Another Fall in Philadelphia❤


(Me tonight – I’m just getting over a bad depression – it’s sort of like a bad, very, very bad case of Influenza (not that I ever had influenza but it seems kind of similar in certain ways) but in the “mind” and mixed with suicidal tendencies)

Fall in Philadelphia – Hall & Oates – mobile

Fall in Philadelphia – desktop

So here is my annual Fall in Philadelphia post! One of my favorite parts of the year is when Summer turns to Autumn. It’s still very much like Summer but there are a few signs of Fall, some crisp leaves on the ground already, pumpkin lattes, the decorations in the stores, cooler  some nights….

Tomorrow is my mom’s b-day! My sister and me went shopping today to buy her a gift. We have been saving up money to buy her some gem stones because she loves those.

Tonight I’m celebrating Fall drinking Pumpkin coffee! It’s never too early for Fall or Christmas, to me. But I like to wait to drink the pumpkin coffee because when it’s really Fall then the pumpkin stuff while still thrilling, isn’t quite as thrilling after drinking it all August long. Lol So tonight I decided to get my first pumpkin coffee of the season! Yum! 😀

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night wherever in the world you are! Also, thank you to all those people with jobs saving people’s and animal’s lives, police, doctors, nurses, EMTs, first responders, assistants, and any others who work hard, even putting themselves in danger to save others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And I’m wishing you a safe journey each & every day. 😍❤💙💚💛💜💝💖💗💔💗❤💜💛💚💙

Much love &  light, always.

xoxo Kim ❤


8 thoughts on “Another Fall in Philadelphia❤

    • Thank you so much!! I am much better than I have been. And can feel the depression lifting, slowly but definitely lifting. And positive messages definitely help! 😍❤ Yes, a new picture! And I’ll share more soon; 😉 Thank You!

      • You are very welcome and I’m happy to know you are feeling better.
        I hope this will make you laugh, but I viewed you post on my phone and the only part that showed up of the photo on the front page was just your cleavage. Lol
        Always looking forward to seeing your beauty.
        Positive vibes sent.

  1. Happy Birthday To your Mom!
    I hope your bad spell passes fast, I live your happy nature so much, it’s contagious, the fact that you send out love and light even when you’re not feeling too good shows how brilliant a person you are!
    So much love and light to you from me😊

    • Aww thank you!! 😍 This episode is ending; I can tell. I’m so happy you love my messages! I genuinely feel it when I’m wishing everyone love & light, even in the midst of my own pain. Often, when I’m experiencing pain of any kind, I am reminded that someone else somewhere is experiencing something similar and some even worse or some not as bad, and anyone can be hit with something devastating or merely unpleasant at any moment, and I am inspired to reach out, even if just in a blog post, and wish everyone the best. ❤ I also like to be open and genuine about my not so happy experiences even though not everyone may appreciate it.
      Thank you so very much!! ❤ There’s nothing better than receiving so much love! 😍

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