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Thou shalt not steal


Recently I heard Christian people on the radio talking about the Ten Commandments in Biblical Scripture. I’m not a Christian woman but find their conversation deeply inspiring. The men were saying the language (I forget which one but for this post it’s not very important anyway. I think it may be Hebrew?) directly translates into English as “Do not steal” Β but often we hear\read “thou shalt not steal.” The men said this second phrase “thou shalt not steal” is much more powerful than “do not steal” and before they started explaining I was a bit confused. At first glance, at least to me, a command such as “Do not steal” seems more direct and assertive, even threatening, than “you should not steal.” Telling me not to do something can be an implicit threat or warning “Do not…or else..” where telling me I shouldn’t do something seems a bit more passive or laid back. It doesn’t seem like a command or demand. It’s more like just someone’s little opinion.

I’m not a big fan of telling others or myself what we should or should not do. I think “should” can be too limiting and contribute to feelings of failing or too much pressure. But soon I realized what these Christian men were talking about and it’s very powerful and can apply to us all, not just Christian and other religious people.

“Should” or “should not” is more like an internal thing while someone else’s commands, laws, rules, threats, abuse, opinion…..are external and cannot affect us if we do not let them. “Do not….because I said so” is authoritarian and someone else’s rule slapped onto us. It may or may not be a good rule but it’s external and we can rise above whereas “should” is something moral, internal. Of course someone else’s opinion of “should” is external and “should” is subjective but it’s more of an internal truth.

There are some things, in my opinion, we really should not do, like kill innocent beings, steal, spread vicious gossip, sexually assault….to name a few. That’s my truth and it’s more powerful than someone else telling me not to. It’s illegal for me to kill an innocent human but it runs deeper than the law telling me not to; I truly believe I should not kill an innocent person (or any innocent sentient being) and if I ever did I would have a bigger problem than being in legal trouble. I would have an internal struggle knowing I did something very wrong that resulted in the pain or ending of someone else. It’s not illegal to kill most insects at least where I live, and I don’t negatively judge those who do, but I do not kill them on purpose and when I do accidentally, I have a struggle within. And there are occasions people said things to me meant to have an effect I did not allow it to have. There are occasions I experienced domestic violence and was physically forced to do or not do something that wasn’t my choice but I did not let it destroy me and know it’s not a reflection of who I am and that this life is still beautiful with so many beautiful things and I kept my mind calm even though externally it was chaos. When I am abused the abuser is degrading itself, not me. Murderers, sexual predators, bullies, those engaging in vicious gossip only degrade themselves not those they hurt or try to hurt. We may be hurt, broken, devastated, traumatized, petrified, bleeding, bruised…..but we are not as destroyed as those who tried to destroy us. And we can stand up & rise again.


(not my photo)

Abuse of any kind, vicious lies being told about us, others trying to control us, societal expectations…..these are all external and can affect us greatly if we allow it. But with work, practice, meditation, self exploration, self love, other positive things….we can rise above and others cannot touch us. Even if they do physically, it will not drag and keep us down or touch our essence. What matters is what we know, our own truth, knowing, attitude.

It’s what’s inside that is more powerful than the outside.

Much love & light to you always! Thank you to everyone who reads my content & those whoΒ comment! When I see a comment I always or almost always respond usually with a comment back or a “like” and if I seem to ignore it it’s very likely I did not see it. I appreciate every comment & everyone who reads! I have a whole lot of catching up to do! I got a new job recently and worked nineteen days in a row! But I love it! β€πŸ˜πŸ˜€


xoxo KimΒ 

Happy boobs πŸ˜β€πŸ˜€


Lol! The Boobs scarf I have been telling you about! Isn’t it cute & so funny?!Β 


Anyway I have lots of catching up to do here! I plan to get back to posting everyday or almost everyday again! I havent been posting here much but I have been working on posts and have a few older drafts I never posted yet! I got a new job! Working with animals! Aww! I don’t get any days off (not even weekends or holidays) but my new boss tries to get me a break on sunday afternoons n nights. Except tomorrow I do have work all mornin’, noon, & night. It’s a holiday n no one probably wants to come in. But animals need luvin’ on holidays n weekends too! I’m up at 8:00 each morning & work til about 6:00pm-8:00pm. Much of my days consist of traveling the city (walking, bus, subways…I dont drive). One thing is for sure. No one can call me lazy and be serious about it! I have been working A LOT and with two injured ankles. But my chronic physical pain & my episodic depression\depressive symptoms (for the most part)have been very good! ❀ And I just love my sweet furkins! 😍 You ever hear of work that doesnt feel like work? This is it! I love my job!!! ❀ I love my coworkers\managers\boss!Β 


That’s us! ❀ My new work family! I’m the girl in pink! # 3 in the row left to right. 😍 aww Much love & light to you & lots of hugs!! ❀

xoxo Kim



This is me today! I have lots of catching up to do with reading blogs! I usually don’t go this long without posting here! Everyday I work on content for the blog n just don’t always post it.

But here is what is currently going on in my world:

Feeling: Joy! How can I be anything but joyful during the holiday season! It’s my favorite part of the year! yippee! lol I’m like a little kid! πŸ˜β€πŸ˜€



I recently received a Vajrasattva Empowerment. A Buddhist Empowerment is when we welcome the mind of a specific Buddha into our own mind\body so we will have the skills to become like that Buddha. This Buddha I am now empowered by is Vajrasattva, Buddha of purification. He is for purifying our life and ridding all negative energy and past mistakes\pain. We also learn practical tips to live like this Buddha, like visualizing him, mala recitation with his mantra, catching ourself doing, saying, thinking something potentially destructive to the self or others and vowing to be better with it….An Empowerment can only be given by an ordained Buddhist monk or nun. Our Teacher Gen Tenzin is the one who administered ours. This is my second Empowerment. My first one is Avalokitsharva, bodhisattva of boundless, infinite compassion. Both are deeply inspiring & beautiful! And in June I took the Bodhisattva vows! 😍These are vows we take to live our life always to serve and help others in any way possible wherever we are, even if it’s just a friendly smile to a stranger. This includes helping insects and animals. ❀ During our lunch break, I went to the park across the street and saw these holiday decorations!

Reading: A bunch of gratitude books I have on my Kindle! I recently read one called The Gratitude Attiude.Β It’s a beautiful book!

Listening to: Holiday music!

Watching: I watched a movie recently called “Loving Annabelle” maybe you have seen it? It’s about a teacher at a Catholic boarding school for girls who falls in love with then hooks up with one of her senior students named Annabelle. I love the movie and am watching it again. The actors are amazing and beautiful! ❀

Drinking: Wawa iced coffee! Wawa has the best coffee n hot cocoa!

Eating: sesame bean curd with absolutely delicious soy sauce! πŸ˜€

Also, a couple other things:


Right out of a dream! πŸ˜‰


(not my photo!)

Takes one to know one!

Fun fact: A drunk Β person just vomited all over the pavement right outside my house! Just as I was coming up to my house! I live close to two bars and it’s not uncommon to see\hear vomiting on the street! Always fun! Β My mom and sister did not see it (only I had that pleasure) but are totally disgusted, especially when I described it to them. I got yelled at. 😦 My dad took a bucket of water out and cleaned it. Β I’m thinking maybe you will like to know! πŸ˜€ I have a strong stomach.


(this isn’t pjs; it’s one of my more conservative\appropriate shirts that my boobs aren’t hanging out of.)

I live in pj’s. It’s true, when i have nowhere to be I wear pajamas. And my dogs know when I’m dressed in regular clothing that I’m going out. Once in a blue moon I come home and don’t change into pj’s. Today is one such day. My dogs cannot stand when I go out and they bark hysterically. Today my pom pom thought I was going back out and he barked his little head off until I had to change into pj’s just to calm him down. lol How pathetic to be reminded that I live in pj’s! And people (dogs) have caught on! :-\ Β So cute though! 😍

Today I ordered my Christmas eve gift! My mom is buying me a Boobie scarf!! I wanted one for years but never got one. They are somewhat on the expensive side for someone who doesn’t have much money. But I’m getting one soon! It may not be here by Christmas Eve but that’s ok!


(not my photo – i took it off BoobsRUs page)

I chose the one that looks closest to my real boobs! lol Except the scarf will have a tattoo n nipple piercing, which my real boobs do not have! I chose a tatto that says “I love boobs!” I wanted either the love heart or the “i love boobs” tattoo and wasn’t sure which to get but was almost sure I wanted the “i love boobs.” In the Summer shortly before my dog, Boobie, died of old age, I was at the shore with my friends and my friend said it would be funny to get a shirt that says “I love Boobs” because I love my furkin, Boobie. I never got the shirt but it was a funny idea! πŸ˜€ Not long later my furbaby, Boobs, died of old age. It is one of the most agonizing things to endure. πŸ’”β€

So I decided to definitely get the “i love boobs” tat because I love both real boobs & my furbaby, Boobs. It’s a funny & cute way to not only express my love for ta tas but to honor my furever love, Boobie! πŸ˜β€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­



(not my photo – taken off BoobsRUs)

They sell the scarves at BoobsRUs on Etsy. Those are the original ones and all the others are knock offs and the lovely woman who designed the scarves does not appreciate the copycat scarves or anyone buying them. They have different colors that are similar to natural skin colors, both dark and light and also pink ones! And also tan or pink nipples. lol Some of the proceeds go to a health organization I think. ❀

I’m getting the big boobs scarf! They also have regular sized ones! See the big boobs here:


I fell today hanging this up. Not just tripped; actually fell to the floor hard and hurt my leg (it doesnt hurt now) and my mom and sister laughed hysterically. My furbaby, Woody, was so concerned and he kept kissing me and sat on me β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜€


(not mine but very inspiring!! ❀)

And last but certainly not least…….I may be getting a job!!! I mentioned the dog walking\pet sitting job a while ago. I went on an interview for it and they said they would call me within a week if they were interested in me, for a second interview. They never called me for the second interview but a couple weeks later, out of the blue, they called me! They never asked me to come in for another interview but for training for the job. So tomorrow I’m going to be working with doggies!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€β€β€

I don’t know if I’ll get the job but I’m thankful for the experience and chance to meet some cuties!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€β€

I LOVE dogs!! And all animals! ❀❀❀😍

So that is my “currently!”

Thank you to everyone who recently read my content and\or “liked,” commented….or anything! I will catch up soon on reading blogs and responding!! I greatly appreciate it! πŸ˜€β€πŸ˜

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever you are!! Much love & big hugs!!! 😍❀

xoxo Kim



(me ❀ My android marshmallow takes some lousy pics[it was used to take this picture]! Luckily my blackberry phone camera started working again! πŸ˜€)

Somewhat recently I got an instagram account! How fun!

Here is the link:Β

@0.eye.of.the.tiger.0 Β 


It’s a public account and all the stuff I post is intended to uplift, inspire, bring joy, consolation, beauty, positivity….to others, to everyone interested. Just like this here blog! And on Facebook. Most of the photos are my own but I also post ones I find online and try to always remember to mention that it’s not my photo if it does not have the name of the owner\creator on it. I don’t mind people using\altering my photos without asking, without giving me credit, or linking back to me. Though it’s kind of strange when they take pics of me, myself, and alter them like drawing nipples on me n other creep stuff (it happens rarely, but has happened more than once! 😱). Other than that, be my guest! 😍

If you want to, we can be Insta-friends if you too have an account! You can post your link here so maybe others will see it or just click the follow button on my account! If you post your link here, I will click the follow button on your account whether or not you follow mine. And if you follow my account I’ll very likely follow yours back. I like to return the favor. lol But you don’t have to follow mine for me to follow yours. The only way I don’t follow back is if it’s a news or celebrity gossip page or one promoting violence in any way. I don’t want that kind of energy showing up in my newsfeed or whatever it’s called.Β I’m not judging those who have those kinds of accounts(and news is a good thing! I watch Fox news every night when my dad puts it on and I like it, the content but I dont like the energy that news brings to a room or website…); they just are not my style and I don’t want to encounter it here.Β 

Also, if it’s a p.o.r..n..o account, I may not follow back but only because they often spam comment sections. I don’t have anything against p…o..r.n.o..g*r*a*p.h.y. It’s not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat! The reason I put all those things in the middle of the letters is, the p…o..r..n..o blogs may find this blog and spam it up. lol My sister’s phone was attacked by them before and I was amused but she wasn’t! πŸ˜€

We don’t have to have an Instagram account or be logged in to see people’s accounts if they are public so you can still look at mine if you don’t have an account or don’t use your account. I used to look at so many before I asked my sister to set me up one! Now I get to follow them all! πŸ˜€

If you ever tried to contact me on Facebook and I never responded, it’s only because I very rarely see\check all my notifications, especially inbox messages. Once in a blue moon I see messages and friend requests and see sweet comments written to me ages ago that I missed and also furious comments about me not responding. “Fuck you you fucking snob!, You really are stuck up!, I don’t even know why I wasted my time writing to you….” stuff like that and part of me experiences compassion for them because they feel personally rejected and that is not a pleasant feeling! And it’s not the case usually that I intentionally ignore people. And if ever I do, it’s not because I feel I’m above them or loathe them, it’s just that for some reason I see it better not to respond. Like people asking me out, most likely I just won’t respond. A smaller part of me sometimes feels annoyed when they lash out at me but mostly I am understanding and compassionate.

My main intention is to uplift and inspire as many as I can, not necessarily to have direct relationships with each & every one. That would be sweet but not practical! And I just don’t do a good job with keeping up with all of my notifications. We can connect without having one on one conversations with every friend everyday. I’m extremely thankful for all of those beautiful people I have connections with on social media!! Thank you!! πŸ˜€β€πŸ˜

Much love & light,

xoxo Kim ❀