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Life hacks ūüėÄ


(this is me lol I couldn’t seem to find any specific picture good for this post n I’m getting ready to leave for work soon so here I am!) ūüėÄūüėć [This post is a few days old n I never posted it yet.]

lol These aren’t really life hacks but just random friendly reminders/tips. I have been wanting to post these to help/”save” anyone I can! ūüėĂ̧ūüėć

Sometimes I find myself in awkward or sucky situations that could have been prevented if only I was prepared. 

So here goes!

1.) Keep tissues & doggy doo doo bags (if you walk dogs!) in every pocket on your clothes/bag! Even pockets you never or rarely use. Just do as I say. lol You won’t regret it one bit. So what if your pockets look all stuffed! It’s way better than your snots & boogers everywhere! And in cold weather the nose gets all sore. Vaporub works wonders! My nose runs frequently all year long whether or not I have a cold. I don’t know why but it totally sucks. It was like this since I was a little girl. I must have a chronic allergy or something. I’m actually experiencing annoyance bordering on anger as I write this. It’s one of the very rare things I don’t like about myself. I can’t stand it. When I was little I would be in class with my nose pouring and too shy to ask for a tissue. I would sniff and sniff and hurt my sinuses. Or have to resort to using my shirt sleeve to brush the snots away which is totally disgusting. And not the snots on my clothes that’s disgusting but the feel of that material on my skin.¬†

I couldn’t concentrate on my work and even when I got home I would be so pissed thinking about it.

Now I occasionally still find myself without a tissue and my nose running and still too shy to ask for a tissue. Once I took a tissue I found on the ground and used it. My sister was nauseated at the idea. Oh well. So  I do my best to remember to stuff every single pocket on my clothes and handbags everywhere. So many occasions I saved myself finding a tissue in a pocket I forgot exists! Thank you me!!

And doggy bags. Ever walk a dog who takes a doo doo; especially in front of someone and you realize you have no bag or anything to pick it up with?! Awkward!!

There have been occasions I took an already used bag someone else threw away to use for my furkin I’m walking. Eww right?! But wouldn’t you prefer that I use a used bag than it ending up on your shoe or left on your pavement in front of your house?! lol

So doggy bags & tissues. Stuff them everywhere! Absolutely everywhere! Can never have enough!

2.) Save work you are writing like every two seconds. It’s worth it! If you ever wrote something long and brilliant then lost it all in an instant you know it’s worth it to save every few seconds! Unexpected things occur!

3.) Copy your work so if the app or icon or whatever, suddenly closes without warning and all your stuff is gone, you can just hit the “paste” option. I have this problem sometimes with Instagram and WordPress where it just closes and drafts did not save. But now I’m genius enough to usually copy it just in case! Go me!! ūüėČ Also, send it to yourself in an e-mail to have it backed up.

4.) Keep change aside just for homeless people or others in need. Ever come across a person who needs change and you have nothing at all to give? It sucks! ūüė¶ I always feel so sorry. <\3 Maybe you don’t like to help the homeless. Some say it “enables” their “helplessness” or some shit like that. Whatever. But not everyone in need is homeless. I have come across frantic young mothers with very young children screaming their heads off, who forgot or lost their wallet or just did not have the money. Who doesn’t want to help a struggling young mom?! And not just money but there’s other stuff someone may need that we can keep available just in case we come across anyone in need. Lighters & matches. People frequently ask me for these. I have never smoked anything as long as I been alive and so almost never have matches or lighters. And I really wish I could help when they ask. I haven’t yet but thought about buying some just for when they ask. I get asked enough. And for cigarettes too. But I don’t quite have the money to support someone’s addiction\habit to that extent. Tokens. Anything we think someone somewhere may need we can keep aside! If not though; that’s ok! It’s just a sweet idea!

5.) Write important stuff like phone numbers, addresses, reminders…you need for the day, down on paper and not just on an electronic thing like a phone because if the battery drains or it falls and breaks you may be shit out of luck! This saved me already!

6.) Make sure your water bottle cap or soda bottle cap is screwed on properly before it goes in your bag with your phone/Kindle/other electronics. Lol I’m starting to sound like a mom! But recently I discovered the hard way that my water bottle cap wasn’t on correctly. Everything in my shoulderbag, including my Kindle, drenched!¬†

7.) Don’t walk for two hours straight especially in cheap shoes. Last month I walked for one hour and fifty five minutes non stop, not one rest just constant walking, in thin canvas shoes and the shoes fell apart and I was in severe pain for a few weeks. I got myself better but for a while thought I did permanent damage to myself. I abused my body which I will not do again. Rest when your body sends signs that it needs it. Wear appropriate clothing/shoes for the activity youre engaging in. Messed up joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and other body parts is no joke!! Our body is a beautiful gift and in my opinion it is to be treated with reverence, not abused in any way for any reason. I did not realize the abuse I did to myself til it was done.¬†

8.) If you come across an aggressive dog, do NOT look the dog in the eyes or smile with your teeth showing. Keep your hands to your sides with your palms not facing the dog. Stay still. Don’t even look at the dog. If the dog is aggressive because of fear it’s good to get onto the ground or floor to show the little furkin that you are on his/her level and not a threat. If the dog is just aggressive and vicious do NOT get on the floor (the little mofo will lunge at your face lol) if you’re standing up. Just stay that way until the dog walks away or someone comes to rescue you. Don’t turn your back to the animal. If youre already on the floor protect your face Get into a fetal position and be still. I’m no dog expert but I learned some things (Some the hard way lol). If you can, get something to block yourself so if the dog lunges the teeth sink into the object and not your flesh. If the teeth get your flesh, don’t pull away! Ouch! It just makes the injury worse. Stay calm or at least pretend to be. It makes everything better! ūüėÄ

9.) If pop ups spring up on your screen and have no X or won’t click off, minimize the thing youre using and then bring it up again and the popup may be gone. All of a sudden some weeks ago a million and one popups just come on my phone screen each day and some have no cancel option and some do but it doesn’t work. All along I had to just click off the apps/websites and lose whatever I was doing. But then I decided to minimize it and see what occurs and find that the ad just goes away! I hope it helps you too! What’s with all these popups each day now? I’m more thankful than annoyed now though because they help me practice patience and strengthen that virtue even more. I’m very patient but still have room to evolve!

10.) And last but not least, in distressing situations, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, What would Buddha do? Buddha is a symbol of love & patience. He can inspire us all; not just Buddhist people. He would never lash out or get overly stressed. Of course we are mere mortals and not nearly as advanced as someone who becomes enlightened and so cannot always do exactly what Buddha would do (staying completely calm in hectic or horrific situations, for example) but we can look to him for inspiration. 


I hope these help! ~Hugs & love~ to you. ūüėĂ̧ūüėć

xoxo Kim

A helpful tip for WordPress bloggers



A lot of people don’t realize this but if we have over 15 tags and categories (total) for an individual post, that post won’t show up in tags sections listed and less people are likely to see it.

I see people posting something with like 20 or more tags/categories in one post and I know they think this makes it so more people are likely to see it and so that it shows up in more tag sections. It makes sense to think that the more tags, the more attention it’s likely to receive or more it’s likely to be found by others. I used to assume that too until one day I read a post by WordPress. It simply said something like “too many” tags aren’t good but did not specify any numbers. Then a while later I saw a blogger write to another that 15 or less tags is good but anything more and it doesn’t show up. So I keep mine fifteen or less. Then recently I thought about it and how it would be helpful to tell others so I looked it up to see about it.

Here is what WordPress has to say:

“1.¬†You are using too many categories or tags.¬†In most cases, there‚Äôs no need to assign more than a handful of tags per post. If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don‚Äôt want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).”

(this is copied off of the link above. Check the link out; it’s really quite fascinating and has other helpful tips!)

I used to try to put as many relevant tags as I could and all different variations of the same word. I used to put “inspired” “inspiring” “inspiration” “inspirational’ “inspire” all for the same post.

Lmao what a waste! ;-D

I see others doing this as well.

Whenever I see people post like 50 (no seriously. I have counted up to fifty on a couple posts by different people and stopped there and there was still many more after fifty) tags/categories I want to tell them and help them out but I don’t because I fear it may come off as condescending or like unnecessary criticism even though it’s not criticism at all. But I want their posts to show up in the categories and tags they list.

So I’m posting it here in the hope that this may help people if they happen to see my post.

Up to fifteen tags/categories (total) is good. Anything more and it backfires and has the opposite effect of what we want. It doesn’t show up at all for those tags/categories we list.

So tags & categories together should be fifteen or less. I was confused at first if it means up to 15 of each but if I understand correctly, the total of both together should be fiftten or less.

I’m no expert. I’m just some woman who happened to stumble upon that WordPress post one day! ;-D Thankfully!

So go easy on those tags! Lol

Hugs & love,

Xoxo Kim ‚̧

Social Media – Developing Healthy Skills and Balance


I received a lifehack e-mail with a link to a list of reasons why social media can be detrimental to our health.

It’s titled,¬†
You Should Be Aware Of These 10 Effects Of Social Media On You

By Amanda Rife 


Amanda Rife writes:

“Technology¬†is a useful tool, but¬†many people¬†don‚Äôt know how to use it properly¬†which can easily become damaging.¬†As much as you may love your Twitter page is it really worth the toll it takes on your health? That‚Äôs for you to decide after you read the following 10 ways social media negatively effects your life:”

She brings up some interesting and important issues and great points with some basis of truth to them and I am elaborating and adding my own views about each one, here.

After each number is her reason why social media may be damaging to us. Under each reason is her view and under each of her views is my own opinion.

1.) Reduces person to person interaction.

Amanda Rife writes:
“Not only do you spend less quality time with is people who are physically present in your life, but they will quickly get¬†annoyed by you¬†when you‚Äôre¬†paying more attention to an electronic device than them. Eventually the people around you will even¬†stop wanting to hang out with you.”

My view: We have complete control over how frequently and in which ways we use our social media accounts and our phones, computers, laptops, ipads…and whatever else we use to connect to a social media resource. Connecting with people online and seeing people in person are both great and both have advantages that the other does not. One doesn’t have to take the place of the other one. Social media allows us to share photos, statuses, posts..and comment, tag each other in ways we can’t do in person and allows us to meet people and reconnect with people we would have never met or encountered again if not for social media. Seeing each other in person is different than seeing each other through a screen, we can hang out, look into each other’s eyes(if we can see), hear each other’s voices(if you’re a hearing person), have coffee, tea, food together, laugh together… They’re both great and we don’t have to give up one for the other. It’s all about balance. You can put your phone away when you’re out with someone in person and just because you “see” that person online everyday doesn’t mean you don’t have/want to see the person in person when you can. Social media doesn’t control you if you don’t allow it to.

2.)  Increases your cravings for attention drastically.

Amanda Rife writes:

“Posting¬†vague statuses¬†on Facebook¬†to¬†grab others attention could easily become a nasty habit for people who use social media frequently.¬†The never ending competition for likes and notifications can consume you.”

My view: What can be said about this (and other points brought up here) goes beyond the scope of this post. Many of these are deep psychological issues/aspects that are issues that can have posts of their own. Example: What Amanda Rife states here is true for some people. They need “likes” and comments and shares to feel validated and they want competition, to get more love than others. But that’s not Social media’s fault. That’s an inner issue of the individual self. Social media just provides us with the opportunity to get that kind of attention, to get “likes,” comments, shares…and while it’s great to have that kind of attention, it’s an honor to know that people like us and our content and there’s nothing wrong with desiring it, it’s an indication of a problem to feel that we need it to make us feel worthy or important. It’s a sign of a psychological problem that needs awareness and tending to if we become literally depressed or anxious or feeling excessively low to the point it seriously affects our lives if we don’t get attention on social media. I think the inner problem is what needs to be addressed, not just push it under the rug by criticizing or getting rid of social media for it. It may be helpful to lay off the social media accounts if we are the kind of person to need attention to validate us. It may be very helpful to stay off twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs…but that psychological problem of ours will still be there and may manifest in other ways if we get rid of our social media accounts. It’s not social media, it’s us. Social media can be our wake-up call, to help us realize we have a problem, not caused by social media, but being triggered by the opportunities it allows. We can then use this realization to our advantage, working on and exploring problems we would have not known we have if not for social media bringing our attention to it.

3.) Distracts from life goals.

Amanda Rife writes:

“It‚Äôs so easy to get wrapped up in what‚Äôs going on in social media that people will neglect their real life goals. Instead of aiming for the dream job by obtaining useful skills¬†people, especially younger people, tend to strive for internet stardom.”

My view: Again, this is something we have complete control over. We can use the Internet and social media for just the opposite, to inspire us and motivate us to fulfill our goals and even come up with new ones. We can meet people, discover new ideas, and have our creativity sparked by the people and things we encounter through social media. Anything can distract us so we don’t work on our goals, TV, work, laziness, and more, we can get wrapped up into anything and become a slacker, not just social media. It’s great and very effective to manage our amount of time spent on each thing that takes up part of each day, not let one take over everyday.

4.) It can lead to a higher risk of depression.

Amanda Rife writes:

“According to recent studies the more people used social media the more¬†negative feelings they experience, including depression. This could¬†partiulalrly¬†harmful to people who have been previously diagnosed with depression. If you¬†beginning¬†to notice you‚Äôre feeling down on a regular basis it‚Äôs probably time to take a break from your many social media.”

My view: This is probably for different reasons for different people. I suspect one of the the main culprits is negative comparison. We know how our lives really are, every aspect, every event, every thought, every problem…but with everyone else, we only see what they choose to reveal. Some people only reveal the positive aspects of their lives and keep the pain and problems hidden. For some, this is because they want everyone to truly believe they have The Perfect Life, for others it’s not that they want, necessarily, to be judged as having a perfect life, but they fear being judged negatively if they complain on social media outlets, for others still, it’s not at all about coming off as being perfect but they want to use their social media accounts just for uplifting quotes and happy thoughts, as opposed to using them to vent or disclose unpleasant situations or thoughts. They just aren’t drawn to sharing their whole lives, pleasant and unpleasant. When we are struggling and we see photos, posts, and all kinds of happy updates by people who seem to have it all, this can contribute to us feeling low about our own lives. And if we are prone to true depression, it can trigger an episode or the onset of a full blown disorder. A couple of other culprits of social media contributing to depression are cyber- bullying and friend rejection, people blocking and unfriending others, not responding to requests or comments and messages. If you’re prone to depression, this can be a serious trigger.¬†

Giving up all of social media may be a solution for some but I think the underlying depression and/or insecurity is what mostly needs to be addressed.

5.) Relationships are more likely to fail.

Amanda Rife writes:

“No good comes out of online displays of¬†jealousy¬†and¬†snooping. It may seem like an easy option when it comes to dealing with relationships, but in reality it does more damage than good. In fact, studies show that the more a person uses Facebook the¬†more likely they will be to monitor their partner, which leads to arguments and crumbling relationships.”

My view: Again, this is not social media’s fault but the fault of the persons involved. It’s how we go about handling our circumstances while also using social media. Relationships and the use of social media are compatible. We have to use our common sense about what is wise to do and not do in terms of social media. Or learn what to do and not to do if it’s not common sense to us. It’s all about our underlying insecurities and issues, not the social media. Social media just provides us with the opportunity to see and reveal all kinds of stuff that can bring out our insanity if we allow it to. We don’t need social media to spy on or stalk people, it just makes it easier to engage in those unhealthy things. If we feel a strong desire or need to obsessively monitor our lover every second of every day , the problem is either us or the lover. Maybe I’m very insecure and my lover is trustworthy. Or maybe I’m not overly insecure but he is being really suspicious and there is some reasonable explanation for my monitoring.

But the true underlying problems would likely be there with or without social media because they lie within us. They are what need to be addressed.

6.) Excessive use of social media stunts creativity.

Amanda Rife writes:

“I can speak from personal¬†experience¬†that social media is the easiest way to stunt, or kill, the creative process. Surfing social media sites, especially Tumblr. in this scenario, has a numbing effect on the mind that‚Äôs similar to mindlessly watching television. If you plan on being productive today shut off those apps!”

My view: This definitely has some truth to it and the word “excessive” is the key word here. Nothing is good in excessive amounts, that’s why it’s excessive! It’s also about being mindful and active in all that we do. Mindlessly scrolling through a bunch of mindless drivel thrown about by others is bound to numb anyone’s creativity and decrease our IQ a few points! But when we are mindful of what we’re reading or looking at and fully engaged, our creativity can deepen and we can come up with new ideas. While looking at pics on Tumblr, reading blog posts, Facebook statuses, or anything else, it will benefit you to pay close attention to what you are doing, thinking, feeling, reading. Is it serving you well? Is it inspiring you, motivating you, challenging you? Do you feel peaceful, calm, happy? Or is it just mind numbing stuff you’re surfing through because you feel you have nothing better to do? If so, you definitely have better things you can be doing! Finding something else to read or look at, meditate, tune into your surroundings, the scents, the feelings, the sounds, the colors and textures…your possibilities are endless.

7.) Cyber bullying is alive and well.

Amanda Rife writes:

“People¬†feel too comfortable on the web¬†and say things they wouldn‚Äôt normally say in real life. If you‚Äôre not the one say horrible things, you‚Äôre still¬†inevitably¬†going to be exposed to it. And if you are one of the people talking trash? Cut it out! You‚Äôre not as anonymous as you think. With the¬†rampant¬†cyber bullying on the web, people are also becoming more rude off the web as well.”¬†

My view: This is so true. Cyber-bullying is something we have little control over for the most part. For those of us who aren’t cyber-bullies, we still have to witness it or just really negative, uncalled for comments everywhere. Have you seen the YouTube comments on even the most inspiring, positive, beautiful, uplifting videos?! Good grief, they’re horrible. I rarely even read the comments because they’re so dumb and uncalled for. Internet trolls are everywhere and unfortunately here to stay. I suggest you don’t feed them. It’s what they want. So let’s let them starve. They are people who feel so low about themselves and their own lives so they insist on attempting to drag others down with them.

And it can crush our spirit to see even when it’s not happening to us, personally. Being a witness to uncalled for negativity can be so life-draining. But we can develop habits and skills to not let it get to us to the point it’s overwhelming and leads us to depression or anxiety. We can stand un-buffeted against the negative attention seekers who get off on inflicting pain upon others just for thrills. Focus on your own positive qualities and all the love and positivity you receive and remember as much as it sucks being bullied or being the target of cruelty, it has to suck way more being a bully. To sink to that level, there has to be something seriously wrong. Pay the callous comments no mind, I suggest you don’t respond to bullies directly but when you see it happening to someone, you can write positive things to the person to uplift her/him.

8.) Constantly comparing yourself to others online will make you miserable.

Amanda Rife writes:

“The digital¬†persona¬†people display on Facebook is often much different that what actually goes on in their lives.¬†After awhile you may feel like you know¬†your online¬†aquainences¬†better than you do, creating a social gap. Try to remember that everyone is just as human as you are.”

My view: Like I said in response to #4 about depression, negative comparisons aren’t good. It’s not healthy for us. When we’re comparing ourselves negatively to others we’re either making ourselves out to not be as good or making ourselves out to somehow be above the other person/people. It’s uncalled for. We all have good things and bad things and it’s all about our attitude. We can’t control what other people put on social media but we can control our own attitudes and reactions. Like Amanda Rife says, we are all equally human. Focus on the goodness of yourself. Bask in your own beauty while truly, relishing the beauty of others.¬†

Let other people’s happiness, accomplishments, success, and beauty inspire you and motivate you, not depress you or trigger jealousy.

If you really feel utterly miserable because of someone else on social media accounts, analyze yourself, think about why this is. Do you feel like you are lacking in some respects? Missing out? Then do something to fulfill yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think. Do what you have to to bring joy to yourself as long as you are not hurting or directly interfering with others. And if someone is trying to intentionally make others jealous, unhappy, miserable, you can unfriend, block, ignore that person and get on with your own life.

9.) Loss of sleep.

Amanda Rife writes:

“The light emitted from your various electronic screens tricks your mind into thinking it‚Äôs not time for you to sleep. Getting enough sleep each night is already difficult enough without extra complications. Perhaps it‚Äôs best if your phone doesn‚Äôt stay with you though the night.”

My view: This is true but has nothing to do with social media itself, really. If we have our phones by our side in bed, we may see the little flashing lights, hear beeping or other sounds, or just be so tempted to check Facebook and other things. Over and over and over. But this has to do with discipline. Self control. Get into the habit of sleeping at night, not playing with phones. If it’s really too difficult, the phone can be put in a different room while going to sleep to make the temptation less irresistible.

After a while it becomes a habit. Then it will be easier and easier to resist until eventually your brain is trained to not think of that phone and Facebook or Twitter at night. 

10.) Lack of privacy.

Amanda Rife writes:

“Between social media websites saving (and selling) your¬†personal¬†data and the whole NSA mess involving¬†unsolicited government access of personal data including email, Skype calls, and so much more it‚Äôs very clear that privacy and the internet don‚Äôt mix at this point in time. If you post every last thought that pops into your head it could just as easily come back to haunt you in the future.”

My view: This is really very simple. Don’t ever put on social media, anywhere including what you think are personal e-mails or inbox messages, what you don’t want everyone to see. Even if your account is blocked so only people on your list can see, someone, somewhere, can get access to it if those people really want to. Once you put something out there, it’s out there for good, somewhere, even if you delete it and it looks like it’s gone. It can be retrieved. People can get into your e-mail box and any other thing you have on the Internet. Whatever you would never want others to see, keep it to yourself or tell someone in person if you can. Any other way is not safe. But this is a choice. When we put something stupid out there, it’s on us. It’s not Social media’s wrongdoing, it’s ours. Many people don’t realize that when we put something out there into cyber-world, it’s here to stay. They think it can be easily removed because there are “delete” buttons so it’s important to educate people.

Social media itself isn’t the problem. It’s how we use it and perceive it. Social media is limited in its power over us. It mostly only has the power we allow it to have. We can empower ourselves to have a healthy, balanced, positive relationship to social media and those people we connect with online.

We can greatly benefit by developing healthy skills and habits and cultivate a positive attitude about ourselves, each other, and social media. Social media provides us with amazing opportunities and has much potential for great things. We don’t have to give it up to avoid all our problems that arise while using it. It’s ourselves we need to work on.

It’s not the use of social media that is the problem, it’s misuse.

I’m very thankful¬†Amanda Rife brought up these important issues. It is crucial to address them in this age of social media where so many feel that it has a power and mind of its own, where people feel like victims in the face of struggles made possible by social media. Social media is a blessing, certainly not without its negative consequences and distress in some cases, but it’s definitely a positive thing if we allow it to be and use it wisely.
Xoxo Kim 

30 Days of Lists – Day #3 Art Journaling Tips & Ideas


I have always loved journals, drawing, writing…but I would always start a journal then eventually stop until a while later, lose it, and start a new one. I never knew why exactly until recently. ¬† I have never been a perfectionist at all but I have felt low occasionally for not being some definition of perfect. ¬†I never usually tried to be perfect at most things but I wanted to be without even trying and felt low for not being that way. The reason I always give up journaling/drawing and stuff, I realized is, I have terrible handwriting and drawing skills. I always knew that but never quite realized, consciously, that my view of it was interfering with me. If you look at my handwriting you will seriously think a first grader wrote it! It’s not my choice either! ¬† I can’t write neat or small. It’s very large and sloppy. ¬†It’s funny though and I laugh about it. ¬†

A stranger once saw my handwriting and said I have serial killer handwriting.   His teacher told him that when he was young, he said. Lol!

And when I write in cursive I can’t even understand it myself. So yeah.¬†

And when I draw, it looks like a little kid’s artwork. But I have finally come to accept that it doesn’t matter. It’s still healing and still fun and still great to draw and write in journals. It’s different than writing in an online blog or in a memos section in some electronic device. Both are great! But journaling in a notebook is more of a “hands on” experience.¬†

So I won’t let my serial killing handwriting get in the way any longer! ¬†

I love looking at people’s art journals online. It inspires me and is aesthetically pleasing. But I have found myself occasionally comparing myself to those people with me coming up short. ¬† “Why can’t I draw that good?” “why couldn’t I think of that?!” “why doesn’t mine look that artistic?” “how can she do that and not me?!?!”

But I decided to silence that monster and just focus on what I’m doing right. It’s art journaling, it can’t ever be wrong! ¬† I let those other journals inspire and please me more than make me distressed or envious that my skills aren’t that great. ¬† It’s a hobby, not a job that must be perfect. ¬†

I am so thankful that I now realize why I never stick with artistic stuff. Because I get fed up with my handwriting and lack of skills. And I’m thankful I now realize that it doesn’t have to be an issue. ¬† Comparing ourselves to others in negative ways is an ugly thing. Now let’s stop.

I recently began a new art journal. ¬† And I will stick with it. I will fill it up with kiddy drawings and serial killer handwriting until it’s overflowing and be very proud! ;-D

So today I am listing some ideas for journal entries and some tips. This is somewhat new for me and I’m just learning and exploring and haven’t tried a lot of this. ¬† So if you’re also new to it, we can learn and explore together! ¬†

And if your an expert already give me some tips! Lol

Some of these I thought of completely on my own, others are inspired by other places I seen.
And I will add the links where I got some ideas at the end of this post.

1.) song lyrics – try to capture some lyrics to a song that has some sort of meaning to you. Maybe write the lyrics and draw around them or not write them in words but draw them out. Maybe scenes of a song or just the emotions they inspire in you.

2.) quotes Рdo the same as above but with a quote 

3.) draw yourself as your favorite character in a book you read. Pretend that’s you. How do you feel? Put yourself in that character’s place.

4.) least favorite character  Рstep outside your comfort zone and try the above suggestions but instead draw yourself as the villain or your least favorite character! 

5.) random scene – choose a random scene out of a book. Maybe randomly flip to a page and draw what you see/read on that page. Or search your memory for just some scene and bring it alive in your journal.

6.) favorite scene – do the above suggestion but choose one of your favorite scenes instead of a random one. Or even draw your least favorite or uncomfortable scene!

7.) Be inspired by something you always wanted to do – Is there something you want to do so badly but just never have? I have for so long wanted to dress up in a beautiful dress and go to some fancy expensive restaurant for no reason other than just because! Lol I wear just pants and shirts everyday. I dont have much money and whenever I got dressed up before and hair done it was for some big occasion like a graduation, a wedding, prom or whatever. ¬† Imagine going all out, getting all dolled up for no reason other than sheer pleasure?! Some people may think it’s a waste but to me it’s just a thrill! :-D. I don’t plan on making a habit of it. I’m not materialistic generally but once in a blue moon is ok! Everyday of your life is a special occasion!¬†

8.) worst pain you have ever felt – art journaling is healing for both physical and emotional pain. It can help ease the pain sometimes but even if it doesn’t it can help us cope with the pain. I have a depressive disorder that doesn’t get cured but comes and goes in symptoms and full blown episodes. Many days now it’s like I don’t even have it. But I do and it always comes back. Art journaling is amazing for coping. Also, I have a physical pain disorder. ¬† A chronic facial/head pain disorder. It’s so bad and interferes with my life when it flares up badly like right now. Like my depression, it comes and goes. ¬† But with the physical disorder I am usually always in some degree of pain, often mild. The mild usually doesn’t interfere with my happiness or my life in general. It’s just there. But the moderate to severe pain is pure raw agony and I feel so broken. ¬† So very broken. There’s no safe, effective medical treatments, just home remedies that help. Sometimes severe flare ups come frequently over and over lasting for days to weeks. Sometimes they don’t show up for months and months. They come on without warning. Sometimes waking me in the middle of sleep. ¬†Since there’s very little I can do to ease them after they appear, I have to find ways to handle them and cope with the pain. Healthy ways. ¬†Physical movement and expression of the pain often help. Like I said, not help alleviate the pain usually but just cope with it.
Sharing comforting quotes with others when I’m in pain, knowing I may be helping someone else, helps me too. ¬† I can’t bear the thought of knowing there’s others in the depth of pain I’m in. And even worse! I can’t fathom it. But capturing my pain in writing and drawing helps so much. Physical pain brings with it, emotional pain, panic, and fear, distress…and it’s important to handle it effectively.¬†


9.) a moment you felt shocked – draw/paint how it feels to be shocked.

10.) let your unconscious mind and hand lead the way – don’t think, just draw or paint or write or cut out and glue….see what you create.

11.) What does love feel like to you ? Capture it

12.) your idea of beauty – what does beauty feel like?

13.) capture a poem you like in an image 

14.) draw a fantasy you have

15.) capture a dream you once had while you slept or the feelings it provoked or still provokes in you

16.) capture yourself exactly as you are but with one difference Рmaybe something you have been wanting to change about yourself or something you would never want to change about you. Maybe this can make you more grateful for all that you currently are or motivate you to change that one thing for the better.  

17.) draw a feeling you used to love when you were little РI have always loved being in school with all the other kids. Especially when we would do unusual activities like turn the lights off and watch a movie or have a holiday celebration. I still remember how it felt. How it felt to be a child. A child in school with all other kids doing fun activities.   I can never feel that again in a  moment because I will never be a kid again. And I will never literally be in that place again.  But I cherish the memories and would love to capture them in an artistic way.

17.) meditative experience – try to meditate while creating. ¬† Literally try to feel what you are capturing, doing, feeling. Feel it. Don’t just draw mechanically or make it obligatory. Try to live in the moment¬†

18.) don’t just focus on the end result. Savor the process of creating. ¬† Sometimes I have trouble with this. I can’t wait to see my masterpiece and I neglect to cherish the very process of creating.¬†

19.). Try not to force your journal to only be a certain way. Let it flow. ¬† It doesn’t all have to be positive or profound. ¬† It can be sometimes negative and sometimes “trivial.”. Every entry doesn’t have to be pretty or have some great meaning or underlying message. ¬†

20.) what’s it like to be very scared? What’s your biggest fear whether it can really happen or not.

21.) What is it to be lonely?

22.) to actually be alone? 

23.) Express, draw, paint…how it felt when you were rejected? maybe for a job or a university. By a potential lover or friend or family member.

24.) keep in mind that your content doesn’t have to make sense to anyone, not even yourself. It can be abstract, confusing, mysterious, and nonsensical. Even if you decide to share it, you don’t have to feel the need to explain it. ¬†I love a little mystery. ¬† My favorite kind of poetry and artwork is obscure kind. Especially when it kind of seems to make sense but doesn’t. ¬† I often like to write, poetically, without explanation . And when I read poems and view artistic stuff by others, I love when they don’t explain it. I love drawing my own implications or interpretations. ¬† But you certainly can explain if you want! You just shouldn’t have to feel like it’s your obligation.¬†

25.) Express your gratitude list artistically

These are just suggestions; I’m in no way saying they are the only right way and anything else is wrong. ¬† Some of these are great for some people and not others. Do what’s best for you, of course, even if above I stated something else. ¬†

Your journal doesn’t just have to be about drawing or painting or coloring. You can cut things out and glue it onto your pages. Someone suggested old pieces of mail, glue it on and color or paint over it. Cut out magazine pieces or cloth and glue it on. Anything you can think of!

My journal doesn’t look anywhere nearly as artistic as some I have seen! But instead of viewing that in a negative light, I see it as a fun challenge! I have all these blank pages to make more and more creative and soon mine will be looking great!

I have drawing pencils, watercolor paints & pencils, colored pencils, markers, magazines, and glue and scissors for now.

Just by starting this new journal very recently and listing these here today, I learned even more about myself. I found a deeper part of me. A part I forgot about. I was able to summon some old experiences, feelings, memories that I forgot about but are still very important.  I learned some new or forgotten fears, how really capable I am of healing and coping, how deeply certain things both old and new have affected me in both good and bad ways.

I have been able to somewhat distract myself and push the physical pain and my fear of it to the back burner of my mind as I focus on this.

Remember you don’t have to show your art journal entries to anyone! ¬† It’s up to you. Even though I’m very shy, I’m also very open about my experiences, emotions, opinions…and I don’t mind sharing with people. I love to. But many people say they love knowing their journal is just for them, never for anyone else to lay eyes on. No one else has to judge it, critique it, or know of its content.

As open as I am, I like to share most of my ideas and things with people on and offline. But sometimes it does feel very good to have a secret of my own. Not because the secret is too embarrassing or awkward to let people know but just because it’s a little thrilling having some things only I know. I don’t make that a habit but there are a few things I like selfishly keeping to myself! ¬† Lol. One example is my dreams at night. I dream often and frequently remember them. And for some reason I like keeping lots of my dreams to myself. Again, not because they’re embarrassing or fear of judgment but it’s sweet just having something for me! Lol
I love remembering dreams I had and knowing there’s no one else in the entire world who knows this but me.

It’s especially thrilling since I’m not usually like that and I usually share so much about myself.

So it’s up to you to share or not to share your journal entries! ¬† What I would really recommend though is that you decide only after your entry is done If you will share or not. Go into it deciding that this is just for you and that you won’t share with anyone. Then when it’s done you can decide to share if you want. I recommend this because if you decide that you will show people your entries before you complete them, you may unconsciously hold back something or feel too pressured that it has to be perfect or at least presentable, something that others will appreciate. You may unconsciously start to create more for other people than for yourself. ¬† This defeats the purpose of art journaling. Your art journal is not a public blog for yourself and everyone who comes across it. It’s for you and only you. ¬†

It’s meant to be healing, expressive, creative and if you feel pressured to make it a certain way then you may not get the most out of it. So be all that you can be, do what is best for you and only you then decide if it’s meant for anyone else’s eyes.


If you have any tips or ideas or any links to pages about art journals please let me know! Whether you are also somewhat new to art journaling, already have been engaging in this for a while, or never tried it! I would love any ideas! All are valuable to me! Thank You!!


Thank You so so much to everyone who reads, shares, likes, “likes,” and comments on my content! I appreciate you so much!!! And I hope you find something helpful here.

Xoxo Kim


P.s. I totally forgot the links!!

Here you are:


Fifteen Happiness Killing Habits


Here are some little habits that I believe get in the way of happiness & joy and cause unnecessary stress. I have done all of these and I think many or most people probably do a few of these every now and again. I think we should not make these things into serious habits and if they already are a bad habit for us, we can “unlearn” them. With practice, we can learn to avoid these happiness killers and cultivate positive habits instead.

1.) Overly comparing yourself with others
This is something so many of us do constantly. ¬† I used to do this so much. We look at people around us, people on Facebook & blogs, coworkers, celebrities, peers, family members….and see how much “better” we think they have it. Everyone lives at their own pace and even some people who seem to “have it all” ¬†are often unhappy and people with very little material objects & things can be very happy & fulfilled. If you catch yourself comparing yourself negatively to others, it may benefit you to stop and remind yourself of a few things that are going right for you and make that a habit until eventually the negative comparisons will mostly stop. Let us be inspired, motivated by, and in awe of other people’s successes and not jealous or depressed over them. ¬†It’s better to focus on being better than your previous self, not better than someone else. ¬†Dwelling on feeling low about your own life or self won’t help you. Change what you can if you really want to; it’s worth it! And accept what you can’t change! ¬† Let you & your life be your own kind of beautiful!¬†

2.) Dwelling on or obsessing over what other people think 

It’s ok & healthy to care to a certain degree what others think of us but it should not be so important that it stresses us out or takes over our lives, making us deny or repress our true selves. ¬†Everyone has good things & bad things, people who like them and people who don’t. It’s good to just focus on being our true selves no matter what. ¬†What YOU think of you matters most! ūüôā

3.) Putting happiness on hold until the “perfect” moment or until something big happens.

Often, we feel that we can’t or won’t be happy or we can’t celebrate life until….we have a better job, more money, lose five pounds, have kids, get married, graduate, get a work promotion, go on vacation, the weekend, next year…..and it’s ok to want and work for all of that but we should never let it take away right NOW. ¬†Ordinary occurrences, days, & moments are just as important and are a true gift. Let’s not lose them for something “bigger & better.”
Wear your favorite earrings, your favorite clothes, buy yourself flowers, NOW!
 Celebrate NOW. Celebrate you.  Celebrate life itself.   Be happy NOW!.   ;-D

4.) holding onto grudges 

Almost everyone has been or will be hurt in some way by someone else. It may be a small way or in a significant, tragic, life-changing way. I don’t believe that forgiveness is always necessary but whether or not we completely forgive, we should not let what someone did to us, destroy us. We can let go or find ways to cope with the hostile feelings we have for people who hurt us and not dwell on the person or incident. ¬† Forgiveness doesn’t have to mean believing what the person did is ok, it means we choose to no longer let it have a hold on us.
You don’t have to love or accept the person, just let go for yourself. And accept yourself!

5.) getting wrapped up in trivial arguments/not letting things slide 

Some things really have to be confronted but many things can be let go before anything even begins…maybe a rude comment made by someone, a stranger pushing you out of the way on a crowded bus, someone accusing you of being wrong about something trivial when you know you’re right, someone trying to start a frivolous argument with you….these things can often be brushed off and are often not even worthy of your attention. ¬†Definitely stand up for yourself, express yourself, have a backbone but there’s no need to blow things out of proportion. Some things can be ignored so we can move forward and get on with our lives.¬†
It may appear to be a “weakness” on your part or like the other person got over on you but I believe just the opposite. When you can maintain your composure and keep calm in and out that is a true strength and no one got over on you! When you get all worked up and furious then someone got over on you. Even if you punch the person in the face or yell insults, you let your anger get the better of you.

6.) doing things for people just for “credit” or appearance or for something in return¬†

Being “fake” and acting kind & friendly to people just for a certain reputation or to get stuff out of it is likely to leave someone feeling unfulfilled. If you really just don’t care about being kind to people, helping others, maybe you can find something else you love instead of putting on a show. Doing something you don’t like, pretending to be someone you aren’t can make you feel hollow inside. ¬† Emptiness is an unpleasant emotion. And as the saying goes, it’s better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. It’s so true, imo.
I think we should help others because we genuinely want to even if no one knows and even if we don’t get tangible rewards out of it. Helping people is beautiful! ¬† And helping animals too!

7.) being too concerned with money

It’s ok to want & work for money but it’s not the best thing in life, in my opinion anyway. There are more fulfilling things, like rewarding jobs helping people or ones that are fun and interesting, even if they are low paying jobs. We don’t have to be stacked to be happy! ;-D. We can do volunteer work or paid word that is truly rewarding. This is just my opinion. I think some people feel like they need money to be happy when if they look within themselves they’ll see it’s not so true. But if someone really is interested in money more than anything and has no problem with that and is fulfilled anyway, that’s ok! Whatever floats your boat!¬†
:-D. As long as you’re truly fulfilled!

8.) Dwelling on lack  & loss instead of abundance & gratitude 

We all lack something & will eventually lose something.   And we can dwell on that if we want to. But we also have so much to be grateful for and can dwell on that instead! 

“You can cling to your loss or learn to dance again.”
This can be difficult but it is possible with practice & a positive frame of mind. 

This quote helped me tremendously when my grief over the loss of my dog was overwhelming me, many months later. I think it may be a biblical/spiritual quote. I’m not religious or anything but I still find beauty and inspiration in some religious/spuritual stuff. I still have difficulty coping with the loss of my dog in April 2013. But it helps me to focus on what I do have.

You can work for more while still Acknowledging and appreciating what you currently have.

9.) being stuck in the past or obsessing over the future

Remembering & planning is good. But we are alive now and should not let our past imprison us either by regretting it frequently or mourning it and we don’t have to fear the unknown of the future or put happiness on hold for it.

10.) resisting the flow of life/reality

We should definitely work to make things better. But life will always be happy & sad, positive & negative, pleasant & unpleasant & joyful & painful. That can’t be changed. Not all bad can be eradicated. Some things just have to be accepted for peace of mind. We should in no way ignore or deny negativity or pain, just accept it and embrace it when it can’t be changed.

11.) taking life too seriously.

Some things just have to be laughed at, joked about, and let go. Everything doesn’t have to be a big thing to get angry over, stress over, break down over & held on to. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff! ūüėČ

12.) perpetuating gossip/drama:
Even if you yourself aren’t into gossip & drama, as long as you live and interact with people, at one point or another you will probably encounter someone who spreads gossip about you or tries to bring drama to you one way or another. I see so frequently on Facebook, usually girl’s, posting statuses like “She’s talking shit about me again..blah blah blahhh…” & “Shut your mouth instead of blabbing stuff about my life….” & “People are talking so much about me and I’m tired of the drama….” & “I want to punch her in the face or bitch slap her….”.
Some of these girls probably really are innocent “victims” of someone gossiping and being dramatic and want nothing to do with it and are just venting ¬†but when I see statuses like that I often think that many of these girls secretly like being the “victim” of it or engaging in it and they want everyone on their list to see that they have something going on in their lives. They often don’t post names but just allude to someone. If you really don’t like gossip & drama, I believe that it’s best not to even post statuses like that at all and either ignore the gossipers & drama queens or confront them in a calm civil manner & just focus on being a great person yourself. Even if you don’t post names, you’re still engaging in & perpetuating it. I don’t mind seeing these statuses at all, they have nothing to do with me and I can always block or “x” the person’s posts out if I want. People can post whatever they want on their account but my point is that negative girly gossip & drama can stress us out & in my opinion isn’t at all attractive or interesting. Those have to be some of the most boring statuses I have ever read. But some people really take pleasure in them. Whatever floats your boat! :-D. I’m not innocent of those posts, I have posted a couple some years ago on rare occasions and it brought me nothing good.

13.) Harboring excessive or delusional guilt: Sometimes we may feel guilty when our lives are going well and tragedy has struck somewhere else. But repressing our own gratitude will not help in any way. It’s ok to be happy even when others aren’t. We can have empathy & compassion for them and reach out to them while still embracing our own lives. ¬†
We don’t have to be “in their faces” with how great it’s all going for us but we don’t have to feel guilty and repress our own happiness either. We can find a healthy balance when being around people who are suffering when we are not.
And if you unintentionally hurt someone and are truly sorry, forgive yourself even if that person doesn’t. ¬† We all make some kind of mistakes. ¬† And if you hurt someone intentionally, still, you deserve your own forgiveness. You can learn, realize you were wrong, and move forward with true intentions to not hurt people on purpose again.¬†
You cannot take responsibility for the entire world or everyone you know. Go easy on yourself. ¬† You can’t do everything, cure everyone, or help everyone. ¬† Just be the best you that you can be without trying for some objective sense of Perfection. ¬†¬†

14.) Obsessing over/attempting perfection :

No one can be perfect in everyone’s eyes and even if we could, we shouldn’t try, in my opinion. We should just consciously be our authentic selves. Perfection is actually subjective for the most part. What’s perfect to me may not be to you. ¬† Why be my definition of perfect? ¬† Or Society’s? Or your friends’, family’s, or lover’s? Making some compromises to be compatible with others is sometimes a very good thing but denying your whole true self or most of yourself for someone else is detrimental to you. You are just as important as anyone else.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein 

15.) Treating yourself horribly/thinking/talking negatively in reference to yourself:  

Many people mistreat themselves terribly in ways they would never dream of treating others. They verbally abuse themselves frequently with words like “Stupid,” “fat,” “loser,” “no good,” and the list goes on…..

Would you call your best friend “fat” or your mom? Do you constantly call your friends “stupid” not just in a playful way but seriously to offend? ¬† Probably not. And you shouldn’t do that to yourself! ¬† You are no less than anyone else! Instead when you catch yourself calling yourself insults or thinking negatively about yourself whether it’s true or not, think of how you can work on yourself to change for the better. ¬†If you really think you’re stupid see what you can do to not feel that way. And when you think of Negative words about yourself, then think of three or more positive qualities you possess. And if there’s ones you would like to have but feel that you don’t yet have them, think of ways you can work on yourself to develop or strengthen them. But don’t abuse yourself.¬†
I have worked hard to change certain ways and things I think about me. Years ago I constantly referred to myself as a “loser,” “piece of shit,” “worthless,” “taking up more space then I deserve in this world,” and I would frequently say and think things like “I would rather be dead!” or “If that ever happens I will die!”¬†
Now I do not say or think those things. Not even in jest. It’s not funny and even as a joke it may unconsciously bring me down.

Habits can be intentionally and unintentionally learned and ingrained.   And they can be un-learned with practice and conscious application.   It is definitely worth the work!

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”
John Lennon 

If you have any you would like to share, you can post in the comments section! I would love to know! ūüėÄ

Thank You!!!!!!

Much love & happiness to you!

Xoxo Kim

Creativity – Don’t Hold Back!!! :-D


I have been feeling this creative energy just surging through me like never before and have no idea why! Lol! I have never considered myself to be creative and have always felt a kind of block when attempting to think or act creatively. ¬† I’m better at research/academic/analytical stuff.¬†

I have often put off doing things I either knew or assumed I wouldn’t be good at. ¬† I would try it and quit right away. ¬†I know that’s not a good idea and is a self imposed creative block. First of all, if it’s fun and interesting to you, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not.

Also there’s a chance you will become better with practice. ¬†Creativity doesn’t just have to be things like drawing and writing. It can be things like problem solving and thinking about things at different angles and with different perspectives.

I have noticed I am more creative now in writing poetic -like writings and with problem solving. People have sometimes told me I have a poetic way of speaking, which comes naturally to me but I’m not so sure I have ever been great at writing actual poetry or stories. But I feel more creative than ever now! ¬† I have been trying to analyze why this is and one thing I think is, it may have to do with increased confidence in other areas. Confidence in one aspect of life can permeate to every other aspect, which is very good!

I have been meditating upon the concept of “When one door closes, another opens.”. That is a creative way of thinking. ¬† Instead of dwelling on what is lost, we can use the experience to make way for better things.

If we allow it, it can help us look at things differently.   I used to often, and sometimes still do, dwell on previous pain and struggles, allowing them to hold me back and imprison me. But more and more I have been using them as resources to guide me and strengthen me.

So I believe this is contributing to my general creativity enhancement.  Also, I have been posting here in this blog much more frequently than ever. I have said before, I have always been so inspired to write but often felt too fatigued to put much thought into things. I consume too much sugar and it tends to make me sluggish.  Also depression can make me fatigued, sluggish, like a zombie.

But I have made some minor lifestyle changes such as stretches more frequently which help with fatigue and so I have more energy to put thought into what I write here and that helps me be more creative all around. ¬† It’s like strengthening my “creative muscle.”. Also I have come to sometimes allow my depression itself to inspire me by looking at it in various ways other than just cursing it. ¬†This is hard but can sometimes be accomplished.¬†

Sometimes now, instead of succumbing to my bed or the floor in a depression, I create a blog post with something positive to focus on!

I let it inspire new ideas, coping mechanisms, and other things in me.

Also, I have been giving in and not holding back. When I feel like writing poetically or creatively I do no matter how much I think it will suck. Lol. This gets my creative juices flowing.

One problem I recently had is somehow my phone service got switched over to Android. I have a Blackberry, never an Android. But someone switched it in the T-Mobile system and it took my phone’s Internet away. This is a permanent switch. It can often be fixed just by the phone service people switching it in their system but sometimes that won’t work. To spare you many boring and confusing details I will just say it did not work and my phone needs a Master reset which will permanently delete all my photos, songs, writings, everything. ¬†And even that may not bring my Internet service back to this phone.

I can back it up on a computer but currently have no computer Internet so that’s out of the question. ¬† I tried writing stuff on paper but it’s overwhelming. I have so much amazing stuff on here! Lol

But I kept calm. I was disappointed but not angry. I know someone just made a mistake and there are way worse things than losing files on a phone no matter how amazing they are.

But because of all my creative thinking /acting lately, I thought of a “solution ” and although my phone isn’t fixed and I can’t get on the net using the browser icon on my home screen, I thought of another way to get on the net. ¬†It’s more complicated but it’s a way! ¬†I found two ways actually. ¬†So thankful! ¬†¬†

¬†I think I’ll keep it this way for now. There’s a chance I may need a new phone and eventually lose everything but for now I will do what I can to keep it. ¬† And feel gratitude in the process for everything I have and am.

I decided to compose a list of tips that I find helpful for enhancing creativity since I am a creative genius now. Lol jk. I’m nothing of that sort! ;-). But I’m in the process of learning and would love to share.

To enhance your creativity maybe these will help:

1.) Don’t let lack of or perceived lack of skills or talent hold you back. This is probably the most crucial tip. You will never know how great you can be or what you can accomplish or attain if you never try. Keep trying. ¬† Maybe your drawing, writing, painting…..whatever it is you want to do will suck but so what? And if you don’t want to, you don’t have to show it to any one. Don’t hold back! ¬†Channel your inner child. Lose your inhibitions, your fears, your feelings of things being only for children or only for professional people.

2.) Explore. Reflect. Look deep within you. This can be done with meditation of some sort or  reflective thinking. Think about how you feel right now or how you feel or have felt about certain things. Write a poem about it. Draw a picture representing it. Make a collage.   Go to stores, flip through magazines and see what jumps out at you. Last night I was having great difficulty sleeping and felt the urge to write poetry but felt not inspired enough. So I thought deeply about how I felt at that very moment and how I feel about certain situations and people and was suddenly so inspired to write poetically/creatively.

3.) Look at song titles, blog post titles, and other titles like of books and write a poem or short story about that concept without copying the other person’s work. You can just look at them randomly without even reading or listening to the content.

4.) Try hard to understand a view opposing your own on a certain topic or try to see how someone else can feel that way even though you do not. This stretches your “mind” and gets you outside the “box.”

5.) Look to others for inspiration. Pay close attention to other creative work. See what you like, don’t like, what challenges you…and start your own creative journey. I would suggest to consciously try not to rip of their work though. ¬†You probably want yours to be original and probably don’t want a lawsuit. Lol

6.) Take pictures and look at pictures! It’s amazing what photographs can elicit. You can make the photos themselves your creative project or write poems about them! Don’t reserve picture taking for only “special occasions.”. All occasions are special.


7.) Inhabit your body, be mindful of your senses and how things feel to you, the experience of experiencing. Write or draw about the experience. Write or draw using your senses for inspiration. ¬† What’s does something feel like, sound like, look or taste or smell like? Use imagery in your writing. Try to paint a vivid picture or image in the heads of your readers or viewers or listeners. Use your imagination/fantasy as well as reality.


I wrote the quote in the picture and I took the pic and put the quote onto it.

Here’s an example of something I recently wrote as part of a poetic-like short story:

“She stands alone with just the stars in the palms of her hands and the moonlight streaking her long flowing hair, meadows painted across her sky blue eyes, butterflies & sparkles woven through her lashes.”
& this: 

“And I watch
Into the vibrant blue
A fluorescence
Of tranquil tunes
As pastel colored
Like a
Slow song
Around the
In the air”
This is part of a poem I wrote a while ago.


The line in the pic above is one I wrote as part of a poem and the picture is mine which I took and out the quote on it.
and here’s another of my creations:


8.) Put some color and design into your world. Surround yourself with bright or soothing colors, various colors and designs…

9.) Try new things to get your brain stimulated. Brush your teeth using your non dominant hand, go for a walk in a place you don’t go to much, drive to work a different route.

10.). Pay attention to kids. They are fearless when it comes to creative projects. Take their lessons to heart. This kind of hinges on Tip #1.

11.) Let other people inspire you, not intimidate you. There are people out there with more developed or stronger skills than you and with more experience. There always will be. ¬†Don’t let this discourage you. ¬†Just be content with where you are. You don’t have to be the best at anything. Focus on your needs and desires. Some people are more experienced so have better skills. Some are just naturally more creative or skilled. And that’s ok. Be grateful you have come across them and their work as opposed to being so envious you can’t see straight. ¬† Jealousy is normal and it’s ok but don’t let it hold you back or make you have animosity for others.

12.) Be willing to create or do things which are or may be viewed as “bizarre ” or “weird” or “unusual” by others. “Thinking outside the box” can get that creativity flowing.

13.) Keep going even when you doubt yourself. And keep going even when your creative work doesn’t turn out how you expected or hoped!

14.) Try looking at things which are usually considered ugly, plain, unattractive, in a more positive light. You can write poems about sadness and pain or take pictures of or draw bare trees, muddy puddles, car oil puddles, snow blizzards, insects…things often seen as miserable. I believe there is beauty almost everywhere if we really look and you can take something typically considered not beautiful and put a beautiful spin on it, poetically, lyrically, artistically…


15.) Try meditation specifically to get creativity energy flowing.   You can go to http://www.meditationoasis.com/
And you can go to http://www.youtube.com/
And put in words like “meditation for creativity.”. I would include some links here to videos but I’m using my phone and can only get the mobile link and I never know if that works for anyone else.¬†

Here are two links that are supposed to go to the same video. One is for a computer and one is for mobile phones. I somehow managed to get the desktop link. If it works for others though, I have no clue.   Both links work for me when I click on them.

Computer link


Mobile link

Also here is a list of tips I found:  http://www.creativitypost.com/create/101_tips_on_how_to_become_more_creative

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night and hope you find some creative inspiration if it’s what you’re searching for. ¬† ūüėÄ

Xoxo Kim ūüėÄ



(I took this lovely pic with my phone!!!)

“When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes” ~ Unknown¬†

I love taking walks and taking pictures of all the incredible wonders I see around me. My mom often scolds me and my little sister gets annoyed because when we’re outside walking to a store or walking the doggy.¬† I stop every other second to snap a picture of some beauty I see before me. I see beauty & inspiration everywhere I look. I’m not a photographer ; I merely take pictures with my cell phone. ¬† It takes amazing pictures. I’m constantly taking pictures of the sky, usually sunsets and the bright azure sky dappled in white fluffy clouds.I love pictures of birds and insects.

Words cannot truly express the way it feels when I look up at the sky During a sunset or a bright sunny Afternoon or when I look out a window at the sunrise when the new dawn is awakening or looking out the window seeing, listening to the rain or seeing snow falling before my eyes, and the scents the rain brings forth, I love the feel of cool breezes in the summer and the warmth of heat in the crisp Wintery magic. I love the seasons changing and the taste of sweet fruit and chocolate sundaes.   And beautiful , vibrant colorful flowers. 

When I look at all of the incredible, wild joys of Nature, life surges through my veins, my heart races at the breathtaking beauty. My veins throb with life, electricity pulses through me like a thousand heartbeats.

It comes naturally to me. I’m very aware of the beauty that all of my senses allow me to experience each moment of each day.¬†

But, although this generally comes naturally to me, I have made a conscious decision to strengthen my natural ability and habit of being mindful of the simple pleasures of life and making it a general habit even when it’s hard to see beauty. Some days it seems there’s nothing but ugliness all around. But even on those days,I have the choice to look for wonder. It may not naturally pop out at me like usual but I can look and I can find, hard as it may be.

In this life there is an incredible abundance of wonder and joy and beauty. By being blessed with life, we have the chance to take advantage of this. Take advantage of being alive. Instead of trudging through life in a sense of hopeless drudgery, we can choose to learn and practice being truly and fully alive.  

Here are some ways I have strengthened my natural ability to see simple joys everywhere and ways I think can be helpful to people. Not everyone has that natural ability but even ones who don’t can learn & practice .

1.) Breathe and inhabit your body. Your body, which is you is here now. Not in the past, not in the future. Here, now. You’ll never, ever go back to the previous moments you once lived and you can’t change them. And the future is always just out of your reach. When the future arrives, it is now your present, all you will ever have is now. Make this your conscious reality.
Take notice of the way your body feels right NOW. All the sensations, the pleasures, the pain, relaxed parts, stressed parts, stiff parts, numb parts, healthy parts…

2.) Try not to force yourself to not think about other things or about your past or future. When you try to intentionally not think about something, it tends to pop into your head more frequently.   Instead focus on what is here.

3.) Practice mindfulness meditation. Meditating regularly will help you develop better control over your thinking and even when you’re not meditating you will be better able to live in the present.


4.) slow down. When you’re constantly in a hurry you can’t take pleasure in much of anything.

5.) Try to create a schedule everyday or almost everyday where you can take a few minutes, hour, or hours to do nothing but something that brings you immense joy and serenity.   Walks in nature, observing natural settings, drawing, running, taking pictures,  things like that and soak up all the beauty.

6.) really, truly look. Look and see what is around you. Don’t just give it a quick, passing glance. Let the feelings it provokes in you, surge through you and cherish those feelings.

7.) I think about all of the people who have died and who have never been born or created/conceived to begin with. What they wouldn’t give (if they could know) to have a chance to live or to live again and feel, experience what I can because I am Alive.¬†

8.) I think about if everything I have ever known, ever loved, ever owned or possessed just disappeared temporarily, unexpectedly and then all came back. How would I feel then? Would it awaken me? Make me realize how wonderful, how miraculous, how joyous it all truly is?

9.) stop waiting. ¬† “People wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all life for happiness.”. You may not have all you want right now but you can still be generally happy and joy-filled. You don’t need that perfect weather, that perfect day of the week, that perfect lover, that perfect body. All you need is life. All you need is now. Right now. You got it!

‚ÄúNormal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē¬†Mary Jean Irion

‚ÄúOh the wild joys of living! The leaping from rock to rock … the cool silver shock of the plunge in a pool’s living waters.‚ÄĚ
 Robert Browning quotes

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” ~
Albert Einstein

Paul Val√©ry – “To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.”




Xo Kim

Staying Positive even during negative situations

Here are some tips for how to stay positive even during difficult struggles and pain or during other people’s negativity when you have to be around it.

These are things that help me and I hope they will help you too. We are all different and unique and not everything that helps one of us will definitely help another so you have to try and practice various things until you find what is best for you but I believe these things will help many people.


1.) Give thanks.

Think of the things that actually ARE going right. You can start with simple things like your health, your senses, the sky, stars, daylight, sun, moon. Maybe you have wonderful friends and great family even if you cannot be near them as often as you would like. Do you have a fantastic job or at least an ok one for now? Or maybe sweet pets or great food! Make a list of all you have.


2.) Color/arts and crafts


If you are into creation you can draw or color and get lost in the activity to take your mind off of the negativity for a while. It can help you to create something and be proud of your creation!

You can cut colorful pictures out of magazines or cut out letters and make them into inspirational quotes to glue on construction paper.

3.) Meditate

Mindfulness mediation is something I love and it puts my entire body at ease. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breath. Check out meditation Oasis. http://www.meditationoasis.com/podcast/listen-to-podcast/


4.) Walk –

If you can, go for a walk. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Take in the wonder of the colors, the sounds, the feel, the scents…everything. It can help relax you and put your mind onto something positive in the present moment.


5.) If you can, try writing to, calling, texting a positive friend. True friends are always so uplifting and great to talk to. Even if you don’t want to spill your problems at the moment, maybe you can talk about pleasant things.


6.). Try positive journaling where you write and focus on the good in your life or about yourself. List your dreams, goals, hopes, plans, great qualities, fun things…


7.) Positive music, songs, read positive lyrics and quotes, print them out, write them down


8.) Exercise – this is a great outlet for stress and frustration and makes your body feel amazing. You can engage in a vigorous work out or jump on a trampoline or something simple like a quick walk.


9.) Read uplifting books


10.). Search the net for some positive outlets to take your mind off of the pain & craziness of the moment.


11.) Animals – animals are beautiful and loyal friends. They love unconditionally. If you have none, try to be near a friend’s, walk by a dog park and see the joyfulness that runs wild in there! ūüėÄ


12.) Take good, loving care of yourself! You deserve it! No matter what is going on, nurture yourself and speak/think kind, loving things about yourself. Think of your good qualities – physical and emotional. Get good rest and good sleep. Maybe a full body massage? Or a mani/pedi. And reward your body with healthy foods and maybe a delectable snack like chocolate cake or whatever you consider a delicious treat. Treat yourself how you would treat someone you love.


13.). Do not put off stuff you love. Still put on your makeup if that’s what you like. Get dressed up, fix your hair…


14.). Watch an uplifting, comical movie


15.) Read funny jokes, get a good laugh! ūüėÄ

I hope these things help you!



X0xo Kim ūüôā ūüėÄ


P.S. The picture is one I drew to represent peace of mind. It’s a white dove still flying with her wings up even in the midst of a wild storm with rain & lightening. It’s meant to show the fact that we can stay peaceful, calm, and serene even during environmental turmoil. My sister and me came up with the picture and I drew it.Image

Happy New Year to all of you!! <3 :-D

“…time is the New Year’s bountiful blessing: three hundred sixty-five bright mornings and starlit evenings; fifty-two promising weeks; twelve transformative months full of beautiful possibilities; and four splendid seasons. A simply abundant year to be savored.” ~Sarah Ban Breathnach (an excerpt out of her book, “Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy)¬†



Happy New Year, everyone!!! I hope this is the start of a beautiful, fantastic year for you all, full of hope, wonder, love, happiness, joy, gratitude, warmth, peace, and friendship, and lots & lots more good stuff!! ‚̧


My year, 2012, started off very badly with me being in a severe depressed state for months but it ended beautifully and happily with joy and gratitude for everything.


The start of a new year, the beginning of January, symbolizes new hope, possibilities, and tender beginnings. Many, many people make lists of plans and goals and new year resolutions. Many state that they cannot wait until December of the one year ends so a bright new year can begin. But please keep in mind that while time itself may be a natural process or phenomena, the organization of it is not. Organization of time is not natural, it’s a “man”-made concept or created by humans. You never have to wait for a new year to begin or start with a blank slate. You can start new planning and goals whenever you want to; you don’t have to wait until January 1. You can start at the beginning, middle, or end of a year. Start NOW!! (No matter when “now” is) No matter how bad your whole entire year is/was, the last day of that year can still be amazing. Just because we label January 1 a new year doesn’t mean your problems and pain will magically disappear! You have to work to have them disappear but the work is well worth it. So, while the beginning of a year is a beautiful symbol, you don’t need it to start anew!


Much love & blessings to you all! ūüėÄ


Each moment is full of wonder & surprise.


Here are some of my goal planning tips that can be very helpful.

I hope they help you!!



1.) Think about goals you truly want to achieve to make/keep yourself happy & healthy. Make sure you are being true to yourself and not doing things just to please everyone else or other people. If you want to take certain classes, dress a certain way, do certain hobbies, make certain relationship decisions or any decisions, do what is best for you no matter what people say or think. This is your life, not theirs. You are responsible for your life and they are responsible for theirs.


2.) When you list your goals, write them out and be specific as possible. List details and use your vivid imagination. If your goal is to be healthier, list how you want to be healthier and ways you can do that. “I plan to wake up a half hour earlier each morning to go for a run.”. “I wan to do specific ab exercises to tone my muscles.”


3.) Make your goals positive things to enhance the quality of your life and/or the lives of others. And write them out and think about them in a positive way, for example: “I want to work out more to make my body healthy and feel great and I am ready!” as opposed to “I can’t stand my body and being unfit and I don’t want to have to exercise but I have to”. Think of your goals as positive challenges and opportunities and not as negative hassles and obligations. Savor and cherish the feel and the process. Think about how this tedious hard work is getting you closer to all that you want to be. This will make you more motivated and ready to work at your goals and achieve them!


4.) Remember, just like negative habits, you can form and develop positive habits that will become routine and natural for you. You can intentionally form and strengthen them. 


5.) Try to find positive inspiration. There are many people in the world who will be willing and ready to nourish your positive attitude and goal planning and help you cultivate positivity. They will help and support you anyway they can. They want to see you win even if they do not always win. Try to surround yourself with those. If you must be around negative people and do not currently have a positive support system, never let their negativity take a toll on you. Distance yourself emotionally and just keep thinking positively. Let their negativity bounce right off you and stay strong. You can also find positive people online to connect with in groups or social media, blogs, online articles…Try to find people who are passionate and motivated and ones who have accomplished what you seek to accomplish. Read books by amazing people. Let their successes, fortunes, happiness, and lives inspire and motivate you.¬†


6.). Make a list of your positive attributes. Focus on your strengths and accomplishments. Look at what you can do right. Are you intelligent, good at problem solving, open minded, accepting, passionate, determined, hard-working….? Even if you aren’t yet, you can work on and develop these things.


7.) Take seriously your own goals. Work hard for what your really want. Practice. 

You are important and what you want for your life is important and does matter! So act like it and believe it! You are a person just like anyone and deserve a great and happy life. If you really believe you are worth it, you are more likely to work for it.


8.) Forgive yourself if you do not achieve a specific goal when you planned to. Remember falling isn’t failing if you keep getting up and trying again! You won’t always succeed right away; some things take practice and time so be patient! We all make mistakes and we cannot always do everything. Go easy on yourself; you aren’t alone or a bad person for making mistakes or not accomplishing what you think you should or could have.¬†


So cheer up; it gets better! ūüėČ


You most likely would not negatively judge or severely criticize a close friend or family member for not accomplishing a goal; you would be loving and supportive; treat yourself that same way!


“Fall seven times get up eight” Japanese proverb


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~ Confucius¬†


X0xo Kim ūüėÄ ūüôā¬†Image

Positive Thinking & some tips!! :-)

I wrote this in my phone a while ago in the memos but never published it anywhere. So here it is!  i updated some of the tips.

¬†¬† ¬† ¬†Positive thinking really helps me a lot and I know it helps others. It doesn’t always cure all problems or always take away all pain instantly and it’s certainly not always easy to do but it sure does help to be happier and more filled with gratitude.

¬†¬† ¬† ¬†I recently had the urge to write a negative status on Facebook about my new phone to complain about how it doesn’t work perfectly or as well as I would like it to work. I also recently considered writing a status to curse my life for feeling depressed, beyond just sadness and for suffering with a chronic pain disorder(tmj dysfunction ouch!!!) that can be very severe and so incredibly hard to handle.

      Then I realized what a spoiled brat I was acting like about my phone. Lmao! What if I had no phone? Or what if my phone was only able to make/receive calls or just be able to call and text?

I am beyond blessed with this beautiful life.

I realize that some people, on some occasions while experiencing pain and negativity would benefit by hearing how much worse it can be and being suggested to think positively while other people do not want to hear that at all and would become worse off and very aggravated and disturbed even if those thoughts were provided with the most sincerest and well intentions.

¬†¬† ¬† ¬†Many people who are unhappy and struggling do not want to hear “Think positively!” Or “It could be so much worse!” No matter how helpful thinking positively may be and how much worse it really can be, those suggestions often just hurt people more. Many just want someone to care and listen and be present. So when handling an unhappy/hurting/suffering person, we may want to think again about saying those things. I think it’s ok to gently tell or remind ourselves that or say those things in general to people so they can be reminded but it’s not always helpful to people who are currently suffering or struggling and not always wise to suggest it to them directly even in a loving way.

I scolded myself for acting like the little brat and reminded myself that while life and technology often bring many, many problems, it’s better to have them than not because I believe that they bring or have the potential to bring more good than bad.

¬†¬† ¬† ¬†If you think about it, would you prefer to have the advanced technology that we have today along with the many negative consequences it brings such as crashing, working imperfectly, being lost, stolen….or not have it at all? Many people will answer this differently. I, myself, prefer the technology along with it’s bs than not at all. It let’s us have access to the internet, social media, and many, many more great things.

It’s the same thing with life itself. Would I prefer my life along with the pain it sometimes brings or no life at all? Usually, I prefer my life. And often even when I think I prefer death, I don’t really prefer death but just want my pain to end, not my whole life.

I get my life confused with my pain or think the pain is too bad and permanent so I prefer or think I prefer death over life.

I realize though that just like our advanced technology that we often so incessantly complain about, life itself, is a beautiful blessing and to be blessed with it means to have to hurt or suffer every now and then.

It’s the price we pay for having something so great and beautiful and often complicated or seemingly complicated.

I will try to always remind myself of this when I think about, contemplate, or come close to ending my life (this is something I struggle with occasionally because of my bouts of extremely severe depression) or unnecessarily complaining over something frivolous . It helps me to think positively and I believe it would help most everyone if they give it a try. It may or may not work instantly but if practiced often and well enough, it’s sure to work wonders at least occasionally.

¬†¬† ¬† ¬†I struggle with depression as well as physical pain so I know intimately how difficult and sad it can be to live but I have found so many coping mechanisms and techniques to help me often see it through. They aren’t miracle cures but they help ease the pain.

Everyday, often, even through the pain, I have a deep and strong attitude of gratitude for all I have. And I hope that everyone can find the strength and coping techniques to help handle and allay the pain that things in life can often bring.  


Here are some things that help me and may help other people too. Not everyone will benefit by the same coping mechanisms. Something that helps one person may not help another.  


1.) Focus on the simple things that aren’t complicated, positive things that are readily available to you. (Flowers, stars, friends, music, books, uplifting pictures…..). Take pleasure in and be grateful for them.


2.) Whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking something bad about yourself and unnecessarily/destructively criticizing yourself make it a point to write down or at least think three or more good things for every bad thing.


3.). Celebrate (even if it’s only in your mind) and praise yourself for all of your accomplishments even simple or small ones. This is not conceit or arrogance or self absorption, it’s treating yourself good the way you treat others like your friends and family and other people you like or love. ¬†¬†


4.) Do things for yourself that are fun or relaxing to you and be sure to have occasions throughout your day where you attend to yourself and not just other people.


5.) Similar to the other tip about thinking positively about yourself, think positively about life in general. Look more at the positive in everyday even when it’s difficult. Don’t ignore or deny the bad or negative but get your mind in a pattern for focusing more on the bright side. And get in the habit of actively looking for positive things then this can lead to unconsciously looking for the positive in everyday.


6.) Vent to a true/good trust-worthy friend or in a journal (notebook or online). Public or non public. Anonymous or not. But be aware that when you tell certain people or post publicly you may be negatively criticized. Try not to take that too hard though. When people don’t understand things or when they are afraid or unhappy with themselves they often want to drag others down.


7.) Try to get out of the environment that is negative or causing you stress. If it’s your physical environment and you can physically get up and go then go! Take a walk, exercise, go someplace magical or that you love! If you can’t or don’t want to move physically then take a little mental vacation! Meditate, guided imagery (imagine you are somewhere else), imagine, dream. You can find steps to these online. Get lost in your imagination. Let it run wild!

8.) Make a list of positive, uplifting songs and play them over and over!

9.) Coloring books! Or draw and color. To me coloring is so soothing!


10.) Buy yourself flowers.


11.) Talk to yourself in your mind how you would talk to your friend or another who needs cheering up. ūüôā

Take your own tips.

12.) Help someone else in need. Even if you don’t know the person. Write something positive online. Buy a homeless, money-less person a cup of tea or coffee or water.


13.) Read jokes or think of other things that amuse you! :-). Laugh out loud until it hurts in your belly! This always cheers me up!


14.) Try not to let an unhappy day or days make you feel as if your entire life is bad.

And try not to consider any day a “bad” day. Any day you’re alive is a great day!

15.) Read uplifting and inspirational quotes! ‚̧


16.). Remember it’s ok to have unhappy days and bad moods so don’t mentally abuse yourself for feeling unhappy or angry, sad, or depressed.¬†




“I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when it hurts today.”


~Og Mandino