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“Around us, life bursts with miracles–a glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops. If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere. Each human being is a multiplicity of miracles. Eyes that see thousands of colors, shapes, and forms; ears that hear a bee flying or a thunderclap; a brain that ponders a speck of dust as easily as the entire cosmos; a heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings. When we are tired and feel discouraged by life’s daily struggles, we may not notice these miracles, but they are always there.”

No matter what is happening in our day, no matter how busy, stressed, happy, tired, exhausted, numb….or anything else we are experiencing, let’s stop for a minute to appreciate this life and all the beauty & joy it’s filled with. ❤ ❤ Savor every beam of sunlight, every reflection, shadow, raindrop, flower petal, taste, scent, texture, sound, smile, person, animal, insect, breath, heartbeat, experience…What a beautiful reminder! And don’t forget to smile! 😀 There’s so so much to smile about!!

Much love & light to you, always,

xoxo Kim ❤

March Sunrise


“Just before Sunrise there is a dark night.”

Today I decided to get up early and watch the sun come up.

It was a cold, lightly windy morning. My dogs and me went into the backyard bright & early and watched the amazing sun rising into the perfect blue.


It’s awe inspiring to witness! First, it was a darkened blue sky with hazy white/gray colored clouds, then a hint of orange appeared!

Breathtaking! The most amazing thing to see is the first hint of the sun rising.



The Sunrise always reminds me of hope and new beginnings, like almost anything is possible and everything is ok and will always be.



Just before the sun came up. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Like always, I took pictures at some points but also just watched some moments and basked in the pure beauty. In my opinion, just seeing/feeling beauty is often more important than capturing it!


Even now, hours later, I still feel that awe surge through me that I felt while watching it. ❤

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are!

Much love & light,

xoxo Kim



(the sunset today – the moon is out too, a thin sliver, how beautiful!)

“It was early morning. Smoke hung in the air. There was sunlight passing through the smoke. It was beautiful.

‘It is beautiful!’ the Tao said.

And so it was.”

This is out of a Kindle book I have called “Tao Sutra: Opening the Door to the Senses,” a book full of short stories like this laced with wisdom, love, life lessons, and beauty.
It’s written by Amit Basu.

This perfect lil story reminds us to acknowledge the beauty all around us at any given moment and also that attitude is just about everything. If we believe it’s beautiful then it is.
There is always something to see beauty in. ❤

Thank You for the recent comments to me! I always appreciate each & every one of them and all of my readers!
I will respond soon! ❤ 😀

xoxo Kim

Hello, March


(this picture is not mine)

Yes, hello there, March! I love you & thank you for existing! ❤ 😀

I LOVE the Month of March! I'm so inspired every year in March. I'm inspired every month (though I'm least inspired in August and other Summer months) but in March, my inspiration usually runs deeper than other months.

Here is why. March. It's a sweet medley of
 all four seasons. It like has madd mood swings. One day it's all Summery and hot then the very next day there's a snow blizzard and it's below freezing, other days it's sunny & warm or cool and Spring is in the air. Some days, it doesn't know what season it is and all throughout the day the weather changes hot then cold, cool and warm. 

There's something so beautiful about this last Winter month and knowing Spring is about to bloom.


The trees are still bare but there are some signs of the coming Spring, some green growth blossoming.

The days are often warmer then the nights are still cold. March brings with it rain, snow, sun, wind, moonlight…just lovely!  


(cute or creepy? To me it’s cute! :-D)

I can strongly relate to this wonderful, beautiful month and all its chaotic beauty. 

I’m like this myself sometimes. 
I recently have been depressed and dangerously suicidal off and on with joy and happiness in the middle. This happens now & again. Sometimes triggered by something specific (like recently), sometimes not triggered by anything. 

(I will share my recent struggle in a later post)

It’s beautiful to be so full of life.


March inspires me to create even more than other months. It inspires me to take out my arts & crafts journal and to take lots of pictures and to tap into my most creative parts!

Every March, this deeper inspiration just comes flooding into me and it’s just beautiful.

Last night and early morning was perfect! I was laying in bed reading a ghost story and the night couldn’t have been more perfect for a ghost story! It was dark and cold and raining hard and extremely windy! The windows were rattling and the bare tree branches were shaking! 
Just perfect!  

I’m reading a novel called “The Haunting of Blackwood House.” My first impression of the main character, Mara, wasn’t a real good one.

She seems kind of rude at first. And she kind of mocks her realtor who has a breathing condition and talks in a breathless way and calls people “honey” very frequently. I don’t mind being called “honey!” lol 😀

Something about this young woman just rubbed me the wrong way. She acts out of anger and lashes out somewhat frequently it seems. Not like real frequently but she gets all worked up and claims she can’t help it. But she’s sorry later, which is good, because she tries to make up for it. She doesn’t really want to hurt anyone. I prefer reading books where the main character is lovable/likable. It’s not her anger that I have the biggest problem with. I don’t not like people because they have anger problems. 

It’s hard to suck it up and read a book where the main character is super annoying. But it’s a great book and I’m only on page 73 out of 344. It’s a Kindle book.


I learned later that the young woman was abused as a child. Her family wasn’t trying to be abusive probably, but they are extremely religious and brought her up in a way that damaged her psychologically. She lived on her own for four years now and still has terrible nightmares. Not all extremely religious people are abusive, in fact, I think most aren’t. But it is possible to unintentionally use religion in a very detrimental way against others. These people made her go to people claiming to be psychics and they made her attend frequent séances and told her horrifying ghost stories they claimed were real. They used ouija boards and killed her pet rabbit claiming someone on the other side told them too. 

After learning this, my compassion for her deepened. 

But even when I viewed her in a somewhat negative light, I also have found things in her that are very respectable and inspiring. 
She’s only 22 years old and has been on her own since 18 years old. She doesn’t have much money but she has a job and her own apartment, a loving boyfriend, and she gets by on her own. She’s extremely independent minded and wary of accepting the help of her boyfriend. She’s kind of on the poor side (financially) and he’s upper middle class and lives with his mom. 

He offers to let her have or borrow money which she refuses because she is proud to be independent. I think that is very respectable. There’s nothing wrong with letting her man help her out but it’s great to choose to be an independent woman. And if she wanted, she can take advantage of his money but she never does. She just loves him for him and doesn’t need him. It’s great to be wanted, not needed. She’s with him because she wants to be. 

But she does allow him to help her in some ways. It’s great to find the balance of being independent but also accepting help when needed. 

Him and his mom offer to let her live with them but they are Christians and very into their religion and she is so repelled by religion because of the way she grew up. Just the thought of it sickens her. This is another thing I love about her, she’s not just an atheist, she’s totally put off by religion, outright loathes it, it seems, but she still accepts the views of others and will even have a serious romantic relationship with a very religious man. This shows open-mindedness. Some people in her situation would reject him. But she loves him just the way he is. She just won’t live with him and his mom and their religious ways. His mom is more religious and he lives with her to take care of her but the girl wouldn’t mind living with just him if he doesn’t go overboard with the religion.

They have been together for six months and deeply in love! I love it! ❤ They have an extremely loving relationship. I love watching it unfold. They are so cute together! I'm a sap! Lol ;-D He is big and strong but very gentle and loving and loves to help people. 

Anyway, she has some money she has been saving for a house but it can't be too expensive.
The apartment she currently lives in is trashy. Lol

Recently a house was brought to Mara’s attention. It's like a mansion in the middle of nowhere. She falls in love with it even though it needs serious repairs. The structure is good though and it's safe to live in.

It's way less money than it would have been because in the early 1900's (I think), a serial killer lived there and like seven people died in the house. He took his victims back to his house and murdered them and then he hanged himself in there. (eww)

No one wants to live there now and the house has been on the market for 20 years. It has a reputation for being haunted. But the girl isn't even fazed. To her, there's no such thing as ghosts and so what if people died there, it's just a house.

So she buys the house and still has money left.


Another thing I love about Mara is she is very intelligent, educated, and informed. I don’t know if she has a college education, probably not, it only mentions her work, but she is clearly just as educated as anyone who does.

She stands up for herself and is assertive and bold and makes decisions based on facts and logic and what she wants. She doesn’t just accept nonsense because most do.

I agree with her atheistic views but I do practice Buddhist techniques but in a secular way. She probably wouldn’t like that. Lol

I don’t think I would want to buy a house seven people died in though, or even one person, especially if they were murdered. Nothing to do with hauntings and superstitions. It’s just the thought of the whole thing! Like eww! :-O

But it’s a great book up until now! And I am reminded of a life lesson to look for the good in others even if we don’t like other things about them and that it’s not always wise to go by first impressions.

I love the feeling I get reading about this young woman starting her life how she always dreamed after struggling so much, buying a new house and getting a new job and becoming who she always dreamed of being. It inspires and thrills me. 

I’m nearly 30 years old and still don’t have a place of my own, work only at a store, the same job I had as a 20 year old college girl, which I love but sometimes I think I should be more accomplished by now. It can seem kind of pathetic, sometimes, how I turned out. Oh well though, it is what it is, and it inspires me to hear about/read about others who are successful whether they are real or characters in a fiction book.

Right now the only ghost-like thing that happens is the old rocking chair started rocking on its own! But Mara brushes it off as a draft of an unknown source. 

The whole kitchen table was set with 20 year old, rancid food, all the old furniture is still in there and it seems as if the last family who lived there (20 years ago, years after the serial killer incident…) all left in a hurry, in the middle of eating their food! The table is all set and all like they were prepared to eat then had to bolt and fast. 

Interesting! I can’t wait to read more! I love reading it in the dark at night! 😀

Something must have been seriously wrong for an entire family to run out, just leaving everything in the middle of eating, and never coming back. I heard something for real like that in the news. A whole family just left in the middle of eating and disappeared and were later found dead, murdered I think. This one is just sad, not thrilling because it really happened. 

I hope you are having a beautiful day/night wherever in the world you are!  😀

Hugs & love to you now & always,

Xoxo Kim 

February Sunrise


“It’s been a long dark night
And I’ve been a waitin’ for the morning
It’s been a long hard fight
But I see a brand new day a dawning
I’ve been looking for the sunshine
‘Cause I ain’t seen it in so long
But everything’s gonna work out just fine
Everything’s gonna be all right
That’s been all wrong”

Last night I remembered my goal to get at least one picture of the sun rising each month this year! I was startled because today is the last day in February and I was thinking if I blow it now, it will be too late!  

But I was determined! So I looked it up to see when the sun would be rising today. It’s 6:35AM so I got myself up at 6:12AM to wait! I went out into the backyard and listened to the birds chirping and watched them as they flew by. It is so magical just to sit outside and truly listen and watch the beauty of nature all around. 



I took pictures but some moments I put my phone down and allowed my whole self to be engulfed in the beauty. Then I watched as the sun began to rise. It wasn’t a dramatic sunrise. Sometimes it’s really pink or orange and very noticeable. Today it was just a hint of orange that I was able to see but still beautiful and at least I accomplished my goal this month!


And I got to see so much morning beauty! I’m usually not up this early. I also am delighted to see that the moon was still out! I saw it through the almost bare tree branches. 



(this one has an effect on it)

When you see it you will shit bricks. lol 😉

The tree reminds me of an impending Spring! It has little things growing on it!




This morning it feels like it’s about to be Spring!  

I was and still am in awe of the stunning beauty everywhere I look. I am plunged into the depths of it and feel it in my whole being. So much love! ❤

So much wonder!

“‘Cause I can see the light of a clear blue morning
I can see the light of a brand new day
I can see the light of a clear blue morning
And everything’s gonna be all right
It’s gonna be okay”

Light of a Clear Blue Morning – Dolly Parton – mobile

Light of a Clear Blue Morning – desktop

It’s just a mountain; I can move it. ❤


(This one is not mine!)


~Hugs~ ❤

Much love & light to you, now & forever!

Xoxo Kim 

5 Things that inspire me this week


1.) My coworker brought her son to work. He’s four years old and the most adorable little boy! He came over to me and said “Kim, you’re the best!” then he walked over to his mom and said “Mommy, you’re the best! You’re the best mommy someone can have!” My heart just melted! That’s the cutest thing! And how beautiful it is to appreciate those who surround us and feel as if we are surrounded by the best! He’s only four years old and already taps into this wisdom of gratitude & appreciation! 

2.) This:


3.) Years ago I saw a horror fiction movie called “The Eye” which I recently watched again, and a very sick little girl in a hospital says to the young woman about to receive an eye transplant to see again after being blinded in an accident as a young child:

“I know you’re scared. Don’t be. ‘Cause the world really is beautiful.”

I also feel an even deeper appreciation for my sense to see and the other incredible ways in which my body functions in perfect synchronization, watching the movie again. It’s something we often overlook and take for granted. If you are a seeing person just open your beautiful eyes and look! Look at all the beautiful colors, textures, views around you! Imagine having that taken away in an instant. Of course it’s not the worst thing. Blind people can be very happy and just as functioning for the most part, as a seeing person. And often their other senses are even stronger than ours or they are more in tune with them. I don’t feel sorry for them and there are probably blind people who would never want to see because they love how they are. I know there are deaf people who say they love their culture and would never want to hear. It’s probably different for people who have been deaf or blind since infancy than for a person who it happens to later. It has to be traumatic to go blind or deaf as an adult or older child. Because of my facial dysfunction I go deaf occasionally, sometimes partially and on extremely rare occasions profoundly/completely. When I was a young woman and girl it scared me silly. I would go into a serious panic. One day in college, I went completely deaf, got lost, and couldn’t ask for help because I couldn’t hear. It was so scary. Now it’s still not pleasant but it’s not frightening either. I also have problems with my vision because of the same dysfunction. I don’t go blind but my vision gets so blurry sometimes I cannot see anything but a haze of white or swirl of colors. It’s not a progressive thing, it comes and goes.

But there are definitely people with disabilities who wouldn’t have it any other way and that’s beautiful. 

But our senses are a gift. There’s no denying it. A true blessing. And it’s so great to stop all the clatter in the mind and give thanks to our senses for all they do for us. 

Also I love the ultimate message of the movie that we don’t need eyes or a sense of vision to see true beauty and see what is truly important in this life. It’s like that saying something like the best things in life can’t be seen or heard but must be felt or felt with the heart or something like that! How true!

4.) the cold barrenness of Winter.


This sky is really more of a dull blue and I also find that inspiring. Bright blue skies are my favorite to look at usually. But I put an effect on this to make it look more dreary to better portray the feel of Winter. I also love gray, dreay skies.

5.) Watching this seagull flying through the sky. It’s awe inspiring. 


I watched him/her soaring through the sky along with a few other ones. Then when this one came very close, I took the pic! I put a bold effect on this picture to make the blue of the sky pop. The sky was very blue that day but in my picture it turned out not as bright so I put the effect on. It looks so pretty!

The world is full of so much beauty in various forms! So full of wonder. I look around each day in awe of the splendor surrounding us.

What inspires you in the last week? I would love to know! 😀

❤ Much love,

xoxo Kim

Just Beautiful


(This is the old church in the process of being demolished. 😦 I wrote about it before. It reminds me of the mini creepy castle in the horror book I’m reading!)

“Once upon a time she had pretended that the castle had been built thousands upon thousands of years ago by men from Saturn. And well it could have been, so far as any local person knew. She had chosen Saturn because of its rings. She could place herself in imagination upon the planet and look up at the colorful rings encircling the planet and see the most beautiful of all sights. And on Saturn the trees were all colors, like flowers, like the rings, and beauty was everything, just for the purpose of being beautiful.” (pp. 39)

I’m reading a good mystery fiction book, published in 1981, called Hear the Children Cry .


This excerpt is out of this book.


I love it because not only is it beautiful, it’s also very wise. Not everything we do or have has to be practical/have a practical purpose. It reminds me that it’s ok to not always be productive, just to sit back and bask in the beauty.


Much, love, light, & beauty to you!

xoxo Kim

Caught in the rain?


Nahhhh…I decided to go out in the middle of a rainstorm! it’s raining cats & dogs out there! 

Even though it’s storming, I decided to walk to get my mom, sister, and me coffee & hot chocolate. 

I LOVE walking in the rain! As long as I can change my clothes and get dried off soon!

Today I soaked up the rain and let it drench me. No umbrella, no hood or raincoat or anything to shield me against the drops falling out of the sky. I felt it on the tips of my toes as I splashed thorough puddles all the way to the top of my head as it soaked my hair. Oh the joy! 

My hair just got long enough to sit on last night! Lol It was always almost long enough to sit on but just last night whenever I sit down now, my hair pulls my head back because I’m sitting on it! Lol It’s so funny it just happened in one night! Long hair problems! ;-D


It was also funny walking in the rain. I had nothing but smiles and giggles! 😀 Everyone was probably thinking that poor girl, not knowing it was my choice and I love it.

The weather is perfect for walking in, not cold or hot. Just cool.

A couple people felt sorry for me thinking I got caught in it unexpectedly. Lol But I was loving every second! I received a few friendly and sympathetic and even funny comments. I guess a soaking wet girl with excessively long hair tends to attract attention while out walking!  

Here are a few pics of me after getting home drenched. And some rainy songs! 


Fool in the rain – Led Zeppelin – mobile

Fool in the rain – desktop

“Now my body is starting to quiver
And the palms of my hands getting wet
I’ve got no reason to doubt you baby…” 


Laughter in the Rain – Neil Sedaka – mobile

Laughter in the Rain – mobile

“Strolling along country roads with my baby
It starts to rain, it begins to pour
Without an umbrella we’re soaked to the skin
I feel a shiver run up my spine
I feel the warmth of her hand in mine
Ooh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love” ❤


Walking in the Rain – The Walker Brothers – mobile

Walking in the Rain – desktop

“I want her and I need her
And someday, someway
I’ll meet her
She’ll be kind of shy
And real good lookin’ too
And I’ll be certain she’s the one
By the things she’ll like to do
Like walking in the rain (like walking in the rain)
And wishing on the stars up above
And being so in love” 


Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes – mobile

Escape – desktop

“If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape
I’m the love that you’ve looked for, come with me, and escape”

And here’s a beautiful song about paying attention to life and all the beauty we are blessed to know, about not taking things for granted and letting people and things and days slip away without cherishing them.

Standing Knee Deep in A River (Dying of Thirst) – Joe Cocker – mobile

Knee Deep in a River – desktop

Maybe you don’t like walking in the rain but this is a great reminder to soak up all of whatever we do love. Cherish every moment we have been given, honor each day being mindful of all the gifts it provides us. 

Hugs & love,

Xoxo Kim 😀

Beauty Abound <3


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” ~ Camille Pissarro

There is beauty to be found, felt in all kinds of places even places we would never expect it, even in mundane, places, everyday situations. We often overlook things in our own city or place we live everyday. If we make it a point to look for beautiful things, we are likely to find them.

For as long as I can remember I have been aware of the beauty surrounding me, experienced with all my senses. Cool Summer breezes, frosty windows in Winter, the taste of candy in cold air, the seasons changing, the sound of traffic outside, the feel of soft fleece and blankets, the city buildings….I wasn’t making it a point to appreciate these things. It just has always come naturally to me but as I grew up I have come to know it as mindfulness & gratitude and realized that those are habits we can develop if we don’t have them already and strengthen to greater extents if we already do experience them.

It’s a beautiful way to live and I think that’s what it is to truly live to the fullest. Living fully just means making the most of each breath we take, each moment we live, even the monotonous.

I often feel like I’m in another world when I see everything with wonder and I point out something amazing to someone and the person isn’t even fazed by the incredible beauty I see. I often look around me and see people just going on and on with walking and working and living, not even stopping to take in the wonders around us. Sometimes it amuses me and I probably seem like the biggest idiot sometimes.

One night it was a full moon somewhat recently and I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I felt immense joy running rampant inside me and I looked to see evidence of others experiencing the same thing. I was hoping to jump for joy together. lol But no one even seemed to care. People were walking lost in conversation, packing trucks, getting into cars…no one was stopping to bask in the great beauty of the brilliant moonlit night. I was perplexed.

Recently I was in Center City, Philadelphia one morning and I just love the buildings there and the air. My eyes just drink in the incredible views and my skin dances with glee in the warm December air. And still, everyone was just going on their way not giving an ounce of attention to the beauty around us.

On vacation we often stop to appreciate the scenes and take pictures but there’s just as much beauty and novelty in our own city or wherever we live! It never gets old to me. ❤

This picture above is one I took a few days ago while waiting for a bus. The view is incredible.

I love that building in the sunlight with the reflections & bare trees.

Pure love. ❤ 😀

My former coworker was recently telling me she loves this Philadelphia December weather this year. It's extremely hot. At some points it seriously feels like a heatwave! In Philadelphia! In December! For real!

I'm not exaggerating! It's nearly 80 degrees everyday.

She said she loves it so much and people here pay to go on vacation to tropical places for this warmth and now we have it right here everyday!

I'm not as thrilled as my coworker (or former coworker, but I still think of her as my coworker) about this freaky weather in December but I love how she put it. We all have somethimng amazing that someone else would give just about anything to have. Let's appreciate our blessings now.

Sometimes we don't realize how amazing something is until we no longer have it.

You have something that someone else would kill (hopefully not really!) for. Whatever it may be. I'm not thankful at someone else's expense. I'm not thankful it's me alive and not someone else or that I get to live in a house instead of others. But we so often are so used to what we have we don't realize how valuable it is until we lose it or hear/know of someone who would love to have it.

If you are reading this you have a life, you can probably see or hear or at least comprehend. How often do we stop to give thanks for our cognitive abilities?! Probably very rarely, if even ever!

Let's all stop once in a while and appreciate what we have right here, right now.

Much love & ligt to you!

xoxo Kim ❤

A Message


“Her name is Noelle
I have a dream about her
She rings my bell
I got gym class in half an hour
Oh, how she rocks
In Keds and tube socks
But she doesn’t know who I am
And she doesn’t give a damn about me
‘Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby
Yeah, I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby
Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me”

This is a song I first heard by Wheatus many years ago one Summer night when I was a kid. It’s a really funny song. I only ever heard it on a few occasions and liked it but did not really pay attention to the lyrics. When I was listening to songs on YouTube recently, it suggested this one and I remembered it all those years ago. 

At first it doesn’t seem like a positive song. Teenage dirtbag? Lol 

But if you pay close attention to the lyrics, it’s actually inspiring and uplifting. It’s also hilarious! ;-D

The kid singing is in love with a girl he believes doesn’t know he exists and probably wouldn’t care about him if she did. 

“She doesn’t give a damn about me.” 

She already has a boyfriend and the boy singing thinks he doesn’t stand a chance with a girl like her. He refers to himself as a “dirtbag” and thinks the girl is way out of his league. 

But then something amazing happens! 

Check it out:

“Man, I feel like mold
It’s prom night and I am lonely
Lo and behold
She’s walking over to me
This must be fake
My lip starts to shake
How does she know who I am?
And why does she give a damn about me
‘I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby
Come with me Friday, don’t say ‘maybe’
I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you'”

It turns out, the girl does know he exists and is interested in him. She doesn’t see herself as much different than him. He is her equal. 

“Come with me Friday, don’t say ‘maybe’
I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you”

I love the message here! Someone who we think doesn’t care for us at all, can care very much! And someone we feel is way better than us for whatever reason, may not feel that way at all. We are all equal in worth even though we all have different skills and flaws and experiences.

It reminds me of two quotes:

“Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer.”

“Don’t frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile.” 


Also, I think this is a good reminder to pay attention to song lyrics, even ones that seem disturbing or negative or nonsensical at first glance. There may be deep wisdom where we least expect it!

If nothing else, this song may give you a good laugh!

Teenage Dirtbag – mobile

Teenage Dirtbag – desktop


Hugs & love ❤

Xoxo Kim