Award & a little bit of venting

If you are offended by a little bit of cursing (not much though) and some venting please read no further. Lol. It’s not pretty! 😉

Ok so today I’m totally about to start ripping out my hair. I feel like throwing a fit seriously. This is nine or ten days straight now that I have been working with no day off. Not one. And there’s absolutely no sign of a day off soon. And in the spring and summer my job is DEMANDING! It’s an ice cream store and each shift only one person works and we get like 20 customers at the Window at once! All through out the day and night.  The place gets a mess and has to be cleaned and so I don’t get out of work when I’m supposed to. Tomorrow I’m working eleven f.u.c.k.i.n.g hours in a row.   No break. Literally. No break. And the reason the word f.u.c.k.i.n.g. Is written like that is my phone will not allow that word.   Yeah.

Everyone is on vacation or getting surgery or just being careless and won’t help me out so here I am working non stop. Alone.

And my new phone which is the blackberry z10 has no option to save pictures off the Internet.   Isn’t that lovely? There’s an app to save whole albums off Facebook but no single pics anywhere else online.  

So if I want to put a picture somewhere that is online I have to copy the link and paste the link for people to click on to see it. Today I got up before work to use my dad’s computer and the computer decided to be a d.i.c.k. And my phone will not allow that word either. The computer would not let me upload the pic here. 

Everything is not working out today and when I find a way around it then that plan won’t work either.   So im having a b.i.t.c.h.i.n.g fest here. Lol

My new phone is amazing though especially the camera. 

I love my job and my customers.   I love working and am very thankful. It’s just that working every single day in a row for over one week and working 11 hour shifts with no break is definitely not my cup of tea and I will become a monster. And I will p.i.s.s. And moan.   But oh well that’s ok.

I know people have more demanding jobs than I have and people work more hours more often like doctors and medical students and that is amazing.   But let me tell you I am not cut out for that shizz!

So I’m about to step off my soapbox right about now!   😉

And just so you know I’m definitely not taking my stress out on people. I’m still friendly and kind. I don’t take stuff out on undeserving people and usually not even deserving ones. I’m not like that.
I’m just venting right here.

I know this blog entry is completely different than what my blog is all about. My blog is about inspiration and gratitude and joy and happiness.   I’m almost never this stressed and angry and even when I am I’m often still calm.  And right now I’m still happy and grateful underneath it. But I really want to vent! I do NOT plan on making a habit of this on here! I promise. 🙂

In fact, today I have one or more happy entries planned for today if I get the chance to post them. I’m at work and if it gets super busy again I may not be able to. I get out at 10 : 00pm tonight.   And have to get right back up again in the morning to start the work day all over again til 10 : 00pm then again Monday.   Now can you see why I’m p.i.s.s.e.d all the way off?! Lol

My phone amuses me! The auto correct is hilarious but has the potential to be embarrassing!

So yeah it’s ok and healthy and necessary to vent every now and then!

Etsuchan at:

Was kind enough to nominate my blog for the “Soul on Fire” award!! I am so so flattered!!!!! Now it’s my job to nominate 15 more blogs! Blogs that I think are amazing and worthy of the award! So my very next post, hopefully that will be today, will be a list of my fifteen favorite blogs other than

I will list the links to them! Please go check out

She is amazing and beautiful! Very talented and kind.  

And please excuse the venting and cursing above!   Lol like I said I promise I’m usually NOT that bitter!   But they got me overworked! 

I am so thankful for my new phone and the WordPress app for BlackBerry.   The app works amazingly well on this version of black berry unlike my last phone.   This phone has some drawbacks and negative qualities about it but the truth is I can’t complain.   It’s a fantastic product. 

Go visit this lovely blog!


My new phone took that pic! 😀

I hope you all are having a beautiful day or night and much less stressful than mine!


2 thoughts on “Award & a little bit of venting

  1. OMG, it’s so flattering, hehe ^^ i’m glad you like my blog too))
    Hope you’ll get your vacation/days off very soon 🙂 anyways, remember: icecream makes people happy→you make people happy -.^

  2. Lol aww Thank you!!! I’m at work now but it’s likely I’ll have off tomorrow! Ice cream does make people happy and I’m glad to be preparing and serving it! :-D. Thank You for your message!! ❤

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