciate it always!! ❤ 😀

I hope you are having a beautiful day/night wherever you are and basking in all the beauty around & within whatever the weather is like. We can always bring our own sunshine & rain. ❤

Much love,

Xoxo Kim

It’s beginning to look a lot like….Fall?!


“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.” ~
Helen Hunt Jackson

As much as I LOVE Fall and am absolutely thrilled that it is almost here…sort of, I feel a tinge of sadness whenever I hear someone talk about the “end of summer.” Part of me even wants to yell it’s not the end! It’s still only August! We have the rest of August and the whole month of September almost!

I have been cherishing every bit of Summer. The warm and cool breezes, the bright green leaves and flying insects all around, the Summer nights with the bright moon and crickets chirping and the vibrant green light of the fireflies, the fragrances of green and wet Earth, the golden sun, the flowers…all of it. Well, all of it except for the disgusting heatwaves. I will never love 100 degrees weather and heatwave after heatwave. 

But my heart dances with joy when I think about how soon pumpkin coffee will be here(i think it already is here in some places but eww, it’s August, it’s not pumpkin season yet! Pumpkin coffee is made for cool nights with crunchy leaves floating around under an Autumn sky, not for hot, humid, sticky Summer nights!)!! 
And pumpkin smoothies and donuts and crispy colored leaves all over the ground! And cool nights and hoodies and the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted prison attraction! Who is not thrilled for all that?!

It’s absolutely amazing how just the thought of a certain season or weather can have me in a state of like pure ecstasy.  Something as simple as that. Like I just won a billion dollar lottery or got an amazing new job or am falling in love. I AM in love but at this moment it’s not romantic love for a person but love for life itself.

I love when I can feel this way.

And it’s not only when it’s my favorite seasons. I can feel it any part of the year, just out of the blue. It’s not a regular/general kind of happiness like I usually experience. It’s like a thrill that is usually reserved for when something out of the ordinary happens but I feel it out of the blue even when nothing unusual happens. It’s not a quiet serenity or calm bliss. It’s more of an ecstatic joy. And I love it! 

“Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun.” ~
Kent Nerburn

So here are some of the sweet signs of Autumn I have encountered:

These may not really be Fall leaves but they sure are crisp and colorful! And quite lovely. 


Today?! It’s only August but I guess it’s never too early to start preparing for flubug prevention! So influenza season is right around the corner, which means that pumpkin patches, haunted attractions, Halloween, hayrides, and other lovely Fall gems are too, so at least there’s a bright side! 😀



But let’s not forget it’s still Summer and have fun basking in all of the end of Summer treasures like this little thing here:


What in the world is this beautiful creature? He hisses real loud and flies in people’s faces scaring the piss out of them. He is BIG! Like gargantuan. Like bigger than a large butterfly.
Bigger than he looks in the pictures. 
 He has been hanging outside my work for a few nights and one night he came up to a man and grabbed his dollar and the man pulled it back and the thing hissed and flew away. Lol It was hilarious! He is really cute and I hope he lives a long, happy life wherever he goes. I kept trying to get him to put him in a safe place but then decided that he would just fly wherever he wants anyway and I don’t want to provoke a heart attack in him by scaring him silly when I’m trying to pick him up. 

He flew into the window with a loud thwack and I thought someone threw something at me until I saw him. 


I love him. ❤


Good day or night to you!

Xoxo Kim ❤

Cool Nights {it’s like a heatwave}


“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy,
if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you,
if the simple things in nature have a message you understand,
Rejoice, for your soul is alive.” ~Eleanora Duse

This is exactly how it feels to me to acknowledge the beauty of Nature. I have always been aware of the profound beauty all around me even while in severe emotional or physical pain. Mindfulness of natural beauty and the thrill it brings have come easily to me for as long as I can remember. Even as a little girl I would be in awe of the simple joys of living. The blueness of the sky, the sparkle of the rain, the dramatic colors of sunsets, the scent of cold air, the fragrance of grass and soil, the seasons changing…but I never realized this as a “thing” or concept or way of life until years later when I decided to create a personal development plan to heal my depression and I learned about mindfulness and gratitude at deeper, more conscious levels.

I decided to take my natural ability and habit of being aware of and thankful for the beauty all around me and make it even deeper, a conscious, intentional habit.

This to me is truly living. And it’s beautiful and also helps me cope with pain of any kind. But even when I’m not in pain it’s a thrilling way to live. Living generally mindfully with a conscious frequent attitude of gratitude, not just as a fleeting mood or feeling, has a dramatic impact and healing effect. Being mindful of my mindfulness itself also uplifts me often, knowing I have this ability, that I accomplished this lovely way of living.

Mindfulness or awareness or acknowledgment of beauty and blessings, an attitude of gratitude as a conscious, intentional way of life are incredible life changing habits but they are not cures for anything. When we accomplish this and develop these habits we will still feel pain, unhappiness sometimes. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be when you think about it, right?! That’s what it is to be alive. To feel both happiness and unhappiness, pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, thrill and blah feelings. But those habits can help us cope when something unpleasant is occurring.

Summer is my least favorite season but I love all four lovely seasons. They all have their own blessings. One of the things I will miss most about Summer is the beautiful insects/flying creatures/kreepy krawlers….lol

The bumble bees and the butterflies, the fireflies and other beauties.

Many days this summer there was a bumble bee drinking nectar out of a bright orange flower on the street where I live. So many days I would walk by the beautiful vibrant flowers and see the bee there sucking through the center of one of them. Truly amazing to see such beauty! 

I got a few photos one day. 
I will also miss the flowers. But I usually don’t dwell on what I miss. Instead I focus on Now. Whatever is currently here is really all I have. All any of us has. It’s great to look forward to, hope for, and plan on things in the future but generally I believe it’s best to honor Now. Now is still Summer and right now it’s a heatwave.

95 degrees in September!! For real! It wasn’t even this hot all Summer! 

But I see signs of the impending Fall. Pumpkin lattes and coffee and donuts are already out!
I get in holiday and season spirit very early. In July I’m already ready for Fall and in October I’m ready for Christmas and snow! Lol

I think pumpkin coffee is more thrilling in cooler weather though and if I get it now in the midst of a heat wave then on the first crisp, Fall-like day it won’t be quite as thrilling. Still totally thrilling but not as much of a new feeling.

So I guess I will wait on that. Right now I’m drinking toasted almond coffee!

Here is a list of my favorite things about Autumn!

1.) Pumpkin Everything 

2.) Cool nights

3.) Fall fashion (although I dress like it’s Summer all year except I wear hoodies in Fall) I love seeing photos of Fall fashion and other girls wearing it. It’s just usually not the style for me to wear myself.

4.) The colorful leaves on the ground

5.) Halloween themes and Thanksgiving things. I believe in gratitude all year round but it seems everyone else gets in the mood for gratitude around the holiday season

6.) Hoodies

7.) the feel in the air, the mental feeling of Fall

8.) apples 

9.) Fall colors – brown, yellow, orange, red…

10.) candy corn!

11.) the fragrances of Fall -cinnamon, apple, cool air, pumpkin

12.) hot coffee, cocoa, tea…it’s just more magical in the Fall

13.)  my dog loves the Fall & Winter! She gets quiet all summer and on really hot days and isn’t as playful but as soon as Autumn is in the air, she gets all wild and playful and happy! She’s a big pitbull and loves blankies and pillows! She loves snow too!

14.) The Eastern Stare Penitentiary – the old prison has exhibits all year I think. To learn about the history and all but in the Fall they have the haunted attraction! We get to walk through and monsters jump out at us and there’s all kinds of gory stuff and creepy sounds. I don’t always get to go but I always see the advertisements and stuff and it’s fun! The first day I went was years ago in college with a group of other students and we were clinging to each other, holding onto each other, hugging each other like our lives depended on it! Lol it was fun! One funny memory I have is the group of us consisted of all girls and one boy and the boy was the most scared and tried to make us stand in the front and we told him since he’s the boy, he should be leading the way! Lol  I was so afraid we were going to be separated and I would be alone in small, dark places! When it was over we got outside and there were candy and caramel apples and monsters dancing and flashing lights! 

15.)  longer, darker nights

16.) Halloween decorations 

17.) Halloween lights

18.) pumpkin pie, apple pie, coconut custard pie

19.) cranberries!

20.) candy doesn’t melt in cool weather 

21.) Everything 

22.) hay rides

23.) apple spice 

24.) apple cider 

25.) sweaters 

26.) jack – o – lanterns 

27.) cool, windy days

28.) it gets dark early

29.) crunchy leaves

30.) sweet potatoes 

Fall just thrills me so much!

And since it’s still summer I will honor it with some lovely summery photos I took! 


This little beauty was drinking nectar through this bright orange flower all August long! I used to stand there and watch with wonder.


This fly was basking in a light rainy afternoon one day out in my backyard. I captured him and the glistening drops on the vibrant green leaf.


A different fly on the same day on a flower or leaf stem. Aren’t they beautiful?! Flies really can be quite lovely and I have great photographer skills, don’t you think?!

I think so too! 😀

Xoxo Kim

p.s. check out “Cool Night” by Paul Davis!! one of my favorite songs since I was a little girl! ❤